Regal Lake Zurich
755 S Rand Rd, Lake Zurich, IL 60047, United States

Review №1

It was ok. Guy on duty 4 the conception was awesome

Review №2

We love Regal Cinema in Lake Zurich. Great location and always has good show times! Bathrooms are clean as well!

Review №3

No recliners, a lot of open space in the middle of the theater, and doesnt really look up to date like the Regal in Lincolnshire. Also, when I showed the unlimited pass for the 3 or 4 times I went here, some of the employees seemed like they didnt know what I was showing them. So once I mention the words Regal unlimited theyre like oh okay and then dont know how to scan the pass. So, they call another employee and get it done... But no biggie, its not an issue. Its actually kinda funny. Anyway, one thing I do like is the cheap prices for my sister since she is too young to sign up with unlimited. Same goes for my uncle because he doesnt have a pass, not because hes too young. He just cant afford it. Regal unlimited is a pretty great deal though, but this theater is just a little empty and the outside looks like this used to be an old cathedral (no offense, I just dont like the look of some old cathedrals).

Review №4

Worst theatre for comfort in NW suburbs. Seats seem 50 or more years old, hard as rocks, dirty and hurt your back and rear. Would rather be home watching Netflix or pay a bit more to go to AMC or other more modern theaters . The people are very friendly and good food. Invest a few thousand in this theater, and it may make a comeback .

Review №5

This Regal close to my house! Very good service, friendly staff

Review №6

Had to buy tickets at concession stand which was weird and took extra long because people were also buying their snacks. Ticket taker was very kind to everyone! Theater was comfortable.

Review №7

Everyone who works here tends to be very friendly and the building, although old, gives off good vibes. I love it here

Review №8

The theater was pretty clean. The seats were comfy and the popcorn was fresh, but expensive as is typical for movie theaters. I had a nice time. The bathroom was fairly clean which is a plus! Overall, I would go there again.

Review №9

Oldy but a goody. Its nice that they are never packed but also sad. This was my childhood Theater. Its time for an upgrade. Lets get some recliners and a bar here and breathe some life back into this place. Prime area.

Review №10

Spooky because of how empty it always is but the staff are very nice and its a good experience

Review №11

Nice place. Went on a Tuesday matinee and we were the only ones there. Not too cool not too loud. 7.75$ to see good film. I will be back.

Review №12

Not so comfortable but nice and clean !We enjoy going there,

Review №13

Saw the joker, it was really good, went to early show how nice not many people there.

Review №14

This place was terrible, the seats are Insanely uncomfortable, the seats were so old they were taken from the theater where Abraham Lincoln was shot. Their snack stand is bad aswell they don’t even make regular hot dogs, they also forget to make their food too. Their employees weren’t good either. They were arguing about us trying to just buy a WATER! The theaters are also very bad if someone sits in front of you half of the screen will be blocked, we were blessed to have the theater to our selves, I hope you read this and go to another theater thank you.

Review №15

It is an ok place to go to the movies. The lobby and consesstion are nice but theater needed updating..

Review №16

Very clean. Good comfortable seatsLarge screen. Friendly people.

Review №17

It was not crowded at all.

Review №18

Nice, we walked in and were able to purchase tickets and snacks at together. Movi, sound and temp was great. Good time.

Review №19

Nice, clean, neat theater with good ptices.

Review №20

This is a very outdated theater. I would guess it was built sometime in the mid eighties.. Its needs to be completely refurbished. Its also extremely small. The theatre reeks of odd smells that interfere with a smooth moving going experience. The staff was friendly enough. But one male manager walked through our movie not once, but three separate occasions.we were the only two folks in the audience for the entire length of the film.We paid 15 dollars for two tickets on a early Tuesday afternoon, the gentleman walking through a 30 seat theater was annoying to say the least. Century 16 is closer and only 5dollars and change all day on Tuesdays. The only reason we picked Regal was the showtime better fit our schedule that day. We shall not make the same mistake twice.

Review №21

Never crowded and friendly staff.

Review №22

Great place for afternoon, week day movies. Not crowded or to noisy.Popcorn and drink was tasty.

Review №23

Very outdated theater, I honestly haven’t been to a non recliner theater in years, and now I remember why. I’m not sure why the prices are the same as a stadium seat, recliner seats theater either...seems like there should be a discount for very old amenities. There’s also minimal signage outside the building and I drove right past it. Definitely won’t be rushing back to this theater.

Review №24

I love this place. Things are not too expensive, you get to pick your own seats. It’s great!

Review №25

Staff is very friendly, the new seats are nice but they have not replaced all of their Seats, just the ones in the back. It feels kind of dirty at times but overall if you’re looking to go see a movie, it gets the job done. Prices are reasonable.

Review №26

Good and secluded theater! Great experience

Review №27

Best movie prices around

Review №28

Nice, clean theaters and a super friendly staff. They share a parking lot with our favorite steak house so this is a great date night option.

Review №29

Saw avengers endgame, not the best theatre but cheap and not crowded, good for a cheap movie watch

Review №30

It’s a good theatre. The seat space is pretty nice, didn’t have any problem with the seats, workers seemed to be in a good mood, place was pretty clean. It’s definitely on the better side of movie theaters compared to other ones out there.

Review №31

Seats need upgrading. You can pay the same amount at another theater and get nicer reclining seats.

Review №32

Conveniently located, clean environment & a friendly staff. Several restaurants nearby if you want to eat something before or after.

Review №33

Could hear the movie next door, old style seating, the movie screen had some weird vertical lines on it.

Review №34

They don’t accept Apple Pay which is a basic thing for businesses to have these days

Review №35

The was a very nice theater. Old school feel. Old fold down red backed chairs inside. Very reasonable prices and they do serve snacks. I wouldnt go in expecting a meal though. Place doesnt smell old and the staff was very nice. Very much like a Classic Cinemas.

Review №36

Never crowded especially during the week (like most theaters these days). Theater is always clean including the restrooms. Food is pricey and popcorn is average. I have one recommendation for management...larger water cup.s I realize you make most $ from concessions but when I spend $20 for large popcorn, soda and small slurpee, yes that came to $20, I would like a large cup for water. The cup they gave me was probably 4oz. Also, and heres a novel idea, put some ice and water in it for me rather than just handing me an empty cup.

Review №37

Popcorn was in a bag being reheated. No recliners. Pretty standard, unrenovated old theater.

Review №38

It’s an older movie theatre that charges newly renovated movie theater prices for their concessions. The staff are very friendly. Ticket prices are reasonable and they have a larger selection of movies in the area.

Review №39

Greatest thing about this place is their movie options. They got instant classics like “Hunting Bigfoot” and “Beefaroni squad”. But at the same time they have more modern options such as the P man throwing vid and Pina Colada.

Review №40

Super nice workers, comfy theatre, great snacks. Overall, I absolutely love this place!

Review №41

Comfortable good acoustics

Review №42

Very dirty will not return

Review №43

Old school theater. Needs remodel. Decor very worn. No recliners in auditorium we were in. Food was limited in options and blah in taste. Unable to get your own drinks or butter the popcorn. However, friendly staff.

Review №44

A great place to relax an enjoy a great movie an also great snacks too!

Review №45

Staff Friendly and Helpful..

Review №46

Small theater but good sound, good picture. Also good customer service

Review №47

Nice clean theater. No stadium seating.

Review №48

Friendly staff. The old seats in the front were more comfortable than the new ones in back

Review №49

Good theatre with all the basic the ticket prices are cheaper as compared to AMC. Though AMC has better sitting arrangements.

Review №50

Its not far from my home, the staff is very friendly and cheerful. The show is very clean and its my favorite place to watch a movie. Seats are very comfy.

Review №51

New to the area.. took the kids to Finding Dory. Very clean theatre.. My only complaint- 21 bucks for two pops and a popcorn.. after 60 in admission.. absolutely ridiculous. (And that was their #1 combo pak value) Pro- Great movie experience.. NICE SEATS/SOUND.. courteous staff.. Advice: Regal should just charge a little more for the ticket and hand out free popcorn.

Review №52

Super clean theater with nice and comfortable seats. Unfortunately they do not recline and the food is a bit expensice, but the staff is incredibly nice! Would recommend for the family.

Review №53

I enjoy coming here. There is never a huge crowd. The staff is always friendly and the prices are more than reasonable, granted, its not luxurious, but Im here for the movie and you can always bear the crowd and prices here.

Review №54

My family has been here several times to see movies. Clean and comfortable . We enjoyed the food yet is a but pricey. Good popcorn though.

Review №55

I love it here -- easy and uncrowded every time -- nice seats. Clean. I only wish their ticket window was enclosed when the weather is bad.Also, I just read BigDoggg s review and disagree and feel he was being sensitive. I too saw them checking the doors to see if we were sneaking people in, so it is clearly their policy and right to check. I didnt take offense to it. I am glad they check the doors. Otherwise, the prices will go higher.

Review №56

This small, local theater is not the newest in the area. They have upgraded seating in some theaters to provide larger, more comfortable seats. In general, the theater competes with the larger theaters, but at a slightly less price point.

Review №57

Very good to have a good tome;!

Review №58

Seats are really comfortable but one of the theaters has a blown subwoofer which ruins any movie you see in there.

Review №59

Movie theaters clean and very friendly employees

Review №60

Two weeks ago I took my family to see Man of Steel in 3D on its second weekend of release. I paid extra for the 3D tickets, and the screen we watched it on was the smallest movie screen I had ever seen. We set that afternoon aside for the movie, so going somewhere else at that point wasnt an option. The screen was so small that the 3D experience was extremely underwhelming. After seeing how visually beautiful this movie was it sickens me that i could have paid the same amount of money elsewhere and got the experience I wanted. I talked to the manager and his excuse was that they only have so many screens that support 3D and couldnt do anything about it. Man of Steel had been out for 8n days at this point. He did not offer anything as an apology. I told him my family and i will never return. He has lost my business indefinitely. I highly recommend going elsewhere to see a movie.

Review №61

Run down but nice that movies are usually empty so good for my kids.

Review №62

Good value.

Review №63

Friendly staff General Manager and his team are awesome.

Review №64

Clean and modern! Not the cutting edge but not crowded and not top end price. No hassle about bringing my own drink

Review №65

The theater was nice and VERY clean.

Review №66

Good theater. Lousy popcorn

Review №67

Holy Dated!! I felt like I walked back into the 90’s at this theater. Get with the times y’all. Super outdated, super old seating, not reclining seats, it’s the Sears of movie theaters. It will probably hold the same fate as Sears if it doesn’t get with the times :/

Review №68

Theater is really old but it gets the job done...I wonder how much longer it can stick around without an update like the bigger theaters in the area.

Review №69

Not the nicest theater, signage is very poor.

Review №70

Really polite and friendly staff. Nice clean theater too.

Review №71

Love watchingITS A WONDERFUL LIFE on the Big Screen once a year..Thank you Regal for showing it every Christmas eve day...

Review №72

The place was very nice to watch my movie but the price for the food is way to much. The Hot Chocolate is scolding hot though and once burned me. The cinnamon rolls often taste like burnt plastic in its other locations.

Review №73

Dated facilities but wonderful staff and a good selection of food choices.

Review №74

A nice place to see movies

Review №75

Nice movie theatre. Good to get out of the heat.

Review №76

Good staff, good food, good movies, everything you need to enjoy a perfect movie.

Review №77

Great theater. Plays the latest movies. Very helpful staff. Far better than battling the crowds at Deer Park.

Review №78

Seats a little uncomfortable, but make it enjoyable

Review №79

Its local, easy to get to, comfortable. Pretty low key. I choose it over Deer Park Theatre.

Review №80

Clean and convenient. Some of the theaters dont all have newer seats but the back rows do. Doesnt play ads after showtime starts.

Review №81

Great theater with fun family shows and great snacks!

Review №82

Very fun movie theater to go to for quiet late movie shows

Review №83

I have been going there for years best place to see a movie

Review №84

This theater is the first in Lake Zurich. Since Deerpark Mall was built, their theater is competition. LZ theater is just a little smaller. Otherwise it offers all that Century Deerpark Mall theater does.

Review №85

The theater is older but you never have to worry about a show selling out. The seats are comfortable and its an easy theater to bring small children to.

Review №86

Not nearly as nice as some of the other Regal Cinemas in the area but it is the closest one to us that does the Summer Movie Express with $1 movies every week for kids. The arm rest cup holders did not feel very sturdy and the theater seemed outdated compared to others, but the staff was great.

Review №87

Good popcorn friendly people.

Review №88

My Boy & myself did a Groupon offer and went to see The Emoji Movie. Long story short I bought the wrong ticket location. These employees still honored it and let my son and I enjoy our night. Thank you guys.Needless to say that was the last time I got to spend with my son for a couple months due to him moving to Flordia. I appreciate it, to the fullest on honoring our tickets still.

Review №89

Nice place

Review №90

This place usually isnt to crowded so never a worry of not finding a great seat to watch a movie.

Review №91

Friendly staff and good acoustics for my old ears.

Review №92

Decent Theater, Watching Star Wars Last Jedi, so It was decent, the Theater was a bit small, an the movie made me go Huh?

Review №93

Comfortable seating, kind staff, good selection of movies

Review №94

Issue resolved, I love this place again, been there probably 50 times this year, I just wish they had a subscription service since Moviepass has gone belly up

Review №95

We watch the movie Incredibles 2 and it was a great movie and Im so glad that they had the short in the front of the movies coming to kill me late and were able to see the full movie thank you.

Review №96

Cool place, needs some reclining seats.

Review №97

Its nothing fancy, but its reasonably priced and you never have to fight a crowd unlike the nearest other theater at Deer Park.

Review №98

Nice theater- been many times and never had a complaint about the cleanliness.

Review №99

Terrible. 1 line for snacks 20 people deep. Missing movie. Dear manager- no excuse.

Review №100

This is my show. Its a great place to relax

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  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Food:Yes
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