Lemoore Stadium Cinemas
400 Follett St, Lemoore, CA 93245, United States

Review №1

I’ve always enjoyed coming to this location regardless of the service rendered at the time, I’ll be happy to return to this location when it reopens I’m sure we all will .

Review №2

Great seating, great sound, now you can pick your seats which is nice. Many theaters, not usually crowded. Friendly staff, clean restrooms. I love this theater. Yes others have reclining seats but it is not all that.

Review №3

Lemoore Stadium Cinemas.Do not make the same mistake I did. I no longer drive, so my weekend Journeys are commuted by Transit and for me that includes my folding E-Scooter. To get to and from. I am up in age, and rather than have a bulky Medical Chair I found that the E-Scooter was a whole lot more fun to ride and less debilitating to me.Made the trip to Lemoore. Everyone like the train! Then the KART Bus, (Kings Area Rural Transit) everything goes smoothly.Great Lunch, short jaunt and Im in line. E-scooter under one arm.Im told by staff that I can not enter the Cinema with my electric scooter. There must be a misunderstanding, right? (Had I brought the Medical Chair.) There normally is a place reserved to park a wheelchair.I call the Cinema and as soon as I mention the scooter Im told you can not bring that into our cinema. I explained that it folded up, very compact. Denied! Waiting a couple of hours for the bus and began my commute back home.If you are planning to take a drive to Lemoore to spend the day. Spending hard earned money! You may want to reconsider spending those ducats in Lemoore and support a local business of your choice, someplace other than Lemoore.Note: Both Movie Theaters in Hanford were happy to accommodate my special needs. Fresno Theaters are all very hospitable as well.To all of you a good day.TK

Review №4

Such a wonderful addition to the little town. A nice environment for the whole family, amazing staff, clean bathrooms, clean theaters, a little pricey for tickets and food. Up to date with new movies. My daughter enjoyed selling girl scout cookies in the lobby to those who took them inside the theater to eat them while watching the movies.

Review №5

Yooo! This movie theater rocks!!! Its huge and the seats are also huge, comfortable and also recline. A little pricey but the experience is worth it :)

Review №6

Great customer service... The Theater was clean & comfortable. Staff was friendly & helpful. Staff promptly arrived after the movie & was very patient with me...Because of my disability I was literally the last person hobbling down the stairs... staff offered to help me. However I did decline only because Its easier for me to do it. I know what & how I have to do things according to my body.... Regardless I appreciate the offer... I even had a brief conversation with the staff before leaving, it was great....Thank you so much

Review №7

Kind and welcoming. Very friendly staff who made my experience quite positive when watching Rise of Skywalker.

Review №8

Love this theater!! Best theater I have ever been to. The seats are very comfy, and the sound I beautiful.

Review №9

A nice clean multi screen theater. Beat the crowd by going early during the week.

Review №10

VERY pricey.......for a family of 6 could spend the same amount for a whole day at a water park, food included.......wish they would accommodate large families with their prices.

Review №11

I loved the Playing With Fire movie the place its pretty good

Review №12

Love this place its one of the nicest theatres I have been to!

Review №13

It was great but, you need a different toppings on popcorn

Review №14

Clean and populated. Good sound!

Review №15

Fun time. Enjoyed the movie. Clean and comfortable

Review №16

Is great place to go see movies

Review №17

Always very clean, comfortable seats, never an issue with the movie being played. Staff are friendly.

Review №18

Staff isnt very friendly and it looks like the place is closing down. The place seriously needs a good cleaning! Not worth the price. Definitely wont be returning!

Review №19

We saw the Lion King and found the theater to he nice and clean, and not too crowded. Plus if you see a movie before noon ot is only $5 per person, any age!

Review №20

Probably the nicest movie theater in the Hanford Lemoore area, with the possible exception of the new coyote Rec Center movie theater which I have yet to visit. I like the fact that they have stadium seating here, the theaters are kept clean and in good condition

Review №21

Very clean and reasonably priced. We enjoyed the entertainment.

Review №22

Always so peaceful and amazing when we go. Service is always wonderful and you will always be able to enjoy your movie here.

Review №23

Walking in, I really didnt know what to expect. Small town theater, $12.75 per ticket. Honestly, I was expecting reclining seats at this price, but instead got an adequately comfortable seat, one where I was not moving around much during a two hour movie. It was clean, and there were five other people in there. I think maybe drop the price a few dollars, spread the word a bit, and this place could find itself packed a bit more, with profits to follow.

Review №24

Good enough for watching a current movie on a large screen. The screen we had just remained blank until previews started playing. Sort of odd but not bad.

Review №25

Its not the fanciest movie theater but its well kept, clean, and usually isnt busy.

Review №26

Great staff, prompt response on issues and always make it right for the customer. I love the fact that they helped me in an only ticket purchase issue right at the counter.

Review №27

Awesome service, tasty popcorn, comfy seats!Sound quality in the theater was amazing.

Review №28

Movie with friends...Bad Boys was good...lots of action and some surprises

Review №29

Nice theater, super nice/welcoming staff, clean bathrooms... overall great place to catch a movie in downtown Lemoore.

Review №30

Staff are always friendly, prices are great.

Review №31

Going to my 1st matinee was a wonderful experience! Only complaint is the cost of the snacks but that is found in all theaters

Review №32

No problems with this theater. Great sou d systems, seats are comfortable, pricing sucks but so do all theaters. Overall a decent place to catch a movie and not have to leave town to do so.

Review №33

Great service very clean but the price is super high. But we all know most theatres are. The cinemas seating is stadium style so truly there is no bad place to sit.

Review №34

Love it, great rainy day thing to do. (Yes it happened to pour that day, its rare)We were visiting.

Review №35

It has that older theatre front but modern look inside.

Review №36

Its a great place to take your family for the summer and stay cool and watch a good movie

Review №37

Nice comfortable seats. $5 movie Mindays. All day

Review №38

Super happy with Lemoore Cinemas for following other neighboring movie theaters with their new $5 day! Drop by on Tuesdays for $5 movies or $5 on any movie before 12 noon! I think its a wonderful deal and in my opinion, Lemoore Cinemas is very clean, the staff members are very kind and helpful. Seats are hands down way more comfortable than those in Hanford. Side note: I love that they offer ICEE products!! Roughly $7 for a large ICEE BUT you get a free refill with a large. And they are very good!

Review №39

$5.00 movie nights are the best

Review №40

Has the best seats & was very quiet

Review №41

Place was clean and the movie was perfect

Review №42

People should come on Monday’s, it is only 5 dollars on those days.

Review №43

Living in the country side you would expect not to find a big theater, but Lemoore has a really nice movie theater. I live in Hanford and drive over to Lemoore every time to watch a up and coming family movie with my daughter. They are well priced for tickets and snacks. They have comfortable stadium seating. The customer service was great. Hunter was very welcoming and friendly. He was able to suggest the perfect combo for me and my daughter. Thank you Lemoore cinema for providing another perfect movie outing with my daughter.

Review №44

Do not go here it is dirty and it attracts the wrong crowd as well. I give each place I go 3 chances before leaving a negative or positive review and teach time i would give it 0 stars if i could the staff doesnt have anyone to go in and tell the trashy people that come in to be quiet. Last night I went and 5 people came in more then half way through the movie smelling like pot talking on their phones and laughing. There was multiple complaints yet nothing happened. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you do not bring your kids here or waste your money.

Review №45

This movie theater has really good seating options and very clean bathrooms. The employee put way too much butter in our popcorn though, the popcorn turned soggy.

Review №46

Very Clean employees are very nice and helpful. Great to take someone out on a date in the evening and then just walk downtown

Review №47

I miss watching movies here. Great seating and some of the best popcorn.

Review №48

Love this place great theater its also really clean

Review №49

Love it because are close to me and nice and confort!

Review №50

It was good. But I am reminded why I dont go to theatres lol really expensive.

Review №51

We love it here. Quiet and cheap.

Review №52

We love coming here. The staff is always friendly and its kept very clean.

Review №53

We love this theater. Always well kept with a friendly staff . As good as any big city theater with a small town feel.

Review №54

Good service and good care of the theater

Review №55

Who would have thought Lemoore would have such a successful stadium style theater? We love the selection of movies and ease from our home in Hanford, Ca. So many movies to choose from and delicious popcorn and icees. Why drive any further than Lemoore, Ca. to catch a movie?

Review №56

I always feel bad bringing my baby to the movies because I dont want to be one of those people who ruin it for everyone by having a fussy LO in there but I am so happy my LO is pretty good in the theater. I wait until the last night of a movie and go around 5-7pm and were usually the only ones in there! The staff are always so quick, efficient, and polite. Love this theater!

Review №57

They dont give the cups for the kids

Review №58

I love this theatre. Ive been going here since I first moved to the area in 2002 and honestly nothing compares to it. Best seating. Most Comfy. SPACIOUS. Always clean. Nice staff. For a privately owned theatre its amazing. I didnt even mind when they use to be cash only because I always planned my trips there.The ONLY negative thing I would say is recently they changed their small popcorn from what actually was a small to just filling a large cup. They need to go back because that I think is a bit shady in terms of tricking people into buying a medium or large instead.

Review №59

Outstanding low key place that is not crowded and had no noisy patrons. Excellent.

Review №60

Clean n comfortable!

Review №61

Theater was great, very clean a well trained staff that were courteous and friendly. I do feel its a little over priced for the area and city its in.

Review №62

This is a really nice theater. Seats are comfortable, the screens are large enough, the sound system is good. I dont really ask for more than that when I go out to see a movie besides maybe wishing I could drink a beer while I watch it.

Review №63

Excellent theater. great picture. good sound. comfortable seats and very clean

Review №64

Nice size theater and comfortable seats. Large drink gets a free refill.

Review №65

Excellent service the movie was ok

Review №66

Great movie!

Review №67

I dont like assigned seating, other than that it was ok

Review №68

The interior alone is what gives this place a high rating! The downsides are that the concession prices are super hiked up, and this place is missing a certain wow factor... that extra pizazz! Be weary: When the Tachi opens their theater, this place might find itself losing customers...

Review №69

Comfortable seating. The overall experience was pleasant. They keep the theater clean.

Review №70

Very nice theater, friendly staff, clean, and comfortable, great sound.

Review №71

Great snacks, service and seating, but the bathroom needs attention more often.

Review №72

Great place to have in lemoore. I refer lots of. Elderly people to go and use as a cooling center and watch a hood movie when weather is to hot

Review №73

Good place easy location find. A little pricy but then again it is a movie theater. I would recommend this theater to anyone.

Review №74

Good place to go. Prices are up there. I mean it is a theater. But they did change the matinee time which kind of suck. But food place to check out

Review №75

Good place to go with friends

Review №76

Great everything was good especially the comfortable seats

Review №77

Spent almost $100 on tickets, popcorn and soda. Ridiculous.

Review №78

Great place to cool down and see a movie

Review №79

Like it here. A little pricy thats my reason for the 4 star. Comfy chairs. Friendly staff.

Review №80

Good clean theater. Friendly staff.

Review №81

Pretty good theater, needs more parking

Review №82

Had a great time with the grandkids watching The Grinch. They had a great deal for free refills on kids snack packs

Review №83

They support movie pass. And staff is friendly. Nice food and drink option and overall clean theater And great bathrooms.

Review №84

They use REAL butter on their popcorn!

Review №85

The employees are very helpful and friendly in the place is nice and clean with high quality screens and sound

Review №86

Been going here since I was BORN!! Best cinema Ive ever gone too even if the food is a little pricey. Amazing staff (they always give a lot off butter) and SUPER clean. Ive personally never had a bad experience at this place. Except for when I saw the mermaid scene in POTC On Stranger Tides, that was a terrifying. 5 stars =)

Review №87

Nice place. Not a lot of people. Something fun to do in a small town.

Review №88

Very disappointed. I have been going to this theater for years. I went recently to see a movie and got into an argument with a pair of male patrons. I reported them to management after they became physically threatening to me and my (disabled!) mother, rather than call the police. They were friends with the manger on duty, so my mother and I were the ones walked out. I guess Lemoore Stadium Cinemas is OK with violence against women. I will not be going to this theater ever again.

Review №89

Not a bad place. Usually not to busy. Only about 25 people watching movie on a Saturday afternoon.

Review №90

Its clean the employees are the Best and the whole experience was Awsome and not crowded..

Review №91

Very nice seating, rarely crowded due to small town location. Pricing good, theaters clean, awesome sound (thx sound)! Highly recommended.

Review №92

Good price for snaks and alright seats

Review №93

IT was a good Steven King movie. I had more fun picking the teens in there because on the outside, they are hard core, bit during the movie, they were babies. Lol

Review №94

Its a good theater just dont buy any concessions there a small sodas $5 other than that get over the $5 small soda

Review №95

A great place to take a family

Review №96

Great stadium seating, staff were courteous and helpful

Review №97

Clean building. Service is good. If you go to the first showings they serve old popcorn from the night before..... Not cool.

Review №98

The only part missing is beer and wine. Best place to see a movie in Kings County.

Review №99

Yes we went to see Great it was alright nothing to write home about, but the Theater was awesome and yes the stadium seats really confirtable oh and the popcorn was off the chain.

Review №100

Great staff take care of there guest.

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4.4 Rating
  • Address:400 Follett St, Lemoore, CA 93245, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 559-924-2100
  • Movie theater
  • 3D movies:Yes
  • Active military discounts:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Assisted listening devices:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Stadium seating:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
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