Regal American Mall
2830 W Elm St, Lima, OH 45805, United States

Review №1

We always enjoy going to see a good movie and we have bought the Regal Unlimited movie pass which lets us see as many movies as we choose in a month at whatever times we choose. Its a great deal at $18.00 each per month! There is usually an advertisement for this sometime in the previews before the movie starts or you can ask a Regal team member for the details. We love it so far!

Review №2

Nice and quiet evenings, clean bathrooms, good quality stuff all around.

Review №3

Good place to watch movies, if they ever reopen

Review №4

Overpriced but nice to see a movie every now and then

Review №5

Nice small hometown theater..

Review №6

A great place to go to watch a movie. Its a little pricey, but all movie theaters are these days. Ive never had a bad experience here. They have good picture quality and good sound. Concessions are pricey, but they have a good selection.

Review №7

Good concessions, a little high priced but guess thats to be expected. The screen in no. 2 looks either dirty or damaged so it does detract from the movie experience. Polite employees, clean areas. Definitely one of the better theaters around this area.

Review №8

Movie start time was 4:15. 15 minutes of regal cinema advertising and 15 minutes of previews later, the movie finally started at 4:45. The screen was visibly dirty. I think its time to start traveling to some bigger better theaters.

Review №9

Good experience Staff not well trained. Only theatre in town so youre stuck with mediocrity. If they had competition they would need to improve but they are ok. Go to a larger town with more than one venue you get better service better refreshment just better all around

Review №10

Very nice movie theater. Clean lobby and restrooms. 2 small drinks and a medium popcorn was $24.00!

Review №11

Prices are outrageous...the only thing I have liked about the cinema was the comfortable seating

Review №12

Great place to enjoy the latest films. Nice variety of movies to choose from. Comfortable seating with awesome video and sound systems. Tasty snacks. I would have given 5 stars but I wish the prices were lower.

Review №13

The movies are very good and have comfortable seats but it is pretty expensive

Review №14

Clean and well maintained. Good selection of snacks. Seats are comfortable. Multiple bathrooms which is great. Usually fairly busy but thats typical of something popular. Small arcade to kill some time if youre waiting for a showtime. They also offer rewards for purchases and preordering tickets.

Review №15

I attended a 3pm matinee last week.There is a counter just inside the main entrance where I’ve bought tickets in the past. After waiting there for a while and having two people enter the building after me and go to the concession stand for their ticket purchase, I figured it out. Thanks for helping me out and saying, “Sir, how can I help you?” or something similar. Then she told me she had to physically have their in-house reward card, that she was unable to look it up via phone number or the like, but I didn’t argue it. Happily, there were only two people in the theatre for my movie. Oh, and I showed-up at 3:20 for the 3:00 movie and it still hadn’t started, so that gives you an ide of how many ads they show prior to the feature.Thanks, but I’ll continue to frequent my local single-screen family-owned theatre, saving a decent amount of money and frustration in the process.

Review №16

Love the place wish they could be more strict on talking though.

Review №17

Great place and friendly staff

Review №18

Well kept movie theater. Great sound system and comfortable seating.

Review №19

My sister in law go every weekend if possible love it

Review №20

Great place to watch movies. Seats are Comfortable. They have headphones for those hard of hearing, incase you need it, just ask at the desk. They also have handicapped accessible seating as well. I always go to the movies before noon to get the matinee price. Oh! The bathrooms are always clean!!!!

Review №21

Good time ... Enjoyed everything about it... Awesome movie great time with the grandkids....

Review №22

Seen the last 3 Star Wars movies there and is always an enjoyable experience. Always clean and the staff is friendly and helpful.

Review №23

The staff is usually friendly enough. The prices are a bit out there, but its worth it, in my opinion. Ive never had an overall bad experience.

Review №24

Saw Captain marvel love the moive the sound was great the seating very comfortable. I like the wider row and cup holder on the arm. We order the biggest popcorn with extra butter largest size soda. 16.00 together The popcorn was not the best tasting . There was something not right about it I couldnt tell you what it didnt seem fresh. Will come back next weekend and try out the hot food but never again the popcorn.

Review №25

Great place to watch a movie. Clean and a well lit parking lot.

Review №26

Nice Theater, Great staff. I provide security for the Regal Theater. Never any issues. Bring the family out for a movie, youll have a good time.

Review №27

A great theater, but very pricey

Review №28

Do not like the way you have to buy your tickets at the at the concession stand cuz it makes the lines at concession stand. It takes up too much time which makes the lines

Review №29

Great theater. Clean and well kept.

Review №30

Prices are so high. But seats are so nice

Review №31

Its ridiculously expensive for tickets and any kind of refreshment. Establishment mostly clean. Friendly staff. Show started on time.

Review №32

Very nice place and clean just to long to get tickets easier if you can get them and food same cashier unless very busy .

Review №33

Great movie theater and even better with regal unlimited membership if you live close very clean

Review №34

Great movie theater. It is always clean when I go right after the movie they pick up really fast and thorough. They have my favorite overpriced snacks at the snack bar. And they pretty much have the movies that are popular that come out. The staff is always nice and courteous.

Review №35

Clean movie theater, good selection of movies, ok ambiance

Review №36

The prices arent great but the place is usually pretty clean and the employees are nice :)

Review №37

I had a wonderful time with my husband and it was my birthday as well.

Review №38

A nice Sunday afternoon movie out with friends. While the line was fairly long we didnt wait too long for tickets or snacks. Everything was clean.

Review №39

Very clean and comfy. Great theatre and close to home

Review №40

Awesome theatre! Very clean, roomy, and the screen seemed much bigger than most cinemas I have been too. Plus whats better, GREAT prices that are affordable so you DONT pay double for a large soda or popcorn!

Review №41

We enjoyed seeing Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Review №42

Awesome atmosphere and tons of seats in the movie rooms! Loved the experience and watched a good movie! Theater really big and food good! Just kinda expensive!

Review №43

Beautiful and clean. A bit pricy.

Review №44

Theyve upgraded since Ive been here a few years ago. New reclining seats!

Review №45

Small seats. Need to remodel and put in the power recliners like all the newer theaters have now days.

Review №46

Seats are great and prices are higher than expected

Review №47

Only place in town for a movie. Expensive but clean. Please open ticket counter back not like waiting in snack bar line to get tickets!!

Review №48

Only thing I can gripe about is the expensive food. If theyd just put the prices down some people would actually buy it instead of sneaking in snacks through coat pockets and purses.The theaters themselves have fantastic visual and audio quality. The video quality is reminiscent of true 4K, it might even be just that. Audio sounds like Dolby Digital Surround. Nice place!

Review №49

Clean awesome theater polite staff

Review №50

They have great clothes and food for a great price.

Review №51

My Daughter and i Frequently go to Regal Cinema and We Enjoy the Shows we just Wish Like Everyone Else that the Concessions Stand Wasnt so Expensive

Review №52

Comfortable seating but everything cost

Review №53

Always enjoy going to the movies. However the prices are getting ridiculous.

Review №54

Great theater! We use this theater all the time. It is very clean!

Review №55

While we enjoyed the movie we went to see we had another show once we exited our movie. While we were waiting for our friend to finish going to the bathroom (you know who you are) we witnessed the manager of the theatre treating the police officer, who was there for security purposes, with extreme and utter disrespect. She was rude and nasty. The officer showed great restraint in dealing with this crabby, ungrateful, and miserable woman. She was treating some young teenage kids like dirt because she felt like they were loitering. Even though all they were doing was waiting on their rides to pick them up. Altogether she was exactly the type of person who should never be a manager of a place that deals with all types of people.

Review №56

Nice lobby,clean restrooms. Theater room looked nice. Seats left something to be desired. You couldnt rest your head without tilting your neck back.

Review №57

Got to see a great movie, the security inside each theater patrols to keep down riff raff, the movie choices are great, and the hours are convenient for early or late flicks, too!

Review №58

Been here before with no problems. Tried to see a movie today but it was mislabeled as 2D on the website, only to find it was actually in 3D when I arrived. Im wearing my prescription glasses, so that was a problem. Please post accurate show listings.

Review №59

Kind staff, good movies, pretty clean facility.A good place with good employees

Review №60

Awesome location. Massive parking lot. Seating was comfortable and the seats were plush leather. Screen was blemish free and the sound quality is amazing. Staff was friendly and helpful to direct us to where we needed to go. Food quality is decent for theatre food.

Review №61

Long lines. Wait for a long time to purchase tickets to see the movie.

Review №62

I saw the, Bad Boys, movie! It was great!

Review №63

Its a clean cinema n the seats are very comfortable to sit in even if your a big size like myself. I think the price is alittle high but they had 3D for the movie I wanted to see didnt have to travel out of Lima Ohio to see movie elsewhere.

Review №64

Very rude staff do not go here I’m telling you, everything is overpriced and the staff is just not good. Just save your money seriously. They’re lucky to even get one star I repeat do not go here

Review №65

Seats are very uncomfortable. Place is OK looking, movies are good but cant sit in those seats for too long.

Review №66

Nice clean theater. Friendly staff, Comfortable seats! Great quality audio and video.

Review №67

Great sound system for Star wars movie

Review №68

Went to a morning show. Clean building, friendly staff. Would go again.

Review №69

Very nice theater. I always enjoy watching movies here. Very comfortable seats, polite staff. Thanks.

Review №70

Pretty nice. wish they had those reclining chairs tho...and adult beverages would set it off lol bigger cities have them

Review №71

Clean, standard movie theater. People are nice. Not giving it a 5 because the concessions close before the rest of the theater, so if you saved your free refill on your popcorn youre out of luck!

Review №72

Not bad, but chairs dont recline and are a little uncomfortable. Prices arent bad.

Review №73

Whats up? outside ticket office closed, inside ticket counter closed have to stand in line at snack counter to get a ticket even if you dont want snacks, WHY??

Review №74

The movie quality and snacks were good but the prices were incredibly high. It was $16.15 to watch a 3D movie, unbelievable especially when the Shannon theater is $6. The absolute worst part was the 45 minutes of ads AFTER the movie start time. Why not just play these ads BEFORE the scheduled start time? Ridiculous, will not be coming back

Review №75

They have 3D movies and amazing popcorn! The seating is spacious and it is clean and smells fresh; not musty like other theaters near Lima.

Review №76

Great movie theater. It was very clean and well maintained. The girl at the counter was very friendly. I like coming back to this theater.

Review №77

Polite people but ticket prices were a little high

Review №78

Great movie awesome popcorn

Review №79

Nice theater. High prices

Review №80

When I went to the movies this past Friday I had my 5 children with me and there weren’t enough seats for us to sit so I sat in the handicap spot and my kids were sitting on the floor they really wanted to see the movie so I let it go and let them sit there.. whatever... halfway through the movie one of my kids fell asleep and they came in asking to see my tickets and told me he couldn’t be on the floor bc of fire codes... so I said okay then give me my money back bc there aren’t enough seats in here. She proceeds to tell me there are 4 open seats in the front and refused to refund my money. Obviously myself and 5 children weren’t going to fit in those seats, it was just a poor experience I didn’t want to argue with her but she was very rude.

Review №81

I have never had a bad experience. If there has been, management has been able to get it resolved.

Review №82

Watched Endgame. Clean facilities. No complaints.

Review №83

Good, clean, polite, but the food is Expensive.We had small popcorns and small soda and water good tasting. BUT EXPENSIVE.

Review №84

30 minutes of previews and commercials before movie started. 7:10 PM movie advertised to start, Started at 7:40 PM.

Review №85

Staff is friendly and ready to help out in anyway. Popcorn is fresh and the new pretzels are amazing! Inside the theatersis clean and very well maintained. Large selection of movies to choose from. Prices for tickets are average.

Review №86

This establishment always has a large variety of entertaing films ranging from horror to comedy. The ticket prices are reasonable for singles and couples, I imagine a family would spend more than expected but thats neither here or there. I have no complaints about the food(Im a simple popcorn and soda boy). The large popcorn is MASSIVE.And finally I most appreciate the fact that it is always clean. If someone spills popcorn the staff immediately sweeps it up. Ive never walked on a sticky floor and the mens bathroom always smells clean.

Review №87

HIGH PRICES, good movie going experience good snacks, small arcade

Review №88

Seemed kind of pricey but maybe Im spoiled I live in a small town where two people can get admission drinks and popcorn for $20. I spent just over 50 on drinks popcorn and admission to a movie here. Otherwise a pleasant experience.

Review №89

Good theatre as with most consessions ate outrageously expensive

Review №90

Comfy seats and yummy popcorn

Review №91

I emailed a detailed message about the experience I had the time before I was there and I never got any kind of response nor did my daughter. Had emailed you and now you want me to rate you.? My cost of living hasnt went up and youve raised the price for senior citizens a ridiculous amount and your tickets and the only reason you do that is because youre the only game in town! You can go to Dayton Columbus Cincinnati and the Regal Cinemas there nowhere near have the same prices and are much better theaters that are taken care of properly

Review №92

Great place to see a movie.

Review №93

Very expensive. Fairly clean. Friendly staff.

Review №94

The staff was friendly and the theater was reasonably clean for as late in the day as we went. Nice viewing experience with good sound quality. There was a pleasant amount of security present.

Review №95

If you use the Atom app and select to have them get your order ready, do not expect it to be ready. Hit the button 10 minutes before we got there, they had done nothing with the order. Lobby was EMPTY, no excuses. Took 15 minutes for corn dog nuggets, which is why we wanted it started before we got there. Disappointed. Complained to guy behind counter, he apologized but said he wasnt there when the order came in. There were 4 people behind the counter and what looked like a manager that disappeared before I could ask to speak with her. Hope they do better next time. Otherwise clean theater, sheriff presence a nice touch. The Deputy was very nice, bonus points because it was a woman tonight and she was all smiles!

Review №96

Always a nice place to watch a movie. Its kept up nicely! Concessions are very expensive though!

Review №97

This theater was ok the seats were comfy but the staff was not friendly. The movie started earlier then advertised.

Review №98

Took my granddaughter to see Dumbo an had a great experience at regal

Review №99

Theatre is clean with friendly staff, good selection of movies and concessions. Expensive though!

Review №100

Nice people, good seating. Had a great experience.

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  • Phone:+1 844-462-7342
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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