Huber Heights 16
7737 Waynetowne Blvd, Huber Heights, OH 45424, United States

Review №1

Theyre doing an excellent job in coping with the COVID situation. Staff was friendly, the chairs are HUGE recliners, and everything was extremely clean.

Review №2

I love this theater... its not the most fancy, but its clean, and has a night setup. Its located at a easy-to-access spot right off of 70 and close to 75.Ive been here to countless movies with my kids. And its always a great time. Just dont fall asleep in the comfortable reclining chairs.

Review №3

Great theater. Employees are friendly. Extremely clean theater. Seats are wonderful and comfortable.

Review №4

The seats are probably the best ones in any movie theater around! Makes a move even more enjoyable instead of having to sit straight up for a couple hours!

Review №5

I have been going to this movie theater for 30 years. It has been a great place to watch movies. The recliner seats are very comfortable.

Review №6

My best friend and I started going here last month almost once a week now. This place is great! They serve my favorite beer, Heineken, and let you have up to three cups (they pour it out of the bottle into a cup). They offer blankets to buy if you really want to be cozy and doze off if youre into public sleeping. The screens are massive. Last night a guy walked in and seriously yelled, Woa!!! These screens are massive! We watched Logan last night and it was epic! I took a few pictures of the screen to give viewers an idea of how big the screen is and how vivid everything is! Also!! I love that you can reserve your seat(s) in advance!! No showing up stupid early to get a good seat or fearing you cant fit your whole family around you. Plus, you dont have to worry about anyone stealing your seat when you go to the bathroom or to get more food!! Perfect!

Review №7

I love the reclining theater seating! Its the best. We also got to take advantage of the current $5 movies!

Review №8

I hadnt seen a movie in several years, so going in and seeing the new (to me) seats i was pretty impressed. Seats are electronic recliners with 2 seats each. Im assuming they spread customers out in the theater, however the movie i saw only had 5 people there so there was tons of space

Review №9

The seats are sanitized after each movie, you can still have your popcorn and a beverage. Staff is AMAZING! Thanks for all you do to make our movie experience a great one.

Review №10

Cambel was awsome. Nice to see young people work hard.

Review №11

It felt super safe and comfortable.

Review №12

Excellent.very clean with great social distance and mostly an empty theater.

Review №13

It was great to finally be able to go to the movies again after so many months being away because of the pandemic forced closure. Lots of safeguards in place.

Review №14

It was good to be out of the house even if for a short time.

Review №15

Great movie house...go see a picture show

Review №16

One of the best theaters to visit. The occasional item it off stock but overall, theater stays clean, employees are friendly. Only real complaint would be that they dont have enough people to help when the rush before a movie hits. Several times I have had to leave the movie to go back to concession stand because they lines were not moving.

Review №17

We had a less than optimal experience at Rave in Huber Heights this afternoon. The lobby and concession area was filthy; didnt look like it had been vacuumed all day. We waited in line 20 minutes for a large popcorn and 2 sodas and there were only 2 people ahead of us. There were only 2 people working the concession on a Sunday afternoon. I find it ridiculous that popcorn and drinks cost $27. The movie was good and the seats were comfortable. The restrooms were horrible. Really makes me sad how much this theatre has gone down hill because I grew up seeing movies here. Definitely will not be back.

Review №18

We went to see a movie with our 5 year old. He loves scary movies. We were threatened to be asked to leave if our 5 year old wouldn’t sit. We asked for a written policy and the assistant manager told me “not all policies are written” that is false. If it’s a policy it would be written out for anyone to see. He also told us that “his 5 year old doesn’t act like that” Kevin then told us that customer care isn’t his boss and that he would not be refunding our ticket after customer care our that request in and we only watched 10 minutes of the movie. Our complaint was sent up to the regional Vice President. So we will see what happens. We hope to return one day as this is a fun routine we have.

Review №19

This is the first time since March 2020 that we have been here. The theater was clean. Some of the concession stand prices were lowered to adjust for the fact they are no longer doing refills, which I felt was very fair. We look forward to going back.

Review №20

I come to this theater ALL THE TIME. The concession staff has not been great at all. But, today, I experienced Vincent..... what a pleasure he was. And fast and conscientious. Thank you Vincent... for being truly professional, respectful and pleasant. I only wish they were all like you.

Review №21

Cant wait for this place to open back up. The recliner seats here are the bomb and I love that you can choose your seats ahead of time.

Review №22

Its been 15 years since Ive been to this theater and with that Ill say its been to long. The theater is very nice with comfortable reclining seats. The concessions are fast and their popcorn was the best. I cant wait to return to see another movie

Review №23

Seats are amazing, large and comfortable. Movie experience was fantastic, although Im not a connoisseur of good video and sound. Would definitely recommend for a fun movie experience.

Review №24

Used to be great, but it feels like they replaced their luxury loungers with smaller seats. I am 62 and my feet were hanging off the end, and I had a difficult time getting comfortable in the smaller loungers.

Review №25

We go here a lot, like every Friday. It is a difficult task for the staff to keep the theater clean but they do a pretty exceptional job. Recliners are cozy.

Review №26

Nice place best seats Ive ever sat in at a movie theater. Not very clean.

Review №27

Horrible my teenager cant see a PG 13 movie after 8:00 without an adult? She has a job, drove herself there, can purchase her own ticket but she cant watch the movie without an adult. Worse decision ever! This will hurt your business for sure! My family goes there at least once a week for a movie and we definitely wont be back. Bad decision management.....

Review №28

Filthy. I had to go ask someone to clean my seats because there was butter and popcorn all over it. There is flat out trash everywhere here. Love the seats tho but this place is very dirty.

Review №29

It was clean, comfy and nice!

Review №30

Great seats, great service. My only complaint is that the bathrooms are messy part of the time. Other than that, great place to watch movies! Its very comfortable.

Review №31

I’ve been impressed with the cleanliness and helpful staff at this location. Nothing beats a theater. Recliners are great.

Review №32

I went to watch Midway with my wife for Veterans Day and after tonight will not be returning to this establishment. To preface, we’re both active duty military members. Upon attempting to order a beer, my wife and I both were denied because of our military IDs and drivers licenses by Mr. Mike Wheeler who identified himself as an assistant manager. Neither of our two legal forms of identification scan properly because they are DoD issued or do not have expiration dates. Expiration dates that read “Military” or “88888888” on a scanner are a unique feature that some states offer their service members so we do not have to renew our licenses while stationed outside of our state of residence.Prior to that incident, another employee (female who I believed to be an assistant manager) had served us simply by checking our date of birth without attempting to scan. Later refusal to serve us felt, though I cannot confirm, as discrimination based on our being active duty. I honestly cannot say that I’ve experienced this issue before in 5 years of active duty service.Prior to leaving the theater I had a quick conversation to voice my dismay with Mr. Wheeler who was, subjectively speaking, confrontational and would not shake my hand when I went to leave. I do not personally fault him, and conveyed as such. I also communicated that their company had a policy surrounding scanning of IDs that was inconsistent and faulty in its execution. It is for this reason I will not be returning to Huber Heights 16. I may also seek legal council on the matter.

Review №33

The movie was good but the cleanliness was awful! Trash overflowing in the bathroom and the theater. Definitely needed more staff to get it together, its to nice of a place to look so trashy

Review №34

Great theater and staff. Very comfy seats and clean. Excellent food options as well.

Review №35

Very nice seating. Great picture. Clean. Too expensive though. A little cheaper would be nice.

Review №36

I live down the street from this movie theater and go on Tuesdays. Its quiet of course because of the older community and usually not many kids, but is family oriented and of course expensive food and drink wise, as is any other theater. The seats are comfy and I highly recommend you take a trip.

Review №37

The lounge seats are awesome! Its always very clean and the concession stand has a great selection. Perfect place for date night! They keep the cardboard cutouts up and its fun to take funny pics with the people you go with. We love going here!

Review №38

Love this theater they always have fresh popcorn and are really clean. The only complaint I ha e is some times it takes forever to get your food items and the lines get pretty long. Although if I wasnt always just a tad behind it wouldnt really be an issue.

Review №39

While the staff is kind and, for the most part, helpful, the facility is very lacking in working, clean restrooms. The handicap accessible bathroom stalls are not at all accessible. All matters of concern have already been addressed with upper management and are in the process of (eventually) being remedied.

Review №40

Love the reclining leather seats. You should order tickets ahead to reserve the seat you want, especially on busy nights or release dates, because it is reserved seating.

Review №41

We saw Shazam last night and that was awesome! It had a few mild cuss words such as the s word and d word but it was definitely a movie for adults and children and adults who want to tap into their inner children. It was an experience worth enjoying with your children. I was disappointed in the concessions as we were 15 minutes early for the movie but I said 25 minutes with one person in front of me as they were training most everyone on the register. We got half of our blue I see that we paid for and I use 75 points to take $3 off which ultimately did not get taken off. I will be contacting management

Review №42

Comfortable seats (recliners), the concession stand staff moves fast and they are very polite and professional. My only complaint would be is that they could clean up a little better between shows, but if people (customers) were a lot more considerate I guess the theaters would be cleaner

Review №43

Waited 30 mins in line to get popcorn and a beer only to be told that beer is sold in one line and not marked. The attendant told me they were unable to label it due to corporate policy.I would recommend going to a different theater or only go first thing in the morning as they can not handle any type of rush.

Review №44

Love watching movies. Theater sometimes needs a little extra cleaning but its super busy around this time of year. Great movies coming out and always good deals

Review №45

I come to the movies at least once a week. I’m part of the movie club and I am literally always here. The one time I didn’t have my ID, which has never been asked for before, they say i can’t watch a movie when I’m obviously over the age requirement. The manager was so rude. I definitely will rethink which theater I give so much money to.

Review №46

Always my favorite theater! Moved away from the area 4 years ago, down to Florida. Right before we moved they started major renovations to include premium reclining chairs and assigned seating. Back in town for the weekend and stopped in for a movie. By far one of the best theaters Ive been to.

Review №47

Clean theater, nice big comfy seats. Popcorn was fresh. Overall good experience. Id go back

Review №48

Im a frequent visitor, always enjoy going with my wife, pretty good food and drink selections and the seating is comfortable.

Review №49

Good place. They just need more people to work the ticket area, and concession stand. Too long of a wait in both areas.

Review №50

Very good environment. They seem to be understaffed as lines were very long and the weight cut into movie time. The environment was very clean and the overall experience was good.

Review №51

Concession worker was great! Her name was Sarah D. She was efficient and friendly. The theater was clean. The bathroom was atrocious. Tiles are cracked. Stall doors dont close. Sanitary disposal units and toilet paper holders were askew on the walls which is dangerous. The built up dirt and scim on the floors was gross. Some of the faucets are loose. Id like to say this isnt the norm here but sadly it is.

Review №52

Concession stand is slow, but the theater is comfortable and clean so all in all pretty good

Review №53

This was my first time at this theater Anna I was impressed. The theater has comfortable seating and is clean. I had a great time and Ill definitely be back!

Review №54

The upgrades to leather recliners a few years ago were great. Love going there.

Review №55

Great place very nice and clean. Just wish the popcorn wasnt cold. Considering I got there as soon as the doors opened. Other than that great experience

Review №56

Not busy. Good selection of movies. Amazingly comfortable seating.

Review №57

Teens under 17 cannot attend any movie without an adult after 8PM. Ridiculous that a teen can work a job, buy a ticket and drive themself there but cannot watch the movie without a chaperone. This reflects poorly on the staff and management of this facility.

Review №58

Love the comfy recliners!

Review №59

A great organization. Friendly service, great popcorn. Love the seats, but could fall asleep if the movie gets slow.

Review №60

Nice movie theater, comfort seating, clean but a little too cool considering its cold out now. Bring a blanket. Good sound, new releases.

Review №61

Favorite place to be! Just wish theyd open back up!

Review №62

Man, I want to give this place five stars so bad. They spent so much money making this place great. The chairs the stage the privacy wall with so many people such awesome features. It felt roomy in my recliner. Prices havent really raised since 5-8 years ago. The one major downfall.... Is I was watching the new 1917 movie and next to us Star Wars was playing. It drove me absolutely nuts. Not far into the movie I thought it was bombs going off for our own movie. Once I realized what it was. All I could hear was light sabers and futuristic epic battles next to me while I was watching a world war 1 movie. The sound was literally competing with our movie and rumbling the whole right section of our theater wall. If they could fix this (dont know how) this place would be a 7 out of 5 as I was thoroughly impressed with everything else! Maybe the movie was just too loud in the other room. Or it could of been the same and just the walls but I think if they had a staff member just kinda take a walk through they may even be able to make a quick adjustment.

Review №63

This cinema is one of the coolest and most comfortable to visit! My baby fell asleep in the recliner during the movie. Loved the experience!

Review №64

This rating is based solely on my experience at the concession stand. I waited 35 minutes in line and the was only 2 customers ahead of me. The other lines were moving along fine. At one point, the cashier left to the back for about 10 minutes, literally. I tried to get the help of a Mr Wheeler to find out where the cashier and all I got from him was some unbothered muttering. I will likely not visit again and start going to cinopolis in the future.

Review №65

They have amazing popcorn, comfortable seats, amazing candies, slushies, ice cream, and many more amazing things, the movies are always the best.

Review №66

Seats are best compared to regular movie theaters.Beware theater 13 avoid when watching your best films.Dont seat below the isle of entry unless you like looking up during your movie.Best time is last showing & on Sunday evening fewer people attend.Dont forget your popcorn & drink..Pizza is goodIce cream is served here.Beer wine drinks availableWomen will want bring a blanket to keep warm..

Review №67

An attractive looking theatre from the outside as well as inside. The employees and managers are polite for the most part, theatre and bathrooms are clean and smell good. The soundproofing of the theaters is below average because you can hear the movies that are next door to your theater. Luxury reclining seats are great, but sometimes loud, rude and obnoxious people occupy them. Its hit-and-miss if you draw the wild card and they sit near you. Other than that, a great theatre.

Review №68

Power went out and they cancelled our showing but let us buy concessions and then sit in an empty theater for 10 minutes after having us stand in a line for 20 to tell us we were fine. Very bad customer care.

Review №69

The corporation needs to update the restrooms at this facility. They are outdated and unclean. I sent an email to the corporate office and the manager responded back. He apologized and offered me movie passes (which I never received) as a way of compensation. With all the new theaters opening up and around the area and the option to actually view more movies right in the comfort of your home, I would think Cinemark would want to stay relevant and competitive in the market and something as simple as clean bathrooms seems like an easy fix. I now will drive 20-25 minutes out of my way to view my movies in a updated, clean and customer focused environment. The staff does not do a good job of cleaning between movies and they are also in need customer service training. Not the friendly bunch of individuals.

Review №70

The seats are awesome but the tickets were Alitte pricey but I guess you get what you pay for. I would say uts worth the extra money. The theater was pretty crowded even at 10 PM when I went but it was pretty clean for how many people were there.

Review №71

There is no excuse for a bottle of water to cost over $4.00. The food prices are outrageous. I cant imagine a family of four coming to this place. At least Dixie Drive-In you can see two movie features and bring your own food. I rather wait for movie to be on DVD instead of paying for the movie theater experience. The reclining seats are the only reason I gave three stars.

Review №72

Lots of comfortable seats. The seating is spacious and they have a lot of theatres with the recliners. Its our first pick for seeing a movie in Dayton.

Review №73

Good place for entertainment. Down side seats are not heated, and no trays like the one at the greene.

Review №74

I love their recliners. Seems like you are home watching a movie.

Review №75

Reserved stadium style seating in over sized leather powered recliners Sign me UP!! this has been where I have gone since I was just a kid to see all my favorite films and I keep going because I know Ill always have good service and a good time. Dont forget discount Tuesdays!! All tickets all day for non 3D films are only $5.50 each.

Review №76

Always clean and comfy! Love the service and food selections.

Review №77

This is has been my go to movie theatre. Tonight was a disappointment. The movie was great but we tried to wait for concessions but the line was too long and we didnt want to miss the beginning of the movie. After the movie we went into the womens restroom where most stalls had no toilet paper and no paper towels in any of the three dispensers. Very disappointing.

Review №78

This is a really nice theater. I always enjoy their nice seats and the amount of space you get.

Review №79

Really good place. Not very crowded usually, at least during the day.

Review №80

Very comfortable seating. Pricey, but if you want to splurge on a movie night, this is the place to do it at.

Review №81

Came in last night, Saturday Nov. 30 to watch a PG movie at 10:30 with a group of friends. I got off of work late & this was the only time I could see it. We are all above 17, some of us being 19 & one girl in our group was 16. The lady at the counter repeatedly denied us 5 tickets because we were not all “17 years of age” and this was their night curfew for minors. This was EXTREMELY upsetting because there is already lack of things to do for teenagers in the area. Stupid rule & very frustrating. Rave lost about $60 last night & about 5 loyal customers.

Review №82

Huber Heights 16 is a great place to go and watch movies.With the recliners and way more comfortable seating and being able to pick your seats before the show takes all the old hassles of looking around for a place to sit.The cup holder holds all your drinks popcorn is still on your lap. Also its great if you have connected seats, you can have the center armrest down for first dates and up if you want to snuggle up with your wife.The preshow has new movie updates, and trivia. Along with all the other information you need to get.I prefer the matinee times less crowded and less children crying or disturbing you as you watch the movie.

Review №83

Facilities are fine, seats great... But slowest concession stand ever. This is a repeated thing, too. Not just one visit. At least three times, the worker for our line has disappeared and weve been left in a line, wondering if anyone will ever come and get our popcorn before the movie is over. So get there at least 20 minutes early if youre getting anything at concession!

Review №84

Went to movie saw Bad Boys 3, it was full of action! It kept you on the edge of your seat!! Check it out for yourself.

Review №85

Loved the lounge chair and the closed caption device. Good place to watch a good movir

Review №86

Great quality movie theater. Always a little sticky in there.

Review №87

Great place! Very nice staff and well ran.

Review №88

Always best to come to the early showing than the 730pm one....Good as usual...

Review №89

Good theater for casual viewers. The seats are comfortable and clean. I dont think any seat has a bad view. Ive been close and far away with no issues. The sound is loud and clear with no distortion. You can do seat reservations for popular movies and walk-ins on slow days.Tuesdays are $5 movie nights. Reserve your seats because they sell out fast. Im not here often but I always see a movie here when Im in town.

Review №90

A great theater with comfortable seating. This is my number one go to movie place.

Review №91

Very nice place to go watch a movie. Kinda pricey though but seats recline for lots of comfort.

Review №92

Love this theater! Great having love seat recliners and not having to move when people want to walk down the aisle. What is also nice is being able to reserve your seats. The prices are relatively decent considering all those things.

Review №93

Love this place.... I go every Tuesday on discount day.... Nice staff...good movies... The only thing that bothers me is that the movies with mostly black actors such as (Little) for example...their posters were not posted...I dunno who is over that department but I feel its fair to advertise 4 every movie. This also happened with (what men want) and some other movies...(I checked).. Just wondering who is responsible for allowing the posters to be displayed?

Review №94

Love the seats!!! Let me bring a blanket and well never go anywhere else ever again!

Review №95

Always love going here prices are high but what movie theater isnt? The only thing I was unhappy about was one time we went on opening night for IT chapter 2band they displayed pennywise blankets for purchase but didnt have them out on display when asked where they were they said they didnt have any in stock.

Review №96

Service is usually good,seats are comfortable. The popcorn is really, really salty. Pay attention to the trash cans when youre getting out, people throw away almost full buckets of popcorn because its unetible (unless you like to chew on crunchy or some times soggy salt kernels). Im a movie club member but Im thinking about cancelling my membership because I will stop buying salt in buckets from this place. Ill save even more if I dont spend money on expensive salt.

Review №97

Very comfy seats. Fell asleep for a few mins!!

Review №98

Horrible. Had to get a refund because I was 16. With a group of my friends trying to watch a movie. Literally everyone was 17,18,19 and I couldn’t get in because I was 16. I can drive a car but not watch a movie??? This is outrageous. Never returning ! NEVERRRR

Review №99

Good picture quality..fresh popcorn..Tuesday is discount day !! Us coupon clippers love Tuesdays ! But dont tell everybody, theyll get super busy if u do.

Review №100

Great movie theater. Always clean and love the seating. Would be five stars, its just too darn cold!!

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  • Address:7737 Waynetowne Blvd, Huber Heights, OH 45424, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 937-237-5269
  • Movie theater
  • Snack bar
  • 3D movies:Yes
  • Active military discounts:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Stadium seating:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
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