La Jolla Nightclub
2245 E Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89119, United States

Review №1

The place is literally dead. We asked the waitress to move us to a booth but she said that only for big parties, even though the place was empty as you can see in the picture. We ordered chicken wings, took forever. They charge $20 per person at the entrance. DO NOT RECOMMEND.

Review №2

Great customer service, I left my glasses there and they were able to find them and get them back to me .. great music, great selection on their hookah flavors

Review №3

The bad service and high prices are direclty proportional, how can anyone recommend this place? I honestly dont understand, long live friends then!. ;)I do not recommend it at all, there are many better options for less moneybye

Review №4

Sooo after around 10 buckets, bottle service, hookah, and where willing to order more until we where told to leave if we where not going to keep consuming (like bro, we where just relaxing for a minute) we where literally getting ready to ask for more but after that comment, we decided to leave. I think it should be mentioned that even if you make reservations you have to be constantly be ordering if not you will be asked to leave. We where one of the tables actually consuming, other tables where not. We use to make this a must to come place even though it wasn’t all that but they have latin music. If I could give this place a 0 I would give it a double 0. Thought when you want people who bring more than 15 people to your establishment you’d want to to give exceptional service we where obviously wrong! We will make sure to never recommend this money hungry place, plus it’s not like it’s actually on the strip for them to feel entitled to act/charge that way! So in a other words if you want to go a mediocre place, get over charged as if you where on the strip this is the place to go!

Review №5

Its a great place to come hang out during this pandemic... i love the environment... definitely worth it!

Review №6

Coming from San Diego, Oceanside came across #lajollalasvegas and absolutely loved this place. We recommend it. For Covid-19 bs its all good.

Review №7

Brazilia good service treated me like familyI go to the spot this spot 2x a month and they treat me like family

Review №8

Off the strip, but well worth it. Great customer service!

Review №9

This place was great at one point, now it’s priced like a luxury club on the strip, hookah for $50+ c’mon that’s more than any hookah bar in town. A must buy to even get in and it has to be a group.

Review №10

Best in the west. Birthday awesome place.

Review №11

We always come from California and our destination is #lajollanightclub . Place is bomb!

Review №12

This place is cool they have free parking for guests, the drinks are super reasonable, hookah is good too. The staff really understands Customer Service to the fullest. Nice Rest Room. Overall awesome place definitely will recommend this to anyone who appreciates all of the above. GREAT LATIN CLUB.

Review №13

Really good management. I had a long layover in Vegas and this place had a special latin music event. They gave me pretty good military discount and took care of my luggage. Wish their dance floor was bigger; other than that their service was top notch!

Review №14

Hi,I’m Veronica grant and me and my friend came all the way from New York my experience here was terrible we waited over 30 minutes to be served and even at that time they forgot to come back or bring a waiter to the table also I used my card on the atm and it stole money from me there solution was that if my money didn’t post which it did that they would give my money back but I never received any call I can’t believe this is my first time in Vegas and this is my experience .

Review №15

We came all the way from Texas to get this poor treatment we spent over 4K and then we were kicked out because we did not consume any longer we have a party of 20 peeps this is ridiculous will never be here again

Review №16

Good times, good people, good music, Open till 6am, A Big little club and not super crowded! The wait staff is VERY attentive, and helpful!

Review №17

Dont go if youre a dancer or want to dance! They false advertise it as if its a Latin dance club but its more like an overpriced hookah bar that might drop a single salsa track by sheer coincidence. It doesnt help that the markup on smelling like a stubby cigarette at the end of the night is 40$.. If youre a dancer, just do yourself a favor and skip this one.

Review №18

It was the best dance club we had been to in years. We love Vegas !!

Review №19

Too many beautiful gals, not enough guys. Fill it up y’all. How disappointing.

Review №20

Its dead for a Friday night. The music is ok, but not worth the cover fee for a boring place.

Review №21

This place is dirty. Restrooms are filty. I will never again go to this club!!

Review №22

Like why do I have to pay for water, also joseway? (Bathroom attendant) Was awesome and deserves compensation I say

Review №23

This place is absolutely amazing, the best Customer Service thus far. And a lot of people and great dancers. They close at 7am yes (in the morning) its insane. They have bathrooms attendants who keep the RR nice and clean. The Parking is FREE (of course as long as you are a guest).The Music is so alive and energetic kept me dancing all night. Will definitely recommend this place to anyone who enjoys a good time.The prices are reasonable not comparing to the strip where they are ridiculously expensive. Hookahs are amazing too, thanks Jorge the hookah guy who helped us, for making them good.

Review №24

First time at Jolla. There was a fight outside right before getting inside. The female ran outside to break the fight but a big male was the security at the door. We heard a loud noise we thought it was a gun shot. The female security said Get them all inside Now. The male security said No I have not checked Ids. Dude its peoples safety first. We heard a loud gun shot noise and he still would not let us go inside. Never will come back here again.

Review №25

I Love this nightclub!Every time we go to Las Vegas from Los Angeles, we have to go to La Jolla!Good music, perfect cocktails and the hosts are very friendly and helpful.I can’t wait to go back again!!!

Review №26

Love this place! So vibrant! Not a meat market people are legitimately here to dance!

Review №27

Enuff said

Review №28

Not a dancing Club. If you are looking to actually dance this is not the place for you. The DJ repeats many songs again, and again. Song selections really needs updating. This place is more just to smoke, drink and just kind of stand listening to the same songs.. The structure and the floorplan of this place is great, but no dancing really...

Review №29

Fun.... loved the music, and Friday was free for ladies!!!

Review №30

I had an AMAZING time last night. I didnt know what to expect with a club off the strip. The music was on point, loved the variety of music. The drinks were high, but its VEGAS, so its a reasonable price. The restroom was very clean, thanks to the hardworking attendant. I also felt safe knowing security was checking people prior to entering the club.I would have given it 5 Stars, but I suggest more wait staff. I can only recall one female waitress, once it became crowded, you had to go to the bar & order your own drinks.

Review №31

Great taste in music! The tables are very nice put together whether u want to be near the dance floor or a little more private.. Hours are perfect for all nighters lol

Review №32

Dont be fooled by the 4.5 * reviews. You think, No cover charge- awesome! Not! Remember the days where great customer service existed? When the clubs where classy ...when the cocktails tasted like what you ordered and you got a napkin with your way over priced drink? Heres where they get you for not charging a cover fee. The service lacks the attention to the customer.Its very roomy, Im guessing because the people are not going back.The two stars are for the DJ who was good.Vegas what happened to the great latin salsa night clubs from the late 90s-early 2000?

Review №33

I went on Wednesday night. It doesnt start picking up until after midnight. Great variety of music and lights

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Review №35

This place is nice, not expensive, great customer service, have hookahs, good looking girls, the bar is fully equipped the bartenders do a great job. Overall great place to hang out.

Review №36

Beautiful place and really great music but they sadly sell no food whatsoever (I was hoping to get french fries) and everyone that goes there is much older, like middle aged so definitely not for me. If youre just interested in the music though and the age does not bother you then definitely give it a try, but you will most likely feel like an outfitter if youre young in your 20s.

Review №37

Good Latin night club. Good music, bottle service is great n affordable!

Review №38

Helpful staff - Jose will help you with whatever you need

Review №39

Love the place! Came to Vegas from Kansas city. The dj on Sunday was amazing!

Review №40

Had an amazing time!Celebrating my wives bdayAwesome sound system !We were 16 people in our group.Everyone loved it !Great music.Definitely recommend itWe danced Non stop !

Review №41

Its small, stuffy, and hot but TONS OF FUN

Review №42

Music was horrible!!!Not sure what they mean when they said they have Latin music, only disgusting regeton.They ask for Upper Scale attire and people go there with tennis shoes and ugly hair styles specially guys!!!Bad customer service. Except the lady on the restrooms, she was super nice and sweet.They need to learn what upper scale means,Vulgar people there dancing only with big fake Shains on their neck, not classy at all!!!Súper corriente

Review №43

The dj has a song request number if you want to hear a personal song, very clean bathrooms, great customer service, nice atmosphere, great music choice, drinks are less expensive then any other place ive been and they make them right..all around good club. I would definitely recommend

Review №44

Fun place . $10 cover . 6 Beer bucket $36

Review №45

The actual layout of the place is great. However, customer service is BAD (except for the restroom keeper lady - she was fantastic). I asked the bartender for a margarita and a piña colada and she said she didnt have the resources to prepare them. Are you serious? It was around 12:30 am. So, it was not even an issue of having too many requests and running out of the ingredients. Most of the clubs guests simply buy beer so Im guessing she was just lazy and didnt want to do her job. What kind of a nightclub doesnt have a decent bartender capable of preparing cocktail drinks? On top of that. They had DJ Platanito. OMG, what a useless DJ. Not only was the repertory bad, but he also kept repeating the same songs over and over again. Supposedly, guests are able to request songs by SMS. However, this guy didnt have any of the songs I requested available. Bear in mind, I was not asking for something out this world. DLG - Dark Latin Groove, was an extremely popular Latin group in the 90s. Remember we are talking about a Latin nightclub. Anyways, my suggestions to this nightclub would be: a) get up to Vegas bar standards (drink selection and bartender talent) b) change your DJ. Maybe do what other Latin nightclubs do - partner with radio stations. Your venue is already great.

Review №46

Nice place, but we went on a Sunday Latin night and muisc too old and too fast .. need to get a better dj for the club to get more people ...

Review №47

Good music, beverage not too bad in price, variety of people. Clean

Review №48

November 15,2017La Jolla night club Vegas NV.When I arrived I was greeted by the security showed my way inside the building, I was inside by 10:10 pm. First customer of the night, From 10:10-11:08 pm was sitting and no one came to see if I wanted to order a drink or anything, DJ was playing regetton like for 15 to 30 mins. Some songs were just half way at 11 pm from regetton he started playing Salsa. The club has been pretty empty. I don’t know why they put on the guest list to be there before 10:30 if they are not ready to start business. This is my 2nd visit to these place and it is the same. Around 11:30 some young guys came in and they were greeted by the stuff and where attended fast @ 11:55 it was close to midnight when a man approached me asked me to move from the table I was sitting because it was reserved, “Funny” I wasn’t noticed for almost 2 hours until they needed the table. It is VERY upsetting to go for a visit which I was in the guest list ( I don’t even think there’s such a thing for they don’t have a list to check if you’re or not on the guest list) it is upsetting being totally ignored by the stuff. really hope things can change for this establishment for that as a visitor in la Vegas NV. I’ll grade a 1 star for semi clean bathrooms. for service“Ps” I left after I was asked to move from table.To Management, pllease don’t bother to respond to my review for an apology is not going to change my review and my two hours waisted at your establishment.

Review №49

I love it!! This place is BOMB!!!! The DJ was awesome.... I recommend for anyone visiting Vegas!!!!

Review №50

The best place the variety of music..great service

Review №51

Drink prices are low, which is a great thing, the atmosphere and music was pleasant.

Review №52

Needs more variety of music, DJ repit music to much, more not salsa and bachata will be better

Review №53

We decided to go on a sunday night, they were playing great music but unfortunately no one was there.

Review №54

This place is nice, the bartenders are great. Really good service buuuuut if you are looking to actually dance this is not the place for you. The DJ has repeated many songs and he mostly plays cumbia. Salsa and bachata? Not happening in like 2 hours. And he plays one song or 2. Thats it. The place is great if you just want to dance cumbia and reggeaton though.

Review №55

It was a good place to dance in peace.. :) great service..

Review №56

We had a blast with my girl love the music and if I go back to Vegas will come again!!

Review №57

A pretty cool place good music very attractive crowd wide selection of alcohol a+ for me

Review №58

Really fun even though it was a slow night it was really fun the staff is very humble and professional, the drinks are pretty good as well!

Review №59

This is a club for family members that dance to anything. The music and atmosphere was so lame!!! Not a place for latino dancers to listen and dance to. I dont suggest this club to any real dancers. The music kept switching in the middle of the song from house music to cumbia. Barely any Salsa, Merengue or Bachata. Basically the place sucks!

Review №60

This is a great place for latin nightclub.The ambiance is good and the staff is awesome. Will definitely be back. They play everything Latino salsa, merengue, cumbia, banda, reggaeton, and much more Im a white guy but loved me those beautiful Latinas

Review №61

This place is amazing the staff is great. They play all Latino and when I say Latino is everything from salsa, merengue, Cumbia, Banda, bachata, reggae ton, and the list goes on and on. The bartenders are also supercool they do handcrafted cocktails I tried the absolutely heaven drink was delicious. Definitely be back for all my occasions. Also be back for New Years Eve to ring in 2016. Good job guys keep up the great work.

Review №62

Good Latin music, vibes/atmosphere and friendly service. Great place to go to if your looking for a different veriaty of spanish music such as: Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Reggeaton, Cumbia ext and a variety of hookah flavors will recommend to all my friends. ...

Review №63

I love this please, we go twice a year and have so much fun. !!!!

Review №64

Its sucks they charge for a concert that never happen 2:30 they said midnight

Review №65

Great place, awesome music and wonderful, helpful staff.

Review №66

DJ needs to learn his craft

Review №67

Need better music

Review №68

The best Latin place

Review №69

Music is really really good they pay salsa too and i love that the dj its amazing, but the music dance floor its horrible, need to update, too old wooden floor, i almost fall because of the floor it has a lot of holes, its worn out

Review №70

Good music.....and 100% fun

Review №71


Review №72

Nice place

Review №73


Review №74

NO BANDA! repeat the same songs!

Review №75

The dj suck .....

Review №76

Love DJ Platanito.

Review №77

Just love my dance partner!!!

Review №78

My go to spot when I hit vegas

Review №79

Hot women

Review №80

I will 5 there this coming Sunday ! I hope there is a lot of fun!!!!!!!

Review №81

Amazing place

Review №82

Fun place

Review №83

Great place

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3.8 Rating
  • Address:2245 E Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89119, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 702-818-9595
  • Night club
  • Hookah bar
  • Restaurant
  • Sports bar
Working hours
  • Monday:10pm–4am
  • Tuesday:10pm–6am
  • Wednesday:10pm–6am
  • Thursday:10pm–5am
  • Friday:Closed
  • Saturday:Closed
  • Sunday:Closed
Service options
  • Takeaway:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
Health and safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Temperature check required:Yes
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Staff get temperature checks:Yes
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great beer selection:Yes
  • Great cocktails:Yes
  • Live music:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Dancing:Yes
  • Spirits:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
  • LGBTQ-friendly:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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