Movies Havasu
180 Swanson Ave, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403, United States

Review №1

Kind staff, clean restroom, clean lobby, clean theater, reasonable concessions prices.

Review №2

The lady that manages there is such a joy to see and she is always very welcoming to us. We go every Tuesday at the last showings. We are seniors so we get the discount and a small bag of popcorn. We look forward to seeing her !!!! The theater a are always very clean so are the restrooms. The chairs in most of the theatres are very comfortable an recline.

Review №3

Love the theater wish it would reopen so me and my daughter and my friends could start going back to our routine shows every month.

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Review №5

First movie in months... It was awesome!!!

Review №6

It was awesome! I love the friendliness of the people that work there and the movie, Frozen 2 was really good. The theater is always clean.

Review №7

Good location & nice theatre for movies. They show current movies. Good popcorn to boot. Prices are good too.

Review №8

Theyre fantastic. Customer service is exceptional. I recommend movies Havasu over star cinema any day. Treated my clients wonderfully. Very patient!

Review №9

Conveniently located and nice staff, but small theaters and smaller screens than your average bit city theater screen. Has the newest of movies and good deals. Does what a movie theater should do.

Review №10

I attended an early bird showing this weekend and was really disappointed with the staff due to their unfriendly nature. I decided to try the other cinema in town today to see Peanut butter falcon (great movie by the way ) and was pleasantly surprised on how nice the staff is. I highly recommend driving the extra couple miles to the other theater.

Review №11

The facility is a bit dated (4 stars instead of 5) but they show current movies and offer good incentive discounts on Mondays and Tuesdays. You even get a free popcorn on Tuesdays with $5.50 admission if youre a senior!

Review №12

I rarely get a chance to just relax and enjoy the show. We took a minute from our busy schedules and caught A Star is Born. Amazing! Great sound and comfortable seats. The floors were not sticky and the theater seemed clean. I also enjoyed that the theater donates money to the local groups and schools. I wish we thanked teachers more for their service as education truly saves lives.

Review №13

Used to come once a week if possible for movie nights. Tonight all the staff were rudeIf they could charge to use the restrooms they would . And hope you dont have a question because you will get attitude.

Review №14

We sat in the wrong theater because the signs were wrong. Missed the first few minutes of our movie. I told the young man the the room was uncomfortably warm and nothing changed while watching the film.The film was excellent RACING IN THE RAIN. Amazing film.

Review №15

Both of our theatres are fine, Havasu is older but both are fine and very reasonable. Support them both.

Review №16

This maybe an old movie theater, but its still a great place to watch a movie. We got there every time we are in town. The prices are reasonable and the people are nice.

Review №17

Fun pic. KNIVES out. Nice evening..

Review №18

The theater was hot and dirty. Paid $5.00 for a Coke and went to get a refill and they said I would have to buy another one for $5.00. I told them that was fine, then they attempted to put my new Coke in the same cup I had brought up for the refill. I said No Way. Get me a new a new cup, I paid for it.

Review №19

This movie theater is closer to my house than the other in LHC. My one gripe? No refills on large drinks. Really, Movies Havasu? One comment: the hallway to theater 10 seems like it goes on forever. Otherwise, everything else was fine.

Review №20

Big movie theater. Lots of movies to choose from. The seating is very comfortable. Popcorn was delicious! Snacks were a little pricey. Staff was very nice, friendly and outgoing. Theater was very clean, as was the restroom.Only con, there is no seating outside the theater rooms to sit and wait for the first movie to let out. We had to go all the way back up front to sit and wait for our movie to be let in the theater room.Over all it was a great experience. I would definitely go back to see another movie. And I would definitely recommend this place to my friends and family.

Review №21

Good theater to watch a movie! Great prices on the latest showings, and always a seat is available for the family. The restrooms are close enough to any showing room that you can slip out during the movie and not miss much. It could use a remodel to update the colors and style.

Review №22

Decent theater for the area. Seems like it was recently updated.

Review №23

Good senior discount with lots of movie options in downtown Lake Havasu City.

Review №24

Good prices, friendly. Usually a little chilly so you might want to bring a sweater

Review №25

We absolutely love this movie theater! We choose it time and time again over any other theater. It has the best popcorn and my husband loves the frozen cokes and my kids love being able to come a few times during the summer for the free movies. We will come here whenever we see a movie!

Review №26

Always a good place to go. Pick your movie - Enjoy

Review №27

Awesome employees, latest movies, great snack bar and prices are reasonable.

Review №28

Great prices

Review №29

Movies Havasu is an inexpensive, classic movie experience. Located in the heart of Lake Havasu, it is convenient to where ever you live in Lake Havasu City.

Review №30

Its affordable and the theatres are usually quiet and empty. This post might change that, but I really like the theatre.

Review №31

The movie that I went and saw was called overcome it was very inspirational and very good movie to go see I enjoyed it I can do five star

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Review №33

Nice movie theater. Snacks very expensive!

Review №34

Still has the small town feel.

Review №35

A theater in town that was mostly empty... no package deals at concessions and the theater seats... well I was glad the movie was over. Dont get there early nothing to do but wait...

Review №36

Went to the back refreshments stand. Supports different schools in the area.

Review №37

Always great water temperatures and plenty of sun. Must have sun screen. Use to do houseboats and jet skis.

Review №38

Good theater. Friendly staff. Sadly, the popcorn and soda are not refillable. Other than that, a good experience.

Review №39

Theater size was small but cozy.

Review №40

Enjoyed the staff & very clean restrooms nice theater

Review №41

Employees at snack bar were very nice & helpful, movie was great, picture was great & sound was great!!

Review №42

Very clean, good service, good fresh popcorn, nice seats and good surround sound. It’s not a brand new imax theater, but it’s perfect for a small movie theater

Review №43

First time at this Theater.... we enjoyed ourselves. Close on the south end of town for us

Review №44

Nice place great prices for seniors

Review №45

Old school vibe, great popcorn, friendly staff. 2 stars knocked off for the holes i can visibly see during the movie. Saw tolkien

Review №46

Inexpensive matinee, the best popcorn. Very comfortable seating with plenty of room to stretch out your legs. The screen is concave for excellent viewing. The best was surround sound just the right decibel that it did not hurt your ears or make you sorry for not bringing headphones to muffle it. Staff was very friendly.

Review №47

Saw Downton Abbey. It was a great movie!

Review №48

Good price, but the seats are not a my fav. Will i go back of course i will.

Review №49

Older but very clean, pleasant people. The price is very affordable. The popcorn is some of the best I have eaten. All up to date movies. I definitely will choose to use this theater. .

Review №50

Clean theatre with fresh popcorn and decent prices for entry. One of my favorite local theaters

Review №51

Great theater very clean good screen size and sound system, very friendly staff and great senior deals, Angel has fallen was the movie I saw was fantastic.

Review №52

Great place, seats are very comfortable

Review №53

Wowzers! What a treat! An Army Female Medic Viet Vet and Me, a Marine Viet Vet Grunt, took advantage of the Free Showing of The Longest Day, to Celebrate our WWll Freedom Fighters Anniversary! Movies Havasu helps support our local Veterans throughout the year, and that is priceless! Its not movies on the Flight Deck somewhere in the Pacific, but a nice cool atmosphere, with all kinds of Pogey Bait, and our Favorite movie on The Big Screen! Who could ask for anything more? Thank You Movies Havasu, for Thanking me for my Service, and helping me enjoy my Family with sometimes a long overdue evening of Sharing! Semper Fi and God Bless America!

Review №54

Watched Alpha Sunday Sept. 2nd. Good price-$8.50 per person, concessions were at expected prices. Best part was, and this is pretty rare, the movie we chose was completely empty besides us 2. Seats are comfortable and good leg room.

Review №55

Analog movies. Needs major renovating but very well kept and clean. Will go again.

Review №56

It is a good movie theater and best quality

Review №57

Nice little movie theater, prices arent bad, just wish the seats were a bit more comfy.

Review №58

Nice friendly staff, clean. Theatre could use a remodeling but is ok

Review №59

Very inexpensive matinee and comfortable seats. My only complaints are that the theater smelled funny and that the coke I bought was not very good (tasted flat). I enjoy the matinee experience as I have a hard time being around others and this made it where I could see a movie without a lot of people.

Review №60

This place has a great feel

Review №61

Seating was decent, nice screen and sound quality. Popcorn could use some improvement. Over all wasnt bad.

Review №62

Saw the movie The Green Book really great movie based on a true story.... worth seeing!

Review №63

Love going to the movies here. Its a small theater, but Im always taken care of to the fullest.

Review №64

Great movie house. Reasonably priced.Popcorn and drinks way over priced as usual. Friendly staff. Clean Theatres.

Review №65

Great movie experience. Totally upgraded at great expense to all digital and Dolby Surround Sound experience. Also, new stadium style seating installed. Theater is close to everything. And $5.50 for a movie with Senior discount--where can you go to a movie for that low a price? It gets me and my wife out to see more movies. Plus, free popcorn on Tuesdays and NO up charge for 3-D movies? Thats insane. This theater is a great place to see a movie. And the staff is always friendly and helpful. For my money, this is the place to go see a movie. This theater is modern and totally upgraded, and yet it has that old-time, warm and fuzzy movie-going feel to it.

Review №66

Pretty clean, great sound and lots of movie choices and theaters. great place.

Review №67

Love the movie punch card. Staff is always friendly

Review №68

Saw a great movie, got to help the Rainbow girls with our concession purchase.

Review №69

Best movie theater in town. I don’t like the other one and they don’t have the same popcorn and drinks. Movies havasu has icees that always are working and comfortable seats. Staff is always friendly and helpful

Review №70

Well staffed and friendly, getting tickets and concessions was smooth and quick. The theater is older and so it shows some wear.

Review №71

Seriously everytime I go here the movie skips or the sound is off. One time I had to hunt down an employee because there wasnt anyone in the front lobby (and I had waited for 15 minutes). Also, everytime they try to help fix the movie you have to wait for 15 to 30 minutes but I guess they just give up because it never gets fixed when Ive been there. Even though this theater is closer to me I will never go again. Its a huge waste of money. The bathrooms are clean but the theaters are disgusting and sometimes smell weird. I also think its very unprofessional for the owner to respond to low star reviews by telling the customers their experience is untrue and they need to delete their review. I hope someone buys this place in the future and does something good with it.

Review №72

Ticket line moved quickly, snack bar staff was professional and super nice, comfortable rocker seats in theatre. Clean restrooms. Wonderful and relaxing experience.

Review №73

A lot of space great place to see movies.

Review №74

Too dark when finding a seat. After the show no lights on to make your way out.

Review №75

We went to see Halloween! Its always fun to go to Movies Havasu, eat, drink and watch a good movie!

Review №76

Always pleased! Its clean for a dated theater

Review №77

Cheap tickets. never crowded.

Review №78

Theater dirty. Smelly caused hives on daughter and set off allergy. Wont go there again

Review №79

Great place for movies

Review №80

I LOVE coming here. If you go through the day the movie is $5.50- even new releases. Some new releases arent $5.50, but $8- but still. We live on the island, and its a nice five minute drive from home to the theatre- even if I hit the lights. The theatre isnt new, and a little dated, but it doesnt effect my movie going experience. The real piece de resistance is the AMAZING pop corn. My husband loves going to movies, and always gets pop corn- i never do- unless its at this theatre, in which case I Always do. The popcorn is the best theatre pop corn i have ever had.....ever. The staff are friendly and quick, they all seem to be cross trained and if there are line ups either at the ticket counter or the concession stand, it dissolves quickly. Theatre size is a little small, but that doesnt bother me at all. The theatres have brand new chairs that recline and older ones- which are totally fine. I cant say enough about this place. Its amazing amazing amazing. I LOVE going to the movies when were here in the winter.

Review №81

Comfortable seats and sound was not so loud your ears hurt.Friendly helpful staff!

Review №82

Great place for your family and friends to see a movie

Review №83

Yes, its an older theater but the people are awesome. I enjoy supporting the high school and the community. They always butter up the popcorn just how I like it (and the soda has always tasted just fine--whoever you are!) We very much appreciate both local theaters but this one has a special place in our hearts!

Review №84

I think that some of the theaters would be considered fire hazards as theres only one aisle for everyone to enter/exit by. I was with an almost full house of seniors at a movie, & I can tell you that the exiting was extremely slow. Just imagine that in an emergency situation. Otherwise, its a good place to see a movie. Good prices, good movies.

Review №85

Good place to go

Review №86

Good set up for movies though the concessions closing before movies are done are a bit of a hassle, trying to ensure you have enough popcorn soda and candy to get through a 2 hour movie is a lot harder when you can just go back for more. Other than that great, and prices arent too bad overall

Review №87

A little more expensive than Star Cinemas and not as nice. Buttered popcorn was good, though and enjoyed the movie Green Book!

Review №88

The theatre was hot and stuffy!

Review №89

Great place and reasonable

Review №90

Great theater! My kid is enjoy going.

Review №91

Better than star cinema thats for sure hahaha

Review №92

Star cinemas is a nicer movie theatre for the same price.

Review №93

Theater was too cold bad movie

Review №94

Good service & Lion King was the best!!!

Review №95

Love that they offer popcorn for early shows AND all day on Tuesdays

Review №96

Fiesta Tuesdays are an awesome day to visit especially with kids. The free individual popcorn is the perfect amount! This is my movie theater of choice!

Review №97

For an older movie theatre, its good! The chairs could be a little more comfortable, but the theatre sound is good, staff is friendly, and they host various business and school fundraisers, which is a great support for the community. I dont usually feel the need to drive out of my way to Star; this theatre is nice too!UPDATE: I am updating my review to 5 stars because I was VERY pleased with the cost, quality, and service when I hosted my sons 8th birthday party here. The manager, Griselda, was very kind and accommodating, and although theres not a private room for the birthday table, it didnt feel awkward or out of place. We had a fairly small group (11 total), so it might not have worked as well for a larger group, but I was very satisfied with the service we received. They set up the table with decorations and balloons, served up the trays quickly, accommodated the children well, and offered to clean up so we could get into our showing. Thank you Movies Havasu for your great service and making my sons birthday a success!

Review №98

Nice movie theater. Not big but really good!

Review №99

Nice, small town atmosphere theatre. Friendly staff.

Review №100

My husband and I paid the 9.50 for senior which is supposed to come with popcorn and soda but when we went to get it they said that we had to pay for soda. False advertising in the news paper.

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