Regal Hazleton
400 Laurel Mall Dr, Hazleton, PA 18202, United States

Review №1

I liked this place before but opening weekend after all these months missing the theater and theater popcorn which I was dying to have they said we cleaned our popcorn machine already? At 8:30? Right before the movie? No popcorn? In a movie theater? I dont know who makes the decisions in there but thats a big no no. As for sanitizer they had one? By the entrance, I went to Montages Cinemark in Scranton last weekend and they were prepared everywhere you looked hand sanitizer everywhere and wipes for the seats, and yes delicious hot buttered popcorn at discounted prices. I was looking forward all week to go to the movies but it was disappointing. But the movie was good.

Review №2

The Management and staff are very friendly, i have been loving the classics movies they have been showing as of late. Please continue showing them it would be a great addition to the new releases.

Review №3

It’s a movie theater- has what you want butter popcorn, candy, huge sodas and salty soft pretzels. We saw Frozen 2 here. Also they have a little game section. Gets 4 stars because they had a seat that was outta order (how?), 1 men’s room was outta order and the other was missing a hot water knob on the faucet.

Review №4

Typical multiplex movie complex. Exterior starting to show weathering but neat and clean inside. Standard cinema concession offerings. Theres at least 10 screens, so should be playing most current popular releases. Located as an outlier to the Laurel Mall.

Review №5

The sound is great the screen is good. But the movie theater could use an upgrade with the seats and the screen. Other than that the place is great and have a great offer going around about seeing any movie you want if you apply for a membership. It is great.

Review №6

Love that movie place gives u tons of options for snacks. Movie prices where pretty good too ... just wish the staff had more time to clean up in between showings. Floor was very dirty in room 4.

Review №7

Nice big n clean. The snacks are very expensive but other thn that its a great placw to watch n take family n frnds for movie night. Im so happy that they are open.

Review №8

We were the only 2 people in the theater! It was clean but a bit smelly. Staff was really nice. They had all the usual selection of snacks you could want. There was a bit of a glitch in the opening of the movie but it was clear from there on out. Not a bad theater for the area.

Review №9

First impressions: very nice accomodations, clean, reasonably well kept, with friendly staff. Good popcorn (which is half price on Tuesdays). And if the theatre isnt entirely full, all the better. Certainly worth visiting again!!!

Review №10

Had a great day today with my family and def will be coming again!!!

Review №11

The theater used to have posters, cardboard cut outs, things that made it fun to just walk in. Now it’s bland and there’s nothing exciting about it. They need more to add to it, make it like it used to and maybe fix things up a bit

Review №12

This was seriously a blast from the past. This theatre is in desperate need of modernization. The facilities are old, We paid $32 dollars for two 3-D tickets to walk into a dirty, run down cinema. Visible trash throughout the theatre, multiple seats were actually broken in the actual auditorium. For paying premium price, I’d expect a premium atmosphere and sanitation. I’m sure if you were sentimental about the art of what a theatre this could be for you. I expected a modern experience and was sorry for it.

Review №13

Its not as designed as it used to be. If I were to compare now to 10 to 15 years ago. It would be an essay. They could put the movie posters in front of the film theyre playing in instead of the promotion. Its kind of confusing at times when youre searching for the movie you paid to see. The service was great but they could definitely put more into the designs.

Review №14

Great place to see a movie. Good popcorn and clean rest rooms.

Review №15

Good, tickets are cheap but wish they had more features like Dolby Cinema

Review №16

Good. They are remodeling some

Review №17

Nice theater overall. We enjoyed the layout of Regal Cinemas Hazelton 10. Late Night with Emma Thompson and Mindy Kaling was a pretty good comedy as well. Tickets prices and concessions were a decent value. Worth a visit if youre in the area. Miinion liked the parking area.

Review №18

As fun as every other movie theatre

Review №19

Great movie theater with great staff of course you have theater prices but the theater is clean and its even near the mall!

Review №20

Love going to this theater. The staff is always friendly and it is always kept clean. The only complaint that I have is the use of cell phones during the movies. Even though there are several announcements to silence your cell phones, people are still scrolling through them during the movie. The light from the screens of other peoples phones is extremely distracting. The last three times I visited the theater the same thing happened. In a dark theater, when someone has their screen on in front of you, even far ahead of you, you feel like a flashlight is shining at you. The use of cell phones should be completely prohibited, not just silenced. If there is a way to work on this that would be great. Thank you!

Review №21

Nice place to watch a movie. Friendly staff & clean place. Dont order the pretzel its always hard.

Review №22

Much cheaper and cleaner to stay home and rent a movie.

Review №23

Hi thank you for wanting to grow and change .I was hoping that the candy would be a lot fresher and the fountain drinks was to pricey I hope it gets better

Review №24

The theater was fine. The previews and commercials lasted a half hour and that is just too long!!!

Review №25

We love going to the movies here,the staff is polite and the theater is clean

Review №26

Tickets cost a lot for area also snacks costs about 60.00 dollars for two tickets two popcorn and 2 sodas for someone on disability retirement or ssi it costs to much. it seen better days plus do not see matinees before 12 much and price is usually same as regular times

Review №27

My experience at this movie theater wasnt good. First of all the price for the movie was overpriced, especially for the area. The food and drink were expensive as hell too. Plus, the popcorn was bland. How?!? However, the workers were nice and the restrooms were somewhat clean, but small. The online redeem app system connected with this place does seem like a good idea. Overall, Id stay clear of this place and try not to go here again.

Review №28

Pretty good theater to go time. Decent size theaters but when it is packed you feel squished. Ticket prices are high in my opinion at $11.75. The seats arent comfortable at all. Most of the time I try to go to other theaters in my area since nice the price is so high.

Review №29

I grew up in this town and its sad that after all the price increases, some drastic, nothing has been updated. Its the same raggedy seats with foam ripped out of them for 2 decades. The only reason I dont give 1 star is because they are the only theater that has new movies in the area.

Review №30

I love the regal subscription service so I go to this theater often. The only thing I dont like is that their prices are high

Review №31

I would have loved to give this place more than 2 stars but.....the security guard kept walking in and telling people to quiet down even though they weren’t doing nothing. He walked around frequently and told people to get off their phones even if they were checking the time. This security guard even told a woman to shut up rather than told her to simply quiet down. This is unacceptable.

Review №32

Its ok. I wish they had recling seats

Review №33

Never any issues here. No complaints

Review №34

Been coming here for years. Honestly this theater has seen better days. Could use some upgrades.

Review №35

The high price if everything. The theater was a mess, drinks and popcorn all over the floor. Plus the theater stuck like it was cleaned in forever. When I told the manager he said Ill give you free passes, I said absolutely not because I wont be coming back here

Review №36

Nice and clean a lil pricey on food but thats to be expected from a theatre

Review №37

This theater is out dated by todays standards. It is also not well kept. There have been countless times I have gone to a movie and seats and floor were covered in spilled popcorn. The price of tickets are way over any other theater around. How about first showing discount? I only go there as a time saver or last resort.

Review №38

Ive been here alot and the quality of the movies are top tof the line. Although the prices are very high, I commend the staff for being nice all of the time. I hope to come here very soon!

Review №39

Nice theater bought my tickets online on the regal app. Food and drinks cost more than the tickets, but thats how theaters make their money so.With that being said its a decent theater, clean, popcorn is good, seats are comfortable but a little tight but survivabal Im 54 and watched a 3 hour movie so just go and enjoy the movie you want to see .

Review №40

This is the cleanest theater Ive ever been in-I wasnt even afraid to put my purse on the floor! The seats are very comfortable, good leg room, and not freezing cold. Plenty of places to eat or get coffee close by.

Review №41

The employees are super fun n kind.

Review №42

Expensive and no cameras out front for safety of vehicles or people

Review №43

They never cleaned up the garbage from the movie before.

Review №44

First run movies, nice snack bar

Review №45

Nice theater...high prices compared to other local theaters

Review №46

Love this theatre. Im short so I love the fact that anyone that sits in front of me cant block my view, due to it having amphitheatre seating. Giving it two stars because they need more Security in the theater! Too many people talking too loud and on their cell phones during the movie.

Review №47

This is honestly a nice theater. I have never been here once when it was packed, most times its just me and like 4 or 5 other people in a room. I really enjoy it, you dont have annoying people getting up and down every 5 seconds and its clean. Audio and video very good quality.

Review №48

They keep increasing the price of movies with nothing to show for was, the theaters havent been updated in over 18+ years, the foam is ripped out of a lot of the seats making them uncomfortable and Im always worried the ceiling tiles are going to collapse on me. You are better off going to Wilkes-Barre or anywhere else.

Review №49

Best cinema in town️great staff always friendly and very clean establishment

Review №50

Not bad! Overall it was a good experience. The popcorn and movie was good.

Review №51

In this day & age of streaming, I rarely go to movies. VERY expensive by the time you get in there, buy snacks, etc... Most people dont think $25+ for snacks & ticket is expensive, but I do. Id rather go to Cinema Drafthouse for a real meal and wait until my movie makes it to that place (they get movies after release, but its way cheaper).

Review №52

Great place for a movie date. Almost had the theater to ourselves.

Review №53

Very nice theater, the concession stand is ridiculously expensive. They dont do financing! Haha! $10 for a small popcorn and drink. The admission price is also to much for this area.

Review №54

The concessions could be cheaper, and the seats might be able to to be upgraded. The sound is pretty good. Its just a multi-plex thats never been upgraded. Good choice of movies! Very current!!!

Review №55

Really stopped caring. Used to be alot more interesting to look at, but now looks like its disheveled ... The movie was good, everything else was rustic.

Review №56

Very good the theater was nice and warm and clean

Review №57

Nice theater. I gave 3 because they play the movies extremely loud.

Review №58

Love going to the movies at regale hazleton

Review №59

Nice place for a 3 D movies

Review №60

Always friendly staff and a good selection of showings.

Review №61

One of the few theaters in the area, could use a good cleaning and some AC.

Review №62

Iv only been here 1 tike but seems to be ok. Last few times at the other places iv had to get up and remind the people that the movie didnt start well after the start time. Like they forgot there was anyone in

Review №63

Sound system is lacking. Theaters are run down. Overpriced for the experience

Review №64

Love this movie theater so much more than the one in my town. Bigger, more comfortable.

Review №65

Friendly, clean and a comfortable place to watch the best movies. Glad to be a Regal Crown Club Member!

Review №66

There is great customer service. The seats were a little outdated. The theater seats did not go back, rock and were a little uncomfortable, but the seating is the only downside. Everything else was great. Their small drinks are HUGE haha we are a regal card member and got a small drink for free.

Review №67

GREAT Place to see Good Movies! Very Clean restrooms and good prices for 1st run movies! Consession stand employees were very pleasant and helpful. Would definitely return to this theatre! Good Job Regal Cinemas!

Review №68

Great theater, lots of movie selections and times.

Review №69

They where pretty busy last night but they got us through really quick everyones on their stuff and theyre really nice

Review №70

The theater was dirty. The seats were uncomfortable. The tickets were overpriced due to the outdated conditions of the theater.Also the restrooms were dirty and not enough stalls for high volume on a busy night.

Review №71

This theater is clean and comfy its exactly what you would expect.

Review №72

Always clean great service. Security present to deter people from doing things they shouldnt do

Review №73

Not one of the better experiences I have had here. Came to see Captain Marvel today. The theater (#3) was freezing cold for the four of us watching the movie. No heat at all. We wore our winter coats and it was still cold in there. The popcorn was beyond OVER SALTED to say the least and inedible and there was something wrong with the coke. It didnt taste sweet like it should, not very carbonated, just off...not soda like and undrinkable. I asked for my popcorn to be replaced after I tried a few pieces in my seat and my lips were burning from the sale and it was compd gladly by the manager but it took over ten minutes to make new. I think something was wrong with the popcorn...when we got there, two workers were emptying it out completely to redo it. I should have asked then to get a new one and a different soda. I missed out on seeing all of the previews waiting for a new bag. The seats at the top of the wall by the first rail platform have lost their stuffing and a sharp metal wire poked me for over 3 hours. Yes, I could have moved but I like sitting by the lighted stairs. The concession prices are beyond CRAZY. $8 for a medium popcorn and $6 for a bland, something was really off small soda? Customers should not need to come back to the concession because their over priced food is bad. The movie was great, and the sound was perfect. With a summer full of blockbuster movies to come I hope the theater gets everything running smoothly so I can write more favorable reviews. Keep in mind, movies with snacks are a treat for those of us working hard wanting to get the most for our money. Lets make it a great experience for us both.

Review №74

Normal movie theater. Some isles very dirty. Overpriced snacks.

Review №75

Solid place to watch a movie. Id recommend getting the rewards card before you go. Tried to sign up for it in line but my ticket was still full price. Tried to cheat the system, didnt work. But now I get a discount everytime I go so thats pretty nice.

Review №76

Our popcorn was burnt and the seats are awefull you feel the springs in them or there was no support to them very uncomfortable ️ beside the place being empty could not find anyone over their teens to handle a complaint.

Review №77

Every time I try to give it another shot here, I always regret it. I can deal with the outdated seats, screens, sound, etc. It’s the people and lack of security. Everyone is on their phones. Screaming kids at a 10pm movie. Management came in and watched the kids scream, with the parents on their phones and did nothing. Definitely worth driving to montage so you can at least enjoy the movie.

Review №78

I LOVE THIS MOVIE THEATER! But there some things where they can perfect at like clean certain areas in the walls because it can be very dusty but overall a good theater!

Review №79

I mean it was ok but the seats are old fashioned not as comfy as most places are now. Also the staff doesnt do anything about people being rude there was a girl who turned her flashlight on alot threw the movie like over n over a few times there were 2 staff members walking threw. They were there more than enough to be aware of this

Review №80

Ok cinema. The chairs are not that comfortable but ofcourse the most problematic thing is the crazy cost of popcorn and soda.

Review №81

The cashiers are really attempt, like it, endgame has... perfect

Review №82

Its clean and comfortable. The only downside is the rising cost of concessions. $6+ dollars for a small popcorn is ridiculously high priced.

Review №83

Great staff, clean most of the time. They have a veterans discount!!!!!

Review №84

Good place . Quiet. Great staff

Review №85

Comfortable. Clean.

Review №86

This is the only theater in the immediate area, and it accepts MoviePass, so my husband and I come here. The bathroom stalls are often dirty. Once when I used the bathroom at the beginning of a movie, there was a used feminine product on the floor that was still there after the movie was over 2.5 hours later and created an odor. There was no one around either time to tell as the counter staff seemed to disappear once the movie started. The theater itself is clean and staff is always very friendly. However, I cant think of a single movie Ive seen here in the past 10 years where theyve used the surround sound. I am hearing impaired, and surround sound tends to add more clarity to voices (headphones wont work as its a clarity issue not a volume issue). My reason for the 3 stars is the seating. It is old and ridiculously uncomfortable, especially with longer movies. After about 90 minutes, we were both shifting in our chairs trying to get comfortable. This place would be a 5-star theater if they would just check the bathrooms hourly and do something about the seating. But again, very friendly staff every time!

Review №87

Always clean and staff are friendly. Always had a nice time there with the family.

Review №88

I love to whatch my movies in there

Review №89

Clean. Pretty expensive, would like to see better combo deals. No option for more comfortable seating.

Review №90

The guy didnt put the money in my hand on two separate occasions and he tried to serve me popcorn from the bottom he poured it back and gave me what I asked but he just was acting weird...... and I see why the parking lot is empty you can obviously tell he didnt want to be there neither...SMH

Review №91

It is too expensive and the seats are very uncomfortable

Review №92

Well, quite expensive for me and my son. Matinee, large popcorn, large drink and pretzel bites --- over $40.00.

Review №93

It was nice and clean

Review №94

Relaxing nice place but very expensive $40 for two people is a bit pricey

Review №95

Like any other movie theater, falling down the cliff directly to death.

Review №96

It was fun. I like the 3d movies.

Review №97

Very friendly staff. Always very clean. Very well managed movie theater!

Review №98

Very nice theater.

Review №99

Great movie, the Dr Sleep!

Review №100

Very clean and a nice place to see a movie

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  • Address:400 Laurel Mall Dr, Hazleton, PA 18202, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 844-462-7342
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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