Metropolitan Park Twin 2 Theatre
6504 Pacific Blvd, Huntington Park, CA 90255, United States

Review №1

Love it but i would advise them is to explain the menu to there clients about it certain things before people get mad and be upset. (exp. my self have went, not too long ago with my daugther. Everything went well, until i try to get an refilled with my drink. ) Just say please notified the clients about the menu and what can, and cant do. Also add more selection for kids menu and etc. I had a great time watching the movie.

Review №2

Great place to see movies and great staff I got help from a girl Betsy. The manager if I recall came in my wheelchair helped get in pushed all the way to my seat and cheap prices....

Review №3

$5 Movies!!! $6 for popcorn & soda. I AM SOLD . Remodeled theater 1 looks great

Review №4

I love the theater here is nice

Review №5

It’s open it’s open people don’t be fooled by this! It’s open!

Review №6

Its a great place to watch movies with your family if you dont have much money!

Review №7

Was very surprised how big it was, need better signs to inform you about the restrooms. But the people are very friendly and helpful.

Review №8

It usually has two or three movies and the seats might not be the best but it is a good movie theatre and I like that I just wish they could improve the seats and it would be perfect.

Review №9

I’ve been going to this movie theater since i was a little kid. the prices are unbeatable! my mom and i would get everything we needed for the movie with just 20 bucks! Yeah sure the theater is small, but that’s what gives it cozy/vintage vibe to it!

Review №10

It was great as usual. The young personnel at the theater are always very nice. The price is great ($5.00). Obviously you get what you pay for, since its an old theater in bad need of remodeling and a lot f the times, cleaning. But Ill keep on going there.

Review №11

This place is economical to go and watch movies and espically in a area where the majority of families struggle financially it provides a good alternative for taking the family out to watch a movie its not the best maintained but if you can look through the rough ita enjoyable

Review №12

Really inexpensive theatre! I have brought my toddler here before and he is very calm and comfortable. Its a good place to have cheap dates.

Review №13

Prices are great but customer service is bad (the lady ask me if I would like to get the large popcorn kuz it kums with free refills but she didnt tell me that the snack bar was closing in 30 min I go back and they have the snack bar close so I tell them and they give me no solution) so i over paid for a large popcorn for nothing....... very upset kuz my daughters were in the impression that they had allot low refills but didnt get one at all.......

Review №14

Great place to go for cheap prices. I mean you get what you pay for. I really dont have much complaints. Tickets are like 5 I said you get what you pay for.

Review №15

I use to go to this movie theater when I was 5!and I still go I have good memories and this theater is cool

Review №16

What can I say?. $5 for Premier first run movies you cant beat that. I love the rewards system which is 10 points for every dollar spent whether it be at the concession stand or buying a ticket at the ticket booth. compared to other theaters or cinemas which only give you 1 point per I think every dollar spent or 1 point per 10 dollars spent. Believe me if you frequent this movie theater a lot you will eventually after a couple of visits be able to get a medium popcorn or large popcorn. Or medium soda or large soda. Or even a free movie ticket. Good job to some employees and managers.

Review №17

Select movies begin showing Thursdays rather than worldwide release date Fridays. I enjoy coming here and prefer to spend $5 than $15 at Edwards, after all, I only go for the movies. Great place to go to save money!

Review №18

Good prices on tickets. Family friendly. Spanish subtitles Great food and shopping nearby. Bus stops close to theather.

Review №19

The seats are newly remodeled they are leather now and the snacks or good I mean for 5 bucks a ticket you get a great value for flagship movies.

Review №20

Cheap tickets. The third floor auditorium had sticky seats the times I viewed movies there. The first floor auditorium has better seats and was clean however.Also, be aware that some movies have Spanish subtitles.

Review №21

Ive been going their for the past 5 years and its pretty good for 5 dollars you can go with your friends and watch movies, but they only put two movies at a time

Review №22

Saw the fabulous film Rocket Man here with my boyfriend. Had a wonderful time!

Review №23

The price is great $5.50 any day any time, always plays the new movies the day of the primer

Review №24

U can go out with your gf or friend and buy popcorn For less the 20$Best theater ever

Review №25

Best cheap movie theater to go if your low on funds but want to watch that one movie everyones talking about :)

Review №26

Son had a great time, movie was awesome snacks are a little pricy but get a bundle with popcorn that has a refills on the drinks or popcorn so you have enough to last for the movie. I stopped by the dollar store prior for the candies in the box already assorted so the 5$ they wanted for one box went further in the dollar store.

Review №27

Love it been coming since a kid. My kids love it. GREAT SERVICE. But wished that they stop searching people like if they where criminals. Bringing food should not be a crime sometimes people cant afford food at the movies.......

Review №28

This movie theater has been around for many, many years. I grew up in H.P and I remember going as a kid with my mom and brother. The tickets are very cheap at only 5 bucks. There are only 2 movie rooms so its very small. I went today Monday, May 20 to watch the Pikachu movie. The speakers are overly loud in the opinion of my friend and I. Movie rooms are pretty big with plenty of seats. It isnt necessarily a nice looking place as it doesnt seem like much upkeep and maintenance is done. The floors are all carpet and its the same one from years ago. Although the carpet and theater as a whole is dirty and old, its still a decent place to go watch a movie for a great bargain. I hadnt been here since I was a kid and so it brought me a lot of nostalgia seeing how everything still looks the same from before. Workers seem okay, not the best, joyful looking people but they do just fine in my opinion. Theres a concession stand with popcorn, soda, candies and a few other items such as hot dogs. Also theres a small assortment of a few claw/prize machines in the entrance. Overall an okay and decent place to go for a movie on the cheap.

Review №29

Loved this place do they still have the arcade

Review №30

Really huge theater. Ive seen 2 movies hereNice place to go with family or friends!

Review №31

Love coming here 5$ a tickets!

Review №32

I love going by myself. Its super comfortable and the prices are crazy good. Love the vintage movie theater vibes!

Review №33

I love it because is a great price and movies have subtitles in English or Spanish.

Review №34

I enjoyed family time. This theatre if family friendly and their prices are reasonable

Review №35

Like this place reminds me of my childhood.I wish we could give donations so it could get a little update like carpet, fix the restroom etcetera., but off course not for the price to go up.

Review №36

This place has been in the same location for many years and it has survived a lot of things. It was always a low end theater to go to. Really cheap prices the seats sucked and were uncomfortable. But today I was surprised the theater upgraded the chairs to leather chairs which were really comfortable. This place has really changed my expectations wil be going back there many more times. You can tell by the picture of me and my wife that the seats are great. I asked how long ago they had changed them and they told me 2 to 3 weeks ago.

Review №37

Good place to go if you just camt be bothered to go drive to watch a film. The decor and matinence is lackluster and is barely big enough to play more than two films. Just go to another theater for more film options. If you just want yo watch one film and its there, go watch it there.

Review №38

I recently started going there because of my cousin & definitely their prices are unbeatable I love it ! I take my kids here every time there’s a new movie.

Review №39

Grate place to go and spend your time nice workers i ben going to that movie place seen i could recall

Review №40

Its great in many ways they actually decorate in events or holidays and they fix many things wrong and as they are not perfect they are a very good theater the thing I hate is the giant roaches and rats but this theater is very good and inexpensive I recommend to come to this theater!

Review №41

Nice small little theater to watch movies especially if u go early af and u get most the theatre to urself (side note if u sign up for their online service u get free stuff like popcorn)

Review №42

Very affordable theater but it needs to upgrade a little

Review №43

Awesome movie theatre it’s also 420 friendly I went yesterday to see endgame and some kids sparked a blunt and literally not one employee told them anything it was crazy and make sure you sit away from the back as it stinks a bit

Review №44

Love watching movies at this location deals friendly staff

Review №45

OK neighborhood movie theater. Only cost $7.00. Its old and desperately needs and deserves to be remodeled. Nothing fancy at all. Its basic, but it works. Its just OK.

Review №46

First time on this theater the price to watch a movie was really not bad but the image on the screen it was not so clear in the audio too low

Review №47

I come here often, usually a decent amount of people come here. Personally this place needs a lot of floor scrubbing but its a great price for movies. Very laid back place to hang out at. Only thing that really bugs me is the giant ass rats outside the theater at night smh.Really hope this place doesnt get shut down cause Im not about to go to the rave or amc theaters

Review №48

Great price!! One of the few places we found where you can still see an affordable movie. We didn’t think to check, but tickets can conveniently be purchased online beforehand so here’s no waiting in line like we had to do.I did take off one star because the theater is old and noticeably shabby, but hey, it was certainly tolerable for the excellent savings. I also marked it down because there was a small child next to us who exclaimed ‘Spidaman’ all through the movie as mom said ‘SHHhhh’ and looked at her phone. Woulda been cute if it wasn’t SO annoying after the first few times. We would have liked for a theater employee to have taken the initiative to speak to the mother. I know I’m not the only moviegoer who felt this way.All in all a great experience and I highly recommend Metropolitan Park Twin.

Review №49

Cheap movies pricesperfect for when you on a budget

Review №50

1990s./budget movie pricing. Movie theater is still being renovated. Staff is friendlier now. Still kinda unkempt but its coming along. Decent

Review №51

Great place to come for a great price. It has always the brand new movies that come out. Has 3D for new movies. Great customer service. Fast service as well. Has a small arcade for entertainment. Public restrooms. 2 floor building. Alot of parking available. Its also in the middle of the famous pacific blvd.

Review №52

Its Really good For Familys and if your in a budget, plus there very nice and got Free Refills

Review №53

It’s very bad. The floors are sticky and the staff do not have butter for the popcorn. The machines did not work well. It looks very old the movie theater and boring and not fancy. Ew.

Review №54

Its not the best in movies they show. They only sometimes have half of the movies out

Review №55

Great price on new movies!

Review №56

I really liked it because the move it was so good

Review №57

I already went to this movie theater and is real good like dont know joke or do you have another movie theater Land go ahead but Im choosing the other

Review №58

Love coming here with my big brother we always have a fun time watching movies

Review №59

Good. Price. And. Good. Place. To. Enjoy

Review №60

Nice .near. Cheap...i love it

Review №61

Its clean,friendly and excellent prices love it!!!!

Review №62

Affordable movie prices. But limited to 3 movie screens. It is a really cool place though and they only show highly anticipated movies so if you go to see any other movie it might not be there

Review №63

Saw the Disney re-make of the Lion King. The movie sucked....the monkey Rafiki wasnt the same at all. The theater was ok.

Review №64

Love it cheap movie tickets when on a budget

Review №65

Good movie experience and snacks/drinks

Review №66

This place Is the best I came to watch endgame here and its the best

Review №67

Cheap and cath a flic

Review №68

The price is just right and free parking

Review №69

Its aite..little hot and sticky on the first floor. 3rd floor is off the hook.

Review №70

The theater got new seats! Theyre very comfortable, Im glad the theater is doing renovations

Review №71

I come often here because their prices are very reasonable for a Big Screen Movie experience. $5 to $7 is a very good price. though their food is still as expensive as other theaters. Occasionally U might see a mouse running around or a few roaches but cant ask for much for $5.

Review №72

Love it... Good place to go with the family

Review №73

Great and affordable just get there a bit early to find parking

Review №74

Wow we I was surprised by thus movie theater.

Review №75

Good affordable theater. Great for families on a budget.

Review №76

I wish there were more movie options and better sets

Review №77

Really good people don’t bother like other movie theaters

Review №78

Is it open right now?

Review №79

Great place to go with the family and friends

Review №80

They upgraded their seats which is good and its pretty cheap but one thing I dont like is that they stopped giving out boxes to share the popcorn

Review №81

Great price when you are on a budget but want to see new releases. If you are picky and want a fancy theater then this one isnt for you, since its a little older and less updated. For example, the seat do not recline and not very padded either. Overall, restrooms and auditoriums are usually clean and the popcorn is great.

Review №82

Now is good place and good prices, and where I live and continue to make good movies

Review №83

Low price is great. Theyre very nice to let me pay 9 dollars for something that cost 12

Review №84

Been there twice and I really enjoyed it.The only problem is that you cant lift the arm rest up/cup holder. But other than that no other theater can top those ticker prices.Highly reccomend it

Review №85

We love coming here. We dont mind that Its not the best of the best, because obviously you get What you pay for... But... They added paper straws that start tearing appart within half an hour and that Just sucks because we have to be going back out for New straws, and the paper straws also make the soda taste weird...

Review №86

Movie, seats, and ticket price were great. But they dont a good job of keeping the place clean/secure... it smelled like urine and feces, after I bought my ticket there wasnt even anybody that was going to check it to enter, and inside the movie theater if you are sitting in the back you can hear whats happening outside bc the doors are left open.

Review №87

Aquaman was awesome, non stop action and I couldnt ask for anything better.

Review №88

Nice place if u dont like crowds

Review №89

Good place 5$ for a regular ticket new seats are nice only downside is they dont have dbs broly and snacks are really expensive

Review №90

Very nice theater, the renovations on the theater is very nice

Review №91

My kids had a good time there

Review №92

I stopped going years ago and Id hoped theyd improved since then, but the only difference now is the (out of service) games in the lobby, and the television screen menus.The floors are sticky, and theres popcorn all over the floors, and not even just in the auditoriums- the stairwells are COVERED in popcorn.

Review №93

Nice clean little cozy place. Definitely recommend for date spot.

Review №94

Super cheap but u get what u pay for. People talk throughout the movie. People are recording on their phone n live streaming. Want to enjoy the movie- go to Edwards or AMC. Want to afford taking a crowd- come here.

Review №95

Very affordable, and they just remodeled the seats, cant complain.

Review №96

I have 7 years coming to this theatre it good

Review №97

Best price in town to watch a movie. Friendly staff, I just wish movie goers take THEIR trash with them. They are the ones destroying this nice place!!!!!

Review №98

Love this movie theater very cheap good prices to take a big family out...

Review №99

Cheap tix. Large theater. Kids talking though.

Review №100

The theater might not be as pretty as other ones,, but prices are so cheap for families who can’t afford much. Nice employees they keep the place clean.

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  • Address:6504 Pacific Blvd, Huntington Park, CA 90255, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 323-587-3872
  • Movie theater
  • 3D movies:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Stadium seating:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
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