MovieScoop Indiana Mall Cinemas
2334 Oakland Ave #4, Indiana, PA 15701, United States

Review №1

We were the only ones there. It was clean and new. What a difference from a few years ago!

Review №2

I saw the Lion King I loved it!!!

Review №3

Overall theater experience was good, clean, seats were super comfortable, plenty of room, popcorn was good and overall concession prices were more than reasonable. MOVIE SUCKED! But the family had a good time in a nice atmosphere. Also staff was polite, helpful and competent.

Review №4

Really nice experience. Definitely going back again. Very nice staff.

Review №5

Good movie theater. Not too much stands out, but at the same time, it does its job as a theater very well. Some people find that it can get cold, so they may want to bring a jacket.

Review №6

Great place to watch movies. My family and I love the $5 deal on Mondays. No matter what time you get to watch any movie for just $5.

Review №7

Nice cinema, very clean. The food/drink prices are outrageous. Like the Monday special they offer.

Review №8

First time l have been there in years. Seating was comfortable and their $5 Monday movie deal is a good value. Theater was clean.

Review №9

$5 movie AND free popcorn.... gotta love Mondays at the theater!

Review №10

It’s a step back in time if you are used to stadium seating and huge lobbies. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the place it’s just a bit dated.

Review №11

The theater isnt in the best of shape even after the remodel was done. But its a local theater and the price for tickets are pretty good. The selection of movies is usually on par with any other theater so I have to say its a pretty good place to catch a film.

Review №12

I always enjoy this theatre. Its only four screens, but its always clean and usually fairly quiet. On Mondays, movie tickets are only 5 bucks and you get free popcorn with them. The large popcorn is smaller than you expect, probably about the size of a medium. But comes in a souvenir bucket. If you bring it back on a return trip, a refill is only 3 bucks. There is some disagreement over showtimes. Sometimes the times dont exactly match up with Fandango or their website. But otherwise, a solid choice for a small town.

Review №13

Great place to watch a quick flick. Dont forget the popcorn!

Review №14

The Atmosphere at the indana mall cinema was great! The kids and I love going to this theater. The staff is always friendly. The prices are reasonable.

Review №15

The sound system here isnt amazing, but its perfectly adequate. The price of popcorn is high, but when isnt movie theater popcorn expensive? The theatres themselves are very clean and comfortable with soft leather seating that reclines slightly when you lean back. All in all, a lovely little theater to see the latest movies in.

Review №16

Quite simply the best theater in the area, because it is the only theater in the area. Expect to pay the price of a modern cinema for cheep theater services. Sound quality is acceptable, picture quality is fine. Nothing is bad but nothing is great either.Also it has changed owners three times in three years, so thats not awesome.

Review №17

Love our couples movies nights! This just reminded me we are over due

Review №18

I like acting, and here, I get to see my fav actors doing what I wanna do someday

Review №19

You people that say they are expensive has clearly never been to any other theater. My ex and I use to travel all over to see movies.They are cheaper than most. I love bringing my kids here on Mondays they love it. Also they are cheaper than when gold star owned it and it was a dump.

Review №20

Very nice

Review №21

Newly remodeled and Mondays are only $5

Review №22

They had the lights on in the theater the whole time except at the very beginning of the previews and movie. It was super weird. Your eyes couldnt adjust well. the screen was dark. It wasnt a good experience at all. The popcorn is expensive. Super salty! The theater is warm and stuffy. How to train your dragon was an absolutely amazing movie!!!!!!! A must see!

Review №23

The improvements make it a very enjoyable ti.e to watch a movie

Review №24

Price was good compared to some places, but the seats were horrible. The most uncomfortable seats Ive ever sat in at a theater.

Review №25

Good movies but overpriced entertainment. You need a bank loan to buy 3 kids popcorn and drinks!!

Review №26

Went To See A Great Movie & Very Clean Place !!!

Review №27

Very nice staff. Clean theaters, comfortable seating. Only thing that was VERY annoying to me was, yesterday we went to see The Mule and you could hear the VERY loud noises coming through the wall from the movie playing in the theater beside us.

Review №28

Under the new ownership, each of the four theaters has been renovated with new, comfortable seats. The floors in the theaters are clean and the carpet in the lobby is clean. The restrooms have also been renovated and are clean. Congrats to the new owners. Movie going in Indiana is now a pleasant and comfortable experience. We will go back often.

Review №29

Since it changed owners, the seats were replaced with new leather seats. The sound is good not amazing but much better than the last time I went to this theater. Ticket prices have dropped to a more reasonable level. Owner is much more polite than the previous one. Overall if you want to see a movie with amazing sound and picture this may not be your theater but for many movies they provide a good experience.

Review №30

I got popcorn and butter on it and it was amazing!!

Review №31

The theaters do have very small amounts of seats in each room, and the rooms are quite cold... But other than that, its a great place

Review №32

A good small town movie theater. The employees are extremely nice and hard working. One downfall is there is no stadium seating.

Review №33

Small but nice and clean theater

Review №34

Its been nicely remodeled and has comfy seats with cup holders finally. Not top notch but for a small town its perfect and nicely priced. Mondays are amazing with popcorn and movie for $5.00. Hope they keep it up! The employees are open to suggestions like ....extra butter without the frown face you get every where else.

Review №35

When visiting Indiana, PA this is a great place to see a movie

Review №36

Love the smiling staff here, Steff always makes our kids feel special:)

Review №37

This is a great place to catch a movie! We did a Monday matinee and got free popcorn and tickets for $5!

Review №38

We are blessed to have a cinema theater in our town where we can see movies on the big screen at a reasonable price instead of our home television or small computer/tablets/smart phone screens.

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Review №40

The movie was great. The theater sucked. The movie wasnt shown in the correct format, so everything was too tall and skinny. I said something to the girl at the counter and she said shed have the manager fix it. Which of course never happened. Ill just drive to Delmont or Greensburg from now on.

Review №41

Nice theater. Good sound. Clean. Food prices are a little high.

Review №42

Reasonable prices and very nice since it was redone

Review №43

I suppose getting a high rating is easy when theres little to no competition and the locals dont know any better, but after growing up in a city (in Maryland) and having to come to the middle of nowhere pennsylvania (for college), the theater was just what I expected it would be for something located in the middle of nowhere.The floor is sticky and unclean, the seats barely have any incline between rows so the row in front of my quite strongly blocks my vision, the seats didnt seem to have any build-in speakers like the ones at the AMC theater I used to go to in MD, pretty sure imax 3d is nonexistent while were on the subject, theres no bar, the staff doesnt care if people are being loud during the movie because its mostly staffed by teens making min wage Im assuming, and Im basically left paying the regular price of theaters for a subpar-at-best theater experience because theres nothing else in the area to offer competition.Viva la boondocks

Review №44

Not much there !

Review №45

Small theatre. Two half designe. Best seat are taken up by aisle with next best taken up by handicaps

Review №46

We have nothing but bad things about this theater and today was no exception. Their entire staff was rude and actually ridiculed us behind our back as we walked away. The manager told me I should be thankful I was able to come here today....then I find out he isnt the real manager but the asst manager. Dont take your children here unless you want your entire party to be treated rudely.

Review №47

Do not see movies on opening night here, too many chatty college students who wont stay off their damn phones during the movie. Some even have the gall to take pics of the movie with the flash on.

Review №48

The new seats are really nice, big and comfortable and even almost kind of recline. (they rock back a few inches) It looks nice and the prices are really fair. On Mondays they have a great deal: $6 for a movie and a free bag of popcorn.Also the thing I like best is that they have a lot of showtimes.HEY--A lot of the reviews on the bottom of this page are about the old theater that was here, not the newly renovated one. Someone should fix that =/

Review №49

Didn’t set expectations high for a movie theater in Indiana, PA but it definitely met if not exceeded my expectations. I would definitely come back.

Review №50

Its ok. Dont expect to see big movies there right on opening night

Review №51

The last time I visited this theater it was a bit run down, but it has been renovated since. All new seats and floors that dont Velcro you to the floor is great! The projectors are new and very sharp. Overall, one of the better theaters with reasonable ticket prices.

Review №52

Today was our first visit back to this location since the theater changed owners. We were pleasantly surprised with an updated look, new seating, and a comfortable environment for my family. It is not stadium seating, but we will return for more family films.

Review №53

Much better run when cinemas IV

Review №54

Comfortable seating.. Very relaxing experience and friendly employees

Review №55

The only movie theater in town and it shows. First, let me say the staff is usually friendly, the air conditioning works wonderfully, and the bathrooms are sparkling clean in fact that compared to the actual auditoriums, youll wish the movie was shown in there. Going to Cinema IV to watch a film is always an experience you want to forget, as you try to find a non-stained, non-ripped, non-broken seat in their small auditoriums. The carpets are filthy, the walls have unidentified stains on their carpeting as well, and this place is in desperate need of a complete overhaul and renovation. I have no clue how this place is supposedly up to Carmikes standards, because every other Carmike Ive been to is far cleaner. Im only giving it two stars, instead of one, because the staff does seem to actually try to make the best of the place.

Review №56

Clean theater. Never to busy so you have your choice of seating.

Review №57

Best thing is the free LG popcorn refills

Review №58

I love the new theater. Theres good deals you just have to ask/pay attention. The staff are always very friendly!!! :)

Review №59

I dont understand all the previous critical reviews. The theater is decent and the staff are friendly. I watched two 3-D movies recently, among other 2-Ds and all were very good quality. And the sound is good. The theater is clean. No complaints!

Review №60

I HATED the previous theater at this location. I mean I hated it so much I had nightmares at night where I was trapped in a purgatorial realm that was a dead-ringer for the theater. I had good reasons for my antipathy. The theater smelled bad -- as if frequently lightly misted with urine, mold spores, and a sharp awareness of ones mortality; picture and sound quality were so poor that sometimes I thought Id suffered a mini-stroke; and it was one giant cold spot inside -- so that I was forced to snuggle with complete strangers to avoid hypothermia. Not only that but youd go broke at the concession stand. Now, the picture and sound quality are very good, the inside is neat, clean, and comfortable, and theres free refills on the popcorn and drinks (although of course you still pay those crazy THEATER PRICES). And the staff are friendly and helpful and do what they do very well. Two thumbs up.

Review №61

Pretty hot sitting for a 3 hour movie neck got stiff

Review №62

Great deal $5 for movie and small popcorn!!

Review №63

Decent theater. Go on Monday if you can - $5 ticket and popcorn night.

Review №64

Standard theater. Nothing special

Review №65

It seems like the people who designed this place have never been to a no Id theater before. The seating is terrible and the screens are really small. They have only four theaters and movie choice is limited. The only thing going for it is that its somewhat cheap, but still youre just better waiting for the DVD to come out.

Review №66

Nice,neat,quiet place. Has been updated and ckean.

Review №67

Lil expensive.. but clean and friendly

Review №68

Typical cinema with handicapped entrance and parking. Prices are average.

Review №69

Considering its Indiana, Pa not a big city theater, I feel that the updates and interior upgrades have made it a much better atmosphere. For those complaining about admission prices, they are the same as you would pay anywhere else, go Monday or a matinee if affordability is an issue. The employees are nice, the concession selection offers deals (pay attention) and overall, Im happy.

Review №70

Really nice here, great staff and seats.

Review №71

Monday all day $6 ticket and free popcorn. New carpets, new seats, clean, great screen. Yep I loved it.

Review №72

Adjustable arm rest

Review №73

Upgraded seats and sound. Mondays are a deal.

Review №74

Great local theater and comfortable seats. Thumbs way up on the popcorn!

Review №75

Prices are a bit too high considering the quality of the theater. But not horrible if you want to stay local.

Review №76

Needs more improvements especially the seating

Review №77

May not be as nice and as new as some big city theaters, but the upgrades are very nice and the staff is extremely friendly. I find it comfortable and convenient

Review №78

Great service and a good warm theater

Review №79

Inexpensive movie, (matinee ) but very disorganized. Free small popcorn.

Review №80

Small but okay place to watch a movie

Review №81

Great place with great workers! Seats are leather and comfortable. Perfect viewing experience.

Review №82

This theater is under new ownership, Goldenstar Theaters. They have completely renovated the theater, with new seats, new carpet, new bathrooms, fresh paint on the walls, and new concession. Surround sound has also been added to the 3 other theaters which previously did not. No more seats without cup holders and no more dirty bathrooms, its now a premium theater and a nice place to enjoy a movie. Prices are cheaper than Carmike too. Whats not to like, a brand new theater and cheaper prices!

Review №83

Friendly staff and good seating!

Review №84

Seats were not very comfortable

Review №85

Interior has been upgraded but screens are small compared to other theaters. Movie choices are directed more toward kids and teens...lots of animated and action films. I wish they had a wider selection of films. I still have to drive to Greensburg or Delmont to see some popular films. Also difficult to check movie times. There is no recording if you call the theater.

Review №86

The new seating was nice but the theatre was quite empty and I didnt like the Pepsi products. I took my younger siblings with me both under 12 and they were excited to go. The teenagers at the counter were quite rude and had an arrogant tone and made us feel very bothersome to them. The girl taking my money was especially grumpy. The customer service sucks this honestly never happened with carmike I wish they never left.

Review №87

Nice and clean now after remodel still not cheap to see movie and snacks but is worth going so its kept up was so run down hadnt been there in 10 years was so filthy is a nice change

Review №88

Was great service and movie

Review №89

Much better with new owners! Great staff, great seats!

Review №90

The movie from the other side was so loud you had trouble hearing the the movie you were watching but the price is good and you get free popcorn on Mondays

Review №91

Much nicer now since the remodel. Good deals with more reasonable pricing. Only negative is some of the teenaged staff are too busy talking with each other to be bothered with the customer. They make you feel like as if you are an inconvenience.

Review №92

Since they renovated the whole theatre from the gross, old one, I gave it another shot and it was very nice inside, comfy seats, and its a lot cleaner, Id take my kids here now rather than before. Glad I dont have to go to Delmomt to watch a movie locally.

Review №93

Much better since the ownership was changed. Still not as great as going to a big city cinema. The snacks are waaaaay overpriced.

Review №94

Great remodel has been done..comfy seats great sound and screen..Monday deals are amazing.

Review №95

The only thing I see wrong with it, is that it needs renovated. I watch the movies not the floor and walls. We use the seats that stay down as a table and put our soda/pop and popcorn on.

Review №96

The remodeling as of late has really improved the place.

Review №97

Good prices and clean!

Review №98

Nice theatre great seats

Review №99

I liked problems

Review №100

Movie was good just to many previews before movie

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  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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