Classic Cinemas Paramount Theatre
213 N Schuyler Ave, Kankakee, IL 60901, United States

Review №1

The best main viewing theatre in the area. Seats are extremely comfortable and you can social distance easily.

Review №2

If you ever have a problem they cheerfully help. Is very clean and movies are great. All in all a great visit to be had.

Review №3

The last time I even remember being inside of here I was still in high school... Its been so long they took the time to replace the ol chairs we these new loungers!!

Review №4

Beautiful old theater. The managers and staff are very friendly and accommodating. At one point, when one of the employees had difficulty attending to one of my needs. there was a professional manager waiting right there to help figure out the situation. Purchasing tickets/concessions was easy and quick. There was always someone available when you needed something during the movie.

Review №5

This theater and Meadowview are top notch they are always super clean including bathrooms, staff is always friendly and on top of it, and the big auditorium is a great place to see a movie! Free refills on Pop Corn and Drinks and the best recliner seats in any theater Ive sat in. This place is affordable and just a great place to take the family for movie night! Great Job and we will always choose Classic Cinema Paramount and Meadowview as our our destination.

Review №6

Good quality movie scenary. One light fixture (theatre 2) near row D has a rattle on big bass drops. The screen also had a tiny tear that played with my eyes. Comfy chairs and very well kept!

Review №7

Keep up the great work! Love the popcorn an pop! Oh keep the great up date movies going.

Review №8

I love this place. They sometimes play old movies. Definitely a throwback to a different and in my opinion, better movie going option. The new seats are super comfy but.the place still looks like a grand old theatre.

Review №9

My favorite theater. The big screen is my preferred place to see all the movies Im dying to see. Great popcorn and concessions.

Review №10

I love this theater. Classic Cinemas are not the biggest theaters but they are always clean and affordable. I LOVE that CC has older theaters with amazing architecture.

Review №11

Great theater it looks vintage but its up to dateita has amazing prices for the quality they offer.

Review №12

Although you can expect typical concession prices at this movie theater, tickets are a good price and the screen and theater look great!

Review №13

Awesome seating! You will fall asleep in comfort or never go home

Review №14

This theater is a really cool theater. It has a oldschool theather vibe.

Review №15

Great popcorn, old school style. Friendly staff, reasonable prices. Going to the bathroom would be difficult (or impossible) for wheelchair bound individuals as it is down a flight of stairs. Thats the only major flaw I can find. Its an old fashioned theater with modern sound & seating. The day manager helped us to give an extra ticket to someone else as a Christmas gift, so that was nice.

Review №16

Great movie...Fresh popcorn and free refills....

Review №17

Comfy seats, lots of leg room, and awesome sound - all for a fair price.

Review №18

Staff was friendly, lots of snack selection, seats were comfy, and bathrooms were clean. We will be back!

Review №19

Best place to see a movie in the kankakee area.

Review №20

Its very accessible, from the door to the theater with the concession area in between. I do love the old school feel with the Stars on the wall leading to the rest rooms down stairs, Alfred Hitchcock. Pictures of the movie stars on the walls . Such a comfy feel. Love it! I did not order popcorn, cant eat it! Hopefully the theaters will discover Puff corn at least in a vending machines.

Review №21

Very helpful and friendly staff. Seating is nice and the big screen is a plus. I love the way they keep the vintage look with todays technology

Review №22

Have not been to Paramount in awhile. Tonight I went to see Countdown and when we got there the man scanned our online ticket...he did not give us a print out of the ticket. After we go in and our seats were taken...then after that it was even worse. The whole theater was nothing but talking, loud, disrespectful crowd. I should have listened to friends when they told us how bad it has gotten. Never again will I ever go there.

Review №23

Nice recliner seat. Watched Game Night in Theater #1. The large one. It was beautiful inside. Love the architecture. Real fancy. Great experience. Although if you recline too far back you cant see bottom of screen.

Review №24

Comfortable seating and free refills on the popcorn and soft drinks. Always have a good experience here.

Review №25

Flash from the past. Beautiful theater. Good deals on popcorn and drinks. Not sure if they still have American English Beatles cover band there every Feb but its a great time theyre a great band

Review №26

The Joker movie was incredible. The people who say it was violent are part of the problem. Honestly dont know what itd take for mental illness to be taken seriously instead of bashing it as a giant joke.

Review №27

Love this theater and the way theyve upgraded!! Was only downside was it had it be about 45 degrees in the theater! Bring a blankie LOL

Review №28

Comfy seats had the place to ourselves! Great sound and video quality!

Review №29

Its fine, i enjoy picking my seat for the movie .

Review №30

Comfortable reclining seats, good popcorn, and clean rest rooms!

Review №31

We love Classic Cinemas Paramount in Kankakee. Affordable prices and comfortable theater seating.

Review №32

Pretty good, seemed like the dialog volume in the movie was not high enough, the sound system needs some tuning. (Main screen). Very big screen and comfortable reclining seats.

Review №33

Theater #1 is something everyone who enjoys movies must see! Its like going back in time when going to see a show was special. Most comfortable seats and great service!

Review №34

This is the second time I can remember being in Theater #1 the big beautiful one where the sound was bad. Went to see the Bohemian Rhapsody. A film that needs good Dolby sound that #1 advertises. Dam wall speakers did nothing. I wanted to walk out and demand refund. The sound sucked. I couldnt even make out the dialogue. Sound was blasted from screen area and was terrible. Never again

Review №35

I love this theater and will always use it over any other.Please give me a tour of the back someday. Lol

Review №36

Love the theater! Staff is always pleasant. Love the big screen.

Review №37

Good and Friendly Customer Service.

Review №38

Always an enjoyable place to see a movie

Review №39

Wonderful experience! Love the reclining chairs and free refills!!! I should definitely recommend!!

Review №40

Fantastic old theatre with art deco lighting and beautiful painting in the old main theater but updated with electric loungers. The screen in the main theater is one of those huge old ones they built 70 or 80 years ago.All popcorn and pop are free refills. You add the butter yourself so you can tailor it to your taste. Also there are four smaller theaters so movies stick around for awhile. And I love the old time touch of when a movie lets out there is a staff member waiting with a bowl of wrapped mints.

Review №41

Comfy seats nice & new! Fantastic surround sound!!

Review №42

I appreciated the movie. I didnt appreciate the fact that kids came in 20 min after the movie least 30 of them..and they talked and snapped photos of each other....and not one usher walked through to say anything. If the CEO before type movie is talking on screen about making making the visit memorable and that ushers would be walking thru...then prove it. I paid for 2 movies....a double feature tonight and stuff from the concession and had to listen to kids talking the whole movie. I understand I could have missed some of the movie I paid for....not the mayor of kankakee who paid for the movie for the kids that had no consideration for others ...I didnt want to miss it...a I dealt with it. Buying free stuff doesnt teach anyone....being respectful does. If ushers arent gonna do their job...ill take my business elsewhere....along w many people I know. This was ridiculous. 40 bucks down the drain

Review №43

My family and I love coming to Paramount Theatre. Its clean and customer services are always pleasant.

Review №44

Yum popcorn with free refils. U get to put on own butter and pour own drinks so.... free drink refills and guess what the chairs are recliners

Review №45

Customer service has been great so far. Never had a problem that the staff couldnt fix or make it right. I would like for them to start offering reserved seating like their local competition.

Review №46

The Best Popcorn anywhere, free refills even on the small is great! Love the new very relaxing seats, and the Big screen in theater one is Fantastic. The decor of the main screen is Beautiful. Staff is very friendly! Great job all around!☆☆☆☆☆

Review №47

This is my favorite theater in the entire world. The theater is a throwback to the 1920s I believe. Even is carpeted ceilings. Classic Cinemas remodeled this to its original form and the Acoustics are amazing. The best way to experience it is to go sit and that big Auditorium with the big bucket of popcorn and a large drink and enjoy the sights and sounds of the movies

Review №48

David the assistant manager was very helpful during our visit, great historic theatre.

Review №49

Very comfortable, never too crowded, excellent bunch of seasonings offered for the popcorn.

Review №50

This is a nice theater, especially the main showroom. The artwork is incredible and the seating is comfortable. Ive been here a few times with my wife and our only complaint is it seems unorganized, especially for opening nights for big showings/movies.

Review №51

Paramount Theater always provides excellent customer service. The property itself is beautiful and they keep it neat and tidy. The reclining seats are as comfortable as could be. This will always be my theater of choice!

Review №52

Loved the movie!!!! Id recommend any one to go see Peanut butter Falcon.

Review №53

Great seating, its super comfortable. Friendly service when entering.

Review №54

The kids and I always enjoy our visits here.

Review №55

Love it. Very comfortable. Always enjoy my visit.

Review №56

Took my lady to the 9:35 movie. Really enjoyed it. Ericka was very nice and helpful. Thanks for a wonderful evening.

Review №57

Awesome place to see a movie

Review №58

Amazing people work there and their seats are high quality

Review №59

Awesome leather power reclining seats. Reasonable prices and even a mint on the way out the door. Good old fashioned now tie wearing ushers

Review №60

Love Paramount its my favorite theater

Review №61

I love their popcorn and their seats. Ive always loved coming here.

Review №62

Great threatre. Comfy seats.inexpensive. but they need to make there concessions a little cheaper.

Review №63

Love the movies and the chairs are comfortable and I love the free refills

Review №64

Good food nice staff comfortable seats and great movie quality. Over all an enjoyable time

Review №65

Good service great movie fresh snacks always good

Review №66

Screen 1 is the best place to see a movie in the area. The other screens are about what you see anywhere else. But screen 1 is something special. Just look around when you go in, and dont forget to look up And its the biggest screen in town.

Review №67

Been a long time since i had been in this theatre. The upgrades they put into the place are amazing. Lounge chairs that recline. Lighting has improved while keeping that old style feel.

Review №68

The show itself is very nice quaint unique clean accommodating courteous. The movie its a quiet place was really really a disaster. I bought two tickets and feel that I actually should have just stood out in the middle of the street and threw my money up in the air and let the wind carried away. It was a total waste of my time and money.

Review №69

Love that they have the new lounge chairs in the big theater. Plus you dont have to reserve them on-line. However, they may be sold out when you get there. They also have free refills and free flavors for your popcorn.

Review №70

Amazing theater old school experiences with, updated seating. Great price and free refills on drinks and popcorn. Saw the new Avengers there they let us in two hours early to get our seats and just hang out in the theater instead of waiting outside or in the lobby. amazing great friendly staff.

Review №71

Love to come here with my family!

Review №72

Nice movie theatre. Excellent bar and food.

Review №73

Beautiful theatre inside. Love the new theater reclining seating. I must say theirs are more comfortable than other recliners at some other theaters. Very nice!

Review №74

Love this place! So nostalgic for me. The Assistant manager David is a great guy! Very knowledgeable about his job.

Review №75

Gorgeous classic theater in town. Step into the main auditorium and be transported back through time with the gorgeous art deco on the walls and the ceiling. They recently renovated to recliner style seating for an even comfier viewing experience. Free refills on the pop and popcorn are great as well!

Review №76

Why do I have to stand and wait outside after I purchased a ticket ahead of time? Need to go to assigned seating like Movies 10. Much better experience there. Cant buy popcorn ahead of time and then stand out in the cold with it. I will not return to this theater. Worth the drive and extra cost to go to Marcus in Orland.

Review №77

The experience has been fantastic since the remodel. Very comfortable reclining loungers and good prices for concessions compared to the other theater in the area. Popcorn and pop refills are free and they have an array of popcorn seasonings available for free.

Review №78

Great popcorn and comfortable seating

Review №79

Love the Free refills on pop and pop corn.

Review №80

Great movie experience. Comfortable recliners and nice staff. Cant wait to go back.

Review №81

If a negative review was possible Theater 1 would get it. Nov. 3 Bohemian Rhapsody sound was awful.

Review №82

Can never go wrong when choosing to come here

Review №83

Love this place! It has the older feeling down to the way the staff treats you but then you go into the theater to see your movie and they have all updated reclining seats that are well taken care of. With matinee prices still.

Review №84

Beautiful movie theater! All you can eat popcorn and drinks!

Review №85

New seats are great for bigger guys. Main screen is huge. Still the best popcorn in the area. Prices are much more reasonable than the other place at the mall.

Review №86

It was cold in there. The seats are nice. Of course, the movie was too loud.

Review №87

Was hoping for a great experience but instead I was EXTREMELY disappointed. Came here to see the new Star Wars movie (12/17/2017) and this theatre is NOT compatible to be viewing ANY 3D MOVIES!! Dont waste your money on ANY 3D movies at this theatre, better off just watching a regular viewing. Also, you would think that since they remoded and upgraded their seats with recliners that you were able to pick your seats too....well you cant. All I got was the excuse that its an old theatre from one of the workers.

Review №88

This theatre used to be the best, then went downhill, then back up with the recent addition of those recliners/loungers. My two complaints seem like theyre just from neglect. The sound in the big auditorium is pretty bad. My wife and I always have a hard time understanding whats being said on screen here. It sounds like too much bass, it muffles out the voices. My second complaint seems like a really easy fix, the squeaky blower. Every time the movie gets quiet, you just hear squeak.... Squeak.... Squeak. It sounds to me like its just the AC blower which shouldnt be very difficult to fix.

Review №89

Went to Beauty and the Beast yesterday and love the movie. The sound was so loud it distorted what they were saying and gave me a headache by the time we left.. Otherwise this theatre is great. Love the popcorn and drinks. Great employees.

Review №90

Clean. Love chairs. They recline and comfortable.Good popcorn. Drinks and candy amd nachos! Yes I will go back.

Review №91

Theater number two that we went into to see Mountain between us was not cleaned from the previous movie. Everybody was friendly and treated us great! And the movie was excellent!

Review №92

Great place to go and see a movie, and the popcorn is really good and delicious! Love the new seats there!

Review №93

Beautiful theater. Sound is a bit bad in theater #1. But still love it!

Review №94

Nice new reclining seats. My womans chair was wet from something, and she got a rash on a few areas of her body from it. She said she felt like she was getting bitten so her level of enjoyment was much lower than mine. I would have liked to have been able to choose our seats when I purchased them online, but it wasnt an option. The volume level of the movie was a bit excessive, as a child nearby yelled this out as well when the movie first started.

Review №95

Has to be the best place to see a move in town!

Review №96

This was horrible. Went to see a movie with my kid on my birthday, pre bought 4 tickets in the morning. On the site where you buy the tickets, it says that you can bypass the ticket seller and just bring the qr code to the checker. They cant do that here so you really dont avoid the line. Then when we went into the movie they oversold the tickets, only having 2 open seats. (the seats were like 3 or 4 rows apart, so even if 2 of us wanted to watch it its not like you could share a tub of $10 popcorn ) the staff was very friendly and the (12 year old looking ) manager was quick to offer a refund, that was how they earned 1 star on this review. But now I had a 30 minute ride home resulting in about 1 hour and 20 minutes wasted because we arbitrarily picked this theater instead of the other one. If I ever felt lucky enough to try this place again, I would never buy tickets in advance again for this place as they are not ready for that kind of technology.

Review №97

Great screens tasty food

Review №98

Great place to watch movies.

Review №99

Grand historical theater with fair prices. Family friendly.

Review №100

Sometimes the parking lot can get filled to the brim, but that cant be held against them.Staff is always polite with the cleanest theaters to boot.I remember seeing Wolfman here many years ago.It cut out 15 minutes before the end of the movie, and they refused to offer refunds. Kinda unethical on their part, but oh well.

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4.6 Rating
  • Address:213 N Schuyler Ave, Kankakee, IL 60901, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 815-936-6843
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Assisted listening devices:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
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