Garland Soccer Association
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Stole our money and refused to return calls and emails. Our son was so excited to play too! Very dissapointed.

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Winters Park does have big and small fields

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Steer clear of the office manager. I tried calling for over 3 months and didnt get a call back. Once someone finally answered I talked to the office manager she would not let me talk and then hung up on me. All I was originally asking for was information on enrolling my son. Terrible customer service and not a place I would give my money too.

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We’ve been part of this league for 4 years. Like most places, there have been some bumps in the road. However, overall I have no complaints. I’ve always been able to reach someone and have received communications when needed.I will complain about the behavior of the parents towards to referees. They are human and sometimes miss some plays. Put yourself in their shoes, would you want to volunteer/work for a league where the parents don’t show you the respect deserved, not just as a referee but as a person?

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I would rate it lower, but sadly I cant. This league is the worst one Ive ever seen. The directors always manage to do things at their own convenience. They have teams in certain age groups and always tend to win when going against other teams when the fouls and calls are clearly wrong. You cant even cheer your team on, or they instantly take it as an insult. And dont even get me started on the refs! You cant even tell/ ask them why it wasnt/ was a foul or they immediately give you a red card and suspend you from assisting any games. And also, do they not keep up with the people they hire?! Its already been two cases of sexually abusing kids from their behalf, thats sad that they feel the need to molest little innocent kids in that way. Honestly THE worst soccer league association ever. I wouldnt recommend you putting your kids in this place. Its garbage & unacceptable. They have seriously ruined the great game of soccer.

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Horrible place to sign your child to play soccer. Staff does not communicate with parents and they don’t answer the phone. My child was signed up well before deadline and birth certificate was confirm that it was received. Never once did I get a call to inform that my child would not be placed on a team. I drive by Saturday and see children playing, I check my email and no email is provided to inform my child will not be in a team. Now, calling to get my refund because I will not be signing her up for this district ever again!!

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Great Association and people.

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Love GSA

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Great teams

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I was hoping to write a review on GSAs FB page, but since the review option was removed, I will post here. I am appalled by how this nonprofit organization is being managed. This is my sons first year to play soccer and it has been a complete disaster and not to mention TOXIC season. I decided to go with GSA since we live close and I played for GSA as a kid. He was assigned to the U6 Hulk Smash team. The Coach was completely unorganized and never showed up to practice. In fact, she asked my husband to be the assistant coach. She would text him last minute with an excuse of why she wasn’t able to attend practice: illness, school exams/test, flat tires, being stuck behind a train, her dad falling, (which was conveniently the same excuse she used back on October 12th, 2017, for not communicating with her then U6 team parents about a game they had the night before, that she FORGOT about, on her team FB page. Are y’all noticing a pattern, yet? unorganized, lack of communication and does not follow through on her commitments) you name it she had a reason. We decided that maybe she was just over committed and extended grace. My husband never complained and enjoyed every minute of coaching. However, the coach’s fear of losing her team came into play and that is when her careless behavior became more irrational, impulsive, unstable and even threatening. So much so that at one of our games she caused a scene and the opposing teams coach wrote a letter to the board himself about her concerning behavior (red flag). We brought up our concerns to the board. Which was honestly a waste of time and energy. The U6 director went as far as to mention that she has a life outside of this, in a tone of annoyance, towards us. I interpreted her response as if our concerns were not important and we were completely wasting her time. Before we met with the director, my husband spoke with the VP, who asked him to have the parents email her letters, regarding our concerns. Of course, since there is a huge lack of communication there the U6 director had no idea about our letters and us talking to the VP. She even tried to condescendingly explain chain of command. Which honestly would be good to know at the beginning of the season in case we have any issues. Not when you are actually dealing with an issue and are in dire need of the board to look into a concerning situation. Long story short, she threatened to have my husband taken off of the roster without reason and she threatened to cancel our boys soccer team for the rest of the season, (she did and said all of this in front of our boys) why, you ask? Because, “she is the coach and she has the right to do that” her words. In the end the board, “read” our letters but did not remove her as coach. My advice to anyone wanting to enroll his or her child in soccer, do not do it with GSA. Avoid this league and association at all cost. There has already been one lawsuit against them for missing funds and allowing a director to stay on the board, who was married to a level 2 sex offender. According to the public documents regarding the lawsuit, the sex offender husband was on the fields and had access to childrens information. This organization is corrupt and should honestly to be shutdown. JUST RUN.

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I registered my son for season of Fall 2017 on 8/11 and paid the fee. Two weeks passed and i had not received any information regarding my sons team placement, I attempted to call and email and no response. I finally received an automated message that their systems had been down and the we would have more information the following week. Again, 2 weeks later i received another email stating that all spot had been filled and my child would not be able to play due to me not providing his birth certificate. I immediately responded with prove that i had indeed provided that information on time and was told there was no records, but if i could provide that information again by that day, which was 9/15 he would be placed on a team. The following Tuesday i emailed for an update.. no response. On Wednesday I called and first of all, the lady that answered was SO RUDE. I explained my situation and she took a couple minutes to look into it and advised my son would not be playing. I advised that someone had guaranteed a spot and that my child not playing was not an option. She went to say how there was nothing she could do in a very rudely matter so i asked to speak to the manager.. turns out she was the president Rachel Beltran. I then threaten to report her to the BBB and she said she could email the coaches to ask who was willing to take an extra player and get back to me. I gave her all day Thursday and Friday afternoon I sent an email again asking for an update. On Saturday 9/23, morning i received an email from her saying she didnt have an update because she had to reach out to the NTTSA to get approval to add a 9th player to a team. I requested to know who she had reached out to so i could contact them as well. Today, 9/29 she still has not responded. I have submitted a complaint to both the BBB and the NTTSA as she is very unorganized and is not willing to take responsibility over the actions of her employees who misinformed me.

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Horrible place to sign your kids up at. Jennifer the lady in the office failed to contact me to let me know my son doesnt have a coach nor bother to email at least a week before the games start. Now we have to get our money back because they cant find a coach. Very said for the kids that were looking up to playing.

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Best place for children to play soccer

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Absolutely horrible experience. Factor in the loss of productivity as a result of dealing GSA you might as well pay for FC Dallas. At least there you will deal with professionals. Do yourself a favor and find another soccer organization for your kids.

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Worst league Ive ever seen. The referees are garbage, the schedules are always messed up, sometimes the directors of certain age groups have teams in those age groups..which isnt really fair. Just absolute trash

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Its alright but they need to work on there reffs

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I have nothing good to say about them...

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Inside needs to be revived

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Not a good very disorganized.

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It sucks

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