Get Air Trampoline Park
1188 Sportsplex Dr, Kaysville, UT 84037, United States

Review №1

They turn off the lights and turn on obnoxious music in the evening. Not the place to go if you want to do actual flips/tricks. The dark seems like a safety hazard. Not a lot of attractions. Not saying I had a terrible time but this place could definitely up their game. I’m going to a different place next time

Review №2

Our 2.5 year old loves this place! They have a LOT of different things for the little ones to do (compared to other parks we’ve been to where the little ones can only go in 2 places) The staff members are super friendly and we always have a good time here. Prices are decent as well, especially if you go on one of the weekdays where they’re having a deal.

Review №3

This is my first trip there with the family. We bought a birthday package which came with a room two pizzas and some party toys for the kids to play with. they like the jungle gym areas where they had to climb and get to the other side and not to mention the trampolines for fun too. Dodgeball areas the hoot as its a good fun to play against your family. back in the trampoline areas they have a basketball hoop where you can jump up and try to slam dunk and they have a small concessions at the front desk which include drinks and some concessions. I was surprised upon entry they gave us all a pair of socks that were really cool and the kids liked.

Review №4

Really fun place! My girls thought the tightrope was a fun and unique challenge. Really nice workers and clean facility! Nothing but great things to say about this place.

Review №5

We had so much fun! I just need to remember to keep our Jump Socks

Review №6

Super fun but very hot. Definitely needs some air flow while youre jumping around. There are tons of trampolines and fun foam pits to jump into. Definitely would have gotten 5 stars if it wasnt so hot in there.

Review №7

It was the best time I ever had we were the only ones there so the manager I think was giving us free stuff and he gave us free one hour jump passes it was the best time Ive had there ever

Review №8

I bring my 3 year here and let me start by saying, thank you. Its the best place to exhaust my son energy away. It is so much fun even for my 30 year old body. He and I cant get enough of it. Prices are dirt cheap on weekdays. Best time to bring them. Staff is awesome. Overall it good heck of a time:)

Review №9

The kids have fun, but it was very hot for all of us, and I was sitting the whole time. There is some air blowing, but its not cold and the benches for observing are blocked from the air flow. I started to worry my kids would get over heated. Make sure to bring a cold water bottle.

Review №10

My niece loved this place and the price is perfect for an hour of jumping.

Review №11

I’m here at get air and I feel is more hot here than outside .. no a/c and nothing works for air .. we came to do a indoor activity since is soooooo hot outside and my kids can’t even breath jumping.. not right at all ..

Review №12

A very fun and creative placd, on the positive, kids has a blast and there was plenty to keep them entertained for a few hours. The negative is you cant bring in your own food or drink so they can price gouge you to pay a fortune for drinks. If you jump in a foam pit you smell dirty sweat filled cubes that in my opinion would have to be next to impossible to clean properly. I used a coupon to get in, so grateful because its very expensive, and then at the very end be charged almost 20 dollars to buy socks that have grip. In business your money is made in return customers and I honestly dont know if I will go back.

Review №13

Great for kids but they really need to invest in a better air conditioning system. Its a sauna in there. The kids had a riot, though.

Review №14

Brought my kids here ages 7and 5 they loved this place. Big trampolines foam Pits and more. Great for large groups.My kids had a blast here I’m positive yours will too.Hope this helps!

Review №15

Get Air has reopened and my kids could NOT WAIT to go again! The whole place is very clean with hand sanitizer throughout and the employees are all wearing masks. My kids (age 4 and 2) LOVE coming here!

Review №16

I brought my daughter down for toddler time. The park is pretty well maintained and in good working order. Toddler time is great for little kids because it keeps the bigger jumpers out of the way.

Review №17

Price was reasonable for the size of the trampoline park. My kids love this place and they play hard everytime we come. Food is close by for a quick bite after too, little hard to find your first time if your not paying attention, but overall a wonderfully fun place to burn energy off the kiddos.

Review №18

Awesome time at get air. The kids loved it and it was so much fun to watch them. There were a lot of options for kids of ages and sizes. The bathroom is shared with the sports plax so you need to plan when taking little kids to the bathroom as its a little further. Overall a great price and time.

Review №19

Had my sons birthday party here over the weekend, the staff was great, they let me borrow a cake knife because I forgot one (oops!) I really appreciated them figuring out a non-standard option for my sons party as their traditional party options didnt work for me. The kids had a great time which was the most important thing.

Review №20

We just had our sons 8th birthday party here and it was such a great experience! The staff was so attentive, its extremely clean with really good equipment!

Review №21

Weston was awesome and such great customer service! He went above and beyond and so impressed with the service that was offered and the facility! The staff was terrific too.

Review №22

I think this place was a great opportunity this summer to have the children play indoors when its over 100 degrees outside and/or somewhere I can bring them during the cold winter months to still get exercise when they play. The facility was very clean. They play music overhead to keep you entertained with the kids liked too. They charge by the hour, but my kids were tired out after an hour. You do have to purchase a pair of their jumping socks the first time you go for safety ($3 each), but you can bring them back every time you come as you get to keep them. Afterwards they had this spinning prize game for only $1 per spin and each of the kids got a prize (drinks, water bottles, and chapstick).

Review №23

Not sure why this place is rated so poorly. My 2 year old had the time of her life and I even jumped around a little bit. People complain about lines being too long, but the reality of life is that youre going to wait in line for things. Would recommend to someone with kids of any age.

Review №24

Lots of fun activities for kids and adults. Comfy seating if you prefer to spectate. Price was fair. Two hours of climbing out of a foam pit is enough to wear out the most energetic kid.

Review №25

I used to really like it. Recently they changed their policies though. Previously I could take my 2 year old into any area of the park and jump with her. Now, you have to be over 46 to jump in the adult areas and under 46 to jump in the kid area. Meaning, if you have kids under 46 you can NOT jump with them. The frustrating thing is they wont mention to you that they changed their policies until after you buy your tickets.Another down side is the area for the kids under 46 is fairly small. A one point when I was there on a Thursday night there were a 12 + kids in the kid area. The other thing is 46 is probably up to 7 years old. It doesnt seem much safer to have a 2nd grader and a 18 month year old in the same area.I would love to pay for myself and my wife so we could jump with our daughter, but because of the rules it makes no sense for us. Perhaps Get Air is trying to go for a target audience, teenagers. Whatever the reason, we probably wont be back any time soon until they change their policies

Review №26

Love it, but they just need to keep up the standards on the foam quality breaking down and the density of it. The parent sitting couch looks like it is destroyed and theres not many places to watch. They need to raise those standards to get 5 stars.

Review №27

Nice facility. Lots of places for you to jump. Socks are required. Safety is always stressed and enforced. Great place for birthday parties. Great place for kids to burn extra energy.

Review №28

Love Get Air Kaysville. Great staff, great prices, lots of fun. Always clean and the staff is incredibly friendly.

Review №29

Takoda and Mason were awesome. They were so friendly. Takoda got us checked in quickly and was very helpful. Mason was so fun and helped watch over our large family dodge ball. They both made our experience so enjoyable. Also Danielle in party planning is awesome too. We have come for family parties for 3 years and my family wants to keep the tradition. The gift cards are great and indeed helps us to come back as well. Great job Takoda and Mason on our large family outing. We loved it. Thank you!!

Review №30

Super awesome family fun center. Its great to get active together while having fun.

Review №31

We love Tues/Thurs toddler Time. The attendants are kind. The facility is clean. I like the rewards program.

Review №32

Worst place ever, never take your kids or family here

Review №33

My kids love this place....for sure go on Sunday....a LOT less people.

Review №34

It was really fun. Kind of sucks that the littler kids dont have much room to jump and play. I didnt realize that they couldnt be in the other areas so I was pretty bummed when we got told to leave the area. Parents cant go into the little air area so how are we supposed to jump around with our kids and have fun too? There should be an area where everyone can play together or make the kid area bigger and more fun.

Review №35

The guy that checked us in David M. was not friendly and he was rude to my grandsons when they went to get water ( what do you want? Rudely. The swing and jump area were down and they said 15 minutes but it was down almost the whole hour we were here. Why do you not work on these before you open.

Review №36

Weve been to lots of trampoline parks across the US and this one was our least favorite. And it was HOT, even for those not jumping. But my kids were entertained for an hour, so it served its purpose.

Review №37

Just booked our child’s birthday part with Jessie. He was AWESOME! Very professional and friendly. He knew the answers to all of my questions and provided a lot of information right down to wear to find the party invitation! Amazing guy!

Review №38

We had our Daughters birthday here and it was pretty good. The prices were mostly reasonable, the park was very fun and pretty clean. The only concern I had was that the younger staff did not pay attention to their job, they were just standing around socializing rather than making sure the rules were followed and that the kids were safe.

Review №39

Took three teens and a little one (3 years old). Was told at the desk little could pay with his siblings if they watched out for him. Then was later told her couldnt be with the big kids and had to stay in two small areas where his siblings couldnt pay with him. All he wanted to do was hang out with his big brother and sister. Pretty much ruined the visit. I get the safety concept but just isnt something Ill take my kids to again.

Review №40

Our kids had so much fun! This is such a great place to let my young kids burn out some restless energy. I had fun watching them play in the 46 and under area. Definitely recommend this place.

Review №41

Awesome Place!! They were in a small building but still had almost every activity beside the ninja course.

Review №42

Lots of fun for my 5 year old grand daughter and I. But be prepared to SWEAT because it gets hot in there jumping around, a huge fan blows relieving air, if youre in front of it, the place is A/Cd so its all good.

Review №43

Fun place to play with the kids. Good exercise. Fun.

Review №44

Best trampoline park ever our family loved it and it keeps you entertained for hours and hours it is one of the best places to go and it’s really fun and the staff is very friendly and helpful the experience is amazing go check it out!! We will definitely be going there again sometime soon

Review №45

Great place to celebrate your kids birthday. My sons party was really great, our host was execellent and helped us in every way. This is an awesome place for kids and parents to have fun.

Review №46

So fun for kids and great work out for parents- we all cant wait to go back. The staff were all so nice and the facility was so clean- i noticed the empolyees dont just sit around, they are constantly cleaning!

Review №47

Loved this place! Lots of variety in things to do.

Review №48

Came for a birthday party. They had separate spaces for smaller kids for safety. My 2 year old had a lot of fun

Review №49

Will keep kids entertained for the whole day

Review №50

Awesome, especially on Friday and Saturday after 9

Review №51

Kids loved it. Staff were very nice and always walking around making sure rules were being followed. After 21:00, the lights went off and the fog machines and colored lights came on and the kids lived it even more. Not a terrible location and overall a good price.

Review №52

Awesome! I was very impressed how accommodate this place was. They had couches/massage chairs everywhere for parents and so much for the kids to do. Several ball areas, 2 little kid areas, foam pits, balance bar, large bounce area with basketball. Defiantly an improvement from the place in Roy and so much more for the kids to do. Thanks guys we had a blast. The employees there were so awesome too.

Review №53

We love this place! We have so much fun! The socks they have available really help so you dont slip on the trampolines- which makes it way more fun! It is clean and they have new cubes in the areas where you can dive into them. Awesome place!

Review №54

This was the first trampoline park I ever went to. I have since bounced quite a bit. Lots of fun:)

Review №55

My boys chose to come back here out of several other fun options. Their favorite place to play.

Review №56

My kids had a lot of fun here. They have a small area just for little kids which was so nice.

Review №57

Really fun place just wish people would stay out of the kid areas so my daughter wasnt bounced around

Review №58

Great place to come in and jump! Had my party there and they were amazing! Hoping to come again soon!

Review №59

Was funny to go to but the people there are not so nice. Also me and my friends stood in line for 1 hour and then didnt get the service we deserved.

Review №60

Very fun! Ive been coming here since I was little, I love to jump around and its a fun way to play with friends and get healthier.

Review №61

Wayyy too hot; need to crank that AC or install fans. Only a handful of dodgeballs available despite 14 ppl being on the court trying to play and don’t bother to keep more stocked. Few activities and 1 basketball hoop off in a corner. Water fountain not conveniently accessible and facility was pretty dirty overall. In a nutshell, not worth the high cost and not a great escape from the heat.

Review №62

Awesome place! The first time I went here was for my friends birthday. I really enjoyed my time there. Although, Im not sure why a trampoline park would have a rope ladder.... at least it was a fun rope ladder!

Review №63

This place just doesnt have many different things, Nice staff, but it got boring quick.

Review №64

Great specials, lots of fun, very clean. This is a good place to bring the kids to get all their energy out and to enjoy some fun together. I love toddler time with my youngest. We get to run around together for a really great price. Weve also had a birthday party here for my daughter. It was a ton of fun and super easy to plan. They took such great care of us. I also just downloaded their app and am eager to start earning rewards for our visits! Overall, we love this place!

Review №65

Fun place for the kids and birthday parties.

Review №66

Cool and fun place to jump at, but kinda confusing how they make you buy their socks to be able to jump on the stuff.

Review №67

My kids love to go to this place, we especially love that they have the toddler time on Tuesday and Thursdays from 10-12 the little ones have the place to themselves and can go anywhere without getting ran over by big people. We live in bountiful but take the 15 mins to drive and its totally worth it!

Review №68

Havent tried Urban Air yet, but this is definitely my favorite trampoline park Ive been to.

Review №69

Changed rules and limited the available areas for the kids under 46. Two small areas and foam pits. No dodgeball. They used to be able to go in all areas including dodge ball. Kids got bored with their allowed areas in no time and could only watch their older siblings having fun in the areas they are no longer allowed in. Not worth the price for the little kids. Wont be bringing them back with these restrictions.Yeah there’s no ninja course either. I’d rate at Zero if I could!

Review №70

My kids had a blast and completely enjoyed it. However it is on the pricy side. We must have went on a really busy day because there were two birthday parties going on and it was super busy and jam packed with a million little kids. They could also stand to turn the music down a little bit. Im only 35 and the music was way to loud.

Review №71

Needs more attractive things like wipout better obstacles and super trampolines

Review №72

Get Air is a great place to go! It was perfect for the whole family to jump and play with all the different activities. They have multiple things to do besides the trampolines like dodgeball, foam pits, and a ninja course. We had a party there for my nieces and it was great, the only thing I had to do was make sure the kids had a waiver filled out. Everything else was taken care of like the food and clean up. The kids had a blast jumping for the party and I had a blast with happy and calm kids after! We will definitely be coming back! Full disclosure I work at the corporate office, but I honestly had a wonderful time. The employees didnt know my connection.

Review №73

Its pretty ok

Review №74

More fun than expected. Quite the workout. Fun for all ages.

Review №75

The place is fun, but Get Air is drastically overpriced. I just took my 5 year old son to the Kaysville location and ended up spending $27 for he and I to jump for one hour!!!! That is outrageously expensive for a one hour activity with your 5 year old. If you’re kid is under 46” it’s $4.99. My son was 47” tall which made his price double for the hour to $9.99. You now need to wear grip socks (that nobody on planet earth has laying around), they are $3 per person. I just don’t think I can ever justify going there again and I love trampolines.

Review №76

Its a great park to jump in and play dodge ball

Review №77

Katie is an awesome employee.

Review №78

Fun! A lot of the foam blocks in the pits that you jump into shed, for lack of a better word... The foam shavings/particles can get into your eyes if your not expecting it. If all of the blocks were all covered in the same silly material that some of the blocks have, I would give this place a 5 stars.

Review №79

Amazing place to go and even has a special area for your little ones also if you go on Sunday there is literally nobody there you have the place practically all to yourself

Review №80

Great fun for kids and adults.

Review №81

Friendly staff and lots of room to jump and play. Well maintained too!

Review №82

Lots of fun for all ages. But the bathrooms are in an inconvenient place. I had fun and wished to stay longer. There was also hand sanitizer stations. I actually went with a party group. The party rooms were nice. And had their own tables.

Review №83

I scheduled a large group event here about a month in advance. About a week before the event, I was informed that we were double-booked with toddler time, and they wouldnt be able to take us. They never cared to check this when I was scheduling or sending them a deposit. Not a good experience.

Review №84

Comparing to Sky Jump: No snackbar, but they do have vending machines. Better trampoline/courses, more to do. Better area for babies. Lots of couches for parents. Will definitely be taking the kids back to Get Air over Sky Jump.

Review №85

Fun facilities, clean and pretty well kept. The staff could do a better job or rules and keeping things organized.

Review №86

The staff are wonderful to all of their patrons as well as jumpers, and are especially kind in enforcing rules to ensure safety to all of said patrons and jumpers. The lifeguards are prompt with administering first aid to any who require it. I love how they are always gentle in letting the smaller children know when they cant jump with the bigger kids and adults (due to reasonable height restrictions of course :) )

Review №87

Dodgeball arena is fun. There’s a large arena of trampolines with spines to jump over and a couple small foam pits. Good for group games and stuff, but not really for practicing big air tricks.

Review №88

What an amazing place, so many kids to double bounce all the way to heaven

Review №89

Great Time Had By All!!

Review №90

The flashing lights and dark when jumping are disorienting and dangerous

Review №91

We had a great time! The facility was clean, there were plenty of different areas for all levels of jumpers. The Assistant Manager Devin was fantastic! The most troubling thing we saw was a 38ish man throw a ball with his full power at his five year old niece and it didnt bother him when she ran off crying. The mans wife did get on him about it, so he did ease up a bit after that.

Review №92

Get Air was a great decision! I took my son with me and the staff was very good about enforcing rules to ensure his safety! It was a great facility and i loved the foam pits!Overall great time and my son was all tuckered out for his afternoon nap which was an awesome bonus!

Review №93

A fun experience for the whole family. They have an area designated for little kids. They have a bball hoop. The price is just like any other Get Air. If you havent been there in a while something new is the use specific Get Air socks, theyre 3 each to buy (meaning you get to keep them) and are required to jump.

Review №94

Absolutely enjoyed myself, it was my first time going to a place like this. I did not enjoy the little kids running and jumping everywhere there should have been an adult area. Other than that I had a great time

Review №95

The employees were kind. The only thing I would recommend is to there early when there isnt that many kids everywhere.

Review №96

Probably the only fun thing to do in Kaysville. The Friday night dance parties are awesome too!

Review №97

The music was great tho not sure the kids jumping knew any of the songs. Lol

Review №98

AWESOME! We had a party for family and friends and GetAir was absolutely AMAZING! The party was in honor of a recently lost loved one and they were kind and sensitive. The manager and team were incredible to work with. I wouldnt hesitate to recommend them to anyone, especially if you are planning a party or special event. Thanks Get Air!!

Review №99

Kids had a great time. The people that worked there were awesome. Not as clean as I would have liked

Review №100

So much fun! Rented it for a party and all of my guests had a lot of fun; they played awesome music, had a room where you can put snacks, cake, etc., and there are so many different pits, ropes, and trampolines to keep you entertained. Staff are all so nice and they have amazing customer service. Definitely my favorite trampoline park!!!

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  • Active military discounts:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Restaurant:No
  • Family friendly:Yes
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