La Crosse Escape Room
319 Main St, La Crosse, WI 54601, United States

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This place was great, the workers were incredibly nice and made sure that me and my friend were doing ok. If I was had money, I would definitely go back

Review №2

The La Crosse Escape Room is an excellent chance to get out and do something fun. Ive done 2/4 escape rooms and completed one. I plan on doing all of them. Cheap, and a very good time!

Review №3

Did the jail break! It was a riot! I did not expect to have as much fun as I did. Hoping to go back and do other rooms when we come to visit our college student! Staff was awesome! (Im late is posting, did this around Labor Day weekend)

Review №4

We did the Prison Break room and it was very fun, clever, and used fun technology that most other escape rooms don’t. Our game master was very into it and helpful, as well, so all in all it was one of the best escape room experiences we have ever had!!

Review №5

Had an amazing time, Melinda was an wonderful Game Master. Super fun time for all friends and family! If you got an hour to spare in the La Crosse area, definitely give this a shot!

Review №6

I may be biased as my husband is the owner of La Crosse Escape Room but I can speak first hand on the amount of time, dedication and creativity that goes into designing each room. All four rooms have the perfect amount of cutting edge technology, well thought out puzzles and clever props making the rooms fun and interactive for all types of gatherings. We have hosted many date nights, field trips, holiday parties, corporate gatherings, anniversaries, family reunions, birthday parties, Bachelor and bachelorette parties as well as a few proposals! So if you’re looking for something fun to do, I highly recommend checking out La Crosse Escape Room!

Review №7

Loved this place it was fun. Every one schould go see.The only bad thing is that there still posting there old adress. They need to remove the name from the other location and update there adress.

Review №8

This was a lot of fun, they pay particular attention to you, very pleasant & low key. The room was well done with a fair amount of high-tech stuff phones that you can call bars that unlocked when you manage to figure out how to get them to do it. My wife and two daughtersare all good at different parts of puzzle-solving and we managed to break out of the prison in just over 65 minutes out of the 75 minutes allowed.apparently that was good enough for third best ever in that room only 12% of the people actually break out. Probably why we enjoyed it, being successful at anything is much more enjoyable than when you fail. I would recommend this business if you like puzzles and challenges.

Review №9

Weve now done five different rooms a La Crosse Escape Room, all four of their current rooms plus an older one that is no longer offered. We are very experienced players of escape rooms/games, and found the rooms at La Crosse Escape Rooms to be fun and challenging. I will say that with the four rooms that they currently have, each has their own level of difficulty. If youre new to escape games, you may want to ask them before booking which room would be good for your group. The staff at La Crosse Escape Room are very friendly and helpful, and we appreciated them being flexible in scheduling our group in. We are happy that La Crosse Escape Room went to the business model that when your group books a room that is closes it down so no one else can book with you. We dont mind playing with strangers, however, we enjoy playing with our small group of experienced players more. Certainly give them a try, you are almost guaranteed to have fun!

Review №10

The experience was fun and the people were very nice, but several things were a bit off-putting. First was the fact that you can hear other people in other rooms. You can possibly hear spoilers to other rooms while youre doing yours. Second was that some of the equipment was broken in the room. It kind of broke the experience.

Review №11

Great game master and room was unique with good puzzles and very enjoyable. Will definitely go back!

Review №12

Our group consisted of 3 adults, 2 teenagers, and our 6 year old. Everyone had fun and we all look forward to another room. We did Jail Break and it was challenging.

Review №13

Fun local varient on a trend spreading the states. The room we did was challenging and exciting. ( Wouldnt have made it out if not for my better half haha) however seeing the damage to the historical downtown building, was sad. Also my phone has been blowing up with advertising for here sense we went.

Review №14

An awesome experience to share with your friends. 10/10, would definitely do again.

Review №15

Been twice and both times were great! Jailbreak is no joke and definitely a must play escape!

Review №16

My 12 year old son and I decided to try the Deserted Island room. This was our first time to an escape room. We escaped with 30 seconds left. We will definitely be back.

Review №17

So fun!! Highly recommend!

Review №18

Had a lot of fun here! The room we chose turned out to be very challenging and we needed a lot of hints. The staff was great. One minor issue, our room hadnt been entirely set up correctly and part of the way into the game, someone came in to fix or reset one of the clues. Really wasnt a big deal because we at least knew that would be part of the game later on, and we all closed our eyes while it was reset So it didnt affect the game play. I would definitely recommend this place! Good luck with parking though

Review №19

Thank you for making our bachelorette party a success! Everyone fully enjoyed themselves and want to do it again soon! The gentleman we had was very pleasant and helpful when we were there. Room was very challenging but we prevailed. Laughed most of the hour!

Review №20

We did the serial killer room 2 years ago when business was new. Recently went back and serial killer room was only one available. We assumed it had changed it 2 years... It did not. It was the exact same and that was disappointing. Not sure how you can keep customers returning if rooms dont change? It is a fun time but the cost ($25pp) is too high per person for what you get. They do now do private room only but personally if I had a small group I wouldnt mind joining another small group. Should offer the option for non-private room for slightly less. The game masters are friendly and give quality clues.

Review №21

While doing deserted island room there were many technical difficulties. Our game master was very hard to understand, there was major misdirection of clues that cost us extra time. They did however remove a prop due to us having an infant. but failed to tell us which prop was removed causing us to waste time on a clue we didnt even need to find.

Review №22

It was really fun. There were some hiccups though. Was told to be there 15 minutes early and doors were locked. Room not set up and ready. Not sure why it wasnt set up from the night before. Couldnt hear the video. Told not to search in a area because of PVC pipes, there was a clue there, found it by accident.

Review №23

I havent personally been there but have taken the daughter there a few times and she loved it

Review №24

Weve done a couple of their rooms and the experience was okay. But the other day we were there it was bad. Booked for 945pm, got there 15 mins earlier but nobody was around. 945 and was told the room is not available. Could have called us ahead of time to inform us about it. Good thing we still havent done the last room, which they still had to set up. We did that instead but was rushed the whole time. They were giving us clues even when we didnt ask, we were out with 30 mins left on our time. Didnt have a great time all in all. (RESPONSE TO THE OWNER: We definitely didnt book the wrong day. We booked Prison Break and when the attendant finally showed up, the group she just helped just got of Serial Killer which we ended up playing. When we asked her why we couldnt play the room we booked, she just said it wasnt available. Maybe because it was late and she didnt want to stay another 75 mins and maybe thats why she rushed us, giving us clues so we can get out of there)

Review №25

They should be a little more descriptive in the rooms if they are accessible for wheelchair users. They did accommodate and put us in another room that was but it wasnt our first choice of a room.

Review №26

We had a great time here! We unknowingly picked the most difficult escape room when it was only two people in our group... but the staff was great and gave us some extra clues to help us out...didnt escape but it sure was a fun experience! Cant wait to do more rooms!

Review №27

Challenging room, clean environment, and some cool history on the building its ran out of

Review №28

Great time!! The serial killer theme was a lot of fun. Not quite family friendly, but not at all scary. Fun challenges of all levels too! We will definitely be doing it again!!!

Review №29

So much fun! My husband enjoyed it too, which is usually a hard sell. The building was a bit dingy but the game itself was fun. Expensive, but fun. Wed definitely go again!

Review №30

AWESOME TIME! We went here with a group of about 28 of our customers when we came to town for a business Tradeshow. They opened on a night they arent normally open without any hesitation for us, and the staff was great! The three rooms we did were very well laid out, and very entertaining. This was the talk of the tradeshow for everyone that came with! None of us solved the room and go out in the hour time allotment, but it was a blast ~ wed highly recommend it. Thanks Erik, Spencer, and the team for a great time!

Review №31

Our office had the opportunity to check out La Crosse Escape room as a team-building exercise, and we all loved it! A couple of us had tried escape rooms before, but this one was better by far. The puzzles were fun, but more than that, they made sense! The logical progression was very smooth, yet still challenging, which can make or break an escape room. 6/5, would escape again.

Review №32

Great for family or a group of friends to have a night out. Fun time and memories made

Review №33

Fun little game, great way to hang with friends.

Review №34

We had soon much fun! Very well run. I would highly recommend trying, worth the money! The staff are so friendly as well!

Review №35

The rooms werent well prepared. Half the things when solved didnt open or drop things they were supposed to. You only get 3 clues and thats it.

Review №36

We participated in The Revolutionary, serial killer room. The facility was well decorated and fairly immersive without being terrifying. The clue delivery method was through the use of a screen which helped to maintain the illusion.The problem solving in this room was a tad on the easy side, but it was challenging enough to make it worth our while. Our game master was helpful without giving away too much.$25/ticket is a reasonable price for an Escape Room, I would say. I definitely plan on making a return trip and trying out the other rooms.

Review №37

Professional, fun and challenging

Review №38

Awesome staff great time

Review №39

It was super funI want to come again

Review №40

Enjoyable. I found the rooms challenging but not impossible. The staff was great and chipped in a clue or two when we got stuck. Done two rooms so far and are hoping to finish the rest of the circuit

Review №41

Excellent it really made you think

Review №42

If it wasnt for others I would still be locked in. lol

Review №43

Have done 2 different rooms, had a great time with both. A hell of a lot of locks though....

Review №44

Tons of fun! Had a great time.

Review №45

Awesome rooms, great accommodating staff. La Crosse almost doesnt deserve this.

Review №46

Not the best escape room. Dont care for that others may join your party if your not big enough. Customer service wasnt the best and the lobby was discussingly dirty.

Review №47

It was fun for my familys first escape room, but the one we did there were about three things that were broken in it and the guy running it had to come in and manually give us the next clue.

Review №48

I was so looking forward to this, but was really let down. The clues were hardly clues. If not for the nice young man monitoring us and feeding us information we never would have gotten past clue one. $70 for 45 minutes of frustration is not worth the price of admission.

Review №49

Super fun!

Review №50

The escape room was so worth it it was a tough course but we made it.

Review №51

It was a lot of great fun for the family.

Review №52

It was really fun and a great team building experience!

Review №53

Always a great time!

Review №54

Great time and we won!

Review №55

Great escape room with fantastic staff

Review №56

Super tough puzzles awesome time

Review №57

So fun!!

Review №58

Excellent time

Review №59

Very fun

Review №60

Super fun!!! But we failed.

Review №61

Great Time

Review №62

Lame and expensive

Review №63

Great time

Review №64

Great time!

Review №65

Really fun and the staff offers hints when you get stuck

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