Eagle 9 - Allen Theatres
1609 Joe Harvey Blvd, Hobbs, NM 88240, United States

Review №1

Ive been to this theater twice. Both times had a bad experience. Servers at concessions ignored me...the only customer at the counter. People arguing during the movie over being in the wrong seats. Not surprising since no one checks. Dont bother paying. Just walk in! Enjoy the sounds of people on the phone, talking loudly, pulling Burger King bags out of purses and making all kinds of racket with paper wrappers with little to no concern of others. Ugly looks and grumpy faces from employees for no reason. I dont know if its the theaters fault, or just the trash that live in this dusty nothing town.One good note. The electric chairs are nice and long as you dont get the busted one my buddy got tonight.

Review №2

Good theater but your website needs work. Ads are covering the content to change days.

Review №3

Comfortable seats w/table that reclines and raises the footrest. Popcorn is good! No bad experiences the times Ive gone. I highly recommend ordering tickets via their app (Allen Theatres), especially on opening weekends. You pick where you want to sit and pay from the app.

Review №4

Facility was clean nice seating. Great picture and sound quality. Popcorn was cold was not happy about that

Review №5

Really fun and is a cool place to take pictures at

Review №6

Great experience. Place it’s really nice and update.Good entertainment for families in Hobbs.

Review №7

We went the day after Christmas and the movie theater was dirty and there was food everywhere in the theater. They crew did not cleanup and it felt trashy. Chairs has popcorn stains and werent wiped down.

Review №8

Had a very good time. Service was quick and the theater is amazing, I love the reclining seats.

Review №9

The popcorn was hot and fresh the nachos were hot and cheesy quick service and the seats were comfortable and the temperature in the room was a little warm over alll great experience definitely going back again

Review №10

They forget that people are in the audience. You have to tell them to start the movie and to turn the lights off and the theater is always stuffy. Its the only theater in town so what can you do. We dont always feel like driving to Texas to experience better.

Review №11

I just love this theatre! You get to pick out your own seats, no being disappointed because you didn’t get your favorite ones. They seats have electric foot rest and small tables to hold your concessions. The concession stand is always stocked and the employees are very helpful and kind. They always have the latest movies and the theatre itself is amazing! Thanks!

Review №12

The movie was great! The new Dolittle. The seat in theater 1. H-7 IS BROKEN. Popcorn was extra salty and lots of unpopped corn kernels! Ouchy!

Review №13

Staff is friendly but the cleanliness of the theater itself is GROTESQUE. Trash everywhere, including in the seats, and my feet stick to the floor. Absolutely disgusting, can’t believe the managers aren’t horrified with the state the building is kept in.

Review №14

Nice, clean & really up-to-date but parking can be challenging @ & only in Hobbs!!

Review №15

Love the new recliner seats super comfortable, prices are ok not too expensive, friendly staff. I had to buy my tickets on a friday night & the movie was for sunday night.. the theater was full all seats were sold.

Review №16

Love the new seats. Very comfortable. I also enjoy the designated seating because I like buying my tickets and knowing that I have picked the seat that I will be able to enjoy the movie most in. The theater has a good selection of movies as well. My only issue is that when it comes to some quality movies like On the Basis of Sex, the Blackkklansman, or VICE, the theater does not pick up because they are deemed too controversial or seen as not marketable in this area. I feel like I have to travel to places like Lubbock or Midland if I want to see a quality movie that actually provokes thought. Eagle 9 is only interested in bringing blockbuster action movies like those made by Marvel or DC. Which is understandable in a way because those types of movies make a lot of money. I just wish that they would acknowledge that some of the more artsy films are good too. I did however notice they are currently playing the Upside. Very good movie!

Review №17

Almost $50 for 4 tickets (2 adults/2kids).... extremly expensive!!! And not counting on popcorn inside... I went 3 times and they were sold out.... The 4th I send my husband to buy tickets at 3pm for a movie that started at 7pm amd was told they were sold out... I went online and there were only 4 tickets SOLD for that same movie at 7pm!!! This is ridiculous, online you still pay a fee...

Review №18

Seats are nice since they redid the theater. They recline out very spacious. Popcorn is good and they have a self-serve butter dispensary. Not much competition as theyre the only theater in town though.

Review №19

First time visit and Ill be back. Love my recliner seats

Review №20

Cleaner than usual. Its nice to have a trash can to put the trash in instead of watching it piled up everywhere. Great improvement.

Review №21

The actual movie was fine, but the concession area was filthy. Take pride in something.

Review №22

Surprised to find this small theater is nicely updated with new luxury reclining seating. It made the trip from Jal worth it! :)

Review №23

For a small town theatre, its not bad. I love the recliners and that they have tables.Everytime Ive went the theaters have been dirty. This past weekend, there was a bucket of spilled popcorn shoved under the theatre seat. Since we were at the earliest showing, it had definitely been there since the night before.

Review №24

Its a great movie theater but the seats do not have outlets for your phones

Review №25

Nice and comfy to sit and watch a movie. Good popcorn and snacks. Friendly counter help. Considering its busy restrooms clean. Recommend to go enjoy a good movie and snacks.

Review №26

Seats are super comfortable, and the food is awesome!

Review №27

The staff members that I encountered were all super friendly and very helpful. Getting my ticket, popcorn, and drinks took less than 5 minutes. They must have recently added the butter dispenser and seasoning area because Id never seen it there before. The popcorn wasnt totally fresh, but when you drown it in butter, you cant really complain. The seats arent the fancy recliners that you see in a lot of the newer theaters, (at least not in the room I was in,) but still comfortable enough. Overall, I was very impressed with the staff and facility and will be coming back again.

Review №28

The new seats are just amazing super comfy

Review №29

Amazing place to go! Good quality, great sound, they have good popcorn and all around a place I visit almost every week

Review №30

Love the lazy boys, so comfortable.Now you can really relax and feel at home.You can even take blankets to make it more comfortable. Delicious snacks and drinks.

Review №31

Do something to speed up the snack stand. Way too slow, thats why I travel to Lubbock or Midland/Odessa.

Review №32

Love the seating! Very comfortable electric recliners and personal table to hold all your movie snacks and drink!

Review №33

Great place fast friendly staff seats are comfortable electric recliners with swing out table.

Review №34

We love this theater. We have now started purchasing our tickets online to avoid standing in line trying to decide what seats we want. I love this feature. It is always clean and we always have fun. We always take our company out for a movie and they enjoy as well. The workers are always very friendly.

Review №35

This place is amazing! Theyre leather chairs with an eating tray attached made watching a movie a memorable experience

Review №36

The two stars are for the screen brightness and audio quality. Staff is very friendly and are always hustling to serve their customers. Would be nice if restrooms were redone.

Review №37

The seats! And quality is awesome.

Review №38

Need the loveseat chairs tho just sayin

Review №39

First date with my girl and I loved it!

Review №40

All the best movies and fresh buttered popcorn

Review №41

This place is usually sold out and doesnt even play the most looked forward to movies for the kids. Had to drive down 3 days before we planned to see the movie to buy tickets because online charges an extra fee. The tickets are already overpriced. There are way better, nicer, bigger theaters that dont charge as much. Id say i wouldnt recommend the place but its the only theater in Hobbs. Consider driving somewhere else. We did yesterday. Oh and the phone number doesnt give you the option to actually talk to a person. Not helpful at all.

Review №42

Very comfortable and I enjoyed the movie great atmosphere..

Review №43

Horrible service!!! Impossible to get popcorn at the concession stand!!!always!!! Always!!!a long stinking line !!!! They obviously need a way bigger concession booth!!security is terrible there’s nobody there taking the tickets you could easily just walk in

Review №44

This theater has gotten better since the renovations. Still kind of crowded but not bad overall. Typically clean too.

Review №45

Been coming to this theater for a long time and its always been great :D

Review №46

Freindly staff nice people no late showings but a nice place for tourism

Review №47

Nice place! Reclining seats and not too crowded! The bathrooms were destroyed with no soak it toilet paper but I told attendant and he took action right away! We will be back!

Review №48

Love the seats! Wish C-bad wld invest but it was nice clean and we had fun.

Review №49

Great experience, purchase tickets online easy, Stadium seating comfortable.

Review №50

Over priced movie theater. No Free refills on drinks or popcorn. Blurry video projection. Ill never go back there again.

Review №51

Lady was nice . movie was interupted and you get no refills on drinks? This was a first for me. Call it a bootleg theater on a budget.

Review №52

I enjoyed this place. They have nice seating for a small theater. They dont really have much of a waiting area is really only the down side.

Review №53

Amazing the seats recline and have feet rests

Review №54

Love catching a movie here on weekdays the weekend is too packed with people the line is usually all the way out the front door forget about popcorn and drinks youll miss your movie waiting in line. Seating is always comfortable and love getting to pick where i sit.

Review №55

Place was great except for the glory holes in the bathroom

Review №56

Super awesome always take my service dog and wife and we have great time and then please are always very helpful

Review №57

A couple things to keep in mind. 1: dont show up early, it is nothing but ads for the first 15 minutes after the designated start time 2: the mens room has undivided urninals and does not have touchless flushing so the sanitation isnt there. I can however say the theater volume is nice, not too loud and the seats are super comfortable. Decent overall

Review №58

Too many times I have come there and the theater is not clean. It is not their fault, most times. If you can afford to go to Lubbock or to Odessa, I would. The only positive thing about this establishment is staff. They are genuinely polite and helpful. Just way too busy sometimes. I feel bad because it is like ever since this establishment had the new seats put in, I see more and more people thinking that it is okay to just leave your trash at these tray tables in the theater. Pick up your trash! What the heck?

Review №59

The only complaint that I have about it was that the restrooms were not clean at all

Review №60

Great comfy seats, yummy popcorn. Very sticky floor throughout. Should change mop water more often.

Review №61

Good customer service always comfortable

Review №62

Adequate, but not terribly good, movie theater. No drink/snack trays, online ticketing serves little purpose (you pay more and still have to stand in line to “buy” an actual ticket with the online confirmation). Cleanliness is poor. The concession lines are SLOW. Usually does not have enough workers to keep things moving efficiently. Bottom line, it’s the only movie theater here so it’s what you’ve got, and it’s not completely terrible, but if it were in a city with multiple theaters the competition would kill it.Also, their app hasn’t been updated in ages and is pretty terrible. Not part of Fandango. These are Allen Theater issues overall, common to all their theaters. Allen Theaters is stuck in the 1980s, and it shows. That is why they are largely confined to small towns and middle of nowhere places.

Review №63

Took my nieces out to the movies we watched ugly dolls good movie real clean enjoy the movie with my girls we had a beautiful day after that went to Rosas Cafe to eat what else can you want

Review №64

Seats were power recliners. Movie was great. Wish people would take thier crying kids out.

Review №65

Miss going to the movies

Review №66

I like the seats here. The cup holders in between the seats move upwards which is great for when you have a date. The projection quality is great along with the sound system. The prices at the concesión are high, but then again thats in every theater. Expect to pay about $9 per movie ticket which I think its on the expensive side of the scale, but this is the only movie theater near town so, what can you do right? Altogether, service is great which makes it all worth it when you want to hang out with a group of friends.

Review №67

Have more space to move around. Really like the new Loungers,very comfortable. Enjoy having the seats reserved online or just going by the ticket booth at the Eagle 9 and picking your seats early.

Review №68

New seats are comfy; but downfall is no free drink refills and popcorn refills. This is the only theatre Ive gone too and had to pay for another drink/popcorn. Get here 30mins before because the parking lot gets full and also the concession area. I had to park in the back when i got here and was surprised to find my gas cap left open, someone stole gas out of my car!! Who does this in broad daylight? Thanks to roadside assistance I was saved. What a great way to be welcomed to Hobbs, NM. We just moved here

Review №69

Nice theatre. Comfy reclining seats.

Review №70

Very comfortable atmosphere was able to enjoy the movie thank you

Review №71

Smaller theaters, and they weirdly keep the house lights on for previews but its not a bad theater experience at all. Just dont expect Cinemark level stuff.

Review №72

Great family experience...

Review №73

One of the best places to watch movies.

Review №74

Really enjoy the new chairs.

Review №75

Fairly decent Theater! Would have been better if I could have gotten to watch the whole movie without hearing babies crying and young kids talkin throughout the whole movie. Needs more restrictions on age appropriate movies

Review №76

Drove there 3 times and all they were sold out, wish they had more theater to show more. So if you are going there in the weekend you best to buy your tickets in advance to avoid the wait in line and mist out when you go.

Review №77

Great people very clean great place to go

Review №78

Great with children, helpful, friendly do a great job, left my phone they had it put up for me thank you hard workers

Review №79

The place is nice and movie theatre is not noisy. You can watch movies without interruptions. Its also child friendly.

Review №80

Very nice place to watch movies

Review №81

Loved the recliner and tray. Seat was sticky.

Review №82

When you go to a movie to you enjoy a dirty theater? Maybe lots of loud kids/teens talking/text during the movie? If so this is the place for you. Its run by a bunch of kids, appears to have no maintenance or upkeep, and absolutely no policing of keeping the theater dark and silent during a movie. Really this is just a place parents drop off their teens to annoy someone besides them for a couple hours.

Review №83

Nice comfortable chairs food was a little pricey

Review №84

Nacho cheese was cold even after she microwaved it. Theater was nice the seats reclined back and were comfy.

Review №85

Chairs were great and comfy but halls and restrooms were nasty and smelly. If u cant clean it. Lower the extremely high cost of enjoying a movie.

Review №86

Usually dirty but the employees are hardworking and the movies are a lot better since theyve updated the seats.

Review №87

Horrible place. Sticky floors. Hot as hell. And I’ve never been in a theater with such horrible sound. My kids tv is louder and has more bass than this place. I even gave it a chance and went back a second time. Negative. I asked them to turn on the ac and if they can turn up the bass and volume. It was a joke. We wait till we go out of town to watch a movie. Hopefully someone brings a real theater in town or this place actually invests getting this one better.

Review №88

Good place to go to the movies

Review №89

Had a good time nice & clean

Review №90

Recliner seats are amazing. AMC in Fort Worth has the exact same one. Turns a movie experience from being shoulder to shoulder with a stranger to being in your own La-Z-Boy.

Review №91

Awesome time. Im on a fix income, and for 3 people $23.00 for tickets, and then for just 2 person 2 med drink and nacho $19.00 Just a little much for my pocket book. Other needed to bring $7.00 her own cause I couldnt afforded

Review №92

The staff is okay. The mens bathroom smells of pee. If you are disabled you have a very good chance of not being able to sit in the handicap area. Other customers buy those seats up fast.The ticket prices are compatible to movie theaters in bigger cities. The seats are nice but they really need to figure out how to get rid of the smell of pee in the mens bathroom. Even when the mens bathroomis empty as you walk in you can smell the odor of pee, gross. Oh, and no more censorship of movies that do not embrace Faith base ideas!!!

Review №93

I loved the way this theatre was decorated! I toom my kids to see the new Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom movie and they had a beautiful scene on the entrance of the dinosaurs and eggs and it was just amazing! My kids loved seeing the dinosaurs and their nest with eggs and some body parts there as if the dinosaurs had eaten the rest!!! Lol it was not scary it was only a foot and a hand left behind by the raptors but nothing too graphic!!!

Review №94

Went to watch the Adams family. It cut out several times

Review №95

Nice simple theater. Didnt enjoy their make shift security staring at me the whole time. The entire time I was wanting to shout Im not a dam candy bar! Look at something else! (He was a bit flabby around the center.)

Review №96

It was good, except the seats did not work

Review №97

It was good but went to get a refill and no one helped me

Review №98

Kinda dirty and nasty but very great service and nice seating

Review №99

Not great but its the only one in hobbs so no complaints.

Review №100

Kind of packed for an early showing. But awesome time.

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  • Address:1609 Joe Harvey Blvd, Hobbs, NM 88240, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 575-392-3988
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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