Cinemark Movies 8
1669 W Lacey Blvd, Hanford, CA 93230, United States

Review №1

Chairs were squeaky prices were great popcorn could use more butter... and I asked for extra butter. Did not get extra butter .

Review №2

Great place. I go here often never have anything other than a good experience. Upon reading most complaints are things that the workers there have little to no control over. Cant blame them for following policy or being able to change the choices for food or drinks. Always great service. Good theaters and prices are good too.

Review №3

Great family fun. Its a little older but Ive always enjoyed going. My favorite is $5 Tuesday; every movie cost only $5. Therefore Id only go to the movies on Tuesdays.

Review №4

Havent been to this theater in 16 years. Didnt disappoint. Great service, wonderful movie.

Review №5

The theatre was clean. The Popcorn was fresh and tasted good. But this theater is in the mall so if your taking the Wife or your an older couple this place is packed with a younger crowd. But all and all Id definitely watch another movie there.

Review №6

Awful took my kids to see an 8pm movie ...bought the large popcorn and two large drinks for us....after movie started went to get our refills on popcorn and drinks and was told it was closed already it was 8:40....not right they should let us know ahead of time, I wouldve bought the smaller size since there was going to be no service....and then movie finishes @ 9:45 pm we come out and all the place is dark...lights out my kiddos needed to use restroom and there was no lights...Really inappropriate and scary for them...nobody of theater around except a man and female smoking weed right outside theater exit door!!!! Worst experience Ever !!!!Not a Safe enviroment or decent service!!!!

Review №7

Nice theater, great prices compared to other theaters. Up to date movies.

Review №8

Watched Jumanji the next level. Good movie. Very funny!

Review №9

Awesome, little theater in the mall. Theres a food court right outside with many options if you dont want movie theater food. I come here with my 9 year old and she loves it too.

Review №10

I went to Bath & Body for their semi annual sale, they never disappoint, fairly well stocked for a smaller store & very helpful staff.

Review №11

Good popcorn. Clean facilities. Average pricing.Unfortunately, their selection of drinks leave a lot to be desired. Bottle water is sodium based. They only offer sweetened tea. Management just brushes off requests for a change.

Review №12

Good prices, especially Tuesdays! Treats and snacks are fairly priced, very convenient since is in the mall in case we leave room for more entertainment.

Review №13

Movie was awesome, the picture and sound were great, the seats were comfortable. The service was good, nice and friendly. Wish prices were lower, especially for snacks.But the family had a good time and we all had fun.

Review №14

Best experience when it comes to movie theaters:-) the seats are so comfortable, they are high-back and even more comfortable than if I was sitting on my couch at home

Review №15

Very nice, clean with new large comfortable seats. There was a few people here to see the movie.

Review №16

When our movie was full at coyote family entertainment, we rushed over to Cinemark Movies 8, and there were 30 seats left... on a $5 Tuesday. It was great.

Review №17

We saw Endgame here and the screen was great! Movie theater needs major upgrades! There is no stadium seating and everything just needs a facelift.

Review №18

Im very much a movie goer so Im here often. Friendly staff, good popcorn, comfy seats, and there is always a variety of movies to choose from. They have a good selection of candy and Im pretty sure they have slushies as well. They also offer the movie membership.

Review №19

I have seen a few movies at this location. A little outdated, but definitely great on value (whereas other theaters charge an arm and a leg!). I highly recommend that this theater consider converting one of their stages into a dine-in theater. Would definitely bring in more revenue!

Review №20

Its a nice movie theater.

Review №21

For those of us that love a smaller old school themed theater this place is awesome. The seats are comfortable and the menu is exactly as it should be. If you want a fancy movie experience with craft beer, recliners and chef prepared food, go to one of those theaters. If you want a fun, clean, reasonable theater, this is your place.

Review №22

The ticket price is decent but they really need to update the seats. As well as have more staff working concessions during opening weekends.

Review №23

It was very nice, most of the people were nice. When I asked for a box for my popcorn the girl gave it to me, but wouldnt open it for me even though she could see my hands were full.

Review №24

I always have a good time here with my kids the people are so friendly and the staff is courteous and the place is clean

Review №25

Fun, love popcorn and restrooms always clean...nice employees

Review №26

Our fam and I love this place

Review №27

Galaxy in Tulare is wayyy better.

Review №28

Some movie rooms are smaller than others but they have a great staff.

Review №29

The seating is comfortable and snack bar has a decent selections.

Review №30

Comfortable seats Popcorn is amazing Good!!!

Review №31

Too much foul language in the jumanji the last !! Too many commercials.

Review №32

It has improved they sell black angus hot dogs and the gentleman who made the popcorn made it delicious, it wasnt that good before, the metro had better popcorn and yummy hot dogs. Now its better at Ci emark. I still love Metro but Cinemark has improved so much im loving it too!

Review №33

Nice theater, comfy seats but could do better on cleaning between shows.

Review №34

My husband and I frequent this show

Review №35

Decent prices with friendly staff.

Review №36

Its pretty cheep and is up to date with all new movies

Review №37

We always have a problem with loud teenagers. Staff should monitor more often. Other than that we enjoy watching movies here.

Review №38

Really enjoy going every chance we can, it makes for a great movie date night, even with the little ones when movies for them are out.

Review №39

Love to take my girlfriend in a date here, and go to the chineserestruant right after .. #mall

Review №40

Seats were comfortable, popcorn was just right.. staff very helpful

Review №41

0 stars. The 1 guy in the front was rude. Theater was messy and first seat I sat on was wet. Usually go here but they lost my families business. Never again. Might as well go to the tachi palace on 5 dollar tuesday.

Review №42

Just wanted to click the stars but good service?

Review №43

Been here since I was a kid and still affordable movie experience.

Review №44

Love going on discount tuseday cheap movies great service what more could you want .

Review №45

Good to take the kids

Review №46

The seating is very uncomfortable for myself and wife. The app connected worth the theater chain is quite good.

Review №47

Great place to watch a movie. Very comfortable seating.

Review №48

Whats up with this place. Watched aquaman got out at 1230am and these ignorants turned off all the lights. Maybe new people working, never had that happen, should have stuck with metroe

Review №49

This place is very good

Review №50

Staff was amazingly friendly and helpful. Seating is great, love coming here. Its my top choice of cinemas.

Review №51

The Seats are pretty comfy but the bathroom was disgusting. Its not the movie theaters fault that people are disgusting and make messes unnessesarily

Review №52

Its not a perfect place for watching movies but it has a charm to it. Emlpoyees are pretty nice. Concession is a bit pricey but hey its a modern movie theater. Seats are comfortable and the screening rooms are a decent size.

Review №53

For me is good

Review №54

Very relaxing theater with great seats

Review №55

$5 Tuesday is a good value.

Review №56

Its nice place for shopping

Review №57

Small theatre and less people make it quieter and movies more enjoyable

Review №58

Went to watch La LLorona, and there were ppl in there with a baby!! Why would the theater allow a baby in? The baby cried on and off, ruined half the movie. I fault the theater for allowing it.

Review №59

Watched the scary movie MA it was hella good

Review №60

The seats are horrible and need to be replaced dont watch a long movie or you leave with pains.

Review №61

Fairly priced, bathrooms are always clean.

Review №62

The staff here could be a little friendlier. I always find the people in the ticket both rude.Update 2 years after my original post.... things havent changed.

Review №63

I went to see avengers endgame and already paid for my ticket then they tell me i couldnt take my backpack inside with me and that i would have to leave it outside and they would not be responsible for it its so stupid cause when they make a rule that automatically makes them responsible and its dumb too cause i always took my backpack inside and no one never told me anything until that time which is sad cause that was the only theater i would go to guess i got to find another one now.

Review №64

This is a regular movie theater. Built 30 years ago for a town of 30k people (at the time). It has regular seating (not home recliners). It serves regular movie food (not steak). It has regular people working there (if you got kicked out, youre the problem). It has regular dirt; every theater I have ever been is dirty sometimes; these reviews talk about clean & dirty...par for the course. There is a more expensive stadium option, if you want, down the road. There is a cheaper/older option down the other road. The only thing I really take issue with is the elimination of the 1 free refill on a large soda. But the older theater still has it.

Review №65

Loved seeing the movie Aquaman.

Review №66

Good place to see movies, they have a variety of snacks. Great seating and good screens.

Review №67

Mencanta take Amis children wings cinema is very economical

Review №68

Polite staff, clean restrooms, comfortable seats and theater

Review №69

Such a nice group of people work here.

Review №70

Saw Uncle Drew earlier in the week... going back to watch Saldado soon! great service!

Review №71

Greatest theater in Hanford.

Review №72

Nice seats, love the popcorn

Review №73

Great movie theater and great food great drinks great service and good price

Review №74

It was very good & it was clean

Review №75

Convenient location

Review №76

Its good to take the family there

Review №77

The movie was great

Review №78

A nice small theater. No complaints

Review №79

Obviously, its not the best theater in the world, however it offers decent prices earlier in the day, the seats are somewhat comfortable, and the selection of movies is usually good. It also is right into the mall, so you have something to do after the show if you want. Overall, only really worth if you attend earlier in the day, when the tickets are cheaper. Not worth full price unless you really are fixing for a specific movie.

Review №80

Screen was very clear. Got loud a couple of times

Review №81

Went to watch black panther good deal here..

Review №82

Went in the summer and it was so hot inside the room.

Review №83

Not bad at all. Seats were very comfortable.

Review №84

Seats are not awful but not great either, pretty stiff, not much recline at all.

Review №85

Great place with nice seats but the only thing that needs improvement is the speakers because they always seem to be low.

Review №86

Nice place but sound was on ther loud side and though the seats were new, they are very uncomfortable.

Review №87

Seats are not the best or the third best but its an old theater and its a reasonable price. But ill give it 4 stars for the tuesday deal. Tuesday night is movie night

Review №88

Its not the best movie theater in the area, but its clean, and its cheap, particularly on Tuesday, its only $5 that day

Review №89

Love this place. I dont get to go out and watch movies often, but when I do I always want to go here.

Review №90

Better than the Metro. This theater is pretty good and has reasonable prices compared to the Lemoore Cinema, but the Lemoore Cinema you get the full experience of the movie

Review №91

I would like to thank Alec an employee for going beyond his duties to get me a Wonder Woman poster for my granddaughter.You ROCK!!!!!

Review №92

Lets get some things cleared up here. My niece works there, and tells me all the time about her work experience. The movies is an amazing place and she loves working there. Its sad to see that some customers do not realize that employers are simply following corporate rules. She has had to kick people out due to them GETTING IN HER FACE AND CUSSING HER OUT over things she has ZERO control over! She has even came home crying for that reason. Lets think twice before giving this place a bad reputation. They just installed new seats and its the cheapest movie theatre in the area. Give it a try and you wont be disappointed:)

Review №93

Roomy, nice place to watch a film

Review №94

Its cheap but it’s so bad so we went to go see a movie okay so we paid to get our tickets we payed for none 3D movie now they don’t tell us what number okay then we realized we didn’t paid for 3D so we go right we wait 30 minute are movie was to start at 10:00 and we wait until 10:35 i went to go complain and they said they would work on it we wait for 10 minutes we go back and they say we’ll we are trying to fix the problem we ask since we waited so long if we can see the 3D version they say no they say well you could watch the movie in room3 but it already started or you could wait until 11:15 we say we watch it now i am like bruh so I don’t know if it is just the staff but this was my bad experience

Review №95

Great prices and clean

Review №96

Older theater so the seats are rather upright, but ticket prices are reasonable.

Review №97

Nice could be more clean

Review №98

Good movie for the money

Review №99

Not stadium seating, trash everywhere, popcorn was old and cold. Worse movie theater experience EVER. People brought a crying baby at a 10 PM showing, people decided to text during the entire movie, and people thought they were movie critics.

Review №100

Nice new chairs and always clean. But the snack bar is way overpriced

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4.3 Rating
  • Address:1669 W Lacey Blvd, Hanford, CA 93230, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 559-582-1474
  • Movie theater
  • Snack bar
  • 3D movies:Yes
  • Active military discounts:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
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