Wolf Theatres
910 W Ann Blvd, Greensburg, IN 47240, United States

Review №1

New Premium Seating is Fantastic. Looks like they are completely redesigned the whole theater. They are also getting a liquor license and adding a bar area to get wine and beer for who would want it. Also of course they added Noble Romans.

Review №2

The theaters are great. They have the stadium seating so you dont have to worry about a tall person blocking your view...the backs of the chairs in the row in front of you are about level with your seat, not your eyes.They upgraded the sound system a while ago and it is really great. Every seat in the place gets a good stereo effect without it being overwhelmingly loud.We usually try to go for a matinee showing if we can, but even the evening prices arent bad for tickets...Which brings me to the one knock I have against them. I can deal with $10 for the 2 large pops and a large popcorn special...thats not too bad a deal...but $3.50 for a pack of Milk Duds or Twizzlers??!!?? These are the same-size packs you can get for 99 cents at Walmart. I understand markup and all...but 350%??? And the kids deal is really weak now...$3.50 for a bit of popcorn, a pack of Airheads, and a juice box.If they would get the prices at the concession stand under control, this would be the best theater in a 50-mile radius. But it often works out, especially if you go during the afternoon, that youre spending more on snacks than you did on tickets to see the movie.

Review №3

It was great service and I love how the seats bad tables to put your food on! We will definitely be back again!

Review №4

Great experience Except there is not a close wheelchair ramp to get in the theater, its pretty far down at the next business. Also handicap area seating has no cupholders and very small armrests.

Review №5

Enjoying Frozen II with my littles!

Review №6

Great theater. Nice staff. Good seating and screens. Sound is great. Snacks just like any theater are a bit pricey, but good. Place is kept clean. We love going to this theater. Wonderful place to watch movies with family.

Review №7

Very impressed! Many changes since I was last there.

Review №8

Seats were a little cramped and out dated but everything else was really nice and enjoyable

Review №9

Love this theater. Always shows current movies and holds over movies that are popular. Very clean and con sessions are fresh.

Review №10

The new premium seating is nice. $2 extra per ticket but well worth it to sit comfortably thru the movie. Paid 18.50 for 2 large drinks and a large popcorn. The popcorn was all crumbs unfortunately and stale tasting. Only issue we had. The decor for Christmas is fun and the kids will love taking pics with all of it.

Review №11

It is a little pricey compared to other theatres but with new up grades rooms with plush reclining seats it is understandable. Well worth the price of admission. I will be going back for sure.

Review №12

I could not get ahold of anyone

Review №13

No better place to catch a movie for perfect quality and great on the price

Review №14

Im from Batesville and the only theater we have is the Gibson, it has sketchy bathrooms and one room for showing movies. This is an all around better experience, having 10 (maybe more) different screening rooms, great customers service, many options for snacks, many combo packages, and most importantly...clean bathrooms.

Review №15

Love the theater, its always clean and the staff are always nice. Until you get in your seat and the one person who doesnt know how to chew popcorn with their mouth closed sits behind you. Other than that, I enjoy going to the theater

Review №16

Nice people,reasonable price concessions, and love $5 all day Tuesday movies

Review №17

For a small town its very nice to have a multi theater in town here good size auditoriums concessions are as expected a little high but they are good we enjoyed going on when we want to go and so we went to see an action movie and it turned out we were the only ones in that Auditorium so we enjoyed it I think you will too

Review №18

Affordable tickets in this age of city 10-12 tickets. Great Senior deals half price concessions on Thursday. Really nice people working. Over the top Christmas decorations a must see.

Review №19

Loved it, very nice, reclining seats. Highly recommend

Review №20

Decent theatre. Clean. Decor a bit outdated. Very friendly staff. Good variety of films and the film times seem more accommodating than other local cinemas. Didnt try the food. Cheaper admission than other cinemas. Would recommend.

Review №21

Other than the group of young loudmouths behind us, the movie (itself) was great

Review №22

We went to see The Grinch. Kids had fun. The theater is still in need of a good makeover. Last couple times i have went it has smelled funky. Seats are getting ruff. My wife complained about leg room. For four of us(two adults, two kids) two large drinks, one medium popcorn and a pretzel it was a little over $40.They were very well decorated for Christmas we enjoyed that.

Review №23

Comfortable seating!Great sounding theatre.(Although we heard the movie sounds from our neighboring show room)

Review №24

Nice seats, good value for matinee.

Review №25

Clean, nice, small. The tickets was cheap and the snacks.

Review №26

Nice and clean but the food and drinks are insane expensive.

Review №27

I love this movie theater. The snack selection could be better but the picture quality, and cleanliness of the theaters themselves are second to none.

Review №28

Very Clean and Quiet. Seats our very comfortable and feels like watching movies from home.

Review №29

Been here twice and the facilities were clean and recling seats are great. Staff was friendly also.

Review №30

Granddaughter and I had a wonderful time. Not super expensive either. I would recommend going.

Review №31

This theater is always nice over all but this seems to be the neighborhood punks hang out place.

Review №32

Always friendly staff and clean accommodations. Beautiful around Christmas time, their decor is awesome that time of the year.

Review №33

As far as movie theaters go, you cant go wrong with this one. The ticket prices are fair, but as usuall concessions are quite expensive. Thats to be expected though.

Review №34

Great place! With premium seating!

Review №35

Admission price for evening show time was inexpensive for two adults. Seating was comfortable with arm rests that folded up out of the way.

Review №36

The premium seating is great very comfortable well worth the little bit extra the screen quality was fanominal

Review №37

Great seats

Review №38

Great movie and the reserve seats are super cool, but a little hard to find the lever to make the foot rest go up

Review №39

Sr citizen night is great! Hear prices are going up soon.

Review №40

Clean, love the reclining seats, lower prices than columbus amc !!

Review №41

Saw Hobbs & Shaw and the recliners were amazing only for $2 more at that!

Review №42

Saw Angel has Fallen here.. Top notch.

Review №43

Seats are comfortable. They decline back a little very cushioned. They need cleaned lots of stains but I wouldnt let that make me not come.

Review №44

The Story takes place at 9 am on Sundays in room 1. I recommend checking it out

Review №45

Great Little theater always busy I love to see the hometown theaters still alive and kicking very clean well-organized great customer service even when its extremely busy every employee still has a smile on their face

Review №46

Been to this theatre many times over the years. And its the best one in Southeastern Indiana. The seats are ramped better than most so watching the movie without the person in front of you blocking your view is great! The sound system is awesome! And the snack bar is typical selection and price for a theatre. Beats Greendale and Madison theatres by a mile!!!

Review №47

While they don’t have the comfy reclines the new places do, the prices and people make up for it at this place. A family of four can see a movie with snacks for under $60 bucks.

Review №48

Great place to see a movie! Reasonable tickets!

Review №49

Good movie staff was fantastic

Review №50

When I lived in Batesville I would make the drive down here for movies quite regularly. The seating is very comfortable, and theres so much variety! Everything is always so clean. There was only one time there was an issue with equipment, but they fixed it and the movie was only delayed ten minutes or so. Since I only go to movies on days when my schedule is loose or empty, it didnt bother me. Their promptness in fixing the issue was to be admired!My only complaint is that they did away with the ticket window. I rarely get concessions (just a bottle of water for long movies), so waiting in line behind a dozen people ordering their food just to buy my ticket got annoying. There may be an online ticket option Im unaware of. If so, use that if youre not getting food at the theater!Otherwise, nothing but praise! This theater is wonderful, and I miss going.

Review №51

Decent prices. Comfortable seating. And options to upgrade to the recliners

Review №52

WE LOVE this theatre !! the best popcorn EVER and the prices are GREAT !! The theatre is very clean and the staff are super nice and helpful. Never super crowded so you know you can get in to a first run show with no problem. Highly recommend this theatre.

Review №53

We love this place. The staff is always cheerful, polite and friendly. The theater is clean and fresh smelling. The bathrooms are spotless. The prices are very reasonable. Great place.

Review №54

No movies on that we felt like seeing even though we went to theater to see one.

Review №55

We make a point to see our movies here. Its an incredible value! The staff is very friendly and they always fix our popcorn order just right. The seats are comfy, its clean (as theaters go), and all the major movies are shown. What more could you ask? We highly recommend this theater.

Review №56

The staff is phenomenal. Becca, Mitch, and the other managers go out of their way to greet you and make you feel very welcomed. The high school staff are great and always willing to help make your experience the best!

Review №57

Food and drinks are expensive but otherwise a good place. Clean and nice workers

Review №58

Clean, friendly staff, and great movies.

Review №59

Good quality projectors screens and sound system. Tickets are much cheaper than its competitors. It also has great discounts for early showings and seniors. Snacks and the food i have had there is good as well, never had an issue.

Review №60

Very outdated. Seats were pretty warn. Went out half wat thru the movie to get candy and no one was insight. They have their own butter despenser do you can add as much as I you want which is a plus. Ticket and snack prices werent bad either. They are the only theatre in town so you dont have much options to go anywhere else.

Review №61

Always clean. Nice workers. Good movies. What more could you want..

Review №62

I love this place

Review №63

Very nice little theater!

Review №64

Great place. Very spacious. Clean. Nice service. Reasonable prices.

Review №65

I saw five feet apart today if you go and see it BRING TISSUES!! but expect for me cry for the whole time I was there the place was good for a movie theater

Review №66

I really like this theater. Very clean and friendly staff! A little pricey but worth it if its a date night or a family outing! Always a great movie selection! A little something for all interest!

Review №67

Prices are less on tickets and concessions than most big theatres. Staff is usually friendly and helpful. The seats also have movable arm rests for comfort.

Review №68

Paid extra for the reclining seats! They were soooooo comfortable. Had to stare at some people so they would get out of seats though, since they are only in the back row.

Review №69

Great place to watch a movie

Review №70

Very clean movie theatre with a good selection of snacks . Over all great experience

Review №71

Nice theater cheap prices

Review №72

Good movies comfy

Review №73

Nice stadium seating

Review №74

Power went out, but was quickly restored.

Review №75

Great place and good price!

Review №76

I went on my birthday, and it was amazing. The place was clean and the staff was nice.

Review №77

Reasonable prices on tickets and concessions. Friendly, clean, well managed.

Review №78

Great movies and popcorn

Review №79

P.o. orb could be better. Too many small pieces. Other than that its a nice place.

Review №80

We are so blessed to have a nice, family friendly place to go. Its so nice. Its such a fun thing to do and most people dont consider going to a theater anymore. I love it.

Review №81

Very cool to see a mom and pop type theater. Very old school feel for watching a movie.

Review №82

The prices are great for tickets and concessions

Review №83

The new leather recliners are well worth the extra money

Review №84

Dated but good layout and decent prices.

Review №85

Had Fandango gift card to use to watch movie....since it DOES advertise that Wolf theatre takes them. And this is more or less considered a Wolf theaterWent in to redeem and was denied....was told they wont honor nor accept.

Review №86

Coming from Batesville to attend auctions in Grnbg on Thursdays its nice to stop in to see the movie and continue to auction afterwards

Review №87

Need to stop raising the price of a ticket 9.00 is little high

Review №88

Good selection of movies.

Review №89

Quick service and it wasnt very crowded

Review №90

Just absolutely beautiful, The movie was very good.

Review №91

Its a tiny little theater but seemed to be well taken care of. You purchase your ticket and your snacks at the same register, I dont think Ive ever seen that before.

Review №92

Always love going here for dinner and a movie nights.

Review №93

Reasonable prices on tickets and concessions. Friendly staff, well cleaned theraters.

Review №94

Friendly and helpful staff. Fresh popcorn and decent prices. Very nice seating. Love the Dinner & a Movie!

Review №95

Well kept clean theater. Comfortable.

Review №96

Honestly, great service and comfortable seats. The food is good and the experience was enjoyable.

Review №97

Its a great movie theater

Review №98

Associates were very courteous . The theatre was clean but, it was rather warm .

Review №99

Edit, lost a few stars because they turned back row into VIP area cost more to sit and me and my wife always ait in ba k row but not anymore. And way to many teenybobbers runing around the place during movie as if its a circuss, and snapchating, recording during movie, makes it so we cant even enjoy the movies now everytime we go. Old*Love it here could be a bit cheaper though

Review №100

Wonderful movie experience every time

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  • Address:910 W Ann Blvd, Greensburg, IN 47240, United States
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  • Phone:+1 812-662-9653
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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