Premier Cinemas
245 Mercey Springs Rd, Los Banos, CA 93635, United States

Review №1

Friendly staff great to see employees back

Review №2

Ticket pricing is great as well as thier food... love the seasoning they provide for the popcorn the best!

Review №3

Fairly nice theater, free parking, clean bathrooms as well as theater. Tuesday matinee is $5.50 great price for new release movies as well as blockbusters. They also have Senior Prices. Great for locals, close to Town.

Review №4

Love the deals on tuesdays and the theater was actually clean

Review №5

It used to be that they started movies at the time posted then they made you sit through 15 to 20 minutes of not just previews but darn commercials. Just when we get trained to that they stated a movie on time and had only one person selling tickets so I then missed the first 8 minutes of the movie! And all they could do is say sorry. Bad business!!!

Review №6

Still looks the same 15, 20 years ago. Knew where everything was at with my eyes close lol miss that theater. Awesomeness

Review №7

Overall had a good experience, service was quick and everyone was kind and helpful.

Review №8

I love this theater! They show great movies and have discounts on Tuesdays. Its very clean and the food and drinks are real good.

Review №9

The place was nice decorate and clean! Really friendly employees!

Review №10

Enjoyed the movie, clean seats, great popcorn, and nice staff

Review №11

It was great I was able to see birds of prey

Review №12

Friendly staff! Great place to relax and enjoy the show.

Review №13

Im a fan of the $5.50 Tuesdays. Polite service. Only wish theyd keep some movies a bit longer. Maybe add another screen or two. But this is a good size for now since Los Banos is still a small town.

Review №14

I had the best time of my life

Review №15

I think for having 1 movie theater here in Los Banos Ca. Its time for a remodel to the theater. Not only the prices are very high for tickets and food. They can afford a better Atmosphere...

Review №16

The staff are great! The movie Overcomers made us all cry. Great time to go is 3pm.

Review №17

Its a good theatre the employees are nice the guy with the arm piece thing and his hair are pretty cool and i was wondering why the screens on top of the casheers were just gone also the nachos were stail but everything was good

Review №18

This theater is grungy at best. The popcorn taste old and the butter taste like its mixed with a ton of oil. The soda tastes flat as well. The seats are disgustingly stained. Its just gross here. I will never return. The staff do not even acknowledge you when you are there.

Review №19

This small little movie theater, but the staff is great Always feel welcome!My kids love to go there We are commuters, so we have the chance to go to San Jose movies they always choose this one instead ️

Review №20

Okay this is my favorite part see movie in big screen with my beautiful nice girlfriend Teresa and also some groceries and enjoy the movie is nice big they have 8 big rooms you can watch the movie you like the have is good ambient fresh o cool the have little store for buy groceries congratulation Antonio Martinez

Review №21

Movie start time is the actual time the movie starts, not the previews! Typical movie experience. Seats are comfortable enough...prices are pretty standard.. seems to me they could make better use of their staff at the snack bar before a movie starts.

Review №22

This is one of the most outdated, uncomfortable movie theaters left and lets face it, they wont upgrade because there is no other competition in the area. So they dont HAVE to for now. Ill bet theyd get up off of their butts and start remodeling if talks of one of those larger, luxurious theaters coming to the area starts floating around. Also the prices here are RIDICULOUS. I pay more for this VERY uncomfortable experience than i do at FAR better theaters.

Review №23

Second time at this theater and both times enjoyed pleasant movie viewing experience. Staff is friendly and courteous. Popcorn was fresh and tasty!

Review №24

Clean theatre. A little outdated. Would be nice if they had recliner seating. No fandango ticketing available either. Tuesdays are discounted for $5.50.

Review №25

Small theater, good enough to enjoy a movie. Not great selection of snacks nor drinks.

Review №26

Seats are getting old and uncomfortable prices are high. Staff is exceptionally friendlySound and media is very good

Review №27

This theater is nice for an older model. Clean. Seats a bit old and worn but okay for a 2 hour visit. My 3 year old had a great time watching Wreck-It Ralph breaks the internet. She even didnt want to have to go to the restroom. So at least that was a good movie.

Review №28

This was my 2nd visit, and I will return. This is as nice as any regular theater in my native Los Angeles, and nicer than most. Its not reserved recliner seating or such, but it is clean, friendly and shows the latest releases.

Review №29

Service with a Smile. Clean theater roomsComfortable seats. We found this theater a couple of months ago, and come here instead of other movie places. The only thing that is missing here,,? is 3D Permantly.Other than that its great.

Review №30

I going to cinema 1 day a week is ok nice is bigger parking for inside you have grocery for customers can buy the magazines into the wall post outside for customers see the premier a like

Review №31

Very clean and up kept. Nice spot to watch a movie uninterrupted.

Review №32

Snacks are awesome. Especially the hot dogs. Staff is very helpful.

Review №33

Solid movie theater, nice seating and has all the current movies

Review №34

Nice theatre for a small town. One major benefit of this theatre is the price 14 for two tickets daytime on a Saturday is a good price. Also the food and beverage prices were good for the movies.

Review №35

Never had a bad experience going here

Review №36

Good times, watched the new spiderman with my nephews kids. They enjoyed it. Popcorn was good and the theater was fine.

Review №37

Just watched the movie Alpha Loved... the move - I do appreciate the wonderful customer service and it comes from the top management to an entry-level employee. Customer service is what they do.

Review №38

It looks like hole when do I start the job

Review №39

Its pretty good. Comfortable, high snack prices, but thats everywhere.

Review №40

Well its not like we have multiple choices to go the movies. So with this being the only theater house in town, it better get good reviews! ( Right ) If not, Houston we have a problem! With that said, it is a great place to go catch a movie. Clean, gives you a variety of different times to go and watch the movie you want to see. The only draw back, they may not get the movie you like because this is a small town.

Review №41

Nice not busy on Thursday matinee.Seats a bit stiff but the appeared to be brand new.Staff was friendly and helpful.BATHROOMs were meat locker cold but the temp was very comfortable in theaters

Review №42

Small theater, yet cozy

Review №43

I always enjoy the cinema great atmosphere and people are nice

Review №44

It was clean. The people are friendly and courteous it was a nice experience

Review №45

Movie theater needs lots of attention in deep cleaning the smell most times is unbearable,

Review №46

The moves are good and I like the big screen

Review №47

Just saw End Game and it was AMAZING I recommend this theater

Review №48

Good service but everything is expensive

Review №49

Nice, small theater. Decent prices on the snacks, pretzels being my personal favorite (definitely cheaper than other leading theaters). Tuesdays are $5.50 all day on most movies. The rooms are pretty clean, usually less-so later in the day. The length of certain movies being there varies (the first Hunger Games was there at least 3 months). Overall, Im glad its here.

Review №50

They are very good about getting my popcorn just how I like it. Also, a good selection of flavors for the popcorn.

Review №51

I have to say every time I come here I have a good experience. And it has good pricing and bargain Tuesdays for half the price. But theres hasnt been or had bad service which is a good thing...

Review №52

Great prices with simple seats and decent screens. Nice, small, and quiet location. Clean inside and out with security monitoring the location and parking lot. Good for the family. Will be back.

Review №53

Great family timeGood drinks and popcorn

Review №54

Great movie theater.... always clean and always have had great service here

Review №55

Good food but bad customer service

Review №56

Very clean and enjoyable! Staff very friendly.

Review №57

This theater wasnt bad. It was great if you could go in the middle of the week at the first showing of the day. Nights and weekends can be a little harder.

Review №58

I love everything about this place its super clean and friendly the bathrooms are super clean and the workers are super nice

Review №59

Love the movies love the service love the popcorn thanks Los Banos Cinemas

Review №60

Went to see alita and didnt realize its half priced on Tuesdays so we lucked out being out of town but loved the movie! Good movie theater

Review №61

Only go to the movies on Bargain Tuesdays. Pretty pricey for the quality of experience but its the only theater in town so, supply and demand!

Review №62

A good place to watch movies

Review №63

Always clean and new looking Great customer service and nice selection of snacks

Review №64

I love the whole experience

Review №65

Not bad at all friendly staff and quick service.

Review №66

Love going to the movies!Wish they would upgrade the seats to recliners! That would be awesome!

Review №67

Why can I not call a direct number into the theater! All it is is movie times no line to get a person on the phone! Terrible!!

Review №68

Lines move fast for popcorn

Review №69

Ghe theater were clean and comfortable. The price was comparable with other cinemas and the help treated you wit respect.

Review №70

Nice place. very clean.watched Death Wish w/ Bruce Willis. I highly recommend it!......

Review №71

Best price to get in

Review №72

Good friendly service and a lot stuff to choose from

Review №73

Los banos only theater. They dont have a bar, or reclining seats. I will say this tho. Although the seats arent high calibur, they are still in very good condition and are still comfortable. Next thing..... Probably some or the best movie theater popcorn around. They get popcorn well here!!

Review №74

I always have a great experience. The employees are always friendly, and easy too find for questions that come up. Josh, is awso.e always has a smile on his face and you know they like their job.

Review №75

Good prices for tickets and concessions.and friendly service

Review №76


Review №77

Nice place to go see a movie

Review №78

Pretty good service comfortable seating . And movie times convenient

Review №79

It was good service was fast .

Review №80

Ok small but clean theater. Pleasant, staff was polite and helpful. A good family location to enjoy a movie.

Review №81

Bargain matinees are great, but $5.00 for a soda is outrageous. I would like to see a breakdown of their profits so they can justify that price.

Review №82

Was great except when we left we got greeted by employees that out truck was broken into and items stollen

Review №83

Wonderful movie. Clean environment, pleasant service.

Review №84

Mice problem still waiting to hear back from owner before I return to this establishment. Mice scratching wall running up and down nasty food and gunk stuck to floors behind chairs. Manager mentioned oh the must not have set the traps. Gross.

Review №85

Only close movie theater. Pretty clean. Nice employees. Up to date movies.

Review №86

Very clean good Tuesday pricesBargain workers very friendly

Review №87

I have been to this movie theater countless times and am so disappointed with the lack of air conditioning. It is stuffy and hot in the movie rooms vs. the front concession area. Several complaints have been made but it continues to remain hot. Save your money, stay home, rent the movie when it comes out and enjoy your air conditioning.

Review №88

This place sucks because thy didnt have annihilation, super troopers2, or the incredibles 2. other then from excluding major titles that i was looking forward to thy are a exceptional theater with friendly staff

Review №89

Amazing love how people are ready to help and seats are always clean

Review №90

Nothing spectacular but nothing horrible either. Staff was friendly and we had our theater room to ourselves. Definitely recommend weekday matinee times.

Review №91

I came to to this place with a lot of lower back pain and when I came out I felt like a totally different person!!Thank you Lulu you the best

Review №92

We enjoy the special deal the theater gives every summer

Review №93

Pricey, but thats normal for a movie theater. Comfortable seats, and staff is friendly.

Review №94

Small but clean and fun

Review №95

Popcorn taste bomb

Review №96

Saw captain marvel it was hella good

Review №97

Great place. We love the bargain Tuesdays.

Review №98

The showing rooms need a deep cleaning, it smells like feet and the seats are dirty. The bathroom needs cleaning, other than that it was ok.

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Review №100

I hate giving low star reviews, but just be warned that you shouldnt come here expecting any decent customer service. There are a few employees who make things great, and many more that ruin the experience. The popcorn is great when fresh, and it isnt too often that the sodas are bad, so theres a plus in there for snacks. They dont always get the greatest selection of films, but for a small theatre its not bad otherwise.

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  • Address:245 Mercey Springs Rd, Los Banos, CA 93635, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 209-827-9400
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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