Chicas Cabaret
9924 North Fwy, Houston, TX 77037, United States

Review №1

Careful, the place is dirty and they will steal your money. I got covid the last time I went there and the girls are not nice.

Review №2

Absolutely worth the 25 dollar cover. Plenty of beautiful fully nude professional dancers. Three stages and a very clean and organized environment. Highly recommend this joint. Plus Byob with no extra charge.

Review №3

Count your money the girl desired the bar tender said they charge to change a $20 dollar bill.

Review №4

Have a blast with my friends last night.My favourite was Anastasia, she was the best girl there

Review №5

Does anyone know if this a great after hours spot after 3am lots of places dnt have dancers by tht time

Review №6

Had a blast here tonight will be returning. Girls looked great and engaged with you often also were very friendly. Highly recommend

Review №7

Beautiful ladies, went in with my guy wish more ladies approached us as a couple or single we wanted more lap dances . The only one who did was Vanessa, (thank you )Overall we spent a great time here.

Review №8

I went for my last birthday, it was amazing love the girls. They were all pretty but i was driving and passed chicas on the freeway and didnt see it open. Is chicas still open?

Review №9

The girls are pretty but its mostly boring I almost fell asleep a couple of times

Review №10

I love this place. The girls are beautiful and theres quite a few of them. Girls are very friendly and come up to you quite often. Have a nice private lap dance area and a great VIP lounge. I will be going back VERY soon after a couple more pay days. Highly recommend! Its BYOB and all nude which is my favorite. The club is also very nice on the inside and maintained well. Theres a mainstage and two side stages with swing- like contraptions on them.

Review №11

They treat the girls like animals and management is extremely unprofessional

Review №12

Start paying uber & limo drivers $10 for dropping off just like ALL strip clubs in houston do. No wonder 3.6 stars. Bucks Wild is 4.4 stars & only 10 min away!

Review №13

Smells terrible. Everything about it is unprofessional and shaky.

Review №14

Garbage. Only good thing is they finally got rid of the old, miserable weekend door lady.

Review №15

The restroom lady was so rude to me. My friend was sitting with a girl, I believer her name was either Gloria and Victoria. I told her how rude the lady had been. I asked to speak with a manager. And she rolled her eyes laughed got and left. Both of them her highly unprofessional. If I could give this place 0 stars I would

Review №16

Been here a total of 4 times now and never had a issue until last weekend. I wish i could give 0 stars. Security guards brag about drugs he can get in the parking lot. Wouldnt let me or my friend in because we had drinks when its a BYOB club, so we turned around and put our drinks in the car. Once we got back to the door they wouldnt let us in because they falsely accused us of being with some guy that was drunk or on drugs, just because he walked in behind us. When we had no clue who this guy was. I asked to speak to the manager,when he came out i tried explaining how his employees wouldnt let us in for whatever reason. And the whole time of me explaining to him whats going on the guy on drugs ram his truck into another car in the parking lot. We tried leaving because he still wouldnt let us in, the security guards wouldnt let us to our car because they kept implying we were with the guy WOW. Theyre unprofessional, rude, they cursed us out, then then told us we couldnt video them cursing us out lol. Smh i wish I could post the video on here also!!!!!!!

Review №17

Its to hot the place . Beautiful girl!!! I love her

Review №18

Pretty good spot the only thing I didn’t like was the smoking inside the club. I’m from nyc and can’t smoke anything in any business. But besides that places is very friendly. The Cuban girls has the best personality. Friendly and good talkers and pleasant.

Review №19

Boring. The girls look good but boring. The dancers are very cold not friendly. The cover is $20 and $25 on the weekends. Too much. Go to Bucks Wild to see naked girls for $10.

Review №20

Love this establishment beautiful and fun entertaining ladies. Staff is very helpful and courteous 5 stars love the music between spanish and rap always a great time

Review №21

Took my boyfriend and his friends here for his 21st and it was better than we expected. Very sweet and friendly, beautiful chicas. I wish the men in the audience hyped the girls up more because the women were amazing! Had my friends in a daze.

Review №22

If I can give this place 0 stars I would. The staff is unprofessional and low class. The manger is rude and disconcerting. Fantasys is so much better. The guys in the parking are unacceptable in the way they treat paying customers. Also, the women are lazy and do not show customers a good time. Please beware.

Review №23

This is my new spot I loved it and will keep going back small space beautiful ladies and layed back environment I highly recommend going

Review №24

Never been to a club with such hot Spanish girls and even better GOOD ATTITUDES! It’s byob which is the best idea ever because I can spend all of our money on the dancers !

Review №25

Damn Valet try to fight me, they had no front parking and wanted me to park in the back for $20, i park my car at shell next door and i know the owner of the gas station, theyre like im going to have it tow, like hell they are, its not their lot. Rude is beyond what i can describe. The owner Bobby can say good bye to the money and my friends and I spent there, we just move across the fwy where they are nice and free parking, much better looking girls too

Review №26

The night was great..... The enviroment is laid back and genuine. Only issue I had was leaving at 6am was inquiring about doing having a party there and the last behind the counter was very rude and had an attitude. This was bullshit after I spent money in the establishment kinda makes me not wanna go back.. but I want let on apple spoil my experience with the rest of the people there

Review №27

Best club in Houston!!! Prices are right and the girls are beautiful. Very comfortable environment and have great staff! They just remodeled the whole place it looks amazing.

Review №28

Fully nude byob club. Worth every penny you spend there. The girls know their job and they do it well.

Review №29

The best club in north side, great music for every kind of a party everyday !!! I love it

Review №30

$25 Dollar Entrance, these females are out to get your money and not show you a good time (just relaxing and talking is pretty damn good, yall should do that !) pretty females touh .. they just needa be more, ya twerking for a living so don’t be mean tf

Review №31

Say had a blast thanks to Lamya not only that I was jamming all night point blank this is a good place to come and chill definitely will be back

Review №32

BEST GENTELMENS CLUB IN HOUSTON! the place has rediculously HOT and friendly girls who will make sure you have a good time. It is a BYOB so make sure to take your liquor/beer. (Bring the whole cooler) if you wanna have a good ass time come here guys. The place is awsome, and make sure to bring your party hats cause these girls sure can party! ️

Review №33

I love this place I see it as a 2nd home !! Every time I walk in it’s nothing but smiling faces and fine ladies every where ! The managers are awesome and the club itself has so much going on never a dual moment !

Review №34

I have never been, but that heavy set blonde named barbie does not sell or do drugs. Shes not heavy set at all. Shes very unique and Ginuwine. Shes an awesome person and chicas has a awesome person apart of their family. That jonathan lopez guy is a hater and is just trying to start drama and problems. We love you Barbie and are your supporters and back bone!

Review №35

Came here for my b day and although expensive I enjoyed the time here girls are fully nude and you can enjoy the time here it is also byob so it is convenient, over all the girls there are amazing very nice and sexy. To enter wekend it is 25 to enter weekdays it is 20 for private dance it is 40 and only last one song which is a disadvantage :( but ither than that i loved it here would definitely come back again

Review №36

This place is trash. Nothing but rap music and occasionally spanish music annoying. Not good quality on the girls at all theyre either Cubans who look like trannys or ghetto greenspoint girls with tattoos all over them. Seems like theyre just hiring anything to have girls. They tried to remodel but it still looks trashy. Was expecting to see something exciting on stage and didnt just girls shaking their bums. Only saw one who knew some pole tricks etc. On a side note if you buy a $100 wrist band you can take any girl you want to these back rooms and do whatever you please. It was kinda hard to stay hard since theres cameras even in the rooms to do the nasty. But oh well guess thats what you get in these northside clubs.

Review №37

Place was full of trash and Im not talking about litter. Bouncers at the door are some fake ass rent a cops and they get ass hurt when u let them know. Goto st . James instead fellas

Review №38

The best club in town!!!! I enjoyed the music and the venue is great!! The best girls ( Kenya, Nova, and Karma ) wnot allow you to have a bad time !!

Review №39

Wow. Would like to see more chubby girls and mature ones too. But has pretty girls.

Review №40

Guy at parking lot charge me $30 just for parking and it wasnt even vallet

Review №41

Girl smells like fish

Review №42

$10 to park, $25 at tbe door, $7 for a stydofoam cup of lukewarm tasteless Coors light draft (the only beer they sell). Its hard to get past that. Next time, Ill go back to the St. James.Edit: Reduced to 1 star. Managements response to my comment was not factual. When I visited it was not BYO. They sold me an overpriced beer. If there is free parking, why did they charge me $10. Save money and time and go elsewhere.

Review №43

This place is good girls are very nice ... Its BYOB and the place looks nice

Review №44

Went there this past friday for my 21st bday. Didnt know what to expect, but it was an awesome experience... really chill spot, the dancers arent rude, actually make you feel welcome, overall had a bad ass time... will be back soon!

Review №45

If you know you know

Review №46

It sucked its 20 to get in. $20 to get in the private room then they charge $40 for a dance for one song. It was crappy

Review №47

I went. And the woman who charges the $ 20 for the entrance is very arrogant and rude to the customers and the security guy also treat the customer very poorly I would like them to improve those details that hurt the place. Also pay $ 20 for the park that on leaving I did not find anyone taking care of my car

Review №48

The bartender that was there the night of May 31, 2016 sold me some trash ass coke. When I complained to the manager he said they had taxed him up on the 9 pack so he had to cut it. My uncle who works in a lab in downtown, told me there was traces of sheet rock and even corn starch in it. And the women reek of booty sweat. This place is terrible.

Review №49

I was in town and went to xtc on a sunday.... drop all your plans and come here instead im serious.The best entertainment in the houston area with some pretty hot girls

Review №50

Loved it nice flawless females

Review №51

The women here are so beautiful.

Review №52

Not from Texas, got patted down at the door (bad sign), paid 30 to step foot in the door with no one in there. Didnt know it was byob. The one dancer not attractive.

Review №53

Some strippers try to hustle customers a

Review №54

Roxi very rude we will not be coming back

Review №55

How old to get in?

Review №56

Love this place!

Review №57

Dangerous place

Review №58

Girls are okays

Review №59

3/17/2018 First time there, The Ladies & Staff are friendly. will be back for sure.

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Review №61

Sucks crazy disgusting and expensive

Review №62

Compared to other adult entertainment, lame. Complete front. Smells bad, poor service.

Review №63

Great time

Review №64

Great after hour place

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  • Address:9924 North Fwy, Houston, TX 77037, United States
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  • Phone:+1 346-800-3861
  • Adult entertainment club
  • Cabaret club
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