GQT Huntington 7
350 Hauenstein Rd, Huntington, IN 46750, United States

Review №1

Since they have reopened, its VERY easy to Social Distance and still see good movies at a good price. My wife and I have gone several times in the past few months. Still the same good popcorn and refill prices (free on drinks).

Review №2

Had a awesome time with my Grandbabies!!

Review №3

Have always loved this place. Took kiddos tonight. A few things missing but new owners are doing a great job so far!!

Review №4

Great place. Fun for the kids decent priced.

Review №5

Great place to see a movie!

Review №6

Ticket prices arent too bad. Like most theaters, the concession prices are pretty high. It can take a while to get through the ticket and concession lines but its not awful. The theaters themselves are pretty clean.

Review №7

Great Place To Take In A MovieFriendly Service

Review №8

I love this place. No other description necessary.

Review №9

Great prices! Auditorium 2 was aged a bit but certainly within acceptable parameters. Ironically we were caught in a snow squall on the way to see Frozen 2 and were going to be late. After calling to inquire about options they said dont worry well take care of you when you get here. Most importantly drive safe. I dont think I will be going to any other theater even if it is a 40 minute drive.

Review №10

Theatre was clean when I went and the temperature was comfortable, at other theatres I have to bring a sweater because its so cold but here its great! The reward program is awesome, usually get a drink or popcorn as a reward! Highly recommend.

Review №11

Lines were moving quickly. Staff at concessions were professional and friendly. Ill definitely be back!!!

Review №12

Always a great staff on hand. Theaters are clean and comfortable. Prices are as expected considering its a corporation and not a mom and pop. The rewards program is helpful to offset most costs. Its just a great place for some family time, dates, or maybe just some time to yourself. No matter the occasion, you can trust GQT Huntington 7 to make sure you have a great experience.

Review №13

The best. Only place I go to see movies. Better food and drinks, much better prices, the best movies. Great a helpful, nice employees. Definitely Recommend to anyone.

Review №14

Good place to see movies. Small 75-90 seat theaters. Popcorn popped on sight.

Review №15

Very happy. We had to refund a ticket and change show times for personal reasons. Young man was very helpful and efficient.

Review №16

Its a nice little theater if you want to avoid the Fort Wayne crowds. Its not usually a super busy theater. The prices are also pretty good. As usual, the snack bar prices are ridiculous. The place is usually pretty clean and has good audio. Definitely our go to when we arent going to the drive-in.

Review №17

Clean place with great service a little pricey but wonderful place for family time

Review №18

Really nice theater. Decent pricing and nice atmosphere.

Review №19

Its a good theater to see movies in. Prices are better than going to a bigger city theater.

Review №20

Small cozy place. Had a great family movie night

Review №21

Watching your screen is creature help ponies evil creature by Changelings (Skylanders wage your battle to destroy the evil forces of the Changelings).

Review №22

This theater offers stadium seating, which, most do. Its clean and super affordable. There are games to play while you wait for a movie to get done. The staff is friendly and always have a smile on their faces.

Review №23

Nice theater an sonic movie dope kids loved it

Review №24

I may be biased since I grew up with this theater, but it is always a comfortable experience. While it may be small, its much more adorable than a bigger theater and is very rarely overloaded with people. I will say I have been a bit disappointed recently, in lack of variety in the types of films they aire here. For instance they did not show the most recent Tarantino film Once Apon a Time in Hollywood but again for its size its a pretty dependable theater.

Review №25

Great value! Awesome popcorn. Sometimes under staffed.

Review №26

A little older theatre but was very clean and the prices were good.

Review №27

It was clean. Staff was nice, prices are alittle high thou. But in all, great theatre.

Review №28

I don’t usually go to the movies but I just couldn’t wait for the new Maze Runner to come out on dvd.The popcorn is great, friendly staff and overall pretty clean.

Review №29

My favorite theater. Always have a great time when I come, never any problems. Comfortable seating, always clean, and staff is friendly and helpful.

Review №30

Enjoyable afternoon family movie time.

Review №31

Great movie theater, always clean. In my experience always very friendly employees. And very reasonable prices for a movie theater.

Review №32

Always clean and friendly place to meet friends and watch movies

Review №33

Great place to watch a movie and show times that fit around my schedule

Review №34

Always a nice relaxing atmosphere good service seems like they want to please recommend anyone

Review №35

Staff is always friendly, popcorn is great and building is clean

Review №36

Good movies nice people clean area

Review №37

Best movie theater popcorn.

Review №38

Classic and clean. A welcomed experience compared to its dirty neighbor, Marions AMC 12. Thank you Huntington for a worry-free, comfortable experience. Your employees seem to enjoy their work too!

Review №39

Havent been in a while but always enjoyed seeing movies here. Very reasonably priced and good rewards program.

Review №40

I love the snacks and the movies are great

Review №41

My son and I love it friend peeps and great popcorn

Review №42

Great theather. Very friendly staff! Very clean! Excellent reward system !I recommend!

Review №43

Good prices good movies

Review №44

Nice, small theater. The staff was friendly and the theater rooms themselves were clean. The layout of the ticketing booths and concession stands should be better thought out as they are right next to one another and the lines for both get bunched up and people were standing in the wrong lines for each.

Review №45

Best popcorn and movies and employees

Review №46

I indeed did love it. Also people at front are always nice!

Review №47

We love going to this theatre!! I earn points to get free movie tickets or refreshments, price is good for matinees, esp. on Tues.?? During the week, you may have the movie all to yourselves! Kept very clean, the workers are VERY friendly. We go there often.

Review №48

Good place to watch movies and the prices are fair

Review №49

5 stars. Outstanding. Great deals at concession stand. Staff works hard. Great atmosphere. Nice seats. And the T.Vs. Eskeeeetiiiiiiiiittttttt

Review №50

Im probably a little biased, but I love my hometown theater and here people from out of town talk about liking coming to this one. They tend to show new releases a day earlier than other places if possible. The site is always clean and nice looking whenever i go. They have a nice lobby area with an air hockey table and a few other games. The prices are fair and if youre a card member you get points to get a discount on snacks and drinks. All in all its a nice hangout for everyone that comes through the doors.

Review №51

Good Movie Mr. Rogers

Review №52

Comfortable place to view movies!!!

Review №53

My favorite movie place to go

Review №54

Very nice small theater

Review №55

Always is clean even though most people are disgusting pigs they do a great job of keeping up

Review №56

Went to see a movie. Prices were good, theater was clean, and popcorn was good!

Review №57

Always a great place to see a movie

Review №58

First showing of a new movie Good food, Good seats and not overcrowded. We enjoyed it

Review №59

Great views and nice prices

Review №60

Its a pretty nice theater for it being in Huntington. Still prefer AMC in Fort Wayne.

Review №61

It was very good they me get to my seat because Im cant hold anything in my hands should the manager was very helpful thank you very much

Review №62

We were really impressed by how comfortable the seats were and how theyre spaced to give everyone a great view. We will definitely be back!

Review №63

We usually end up here instead of Fort Wayne because it is a little cheaper and provides a good experience.

Review №64

Definitely my favorite theater in the area. Seats are comfortable, never had a single issue with the staff, and the prices are really good. Concessions are about as reasonable as youll find in a theater, and the free reward program makes popcorn/drink combos even cheaper.I live about Midway between Huntington, Warsaw, and Columbia City, and Goodrich is definitely the best of the 3 theaters. I desperately wish Goodrich would expand into Warsaw.

Review №65

Good place to watch a movie. Just make sure there is no kids because if they are loud the people that work there wont do anything about it but they have good seating.

Review №66

Very convenient, and well priced! Goodrich Quality Theaters offer a Frequent Movie Goer card, which gets the user discounts on concessions. Free drink refills and 50 cent popcorn refills make it even more of a value.Ive been going here for several years. Always clean. The seats are starting to show some age - but still comfortable and, being stadium seating, make for a comfortable experience.

Review №67

Nice theater.

Review №68

Good selection of movies and times.

Review №69

Very comfortable seats that lean back. Regular adult admission is 8.50 (they have military discount on the tickets) concessions are high but where are they not? Drink refills are only .25.

Review №70

The first stadium seating theater in Northeast Indiana. The popcorn is the best of any theater anywhere. Very affordable first run movies. Well run facility and friendly staff.

Review №71

NOT THAT GREAT signs taped to door. No organization, dirty no one obviously in charge.

Review №72

This was great little place! They had late night showing of the movie I wanted to see! The staff was also pretty nice! Overall I had a great experience.

Review №73

Great theater experience and very reasonably priced. They also offer a rewards program that actually rewards you. Worth a short drive from surrounding towns to visit this theater.

Review №74

I am happy that we have a movie theatre in Huntington, IN. It is very clean and well kept. The employees are pleasant and helpful.

Review №75

Always good popcorn

Review №76

Loved it. Pretzels are good and popcorn is amazing.

Review №77

Every one is friendly and it is always clean.

Review №78

Goid place for a movie. Service was great...watched GODZILLA.

Review №79

Oh how very Nice they were to tgise of us in ny party

Review №80

I like going here, but does pop corn really need to be that expensive.

Review №81

Great for family and friends.

Review №82

Its nice

Review №83

Staff can get ugh at times. But they pretty nice. I love the place except the seats are ugh sometimes.

Review №84

Excellent buttered popcorn all the way through the bucket. Great choices of movies to show.

Review №85

Nice and clean and easy to get into and Tuesday matinees are the best!

Review №86

Good prices, never super crowded. Always my go to over the larger theatres in Fort Wayne.

Review №87

Great service every time very clean as well.

Review №88

They could start showing more movies in 3-D

Review №89

Seating is comfy and pricees for afternoon or evening shows are less than FortWayne.

Review №90

The theater had good seating, a little high on the prices for the popcorn and other concession items but at least you get free refills. They have a rewards program, which maybe great if your a local and can take advantage of it.

Review №91

Saw a movie. Nothing wrong with this place but nothing special.

Review №92

Disappointed. Took grandson to see the Saturday free movie and my daughter n granddaughter were inside n had us seats saved n we were told movie was sold out. But we could Ser another movie that.wasnt on the free movie. Boo Give one star for other times I went n it was fine

Review №93

Clean. Friendly service. We love this theater.

Review №94

Needs better prices but still good movies.

Review №95

Clean and love the ticket prices on Tuesday nights it is really cheap

Review №96

There wasnt much care for people in line--I feel like there coudlve been better line management & organization especially when it was cold. If they know a particular movie will be sold out, they should prepare staff & organize better. Good venue, all around, though.

Review №97

This is not the newest theater around but definitely has the most perks for concessions when you become a member. The prices are great and weve had no issues watching a movie here.

Review №98

The texture itself is nice, the cost is twice as much as Marian movie theater, to watch the same movie!

Review №99

Plenty of parking and close to theater. Has discount for seniors and always friendly. A lot than fighting the traffic in FW.

Review №100

Comfortable seats...clean bathrooms and a enjoyable movie...Second Act....recommend.

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4.5 Rating
  • Address:350 Hauenstein Rd, Huntington, IN 46750, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 260-359-8463
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
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