Movies Lompoc
227 W Barton Ave, Lompoc, CA 93436, United States

Review №1

The movie theater is closed. If this wasnt the only movie theater in Lompoc it would most definitely be closed all year round

Review №2

Might be the most basic theater I’ve ever been to. If you really want to enjoy a movie, don’t go here.

Review №3

Always greeted by friendly staff who are very helpful with everything. Its great to have a reasonably priced theater with good prices on concessions as well. Keep up the great work!

Review №4

Great entertainment for the whole family! I love the large popcorn buckets! I collect them... Best time to go is during the matinee (hope i spelled that right).

Review №5

People are always courteous during the show. People that work there are very helpful.

Review №6

Good customer service, short wait for snacks and popcorn. Great selection of flavors for popcorn and of course jalapeños. Movie quality was good and it was clean.

Review №7

The lobby and restrooms are always clean. Staff are friendly and helpful. Chairs or comfortable enough for a few hours. Over all its good. If its a kids movie there tends to be lots of unsupervised youth and it can get loud during the movie. But if you know how to pick the times to go your good.

Review №8

Had a great time there. Went to see It : Chapter 2 and loved it. Professional employees and helpful.

Review №9

Still hanging in there as the sole local cinema. Its so old it almost feels like Im in high school again when we catch a flick here. Very nostalgic.

Review №10

The seats are more comfortable and recline now. Excellent upgrade!

Review №11

Bathrooms were a mess and I was at the noon matinee. Thought they shouldve been cleaned up the night before or at least before opening to the public. Otherwise great movie. Doctor Sleep

Review №12

This location is a great value for the family. Reasonably price movie tickets and concessions, and the movie theaters were clean and well maintained. I am surprised to have a movie theater with this high quality in a town the size of Lompoc.

Review №13

Definitely over priced not too clean although my son had a good time. Ladies at the front were super nice.

Review №14

I love the movies, the only movie theater in Lompoc. The prices are a little high but its the only theater here so its worth it.

Review №15

Love this place. Friendly employees and decent prices. Good location and nice big parking lot to!!

Review №16

The employees pick and choose who theyre most helpful to; and what kind of service theyll give. When my mother asked for more butter on popcorn, the employee intentionally overdid it, putting 10 pumps in the bucket! Theres only one theatre in town, so customer service isnt high on their list. Id rather drive to the next town for movies!

Review №17

Very respectful and friendly service, safe environment.

Review №18

Always easy access. Clean theater. Good sound system. I just want cleaning to begin when I leave, not while watching credits.

Review №19

Only theater in town and they do a great job.

Review №20

Nice old fashioned movie theater

Review №21

Its always great. Clean. Friendly staff.

Review №22

Great local movie theater

Review №23

Great movie and nice workers

Review №24

Ive not had any problems here, and you can almost always get into movies on opening night (even Avengers:Endgame had tickets on the day of the showing available).

Review №25

Went to see toy story 4 awesum movie great experience love it.

Review №26

One of the Staff members were pretty rude at some children who tried to get in a R Rated movie,instead of just giving them a warning and going back to her job she had to make fun of them but besides that the theater was great .

Review №27

Good movie choices. Good prices. Not the best but really good.

Review №28

Best movies in Lompoc! The floors arent sticky.

Review №29

The only theater in town. Always clean, and has most of most current movies. I like the fact that the show movies earlier in the day.

Review №30

This is one of my favorite places to go. My own personal experience at this place ( Movies Lompoc ) was definitive great. I really recommend this place for people to go because trust me its gonna definitely be one of the most beautiful experience youll ever have.

Review №31

Friendly staff. Very clean with very comfortable seats. Enjoy seeing movies here!

Review №32

Its a small town theater, so there arent recliners or 3D I iMax screens. But there is stadium seating, nice snack bar, and its very clean. They do show modern movies and there are four screens.

Review №33

Have been attending here since it opened years ago, have been to several hundred movies here and havent ever had a bad experience. Decent prices and a bright cheery staff help accommodate your every need!

Review №34

Needs to be updated. Uncomfortable

Review №35

It was cool its been years since i have been to the theatre in lompoc. Four screens and current movies going on.

Review №36

I love it I just recently went to go see solo with my ten-year-old daughter. That is priceless I dont care who you are especially when no one goes there and you always got to seat a good seat thanks movies Lompoc keep it up lower your prices and well see you every week I promise after all its just a movie

Review №37

I love movies.. Just seen Avengers endgame.. It was tight

Review №38

Staff is great. Prices are good. The seating is a little uncomfortable. Needs updates. Like the customer being allowed to put our own butter on the popcorn.

Review №39

Always nice clean and maintained, friendly staff

Review №40

Clean and well maintained. Pricing for the matinee showings is great, much lower than other theaters. The staff were friendly and attentive and the concession stand prices were not too high.I would recommend going here for the earlier shows during the week if you are able. The theater was almost empty on a Thursday afternoon.First run movies all the time. However with only 4 screens you better see them within two weeks or they go away.

Review №41

Very accommodating people theyre and good snacks and I wonderful movie to watch

Review №42

Not a bad theatre. Comfy chairs, good sound and friendly staff. Popcorn was ok but lots of.butter made it better

Review №43

Great please to spend time with kids and family and watched a movie not too bad of a price compared to the one in Santa Maria quality the movie is not bad either very good

Review №44

Love our little local movie theater! Friendly staff, latest releases and always clean!

Review №45

It was awesome havent been there in a long time it looks upgraded in the seating was very comfortable

Review №46

Friendly clerks. Clean environment. Enjoyable Theatre.

Review №47

It was great until my brother went to the mens room after the late showing. We were leaving and everyone was gone so he went to the mens and I went to the ladies. When I came out he was waiting for me and told me that all of the urinals were full of urine and unable to be flushed. There was no one else there so I went in and saw it and videoed it, along with the sticky disgusting floor in there. Its otherwise a really nice theater but that mens room gave me nightmares. If its that filthy in there where the public can see it I can only imagine whats going on behind the scenes. Just absolutely disgusting!

Review №48

Beat the crowd. Easy access no lines good experience

Review №49

Quaint theatre that will not disappoint with quality. Ive been here x2 and left with nothing bad to say. They stay up to date on new releases too.

Review №50

Prompt and efficient at the snack bar!

Review №51

The movie quality is good everything is pretty good except for the popcorn it is pretty greasy

Review №52

First run movies. Popcorn and soda is slightly cheaper than the next closest theater. Chairs are good. Speakers could be upgraded.

Review №53

I enjoyed the movie tonight December 30 2018

Review №54

As usual the theatre was clean. Staff friendly and helpful. Seats are comfortable.

Review №55

Nice local theatre that shows all the newly out movies..has four theatres and full showtimes afternoon and evening.

Review №56

Movies Lompoc is always clean and the restrooms are also. The staff are friendly and pleasant.

Review №57

Its not super fancy, its awesome movie quality and it has really good snacks and small portions of nachos

Review №58

This place is the best your going to get near Lompoc, the place isnt out-of-this-world good, but not horrible either. Nothing worth complaining about or praising.

Review №59

I live our movie theater. Its my escape from the world for a few hours a week. You dont get refills on jumbo popcorn anymore but is rather have first run movies and people employed that save a few bucks on more popcorn.Searing is in need of updating. Been about 8yrs and seat cushions can lack support for your bottom.Its clean, very friend staff. Hope that add more screens. The four it has work for me.

Review №60

Loved it great place c:

Review №61

Decent picture and sound quality for what it is. My only problem is the seating being very flat, so my 3 year old niece and nephew had a hard time seeing the screen over the next row of seats. Not sure if they offer booster seats or something. Next time will probably just goto Santa Maria for kids movie.

Review №62

Convenient if you want to stay close to home, not enough variety of movies to choose from, definitely limited and no root beer =(

Review №63

Needs better seats

Review №64

I realize this is not an Imax, but nearly never full and descent prize. The seats arent. Full recliners, but better than the old school stiff ones.

Review №65

Decent independently owned theater. Pricing isnt bad, either.

Review №66

The theater could use some tender love and care but the staff is wonderful and the movies shown are in great quality. They also show movies that are newly released so that is great!

Review №67

Just the right size to enjoy a movie without the big crowds. I love it. Plus it now takes Moviepass.

Review №68

Really fun watching movies with my friends

Review №69

Clean theater and friendly service.

Review №70

Love the movies

Review №71

Small but cute, comfy. Great staff and service.

Review №72

Great time

Review №73

Its not stadium seating, but the screen quality was good as was the sound.

Review №74

Its inexpensive. Basic and simple, but very affordable with Tuesday being even cheaper.

Review №75

The theater is a nice place to watch a couple movies out in theaters but if you want to see other movies out you have to go to Santa Maria. Its clean and well taken care of. The only problem I have is that I encountered an older lady at the cash register that was extremely rude. Even other employees said shes like that. She yelled at my girlfriend in the middle of a movie because her brother was waiting outside for a ride. She continued to say he was loitering and would not let him in. Overall its a nice theater, just an annoying employee.

Review №76

Great locally owned theater with good prices and friendly staff.

Review №77

Just been remodeled, they have all day matinee price on Tuesday, the staff are all friendly

Review №78

The lights down the middle of the isle really takes away from the experience. They could use a renovation

Review №79

Low budget, old, run-down, dirty and disappointing movie theatre with 4 screens. Do yourself a favor and drive to a different town with a real movie theatre.

Review №80

Watched the movie Bumblebee, it was awesome!!! Very friendly customer service too!!!

Review №81

It stinks and barely clean. It would be nice if theydid a better job at cleaning

Review №82

Always clean and friendly.

Review №83

Employees are friendly, some even recognize the regulars, lol.

Review №84

A little dirty but still good cheaper foods

Review №85

Love this place!

Review №86

Small town theater.Cozy, staff friendly.Price is just right.

Review №87

I really enjoy coming here!

Review №88

Good popcorn

Review №89

Very nice place, like the seating.

Review №90

Love our theatre! Awesome owners who give back to the community.

Review №91

Nice place families welcome and friendly

Review №92

Basic clean theater, good sound and screen. Nothing fancy but still a good value

Review №93

Comfortable! Decent prices, friendly staff!

Review №94

Small theater with 4 different showings. Seating isnt stadium but seats do recline some. Its quant and screen size is ok.

Review №95

Amazing local theatre, enough said. Great sound, comfy seats, good prices.

Review №96

I like that they have the latest movies, and is not too crowded. But it really smells bad, as soon as you walk in to the showroom it hits you in the nose.

Review №97

Reasonably quick into the door. Food was just a little wait as well.

Review №98

It keeps up with most blockbusters while offering reasonable prices. Not the best movie theater, but it meets all the essentials.

Review №99

First run movies in a small town. Totally awesome.

Review №100

The line for snacks is so long and i didnt want to be late to the movie so we juat went in with no snacks.

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  • Address:227 W Barton Ave, Lompoc, CA 93436, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 805-736-1558
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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