AMC CLASSIC Havelock 6
500 McCotter Blvd, Havelock, NC 28532, United States

Review №1

When i lived in town and there was a good movie I wanted to see I would go to this movie theater great place.

Review №2

The place is OK. The restroom is kinda dirty overall my experience was good

Review №3

So excited for the theater to be open again. Go up to the door its locked. I had my mask on and everything. Turns out they only want you to wear their masks. They found another way to make money by selling their own Walmart cheapo masks. Decided that I didnt want to see a movie after all. This whole covid-19 thing has now brought out mask nazis. If your mask isnt up their standards then you cant enter businesses.

Review №4

Cinema is fine. Definitely dated but seems to be clean. Tickets were reasonable for matinee but drinks and popcorn very expensive.

Review №5

When you have kids that obviously haven’t been completely trained or at all, it makes a joke of your business. Brought my daughter and it was not at all a good experience. Staff couldn’t figure out how to scan online ticket, didn’t offer to fill half of popcorn bucket so we could add butter and then the movie was messed up because the kids on staff don’t know how to make sure the lens is lined up. Went to tell them something was wrong and it was like they didn’t believe it because they followed me back to the theater.

Review №6

Always a good time atTheMovies

Review №7

Nice Theater. Helpful staff. Fresh popcorn. Enjoy the Auditoriums. We are Stubbs members and bought a popcorn bucket

Review №8

We enjoy going to this small town theater. The staff and service is good and the price for the ticket is under ten dollars.

Review №9

First time here. A little dated but the ticket prices were cheap. Excellent customer service. Disappointed the equipment went down for the movie we came to see. We were given return passes and coupons for a free regular popcorn and 2 regular drinks. Although we paid for larges. We will return when the movie is ready to roll without problems.

Review №10

Clean, well kept theater. Great staff, very friendly. Popcorn was very good and fresh.

Review №11

My main complaint is the seating. It definitely needs an upgrade.

Review №12

The Theater was great! The facility was clean and the staff was super friendly and really helpful. Seating was a little on the smaller size, but still had plenty space, and they had seat boosters for small children! (My kids just wish they were more comfortable)But I found it to be family friendly, clean, and all around a good time.

Review №13

6 theaters, decent snack bar & pretty clean for 4 PM after a couple of showings. Bathroom was also stocked and orderly. Temperature in theater was cool and sound was appropriate. All in all a decent movie theater. Stadium reclining seats would certainly be a welcome upgrade!

Review №14

Not alot of movie selections.Back home where i go every weekend our theater Will play a ton of movies. Here its Slim pickins. Thats my only dislike.

Review №15

Friendly staff, excellent prices, popcorn was fresh, good time.

Review №16

Clean, comfy seats. Matinee is a great value.

Review №17

I was trying to see a movie with my husband. We brought our 5 month baby along because we don’t have anyone to watch him here. They refused to let us see the movie. Not once, but twice. Needless to say their infant policy is absurd. I’m definitely never going again. Way to lose customers AMC.

Review №18

Ticket prices average... But OMG 4 of us..2 popcorn and 4 medium sodas $51?!?!?!?! That is rediculous and why I only go to the movies when a new Star Wars comes out, so I guess my happy A%% wont be going to the movies again in a while.

Review №19

It was my birthday yesterday so I went to see it chapter 2. When I got my free birthday popcorn it was stale as hell. Candy was stale to. They need to remake their popcorn more often. Only thing good was the movie.

Review №20

The movie was great! Facility clean and a friendly staff. Seating was a little on the smaller sizeElbows and shoulders reached over into the next space. But I found it to be family friendly.

Review №21

One if the theater rooms are really small. Rather just wait to watch it at home. Other rooms are nice. You can hear other movies sometimes. But Great staff, video quality is really good.

Review №22

The noon showing of End Game is on the website but I got there with my sister and 3 grandsons, and the projector is broken!! We came to Bruin theater in New Bern, much nicer with reclining seats and they pop their own corn!! Ill be coming here instead of Havelock from now on.

Review №23

We went to the first show of the day, theater was clean, all employees were very helpful

Review №24

Older but friendly staff and pretty good prices for a movie theater

Review №25

Nice, clean theatres. Good concessions at an expected price for theatres. They offer a savings club for frequent movie goers. Courteous staff.As far as long lines, if customers would make up their minds prior to ordering, the line (if there is one) will move quickly.

Review №26

Nice quiet cinema to watch movies at. They also offer military discount on tickets.

Review №27

I love the movies. The restrooms could be cleaner, but thats anywhere.

Review №28

Foods great, seating accommodating, Worth to two hour drive

Review №29

Good prices if you go early in the day on the weekend. Drinks and snacks are really expensive. I would suggest if you plan on seeing movies on a regular basis, their bucket popcorn deal is pretty good in the long run.

Review №30

We just watched Bohemian Rhapsody at AMC Cinema 6 & it was amazing! The theater is in great shape. I havent been there in 20 years. Well worth it!

Review №31

A smaller theatre but appreciated the fact it was packed out.

Review №32

Comfortable seats, good food selection and reasonable prices

Review №33

It doesnt look like much from the outside, but its a really great theater inside. They have some pretty decent deals on the snacks and drinks. The theaters are all very nice and well kept. I have a lot of friends that live in New Bern that drive down because they prefer it so much.

Review №34

It was obvious that Destiny the cashier had the worst attitude!!! Whatever issues she had with work, she wore it all on her face! The absolute worst customer service ever! For that reason alone, we will not return to this theater! Destiny was rude and very obnoxious. Clearly she needs another job because she does not have any customer service skills!

Review №35

Im from Nashville so Im used to being in crowded theaters. I love the smallness of this one. Prices have gone down since becoming an AMC, and thats desirable. The staff is super nice, unlike what Im used to in big cities. I never have to wait in line long.

Review №36

The establishment was great. Matinee prices reasonable. Concession prices way to high for popcorn and fountain drinks. Ive been in the food service industry for over 30 years, so I know about mark-ups. Maybe consider offering kid priced package deals.

Review №37

Good selection, over priced and smells like mildew regardless of theater.... otherwise friendly staff and easy in and out.

Review №38

Breakthrough, the most powerful movie I have ever seen. Prior to movie being the sound was to loud. It was so loud that if I ever go again I will take a set of ear plugs. The six stars are for the movie and not the sound.Jim Muse, Sr.

Review №39

Its okay for a small town movie theater. There are 6 screens so there is some variety and the snack bars not too bad. My only complaint would be is that their snack bar prices are too high. A cost of a Friday night movie for 3 adults was $45 which included tickets, they filled my popcorn bucket, and 3 medium drink with the rewards card.

Review №40

I enjoy going to this movie theatre with family whenever I am in town. The seats are nice, the food is over priced, and the movie selection is just enough to get you by. Its not overwhelming to go here, and if you go for a matinee, you can bring the family and not break the bank. Best movie theater around!

Review №41

I love this place! People are friendly and its always clean.

Review №42

Great family movie experience! Cant wait for summer movie times?

Review №43

Its the only theater we visit! So glad that we have it close by %

Review №44

Just went to see Avengers End Game. I wish the theater rooms were a bit bigger in size, the room was packed but it as such a good movie and they really take care of everyone there.

Review №45

Watched Instant Family it was great! The popcorn wasnt stale. The butter was there. I love this movie theater. Thanks

Review №46

Great movie experience, terrible concessions experience.Great movie prices, great seating, great picture and sound. The climate inside the theater was cool and the humidity was under control. The workers were friendly and polite. However, this was the second time in a row that they were out of ice and flavor syrups in the soda machines. The popcorn tasted like it had been popped 3 hours prior. I would have expected this if, maybe, I had shown up for the last showing of the day but it was for the opening night at the 8:30 3D showing of Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom. I expected better quality for paying $14.50 for a regular size popcorn and drink.

Review №47

Great staff never over crowded and always clean

Review №48

We love movies! This theater is older and a hurricane did recently destroy this entire area, but it could definitely use an update and a scrubbing!

Review №49

Great staff and service!

Review №50

AMC has improved the theater. Matinee is good price.

Review №51

Remodeled! Very nice little theater!

Review №52

Been going to this little theater for years. Its cozy but still a nice place. The sound deadining in the walls could be thicker (to block out the action next door from being heard in the kids movie) but still a nice local movie theater. Oh, and one last note, ticket prices are very acceptable, @ 7.00 and change for an adult.

Review №53

Have been here for several premiers and often here for regular showings. The theaters are small and outdated, the staff and facilities are not equipped for large premier events, even if you buy tickets a day before, dont expect to even get a seat as they often oversell the popular showtimes.

Review №54

Great customer service but the screen that played the movie had enlarge scuff mark.

Review №55

Had a good experience at this theater. Andrew the usher was very friendly and helpful.

Review №56

The two managers are kind, respectful, polite and sympathetic. We had the unfortunate experience of a child becoming ill at this theater. Luckily it happened while my wife and our child were in the bathroom and not in the actually theater. One of the managers came and found me in the theater and alerted me to the situation. They took care of cleaning up my child’s mess in the bathroom quickly and without any kind of malice or feelings of animosity. They gave us passes to come back when our child was feeling better. They also stopped us on our way out of the theater and let us know that they would take care of our popcorn and drink the next time we returned. I have never been treated with such respect in a bad situation. This is our theater! We love to see movies here and we will continue to see our movies here. Two thumbs up! Thank you again for the way you handled this situation.

Review №57

Movie was great... but what is the sense of ordering your tickets in advance, then you need to stand in regular line to get them! So much for saving time

Review №58

Cute little theater. Nothing spectacular but a great place to offer entertainment to the community.

Review №59

Old building but good ticket pricing. Maybe because of that fact

Review №60

Best time and staff are friendly

Review №61

The staff was warm and inviting. The place was very clean.

Review №62

Staff is sometimes VERY slow and seems understaffed. If you go close to movie times that are popular BEWARE. Waited 30 minutes just to buy tickets and missed the 1st 5 minutes of the movie (thank goodness for 20 minute previews in this case).

Review №63

I used to go there as a kid and never had any complaints. It was always the standard that Id compare every other movie theater with. Recently though they have gone way down hill. The concessions were completely overpriced (but that is nothing new, every theater has overpriced concessions) and it felt like it was 90 degrees while I was watching the movie. It was literally the first time Ive ever been hot in a movie theater in my entire life. I honestly wouldnt recommend going here, but there isnt much of a choice for civilians unless you want to drive for 40 minutes.

Review №64

Great price good for family movie night

Review №65

Pricing is fantastic! Just wish previews didnt take up so much time past when movie should be starting .

Review №66

Had to take out a loan for popcorn and a drink. Oh... And they dont have ice for the drinks!!! Who does that?? Time better spent at home with a coke, bowl of popcorn, and Prime. Wont go back..... EVER.

Review №67

***Edit***I am editing my original rating because the general manager of this particular cinema did contact me the next day after seeing my rating. She was very polite and apologized for her staff. She even refunded my tickets and has given me new ones for another time. While I will leave my original review up, just know that the GM did fix the issues.***Edit***Bought midnight premiere tickets for Suicide Squad just to sit through 30 minutes of previews to have Lights Out come on. When they finally were able to start the proper movie, they skipped about the first 15 minutes in and had to rewind to the beginning. After all this they cut the movie off before it finished because they closed. No one was in the lobby and people had to go OUTSIDE to find someone. The manager wasnt even wearing a uniform but was threatening to have people thrown out because they wanted a refund. The only other people there were telling people we dont care if you come back. That is not the way to treat customers (and I work customer service) at all. Very upset and will be calling for a refund when a different manager is there.

Review №68

Everything was fine except the aggressive ticket girl.

Review №69

Love the new mgmt and company! Prices seem to be lower and better sizes and prices on the popcorn and drinks!

Review №70

It would be nice if they made their popcorn instead of bringing it in from elsewhere in bags. Its not worth paying full price when its not fresh.

Review №71

Great place to be very nice

Review №72

Good movies, bad service. When we attended the attendant had to inform us they had no lids for their cups, and that theyre machines were giving no ice, and that their machines drinks were warm. I understand it is not her fault but there is something that the manager or someone higher up should be able to do! Very disappointed.

Review №73

Bathroom is dirty and theres no stadium seating.

Review №74

Friendly staff and senior discounts, bright, modern odor free concessions area, quick service, but UGH...the SMELL in the THEATER PROPER was nauseating. I would bet from the oily, musty odor the place probably has a serious roach problem. Couldnt stay for the entirety of the movie tonight the odor was so bad. I wont be back. Unfortunate since I live in Havelock and it is the only theater in town.

Review №75

THIS PLACE IS AWESOME! Michael and Dee were the nicest people Ive ever met and they worked so hard to make my movie going experience absolutely incredible. They were extremely courteous and friendly. I had such a wonderful time!

Review №76

Good prices on movies!

Review №77

Pretty good theatre. Everything youd expect. Comfy chairs, good sound, and big screen.

Review №78

I never understood why people pirated movies until is done to avoid dumps like this place. In the 26 years that I have been coming to this theater, I have never been as disappointed and disgusted as I am right now with this place. Ever since AMC took over this place has gone down hill. To sum up my frustration, here are my issues:1. During our last visit, the A/C was not working in our auditorium. The thermostat read 85 degrees and Im sure it was warmer with humidity as it was late June in eastern NC. I asked the manager if she knew about it and was told I should have been informed when buying the tickets...I was not. She gave me a half assed apology and kept going about her business. They could care less if the A/C was broken as long as idiots like me bought tickets. And after spending half my paycheck on food and drinks I figured my family and I would just have to endure. Contemplated giving myself an IV during the show as heat exhaustion set in quickly and I was only sitting in a seat.2. The new drink machines are absolute garbage. On two separate occasions the internal ice machines were broken. Did that stop them from selling hot sodas to poor saps like me? Nope. They put a tiny sign on each machine that said, No ice. Sorry. Not only that, half the damn sodas were sold out or unavailable anyways leaving you with the choice of diet Fanta orange or seltzer water.3. The bathrooms look like places Ive seen in abandoned buildings. Urine everywhere. Sinks broken. My wife said the womens room looked like a murder scene.I have made the mistake of going to this place 3 times in the past year. Never again. I will go back to making the hour drive to Jacksonville to see a movie in a nice theater. Please dont waste your time and/or money with this garbage establishment.

Review №79

Awesome theater. Really good picture and sound. Become an AMC Stubs member so you can get movie perks.

Review №80

ThthrouWent to see break Threw best movieththrouWent to see break Threw best movie

Review №81

I have been to the movie here many times and have never had a bad experience. One night they were closed due to lightening hitting their transformer, but thats beyond their control. Otherwise all has been perfectly fine.

Review №82

Fresh popcorn, friendly service. Way too many commercials prior to the movie but that may not be the theatres fault. We missed the 9pm ferry because of it.

Review №83

Nice but to cold

Review №84

A great theater. Could use some refreshing in aesthetics but good snacks, great picture and sound quality. Has become much better with AMC buying it. I thoroughly enjoy the ability to use the AMC app and purchase tickets on the way. I also enjoy receiving points for the AMC stubs program for purchasing tickets and snacks. They also do an annual popcorn bucket. Hopefully AMC will improve the theater seats and make it one of AMCs premium locations. That would greatly increase the appeal to more people.

Review №85

Ford v Ferrari is a must see!!!! Fantastic

Review №86

Everything is well other than the guy collecting tickets. Very grumpy attitude towards all and delivers unclear directions.

Review №87

Small theater in a region without many movie theater choices. Prices are steep but comparable to other movie theaters. Seats were clean and comfortable. Theater was standard in cleanliness. Bathrooms were aged and not attractive. Concessions are average. Popcorn is popped in house but bagged and butter is just that oil topping, not real butter. But Ill go back for First runs I really want to see.

Review №88

Not the biggest theater but its good for some small town movie time. I would definitely recommend it over the other theater in New Bern. On top of that Im an AMC Stubs A list member, so I get to watch a ton of movies for 1 monthly fee.

Review №89

Been going here for years. The place continues to improve after every remodel.

Review №90

Most of the theater has been renovated. Good movies at a great price!

Review №91

A bit run down but definitively a good time is to be had once there.

Review №92

Very small,but nice movie theater near base.

Review №93

Had a great time with the kids!!!

Review №94

Price is reasonable and they do offer military discounts which is great. However it is very dirty and out of date . Last time my family went we left early because we kept feeling like the theater had bugs in it or fleas. Very unsanitary esp. For small children

Review №95

Its small but the staff are friendly!

Review №96

Not enough leg room... 16$ for a large drink & a large popcorn... Ridiculous!!! Very hard to see when returning from the restroom. No middle aisle so if you sit in the middle you have a large number of people to bother when trying to go to restroom. Ill be waiting for every movie to come on bluray from now on. Bathroom was filthy with 3 stalls unusable. 3 stars is very generous.

Review №97

Over priced everything! Have been there and had the movie mess up TWICE and not be able to watch movie at all!! Bought $20 worth of popcorn and drink, NO REFUND for them. Got a ticket for later movie. We saw the movie (Batman), somewhere else. When another movie came out we wanted to see, ( we dont go the movies very often 3-4 a year) the manager told us our ticket was no good!! Talk about pissed. Have been there several times that the a/c was out. Aside from that, if Im going to pay their prices for a movie, Im going to Jacksonville to a nice theatre. Still the best deal on a theater around is neuse Blvd in New Bern where you can see a movie and get drink and popcorn for 2 for around $20 if you see the matinee. $6!

Review №98

If I could give this 0 stars I would! We had a wonderful Pure Romance/50 Shades showing tonight, and the theatre was completely unprepared. Cristal, the PR consultant, was a fantastic host and showed all of us ladies a wonderful time. She filled the theatre with over 200 ladies!!!!! The staff was awful! They kept interrupting the movie, pacing the isles over and over! I come to this theatre all the time, but I will not be visiting again!!!!! They also only let the rows go one at a time, and would not let people go at their leisure! Completely unacceptable.

Review №99

Would be a three star but for the surrounding area this is the best theater. They redid the seating and I find it to be the best in the area. The bathrooms are always clean and the staff is nice. I never buy anything from the concession stand so cant judge that.

Review №100

AWSOME movies, nice employees a GREAT family night out or with a friend . Very clean theatre with clean bathrooms and also modern day soda machines and great snack selection. Always has good movies to choose from also ! ENJOY !!!

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  • Address:500 McCotter Blvd, Havelock, NC 28532, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 252-447-0131
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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