Century 18 Sams Town
5111 Boulder Hwy, Las Vegas, NV 89122, United States

Review №1

This casino had gone down a lot after covid..... They completed closed down their buffet...they basically only have a deli and steak house. I wont be staying at this place anymore .

Review №2

Wonderful time great gambling machines a wonderful variety I won and had a great time loved every minute of it will definitely be back

Review №3

Clean, follows guidelines so let a longer wait on concessions but they try to expedite you through their floor plan. Reservations you get your seat theres maybe five in the theater. Bathrooms are clean staff is friendly

Review №4

Just still not back to capacity so nows a good time to go catch a movie theyve been playing some really good oldies you forget how good they are on the big screen

Review №5

I find Sams town to be the hear Casino and hotel in Vegas and Im a local. Its peaceful and mystical. Must see casino and make sure to stop by the mystic falls park it has a water lazer light show 2pm 4pm 6pm and 8pm at no cost.

Review №6

I love the wheelchair seating here. I gave an okay rating only for the lack of movies to see. Im hoping it will improve as Covid restrictions are lifted.

Review №7

Sams Town Century 18 has always been my favorite theater! I definitely miss going there! Stupid Pandemic! This theater has always been clean actually all century theaters are. You can definitely see the safety procedures they are going through to make it even safer and cleaner for everyone. They are at 30% capacity. It really feels like Thanos killed half the population though. Lol. In all seriousness the theaters are really doing a great job at keeping things safe, following mandate so we can all still enjoy the small things we enjoyed before all this. I really did feel safe taking my kids back to the movies!

Review №8

The movie theater was clean. The snack bar was cheap. We had a whole row to ourselves. I cant wait until they bring the nachos back

Review №9

Very clean needs updated seats but it is open and a nice change

Review №10

Good place to relax and watch the water show inside the enclosed garden the casino has. Their slot machines are tighter than other off the strip casinos, I rarely made money in Sams Town casino. The buffet its not the best; most of the time same menu except on occasions and feasts. I do like their movie theater though and I mostly go there to watch movies.In all and all, Sams Town is mostly for regular local customer and retirees, they spent good time there in an uncrowded place.

Review №11

Glad to be back at the movies. Very clean and they make u practice social distancingGreat popcorn

Review №12

They are definitely following safety protocol and snacks were very cheap.

Review №13

Great theater pricing not so uppdated but not bad at all for the prices

Review №14

Always have the latest and greatest movies out

Review №15

I truly love Sams Town theaters... The prices are always REASONABLE... And the food is GOOD... They dont have recliners... But they have rockers... That saves you extra money for snacks... Thank you Century 18 Sams Town

Review №16

I parked In the casino parking garage. The theater is at the end of the casino. The theater is clean and the workers are friendly. They had fresh popcorn in time for my movie. Ill definitely come back.

Review №17

Its a movie theater. Really bad neighborhood and very low class clientele

Review №18

This is a wonderful theater, plenty of great movies showing on at least 18 screens. Concession stands both up and downstairs. Comfortable seats, clean restrooms and decent ticket prices. We liked it so much that we went 2 days in a row.

Review №19

The Movie Theater is BIG & really comfortable! Ive seen Knives Out there 2 wks ago, then Dr. Doolittle last week, & Little Women yesterday! With my Senior Citizens Discount, the movies are $5 (at least they ARE, on Wednesdays)! Its a great way to relax!

Review №20

First off must mention just how clean and nice the restrooms are. That being said like to go to the movies here. Lots of choices at the concession stand. Highly recommended this theatre. Just dont be fooled into signing up for their movie club unless you go all the time.

Review №21

My fave movie theatre on the east side. tickets are fair priced & the staff are all pretty cool. last time we went, my daughter spilled a large soda right after we got it & they refilled it, no problem. the snack bar is a bit pricey (what movie-theatre snack bar ISNT?) but they dont check you for snacks when you come in or anything so i always just bring some of my own & maybe just get popcorn & a drink there. they FILL the popcorn boxes up OVER the top so that its literally spilling out, so at least the staff try their best to give you your moneys worth.the actual theatre is nice & has good screen & sound quality. chairs are pretty comfy & theres enough of them where you usually dont have to be crowded around too many people. last time i went here to see the new Lion King movie, we had the whole row to ourselves.

Review №22

Best movie theater in town. Upstairs has extra large roomy theaters that go high up and is seldom crowded.

Review №23

I love this movie theater. Is big and they have 5 dollars matine on Wednesday. Also, the staff is very helpful and the popcorn are fresh and delicious.They should change the seats to recliner and will be perfect!

Review №24

Good place to catch a matinee movie. Not luxurious but clean and comfy. First run movies conveniently located in a casino with lots to do there like bowling. Went with a bunch of friends and we had a good time.

Review №25

Just out having fun.....

Review №26

Great prices, definitely go on Tuesdays because it is cheap ticket prices all day. The theaters are nice, the staff are friendly. The only downside is when you go to a late showing. They close their concessions too early, so when you buy a large popcorn, you cant get the free refill because they close it all up. But great place, and its conveniently located near where I live, so overall pretty great theater.

Review №27

No refills Im not buying drinks there anymore

Review №28

I been going here for quite some time, I love it, the popcorn and cheap movies. Its great!

Review №29

Me and my children with here for a family night to watch a movie and the employees were very polite and nice and I just love the theater seating and space also the prices are very reasonable, definitely a theater you should visit

Review №30

Nice theater, as a senior citizen, love the prices. Earlier shows less crowed, of course. Have your choice of show ready, at least in mind, lines can get long when some folks just stand there and dont choose, yet hold ip everyone else..... Can ushers move em along? Gota ask next time.

Review №31

Nice movie theater, with 18 separate theaters/screens, on two levels. Mens and Womens Bathrooms, on both levels. Escalators, and elevators, along with staircases. Well lit, and clean, lobby areas and bathrooms. Friendly staff, everywhere.

Review №32

Good clean comfortable seating. Helpful staff. Good value prices. Definitely worth 4 stars.

Review №33

The theater was nice enough. We got popcorn and it was cold so I had to get a new order and I had to argue with the concession even with a receipt. The seats are a little old. Cleanliness is fair. Park on the north side of the casino if you dont want a long walk.

Review №34

I went to see It, the theatre itself was clean, great. But have people lost their minds? They talk during the whole movie. Its just as bad as having small children in there.We need to resort back to theatre etiquette. Or employing retired librarians.

Review №35

Luv place clean nice people

Review №36

This theater is easy to access and they have great matinee prices - perfect for families on a budget. They play first-run movies. Like all other theaters, the concession prices are extortionist, but I dont buy concessions. They also do NOT have assigned seating - something I like. Why do theaters need assigned seating? Id rather choose my seat once I walk in to the theater. Overall, this is a good theater and worth the price of admission.

Review №37

Had a great time with my daughter in law Shawna. Thank you Chuck and Shawna. Thanks for getting me out of the house. Smooches

Review №38

Staff is great super comfortable stadium seating. Picture is nice and crisp, and the sound is clear and great no static or blown speakers was a great experience.

Review №39

A great movie experience as always. Minus a point though for the staff. Not the best staff in the concession area. Girl literally gave me every excuse why she couldnt make me a Starbucks frapp. In the end she made it and it was made well. Its just a bit frustrating that the Starbucks is something they offer in concessions, and yet the staff always seems frustrated when you ask them for it.

Review №40

Had a great time. Enjoyed mother son on to the next movies..

Review №41

Can always count on this movie theatre for a late night tuesday movie date! prices are about $5 per ticket and the seating is super clean inside. they also offer a variety of food at their food court. not to mention, this is also located inside a casino so theres tons of entertainment for the whole family. this is also located near an indoor arcade, dunkin donuts and other food spots around the casino. parking isnt too bad. sams town has tons of parking around the casino, so definitely a must! it does get pretty busy for their tuesday ticket deals though, so make sure to grab a seat early!

Review №42

Ok place movies ok price ok refreshments not ok they are supposed to be fresh lol popcorn great example not fresh at all or other items on menue

Review №43

Great place good people every where excellent service

Review №44

Went to see a movie. Able to sit where we wanted, ares was clean and comfortableWill return and recommend this theater

Review №45

The theater was fine, but the movie start time was 7:40 and it actually did not start until 8:10. Being that we got there at 7:30 we watched 40 minutes of advertisements and trailers, I think that is a bit much.

Review №46

Paid $6.50 for a ticket. Very cheap! That should have been a red flag. Paid another $20 for snacks. Stale popcorn. At least a day old. Movie starts. No sound. A worker comes in and tells us their tech is solving the issue. 45 minutes go by, and still no movie. I leave. Manager says no refunds allowed. Only a voucher to come back. The $20 I spent on snacks? My problem, not theirs.

Review №47

Pretty good theater... Love the seat selection process.

Review №48

Clean movie theater and nicely organized. And to the girl working the popcorn stations thank you for listening to me by making my extra buttery popcorn, it was perfectly buttery

Review №49

We stay in their rv park. We like taking the bus downtown. We like the deli. Good selection of games

Review №50

We had a great time at the garden show and had Chinese food before leaving. The staff are polite and always seem eager to serve. Great place to hang out.

Review №51

Super clean. Great prices . Free bolling game with a purchase of movie ticket. Great

Review №52

Great theater with good prices. You can select your own seats now when purchasing tickets!

Review №53

I used to love going to this theater. I stopped because the managers dont know how to staff well and the facilities were always dirty and disgusting: condoms in the urinals, vomit and feces all over the toilets. I sent E-mails over Centurys website but no one ever returned my message. Luckily the Regal cinemas are usually much cleaner and not too far away.

Review №54

Great variety of movies, and always treat seniors well and preferred pricing. I recommend this for comfort and service (pricing a +)

Review №55

Best food, good movies, nice water fall

Review №56

Loved it something for the whole family hotelrooms nice and clean .movies arcade bowling bimgo casino alot to do for everyone

Review №57

This was a great theater. I wish they had table trays like the cinemark i used to go to in California. It was a great experience though.

Review №58

The theater is always clean! The seats are hella comfortable! The staff is always super kind! Ive never had a problem here. Highly suggest driving here also because its never busy

Review №59

Chairs maybe not the most comfortable but good prices and good theatrical experience.

Review №60

Fun, beyond COVID friendly

Review №61

Great location even greater environment seats in the theater were comfortable and spacious. Employees were very customer oriented treat there customers very well.

Review №62

Nice and clean.

Review №63

Always plenty of open seats. Lots of screens. The snack bar offers free refills on soda and gives you your popcorn refills at the same time as your bucket...I love that I dont have to miss the movie for my refill. Theater, halls and bathrooms are well maintained, as is the rest of Sams Town. There is clearly very good management here. This is our number one choice every time.

Review №64

I enjoy going here for movies,its always clean and the cashiers at the concession are always friendly. They have a discounted price if you attend before 5p.m..

Review №65

Sams town movie theater is really, really cool.I usually always go there

Review №66

Great theater. Saw Spiderman in 3D. Very comfy stadium seats. Great that you can preorder tickets and go right through. I go there pretty frequently although I live on other side of town. Two thumbs up!

Review №67

I only come here for the theater now. There used to be a really good BBQ place here, called Big Mess BBQ, but it disappeared one day. Such an unfortunate loss. Its so hard to find a good BBQ place in town that does beef ribs properly- if at all.Anyways theres a Cinemark theater here and they have specials all the time

Review №68

Saw a movie I ate a hot dog had some popcorn to go and had some ice cream

Review №69

Make sure to choose the row that the seats recline a little, much more comfortable. Good place to catch a movie.

Review №70

Great seats, great sound, lots of choices of movies, no big crowds to deal with and GREAT prices!

Review №71

Good place to spend time..wit family our with out..I reallly have great memories from this place.i come over here often because I live close..but is a nice place to entertain your self and family and kids

Review №72

Could use a remodel, seats a little small. But was clean. Will goto movies here again

Review №73

To my surprise this place was pretty great. My family and I went to see secret life of pets 2 and ihe facility was clean the staff were polite and helpful. It was a great experience will be going here again

Review №74

It’s my favorite movie theater, to go to. It’s clean, and they have a great staff!

Review №75

Luv the up n down theatres.

Review №76

We love watching movies at Sams Town.Students pay only $5 anytime, any movie! Only need to show student ID.Also, with the movie ticket you can have a free bowling game, or at TGIF you can eat 2 and pay for 1.I love good deals! The staff overall is nice.

Review №77

Ok theater that needs updating. The chairs creaked quite a bit. The popcorn really didnt have much flavor and you had to buy seasonings that are free many other places. It is nice that it is connected to the casino resort and a good place for kids to go while parents are gambling.

Review №78

If youre using the Cinemark app to purchase tickets, you can bypass the long ticket counter line. Seats are comfortable. We saw Gemini Man, immersive cinema 3d. Loved the immersive cinema 3d action! Clean theater. Restrooms are close to theaters.

Review №79

Cool Movie Theater, really good prices, little hidden gem

Review №80

Pretty dam nice . Was kinda like what the heck a 18 plex at a Casino. Very nice Prices on shows and to boot free bowling after that if you take your ticket stub to there 56 lane Bowling alley (Omg)

Review №81

They cant figure out the simple things on their own.

Review №82

Solid theater, great booming sound, comfortable seats (non reclining), and many snacks to choose from. Its also close to the entrance so you dont have to walk through the casino to get to it.

Review №83

Visited Sams Town to see a movie ( The Joker ) and eat at the buffet. Buffet is well priced with a great selection. Always like going to Sams Town every time I visit Vegas.

Review №84

Nice hotel and machines would come back.

Review №85

The matinee prices are what get me here. And cheap snacks. Standard movie theater, seats and a screen and sound. No complaints in that department. Sign up for a Sams town card and if you are a senior you get in cheap on a certain day.

Review №86

Definately one if the older theaters in town needs to be renovated but great staff and customer service

Review №87

Large area plenty of room the only downside is that they dont have reclining seats

Review №88

This is my go to theathers. They are a bit far away but the early show prices and reasonable consessions compensate for that.

Review №89

I Love coming here i think its a nice/fun place to come with family, anyone or maybe even by yourself! The food court has a variety of options the bear show is really nice like a big splash of water and it looks even nicer at night because it lights up and changes colors! The movie theaters are fun just so you know on tuesdays there $5 per movie ticket! Hope you can go and have a fun time (:

Review №90

Service was great, movie awesome, but seats so uncomfortable.

Review №91

Staff is wonderful and the theaters are very clean!

Review №92

Great Place For S Movie, Friendly Staff .

Review №93

Saw the invisible man... Awesome movie

Review №94

My first time going there was to go and see Star Wars the Rise of Skywalker. Great movie and theater

Review №95

Clean theatres great staff prompt start times great theatre

Review №96

It’s an average 18-screen movie theater. I’ve been here many times in the last ten years or more. My family and I were a bit concerned this time because there was no audio during the commercials, but once the trailers began the audio came on, and everything was right in the world. LOL

Review №97

I thought the seats be better like their counter parts but I was wrong.

Review №98

The best hang out spot!

Review №99

Very nice movie theater... beautiful deco. More affordable than boulder station.

Review №100

Went there on a Saturday. The area where you buy popcorn and drinks is so unkempt. The popcorn is littered everywhere on the floor, the floor is also sticky. The movie theatre and the hotel looks aged. I wish they would clean the concession area in a timely manner and make the hallways brighter. Maybe they could change it to LED lighting.The movie theater seats are comfortable, the sound quality of the movie is good, and the image quality of the movie is good. I paid 9 dollars for the movie.Overall, if theres a newer and cleaner movie theater, I would go there.

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4.4 Rating
  • Address:5111 Boulder Hwy, Las Vegas, NV 89122, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 702-547-1732
  • Movie theater
  • Snack bar
  • 3D movies:Yes
  • Active military discounts:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible lift:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Stadium seating:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
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