Adam & Eve Stores
416 Central Ave, Great Falls, MT 59401, United States

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Same merchandise for years and it looks like its from 1987. Youll spend less online and support better people.

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I would recommend this store to anyone who not only comes to visit great falls but even for a night out with a lover or friends! There is lots of fun things to check out and the staff is beyond helpful, they do such a good job at making you feel comfortable. This is by far my favorite Adam and Eve in Montana, there’s just something about the staff at this specific location that really keeps me coming back. Very clean store, NO viewing booths, friendly, informative staff.

Review №3

My husband and I wandered in while walking downtown mostly just to look around. The excellent customer service turned up into paying customers. The staff let as look around without hovering or pushing but was right there to answer questions knowledgeably when we needed them. They even opened packages so we could compare materials. I was surprised to find Adam and Eve in Great Falls to begin with, but thrilled to find that it was a clean, well stocked store with stellar customer service.

Review №4

Super friendly employees, fun environment, great selection. One of my favorite stores!

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Great store! My husband and I shop here all the time to make our nights more special, we shop here a lot because of the great books, dice games, candy, etc...and they are just so helpful here the staff. The oils and the lubes are amazing. The panties and the bras are so pretty. My husband always buys me the sexiest bras and panties here, my favorite is the school girl costume my husband bought me.This store is definitely more than five stars.

Review №6

Good customer service. Made you feel comfortable. But things were pretty expensive.

Review №7

Friendly service, loved the employees! Good prices and clean store! Will be returning (:

Review №8

Discreet, non judgmental, helpful and most of all, the cashiers actually know where to find things.

Review №9

Worst. Location. Ever! Deserves NO stars.I have visited this location 4 or 5 times and each time has been awful. I love the brand and am horrendously disappointed with Great Falls branch so much that I only go there if absolutely necessary (for a product sold only there that I use often). My first time in there they granted me a dancer discount, as I am a exotic dancer, but it was an odd experience.My second time in was mostly a window shop and it was cold out so I was wearing an oversized hoodie and being followed around by this trans-person named Summer and firstly it seemed polite as she apologized for the sizes being all intertwined in on the sales rack which I found strange, then I went to look at the little boxed outfits and she is hovering over me everywhere I go in the already small store and she says you might want to try the plus sized section those run really small. Although the intent may have been from a good place I do not need constant reminders that I am not a size two. Rude AF!!!! I left without making a purchase and felt very uncomfortable and ruled fat by a woman that is 63 and probably close to 300 lbs!My next visit I went with a friend of mine. She needed something and we were hanging out so I went with her. While shopping the clerk asked if she could hold the two or three items my friend was holding while we shopped and Id never heard that before but I assumed it was her racial profiling as my friend is black. Then Summer, who was there this time too, had corrected a price on an outfit that my friend had been told was around $30 to say that it wasnt an actual outfit and was the cost per piece! It wound up being a nearly $80 purhase of which they refused to give adam & eves dancer discount on. My friend is also a dancer. I was surprised my friend bought it and shoes but she did need them. Summer was also overly attentive this trip as well. I needed an item that I postponed buying because I would rather go to the location in Missoula. I did buy there.When in Missoula I asked about Great Falls refusal to grant dancers their discounts and the Missoulan clerk was surprised and told me they are supposed to grant it. This wonderful and helpful clerk told me that Great Falls has many complaints as well as Summer herself having many complaints against her. I can certainly see why.My last visit in was today. There were two seasoned clerks and a trainee, who was the kindest. The older of the two were rude and uncaring. When I confronted them with my beig told they are supposed to grant dancer discounts the short one got aggresively defensive snapped and said well our general manager tells us we cant. She then spoke over me and tried to tell me missoula is the only branch that discounts and I corrected her telling her the one near Teasers (three forks mt) does and she said thats because Teasers is owned by Adam & Eve. We dont have the competition Missoula does, we only give military discounts. My question is- how often does a soldier want a sex toy? Dancers surely give them the most business, wouldnt it make sense to discount the dancer purchases? It would incline dancers to a) want to come back & b) buy more. So very rude and upsetting. Very bad for business. This branch does not deserve the label of Adam & Eve. Every other branch including on in San Diego California habe been more than eager to help with friendly faces and kind demeanors. That is never the case with Great Falls. I will never go back.

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Love this place.

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  • Address:416 Central Ave, Great Falls, MT 59401, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 406-727-4688
  • Adult entertainment store
  • Lingerie store
Working hours
  • Monday:11am–7pm
  • Tuesday:11am–7pm
  • Wednesday:11am–7pm
  • Thursday:11am–7pm
  • Friday:11am–7pm
  • Saturday:11am–7pm
  • Sunday:Closed
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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