B&B Theatres Hannibal Main Street Cinema 8
100 Main St, Hannibal, MO 63401, United States

Review №1

Always fun to go to the movies. Enjoy retro nights as well as Christmas movies. :)

Review №2

Parking was bad they parked were ever they saw fit, but the place was great .

Review №3

My family rented an entire theater for my birthday, and it was great! The seats are very comfortable and the place is immaculately clean, amazing for theater but just what you want these days.

Review №4

Nice clean place but if u need to call and ask any questions I tired for over an hour and no response.

Review №5

I was surprised visiting this theater for the first time in several years (I live out of town and saw a movie with my parents during a recent visit). We watched a Sunday matinee and got through the line quickly with six people.Our viewing experience was great with reclining and heated seats, as well as good quality picture and sound - we watched an action film and the gunfights and action sequences were great.

Review №6

First time being back to the theater since they put in the fancy seats, boy are they nice! We were able to pick our seat on the screen when we got our ticket and popcorn. They are a large leather HEATED seat that even RECLINES BACK!!! This topped off my birthday experience, making it almost too comfortable for some that like to doze off lol! Yall enjoy!!!

Review №7

New seats were amazing. Wine was a little pricey but now I know. Still, reclining with wine was really nice. Good job B & B!!

Review №8

This place is very nice and it is so much better since it has been updated. The prices here are still expensive and it does not justify the cost to all means. The staff is very nice but the overall cost factor drives down my need to come here and will going to my home theater for a very similar experience at a much cheaper price.

Review №9

This theater is the best place to take your loved ones to have a great time! It is always clean and well kept. The gentleman that manages the Hannibal location is the most polite manager Ive ever dealt with. He is always willing to go above and beyond to make the customers have the best experience possible! Im a firm believer that his leadership is a HUGE part of what makes B&B Theater in Hannibal a great choice for entertainment for the entire family!

Review №10

Always have a great experience here be it a date night or with all our kids. Staff is friendly and courteous. We see movies here on almost a weekly occasion and really enjoy it when they have Retro Night. I wont complain about concessions because that is how the theatre makes its money plus they have extra seasonings for popcorn for FREE which my kids really enjoy and free refills on large drinks and large popcorn. Ask for a courtesy cup for your kids if they like the seasoning but you dont and just keep scooping refills out of the main bag, works like a charm!

Review №11

Loved the new seating, recliners with heat! What more can you ask for in a movie theater? Great clean and respectful staff.

Review №12

Loved it! Enjoyed the experience of the big screen in the comfort of home. Perfect

Review №13

It started two weeks back. My 19 almost 20 year old called ahead of time to see if it was okay if she went and got a ticket for somebody whom is under 18.(my younger daughter is moving in with her sister and wanted to tag along for a movie.) The girl on the phone asked the age of the person my older one was bringing: my younger daughter who was turning 17 in 3 days (she’s 17 now). My older daughter told her a few days shy of being 17, and was told that it was okay, that they the older person needed to be 18 and show ID. They went and came right back because my older daughter was under 21 and they wouldn’t allow them in. Okay, that fine. Just a misunderstanding right? Wrong! They went again tonight. My younger daughter is 17 and my older daughter turns 20 on the 1st of October. When they went tonight (to see Hustlers, a rated R movie) my older daughter was AGAIN told she couldn’t buy a ticket for her sister because she was under 21 and her sister is not 18. Needless to say I am very disappointed. I will not be attending their business again and I’m sure my younger one won’t want to, the older one might because she’s forgiving like that

Review №14

Currently sitting in theater 8... sound system is broken? Or just really bad. We are listening to the next door movie, which has GREAT volume apparently. I have better sound in my livingroom. The only speakers working are the 2 by the screen at front of theater. Yes, Ive told the desk twice. No, they didnt seem to care. So live and learn, I guess.

Review №15

Love this theatre! The reclining chairs make it so much more comfortable! And I also noticed the theatre rooms arnt as loud as other theatres.

Review №16

The new recliners were amazing! There was a great deal amount of space to be able to walk in rows and a lot easier with younger kids. Highly recommend this theater.

Review №17

Nice place. Dont go early. Theres no arcade or anything to kill time.

Review №18

The movie 1917 was not all that.But the theatres was pretty dam cool

Review №19

Love the new seats . very roomy .heated and recline. You can bring a blanket . staff is very friendly and helpful. Awesome experience .cost is very reasonable.

Review №20

Good popcorn and stuff to put on it... But over priced. Like Quincy better. Also no black movies, even the really good 1s

Review №21

Great place all new with the stop in

Review №22

So glad to be back!

Review №23

I truly enjoy having a nice theater in our town, but they are very pricey, which limits how often we can go. The sad thing is that Quincy theater is so much cheaper that thats where we choose to go most of the time. And for some reason the volume is not as loud as other theaters, so if youre not listening really closely you may miss something. (I guess Im used to a nice booming surround sound thats booming yet not too loud). Their popcorn is really good and they have huge array of toppings for it. But then again everything they have so expensive, you have to decide if you want to break the bank to eat popcorn and drink a Coke. I believe they would have a lot more participation if they lowered their prices a little. I know most of the people I know go elsewhere because of the prices, but would go there if it was lower . I think you can join a club and that helps with the price of the popcorn. On the other hand, the theater is fairly new and beautiful and clean which you dont always get in the Quincy Mall. I do recommend this place if you can afford it, go for it!

Review №24

Reclining heated seats make movie going even more fun!

Review №25

Friendly staff and the new seats that they’ve just installed are awesome!

Review №26

I love the new chairs it is the best movie theater ever.

Review №27

What a great movie experience... Love the heated seats!

Review №28

The last time there the “shift leader” I think his name was Jake or something like that was very rude..I had already prepaid for my tickets and he just checked me in and I had to ask him if I could please get something to drink and some popcorn..he acted as if it was a inconvenience to him...It wasn’t busy or anything, it was just me and my boyfriend in the whole lobby and it wasn’t a late showing either.. very unprofessional..

Review №29

Great movie theater Ive seen a lot of movies here and they got new heated reclining seats good for family fun, date night, or even a girls night or boys night out.

Review №30

The theater is always nice and we loved the new seating. But, the aisle lighting is so bright it is distracting. Just dimming the aisle lighting would take this experience to 5 stars.

Review №31

Love the updated seating and comfort. Dont know about the fun yet as they do have a bar area now where I seen some board games. I would have given five stars any other time but I had quite the reason this time. I brought my four in a half year old son to see Frozen II ( this isnt just a movie for girls boys love it also even grown men and women) at 3:45 today we were just a little bit late but we made it just in time the movie had just started to play when we got into the theater. But back to why I gave only four stars was the service my child and I received. I felt very uncomfortable and as if we were an inconvenience to the two young ladies that pretty much did our order and such. No one else was in line so... why were we such a chore to be given the most awkward service?? I felt very rushed when picking our seats. I asked how it worked and as the young lady sighed and began to talk very fast my son was speaking to me at the same time( which she clearly seen and heard) and I said Im sorry I didnt hear you my son was talking to me and wasnt making eye contact with you or the screen...once again I got a sigh and at this time I am trying to pay attention but I cant completely concentrate because the other young lady lets out a what would be considered a smirky lips pressed together spitting out laugh making the young lady speaking to me turn to her and open her eyes widely with a slight shake of her head like she was annoyed. Now I am being as polite as I can possibly be still even though Im feeling as if my son and I were just an annoyance making me feel like I need to move faster so I just picked two seats and my son had already made it clear he wanted something but I was already being given a total. I hurried to speak up saying sorry my son wants to get something I thought he had said already ( which was him over and over trying to speak to the other young lady standing there. He was being silly as always wanting to talk to someone new by saying his name Im_____ and he wanted a drink and pop corn) I had made a quick decision but asked I cant see how much it is though well I didnt even get an answer just suddenly a total again. And I said wow geez expensive and jr kinda giggled it off. But the young lady helping me said nothing and just starred at me and once again the other done the pressed lips spitting laugh again and I got several eye rolls as I paid in cash and got no receipt back with my change then it was just heres your stuff now go away no thank you no enjoy the movie just a horrible feeling of being an inconvenience and a clown because I was still quite close to the young ladies as I was looking around for the straws and I turned to look and see what the loud laughing was about and I guess it was my son and I for whatever reason and the very judgemental looks and thinking to myself Okay...what was so funny the whole time? Why the rushing and rudeness? And feeling completely unwelcomed and my very handsome polite little boy who was totally ignored his first time getting to go too a big theater. Even he said mommy those girls were not very nice huh? Also I came to an earlier show because Im with my child and knew it would be less busy and I seen it slightly cheaper during the day but I still paid thirty dollars for a childs ticket and an adult ticket and a small drink and a small popcorn that was actually terrible (it was very old and stale...usually I love the popcorn!!...)I think thats what I was charged for I would not know because I was not given a receipt!!! I then come to find out while in the movie I actually over heard a conversation with a woman speaking to her male companion extremely upset saying she didnt appreciate being made so uncomfortable and he agreed saying those ___ (not appropriate names used) were rude as hell an even mentioned he almost said something but felt it wasnt worth it they probably would have just acted even more immature than they already were. Then after visiting the restroom I let one of the girls know about a mess and she just completely ignored me.

Review №32

Saw Ford v Ferrari - Highly recommend it! New seating is amazing!

Review №33

One of the most comfortable theatres Ive been to.

Review №34

My husband and I travel to Hannibal from Liberty IL to enjoy our date nite here. Love the theater and seats, and the popcorn is just right. The theater in Quincy believes in a little popcorn with there salt!

Review №35

Good movies. 4D now and heated recliners

Review №36

Very good service and love the heated recliner seats.

Review №37

Clean, comfortable and courteous! Ever walk into a movie theater and feel your feet sticking to the floor? Not at B&B theater in historic Hannibal Missouri. Even the restrooms were spotless with a fresh scent of bleach giving you a confident feeling of a sanitary environment. Thanks for a great theater experience with popcorn excellence!

Review №38

Good home town movie theater! Good clean theater with nice screens, sound systems, clean facilities, and comfortable seating. Great place to take the family or a date. Nice promos for second run nostalgic movies, and a descent loyalty program. Even worth a drive over from Illinois to catch a flic.

Review №39

Love the B&B in Hannibal! Alway clean and staff is always friendly. Havent had an opportunity to try their new recliners yet, but am super excited to go!

Review №40

Loved The Little Women. Comfy seats.

Review №41

Great theater. You must try it out.

Review №42

Very comfy new seats and the tickets are pretty easy to order in advance

Review №43

Love watching movies at B&B but cant wait for them to get it redone with the new seats. Then we will really be up to date right here in Hannibal.

Review №44

Love the new reclining/heated seats!

Review №45

It was fantastic the crafts was unbelievable the talent of these people.

Review №46

Great Theater, All digital and stadium seating. Friendly safe atmosphere. Backstage pass program is a perk.

Review №47

Some staff are kind but others are quite rude. And if you are Rewards member they should alert you about when the policies have changed especially if you are under 21 and/or frequently buy Rated R movie tickets.I love the movies (even though it’s expensive and NOT for a college kid who’s on a tight budget) but don’t get me wrong after tonight I am bitter. I am 18 almost 19 I have taken my (at the times 15) 16 year old sister to DOZENS of rated R movies. Tonight we went to go see Hustlers, the man asked for our ID’s, I, of course, grab my ID with pride (and not knowing about the policy change) to show him I’m over 18 (I get mistaken for 14 a lot). He then informed me (quite rudely) that I couldn’t get her in for a rated R movie because I’m not 21 or older. No biggie, I told him thank you and was getting ready to walk away and then he started saying “but you could get tickets for Overcome”. We both have already seen it and so I said “no, that’s okay” and again thanked him and walked out. I am a Rewards member and wished I had been alerted of the policy change before I drove into town

Review №48

My daughter and I just arrived to watch a movie. We also bought a large popcorn, 2 drinks and a box of candy. I asked a not so friendly staff member if I could have a small bag to put some popcorn in, as my daughter wanted to add ranch flavor to some of the popcorn. I was informed that she could not give me a small bag, only an 8 oz cup....really!?!? I just spent $45 and cannot get a small bag?? Ridiculous!!

Review №49

Went back for the second time in 6 months. Same 5 star experience. I wish consessions were not so damned expensive, but a theatre has to make money and with movie licensing still being stuck in the stone age; concessions are really a theatres only viable way to stay afloat. Keep up the good work and good movie choices and Ill keep coming back.

Review №50

Great place to go watch a movie. Theyre a little pricy but offer lots of options like sensory day for kids and even play older movies for nostalgia.

Review №51

The movie theater was fine, nothing fancy. The manager allowed a three year to talk and bounce his seat the entire movie. Worst experience at a theater ever. We complained and the manager said when he came in he didn’t hear him. For less than a minute.

Review №52

Awesome theatre been there many times.

Review №53

The new recliners are awesome! I love the seat heater!

Review №54

Love the new seats this movie watching at its best

Review №55

Absolutely awesome. Very clean, new, heated seats.

Review №56

Had fun with me girlfriend and her family

Review №57

Lots of updates. Like watching new movies at home

Review №58

Not bad for a small town theater. Wish theyd show a better selection though

Review №59

The staff is amazing and always friendly!! Also upgrading the seating for a better movie experience!!

Review №60

My best friend is the manager of this establishment. Hes an awesome guy, so when you visit his theater, be sure to avoid being a jerk!The seating is comfy, the sound is great, and the picture is crystal clear. Thanks B&B for always being there for my entertainment needs. :)

Review №61

Love the new reclining seats & the heating feature is Awesome!!!

Review №62

On May 25th I took my grandma out to see Aladin for her birthday. This was during Hannibal Twain Days. During other events in Hannibal they always reserved parking for theater patrons, this time they did not. Not only did I have to pay to park across the street but the staff was also incredibly rude and unapologetic for this major inconvenience. My family drove separately but I bought all the tickets. Being first to the theater I got my tickets and planned to leave the remaining at the desk as I always do for my family to pick up when they arrived. They refused to do this also. Worst experience ever. Next time I will be sure to go out of my way to AMC where there is always parking and they go above and beyond for their customers.

Review №63

Kind of expensive but rarely do I regret seeing a movie.

Review №64

Loved it, very comfortable recliner seating, stadium style.

Review №65

Theater was very clean as was the lobby. New reclining seats were comfortable.

Review №66

Clean place and comfortably seating. I am a big fan of the popcorn bar.

Review №67

Temp was good, usually I freeze in there and staff was nice.

Review №68

Nice place seats a little bit hard but ok

Review №69

Great way to avoid the crowds in Quincy! Its clean and they offer popcorn flavoring along with the usual popcorn salt and butter. Def worth the drive.

Review №70

Im giving it one star for the waiter and root beer. Food was cold and sub par.and there was 8 of us!!! We were really sad because we love finding new places we can enjoy.

Review №71

Great place to watch a movie and relax

Review №72

Love the high back seats. Staff wasnt overly friendly. The place was clean...bonus!

Review №73

The recliners are perfect!

Review №74

Seating was great. Comfortable. You can move arm rest up. But prices on matinee a bit high and food,was even higher. But good sound system and screen

Review №75

Little pricey but a beautiful facility.

Review №76

Comfie reclining chairs!

Review №77

Its a movie theatre, movie was good .. 12$ for popcorn & soda .. NO THANXZ ..

Review №78

My ID clearly stated I was above 17 but they wouldn’t let me in the movie cause it was expired

Review №79

The mangers are polite and always look great! Im sure all their mothers are proud!

Review №80

Loved the movie and the upgrades! Only issue was theater was freezing.

Review №81

I love that theater

Review №82

Nice little theatre. But definately nothing special.

Review №83

Love the new reclining seats!

Review №84

Every move I have been there to watch have been great. Staff is friendly and place is always clean. A great place to go for a good time and watch a good movie.

Review №85

Love the new seating.

Review №86

Very nice theater floors could of been a little cleaner in theater. Enjoyed Aquaman

Review №87

New seating is nice, price is high and our checker was was great.

Review №88

Nice movie theater. Clean with comfortable seats. When someone sits in front of you didn’t block your view.

Review №89

Will Hannibal get ‘Judy?’ I’m not counting on it. Last year Oscar winners such as ‘The Favorite,,’ ‘Ay Eternity’s Gate, ‘ Vice’ never showed here. We get action and children’s Films.

Review №90

Great theater, a little pricey but what theater isnt.

Review №91

Good seating, no leaning around someone head to see the screen.

Review №92

Love this theater! Very friendly staff, great selection of movies. Clean and very well upkept

Review №93

Good sound clean and nice staff...popcorn was awsome!

Review №94

Saw good movie and had a great time

Review №95

Was seating in front row. Wasnt happy with that.

Review №96

Modern 8 screen, all digital movie theater. Very comfortable stadium style layout.

Review №97

Best theater for us. We alway enjoy the shows and refreshments. Staff are always friendly.

Review №98

Very clean and comfortable seating...has free flavored popcorn seasoning

Review №99

Employees friendly & helpful. Seats comfy. Fun spot.

Review №100

Very nice, fair prices and respectful employees

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  • Address:100 Main St, Hannibal, MO 63401, United States
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  • Phone:+1 573-248-1966
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible lift:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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