Civic Plaza 12 Cinema
9711 9th Ave, Hesperia, CA 92345, United States

Review №1

Love this theatre cant wait till it opens again.

Review №2

Good place to get away with or without the kids snacks are pricey so I eat before I arrive plenty of parking you dont have to compete with other businesses inside the the theater the seats recline so if the movie is boring I just fall asleep very comfortably the best part of it all its just five minutes from my home.

Review №3

My favorite theater in the high desert by far. Reasonable ticket prices. Comfy reclining seats. Always Clean and always friendly staff. They use nacho cheese sauce, not some cheese in an individual container (other theaters use it and its gross) . I would recommend this theater to anyone.

Review №4

I visit the Civic 12 plaza at least 3 times a month. I love the selection of movies, the snack bar, the prices and the especially they’re staff. I enjoy going at night, generally by myself and the lighting of the area is great. I would highly recommend this location. ️️️

Review №5

This is by far the best theatre in the High Desert. The seats are extremely comfortable and the location of the theatre couldnt be better. The prices here are often much cheaper as well! Very clean and plenty of restrooms as well. 10/10 would recommend over any other theatre.

Review №6

Its a good cinema right next to a park its kinda small but its my most used cinema place for being close, the seats have reclining so its modernized they have the normal snacks hot dogs, pizza, candies, I think they sell draft beer still? Hardly ever packed so even better!

Review №7

Great theater, clean, fast, fantastic seats! Wine machine down but dad able to have a modello. Would of been cool to get a refill at my seat..hint hint

Review №8

Great film selections. Easy parking. Handicapped accessible. Matinees during weekdays are $4.75 for seniors. Food is ok. Nice workers. Very clean theaters & restrooms. Next to large city park.

Review №9

Very nice theater. Always clean and friendly staff. Not overly expensive as some theaters.

Review №10

Not very crowded. Got in, grabbed snacks, and in to the movie quickly. The theater was clean and well maintained. Staff was friendly and helpful.

Review №11

As far as theaters in the high desert go, this one is top of the list. The seats are roomy and comfortable. You can even get ones that recline and have a small table. The facilities are clean and the staff is friendly.

Review №12

Do NOT BUY YOUR TICKETS ONLINE. I Bought tickets online for myself and my friends. The film broke and they told us after we showed up. One lady offered us a full refund, which I tried accepting. The manager took the tickets and refused to return a couple, non refundable, dollars. Absolute garbage. Good on you guys for losing 4 customers at once! You are talented! what a way to make money.. I am never coming here again, and I am telling everyone how greedy you are.

Review №13

The bathrooms are very clean, the seats are super comfortable, recline, and have a pull-out table. The sound inside the rooms is powerful. Good selection of movies, prices not bad.

Review №14

It was a real Nice, Quite,& Relaxing movie theater big Nice Reclining Chairs & eating table & real big Screen & it was relaxing like if you were in your Own home.. Watching a Movie on your Own in home theatre... Worth going to agian... But no Subtitles in different all ..

Review №15

Seats a little stiff, other than that great prices and seating was not bad.

Review №16

Actually mixed feeling the gentleman at the ticket counter great fast keeps up with the line moves people through. But then the Refreshments counter on the other hand are the slowest servers I’ve ever seen and they have workers standing around when the line has over 16 customers waiting to get there food and get in to see there movie.!we have been in line waiting over 17 minutes. And that is crazy they just need to pick up pace work together and not stand around this is the second movie in a row same thing has happen.

Review №17

Comfy and clean and lots of thats unusual, right?!

Review №18

Place was very clean seating was great plenty of room had popcorn a little salty but good my man and i enjoyed r movie would go back again when we have time

Review №19

Not to busy of a theater. Chairs are okay. I liked how each chair had a moveable tray to put your food or what ever on.

Review №20

Great Prices. Great Seating. Large Movie Selection. Very Nice Employees you cant beat it!

Review №21

Good service. And quick food process.

Review №22

This is one of the best places to see a movie in the high desert. Always clean, never too crowded.

Review №23

Clean and usually not too crowded cinema. I love the reclining seats.

Review №24

One of the best seats Ive been in. Small table attached with a good amount of reclining in the chair.

Review №25

Had to go ask twice for the movie to be turned on. First time I asked only the audio was working, then they had to send someone to fix the video. The bright side about that was that they skipped all the previews for us! Made up for it in my eyes. Also the movie was very very loud at times and I dont have the best hearing by any means. So Im sure someone with better ears may have found that very unpleasant or even painful.

Review №26

Visited this place when I was stationed in California, the best theater to enjoy movies.

Review №27

Best movie theater in the high desert. Very comfortable seats that recline. Alcohol served cold. Friendly staff tips the cake

Review №28

Always great service. Comfortable seating

Review №29

Great place to catch a movie. Staff is super friendly and helpful.

Review №30

Very comfortable place to watch a movie. Also, it seemed to me that I paid a lot less for food than I do at other theaters.

Review №31

I love this theater. Just wish they’d answer their phone! It’s so annoying.

Review №32

The seats recline all the way back, are really comfortable, and come with usb ports

Review №33

Nice local movie theater. Staff is friendly and helpful.

Review №34

Watched a movie with my friends and had so much fun. I got candy and the nachos are good.

Review №35

Comfortable chairs good popcorn good movie what more could you ask for

Review №36

The manager has poor customer service!!! The line was very long but we waited patiently we get to the front and the manager helps us we order the combo with a large popcorn with two larger and we order a couple other things he hands us everything else but the popcorn... I say um you didnt give us the popcorn he looks at me and my family and says are you sure??? I say yes Im sure he still looks around at all of us... even looks at all our hands he doesnt see it so he goes to get it but be for handing it to me he looks around again like he was going to find the other popcorn!!! I just wanted to walk out but said whatever I just spend 45 bucks on snacks and 55 on movie tickets and just went in to my movie Im sorry but thats not right...

Review №37

Has some good large screens, recliners, beer. And you can take a nice walk at the park after, (lots of pokestops/gyms. If your into that.

Review №38

The environments always happy and theres people there to enjoy a good movie and always enjoy Beverages and popcorn.

Review №39

Great service but 8 dollars a beer thats not fully filled is kinda steep

Review №40

I go here pretty much all the time. I don’t have any real problems, other than with the staff lately these past few months. The staff always seems to not be in a good mood and give more of an attitude. No one smiles, I swear. I get you can be tired but there’s no need to be rude.

Review №41

Great theater. Comfortable seats and very clean.

Review №42

Its very comfortable! Its my favorite movie theater

Review №43

Great movie theater, I always use my cinema west reward card! Staff is professional and the theater is clean!

Review №44

Went on a friday afternoon. No lines. Quick service. Just us and another family watching the movie. No complaints here.

Review №45

The Invisible Man was a great movie from beginning to end!!

Review №46

Comfortable seats. Big screen. And amazing prices

Review №47

I enjoy the comfort and beauty, one of my favorite theaters

Review №48

Great service and comfortable seating also great prices:)

Review №49

It was a great place to watch a movie at. The employees were very nice the chairs were comfortable unlike other places Ive been to. Would definitely come back to this place.

Review №50

Online lies. luxury recliners are busted up cracked rocking chairs. big screen was big and looks nice on outside. walls look really bad inside theater. looks like I was a nice place 15 -20 years ago. not really now

Review №51

Good prices, never super busy, comfortable chairs!

Review №52

Dont bring your 2 year old with you to see a PG-13 movie here. Their policy is that everyone, even a baby, needs a ticket except for PG or G films, which seems backwards to me. I spent $8.50 to bring my kid in the theater just for him to sleep during the entire movie on my lap. The place seems a little run down too, I recommend sticking to the Cinemark theaters in area. Manager was rude when I complained about the policy and didnt care when I said I wouldnt be back to this place again. Oh well, drive a few more miles to a better theater, its definitely worth it.

Review №53

I would say its a pretty good theater, way better than where I used to live. Ive been going to this theater for about 5 years, seen some pretty good movies, comfortable seating, cant say much about the food since I only get the combo one, just a large popcorn and soda. I guess its messy sometime but thats because the people who sat there are little piggies but hey, Im willing to see at least some pieces of popcorn at my seat. So, yeah, comfortable seating, good popcorn, pretty good times for the movies, its just good.

Review №54

The theaters are small, which is good. Comfy recliners, with a little swing-out table. Close to our house and we go a couple times a month with friendly service always

Review №55

Staff are observing safe practices as recommend by CDC,

Review №56

Never had a problem here, theater could be cleaner. Maybe like a monthly clean up for under the chairs . Sanitize towels would be great, I dont see why theaters dont have them . Just an idea. Heres a tip for you guys, bring your own popcorn bucket and buy a large then fill the bucket and get the refill immediately. Refill only for large

Review №57

Love this theater. Clean & prices are reasonable!

Review №58

I like this theater, its always calm and cleaned, and not crowded. Not ghetto like the other ones, you dont ever see a bunch of kids hanging out in front of it either. Its nice

Review №59

Very nice Cinema, once the remodeling around the area is finished should be even better.

Review №60

I love this theater. Cheaper prices, great customer service. They also serve beer.

Review №61

Good theater. No reclining chairs but very cushioned and comfortable. The speakers and screens are up to date and provide a high quality experience

Review №62

Very nice movie theater. Friendly staff and good prices. Clean too.

Review №63

Love dis theater and its reclining seats

Review №64

We go the the movies for a fun experience. The workers in the Civic 12 are very friendly and professional. They create an enjoyable environment. Especially Cynthia, the manger, who goes out of her way to be serviceful and friendly.

Review №65

Nice comfy chairs. Sharp screens. Cant complain

Review №66

Nice & clean not crowded @ all

Review №67

I love this theater. Its my to go for movies. I love the prices during early bird special. Ive seen most of all my movies under $7 bucks (including avengers endgame the weekend it came out). Great seats, they recline. Good slushies, not so sure about the popcorn, I personally dont like popcorn in general. Its never packed which is nice. The customer service is nice, friendly.

Review №68

First time at this theater and also will be my last, Movie stopped playing for several minutes a/c was not working theater was well over 80 and when i talked to the MOD Chris he could care less all he said was he can’t give a re fund, I never even asked for one. The way he just looked through me like i wasn’t important at all is the reason I’m writing this review i never take the time to write one of these but that guy really pissed me off, you don’t treat people like that.

Review №69

Been here quite a few times yesterday however was by far the worst experience Ive had. My boyfriend and I spent 20 bucks on movie tickets and 17 on snacks. The snack line took us almost 20 minutes to get through because the employees were in no rush to get people their things while standing there chatting. We get into the movie and from the get go it is the noisiest movie theater. I figured it would stop but nope. The teens infront of us the people beside us and the people behind us didnt know how to keep quite during the entire movie ! It was to the point where a lady was letting her kid watch a show on her phone to where we could hear it !!!!! This is the only theater where I almost always experience people chatting throughout the movies.

Review №70

Very comfortable and clean theater they also serve beer and wine and the seats are electric recliners with USB ports for your cell phone or tablet whatever electronic you might have Great experience with the kids

Review №71

I really enjoy this place. Its always a good experience& good service.

Review №72

Alissa is so informative about the movies, friendly and whenever I have an issue she comes and helps clear it up. We enjoy going there because their service is quick and all employees are friendly.

Review №73

This place is lacking on their customer service the lights were on throught the whole movie their was more people then the normal capacity when i brought it up to the manager and other employees on three different occasions they failed to address the issue or do anything for that matter if this place looses buisness this would be why i will continue going to edwards theatre. Rancho Cucamonga

Review №74

I honestly really don’t think I’ll be coming back to this theater, nothing wrong with the building it’s self but the staff. What does it matter if you have a nice building with comfortable seats if the staff doesn’t treat you like you’re welcomed and more like you’re a burden. I rather waste my money somewhere else. They don’t say hello, or thank you, greet you with a smile, and I’m not sure if it was because I am disabled, but I noticed they were annoyed with me. Nothing but long, serious faces as if it was my fault that I walk slow because I use a cane. I mostly keep to myself and on this particular visit I watched a double feature. I also asked if I could buy a water that wasn’t refrigerated and they’d said they only had cold water, but the girl from podium made me think otherwise and told me to stand in line, for no reason. And my pretzel was way too salty.

Review №75

It was comfortable. We orderd popcorn and soda.

Review №76

High prices on stuff but nice staff

Review №77

A wonderful movie theater to attendright next to the park and Civic Center you can relax right after the movie or go across the street and get something to eat from one of the many restaurant.

Review №78

Always a great experience! You chose your seats when you purchase your tickets. I love the new seats that recline and have tables, too. Also, it is a discount theater. Tickets are less expensive.

Review №79

Very nice. Cool. Great customer service. Clean. Restrooms stocked.

Review №80

First time at this Theatre.. clean, comfortable and good customer service. Very nice!!

Review №81

Best cinema Ive been to.The seats are great.It makes watching the movie that much better.

Review №82

I enjoyed the whole movie experience

Review №83

Inexpensive and not very crowded.

Review №84

Love this place everyone is so nice and the chairs are so comfy they reclined all the way back and also have a tray to put your food on and a drink hold and they even have a USB so you can charge your phone. Its quite in side and very clean Had a chili cheese dog and it was pretty good and popcorn and a slushy Great Place close to home

Review №85

They dont clean up after the last showing of the movie

Review №86

Comfortable seats, new movies, and great snacks! Just sometimes some of the employees arent very helpful when you ask about the prices and when the movie is going to start....but still its a great cinema!

Review №87

I would go here once a week. The smaller rooms were not always the cleanest, but goid enough. Staff? that was always a toss up. I did notice most of the times the managers were always super helpful, to me. Candy a bit pricey but expected. Sometimes it was like sitting in a icebox. So bring a jacket.

Review №88

Nice calm clean great seats with tables awesome

Review №89

I bought my movie tickets online to avoid the long line. Went inside printed them out fast and easy. Only had to wait in line for popcorn and goodies. The line moves pretty fast because two people were working the counter. Comfy seats enjoyable visit with my little family.

Review №90

Nice theater clean and relaxed sitting

Review №91

Love the seats and the quaint little theater size!

Review №92

Civic Plaza 12 is one of the premier theaters in the high desert. Low cost with 25 percent off matinees. They honor Senior and Military patron with discounts as well. This theater now features fully extended reclining chairs with swing out table for popcorn and drinks. Very clean and courteous customer service.

Review №93

Relatively new theater. Loved it. Excellent seats. Good amount of space between people. Big screen. Sound quality is great. No complaints.

Review №94

Normally great to watch, but today saw Captain Marvel and the picture was horrible. The black level was all bad. We just left and went to Jess Ranch and the picture was much better. I went to get my money back but they refused at first. Finally after some short debate I got my money back. But...I still had to drive to Jess and then pay the general price and wasted an extra two hours. Today I give a 2, maybe next time if the picture is fixed I can rate a 5.

Review №95

They served old popcorn before everyone else got there, but its alot cheaper here than next to the mall.For large popcorn $6.50 Large Drink $5.75 and for 1 movie ticket $8.75The seats dont lean back by much, just a regular red movie chair if anyone is wondering.

Review №96

I think ots absolutely stupid that I have to buy a ticket for my 1 year old just because I am going into a PG-13 movie. Never in my life have I heard anything like that. Other than that its a nice theater but I wont be going there unless theres a child movie out.

Review №97

This place is so awesome because the seats are amazing. The seats we had turned into a recliner and was comfy. YEET *DABS*

Review №98

Had good seats went to see the Hustler with Jennifer Lopez.Go check it out.

Review №99

The staff members are so rude and act as if they own the place. They are not good in the customer service aspect, especially the manager..

Review №100

A recently built theater and Hesperias only theater. Very clean, plenty of restroom facilities, matinee prices available, many theater screens and optional mechanical moving vibrating seats programmed for action packed movies. It is also adjacent to the city park, library, city hall, police station, and government building.

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4.5 Rating
  • Address:9711 9th Ave, Hesperia, CA 92345, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 760-995-3655
  • Movie theater
  • 3D movies:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Assisted listening devices:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Stadium seating:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
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