Franklin Square Cinema
1303 US-127, Frankfort, KY 40601, United States

Review №1

This theater reminds me of growing up in the 80s and going to the movies with my dad. The popcorn was classic movie popcorn. The staff we super welcoming. The bathrooms were clean. We watched Bill and Ted. It was great and I would not driving from Lexington Ky to use this theater again.

Review №2

Only reason for 4 star is the price of the concession stand items. Otherwise, friendly staff and the establishment is clean.

Review №3

This theater is an absolute treasure! It’s a locally owned small business so I love giving them my money! The concessions and ticket prices cannot be best! I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with the owner and he is so nice and friendly, he truly cares about his customer’s experience! This intimate family theater is so refreshing and I go see movies there whenever I’m in town visiting family.

Review №4

Love going to the movies. Franklin Square has good variety of movies. Has great discount days. Should have better discounts on buying popcorn & drink and have it advertised since the cashier WILL NOT TELL YOU!!!SHOULD HAVE RECLINING/INCLINING SEATS LIKE NEWER CINEMAS... IT WOULD BE WORTH AN EXTRA $1 IF YOU PUT IN THOSE SEATS AND BETTER FOOD CHOICES.

Review №5

Staff was very friendly and responsive! Place was clean, including the bathrooms and theater. Cant beat $5 tickets All Day on Tuesdays. Shared this with other family members and the wife, so this will be one of date nights...

Review №6

1. Old theatre that needs serious updating.2. Went to a 1 p.m. showing on a Friday. Staff was very nice.3. Not a great selection of concession treats/foods.4. Carpet in hallways and like wet dog.5. Seats very, very, uncomfortable.6. Staff had to be told by movie goes to turn up volume.7. Need sugar free options with conversions.Gave a 4 because of the staff.

Review №7

Seats dont lean back but are comfy. Like the free soft drink refills. Wish they had a better frequent buyer rewards program.Closed captioning device had to be reprogrammed as it wouldnt work during beginning of movie.I go there regularly.

Review №8

Its not bad for a small theater. They offer discounts for military veterans and college students. If youre looking for 3D movies, youll have to go somewhere else.

Review №9

The movie theater is a wonderful place for all people to go and relax while watching a movie. While this place has very good sound systems and screens, they could be a lot better. Now Im not saying that I hated the place, Im just saying that it could be better. If u go to a place like cinemark in Lexington then u can really see the difference. The chairs are also a lot more comfortable, I found the popcorn to be a bit stale, and the drink i got was watered down. But it is still a great place

Review №10

Cute, little theater. Reasonable concession prices. My suggestion? Update the place. New paint, carpet and get some stadium seating. I wont be returning for anything I want to see. My son is fine there but not for me. Im short so having to look around people isnt fun. Sorry.

Review №11

This theater would get a four or five star rating if not for the fact that in the two large theaters the sound mix is off. The surround sound is plenty loud enough, but the front speakers which is where all the dialogue in the movie comes from is far too low. If I do not sit in the middle of the theater or closer, I have to strain to hear what the characters are saying. The littler theaters do not have this issue.

Review №12

Theater was clean and the staff was very polite as usual. They had the movie on 10mins ahead of time which worked out great on a holiday!

Review №13

Loke this place. Went to the movies. Saw Frozen 2. Granddaughter loved it. Good popcorn. Brought our own snacks & drinks.

Review №14

Took kids to see Frozen. Staff and police kept having to come in to deal with unruly teens talking loudly to where you couldnt hear the film and were taking flash photography. Every time the staff left it would start immediately again. At one point in time, a staff member stood in the back of the theater and did nothing for the longest time. Flash photography got to the point it looked like a lightning storm inside. Very disappointed. Also, theater on left has a broken speaker making an awful sound at higher volumes. Since staff and police didnt care, did not bother to be a Karen and complain.

Review №15

No answer when you call the number, it isnt the cleanest place, prices arent that reasonable considering the state of the building. Also certain movies arent shown if they are considered controversial even with a normal rating.

Review №16

Its a small theater. I have no complaints. Im happy they show movies that a variety of viewers would enjoy. They have decent family deals at the concession stand and even huge bags of popcorn you can purchase for 10 bucks if you want. There are no recliner seats FYI. Ive been several times and will likely go there again. Theyve recently got a device where you can order tickets at machine when you enter. They have small discount for tickets on Tuesday.

Review №17

Its a nice little theater. The people are friendly. Nothing fancy but the popcorn was fresh and the prices are reasonable. The only big drawback I saw was that you have to line up at one ticket window that is outside to get tickets! On a nice day that may be no issue but it was rainy when we went and there wasnt much to shelter the kids and ourselves from the wind and rain.

Review №18

The biggest downside was the audio system seemed cranked a little bit high beyond that it was great. Nice and clean theater unlike the sticky floors I remember when I was a big movie goer.

Review №19

Prices are very reasonable. Occasionally, there is quite a wait outside to get tickets, hence the deduction of a star. Otherwise, its great. And concessions are well-priced, too. You dont have to sneak in snacks anymore! Haha. And remember with movie theater popcorn, less is more or youll make yourself sick.

Review №20

I like the theater - its always very clean and the staff is nice. But PLEASE do something about people being loud during the movie. I was distracted today by children running up and down the aisles and speaking through the entire show. But its not all on management - parents need to either learn how to control their children or just wait until theyre a little older to bring them to the theater. Its common sense, folks.

Review №21

I love this place so much!

Review №22

Nice theater. Not totally updated or newest amenities, but still worth going to. Prices are fairly cheap.

Review №23

Great place. People are really friendly and the manager is so nice and tries to accommodate everyone. He seems to be a very devoted manager. Always have a great time bringing the family here!

Review №24

Since new management has taken over they have made several changes.There is rarely anyone at the ticket booth now, you go in to pay instead. They have better family deals for popcorn and drinks now, including free refills on both. Was so stoked to see sweet tea at the drink machine during our last visit. All of the staff we have encountered at the concessions in the last few months have not been friendly. I get that it is the holidays, but just a little friendliness goes a long way. Over all we prefer to come here instead of driving to Lex and do like a lot of the changes they have made.

Review №25

Saw Mary Poppins. Movie SUCKED. Movie theatre sucked. Floor was so sticky, everyone was sticking to the floor. Only two employees working. Self serve drinks and buy your tickets at the concession stand. Now I know why I havent been to the Frankfort movie theatres in over 15 years. My suggestion is go to Lexington Fayette Mall Theatre.

Review №26

I am a frequent visitor. The movies are cheap, they offer student discounts, and the theater is clean along with great service

Review №27

Staff was friendly. Decent prices for movie tickets.

Review №28

Great experience went to see It chapter 2 lovely service great people no one talked during the movie!

Review №29

Clean, good price

Review №30

Poorly ran theatre. Had a bus bring in a load of really nasty people that literally ruined the last movie my wife and I went to see that was on its opening day. We got up only a few minutes into the show and ask for a refund. We were not given a refund but were given two passes to see a future movie or the same flick. We decided today to go see a movie, the new Lion King movie and were told that the passes are only good for movies that are two weeks or older. Tried to argue the movie we got the passes for was on opening night and we paid full pop for the tickets. Needless to say we will not ever go back.My advice is go find a real theater with comfortable seats and nice employees.

Review №31

Clean and comfortable. Very cheap.

Review №32

Good clean place t o g e t in a good movie

Review №33

You could have turned up the heat. It was downright chilly.

Review №34

Awesome Staff and good popcorn!! Its NOT a big nice theater (like in Lexington) w plush seat that recline but good prices and super nice people make this my theater of choice

Review №35

Im not picky about where I go to watch my movies, so this theater is a five star because its convenient and close.

Review №36

Great little movie theater, excellent service and prices

Review №37

Just left from seeing Avengers End Game and the movie was great but the theater was so hot that you couldn’t breath and the whole theater smelled like body odor, several people complained about it also. We will NOT be going back to that theater again!! Management needs to do something ASAP!!! Sad you can’t enjoy a movie that you payed to see!!

Review №38

Excellent. Great movie and the popcorn was perfect !

Review №39

Me and my son enjoyed incredibles 2 there with popcorn and drink. Cinema 3 was for us and it was small cozy cinema with perfect movie watching condition, nice. The only thing that they can fix is the seats are not nice for 5 year old as seat going in and out all the time. Anyway! Its still good for 5 stars ;)

Review №40

I love the Cinema. I love popcorn.

Review №41

I took my kids to see Toy Story 4 at the 1:30pm showing. I anticipated having to pay for me, my 9 yr old, my 3yr old, and my 2 yr old, but I also had to pay full price for a ticket for a one week old!!! Flat out ridiculous!!!! Otherwise a nice place and very friendly staff!

Review №42

Had some issues with kids being loud using their phones texting taking pictures. It was very hard to watch the movie. I went out told the manager and I feel he handled it. He also Compted my tickets and give us tickets to see a free movie. That wasnt my goal. But I did apperciate them. I love the popcorn and the cinemas Ive been in are always clean. Im very satisfied with Franklin Cinema. Thank you guys.

Review №43

Best popcorn ever.

Review №44

Great place to watch movies, decent price especially before matinee times.

Review №45

We really enjoy going to the movies there....... the seating to me is great.... I really enjoy the popcorn and large drink.... with the large combo u can get free refills....try it if u live in the area I believe that u will enjoy it too.

Review №46

This used to be one of the best places years ago. Now they have turned several one room seating and screen to two with much smaller screens. One room has the screen so close to the emergency exit door, that when the lights go down for the feature the bottom right side is lit up green form the exit sign. A very large amount of screen. The sign out front doesnt display what movies are playing and the times anymore, now it just gives the number to call. A sad end to the only theater in Frankfort

Review №47

So I had to pay 6 dollars for my 2 month old baby. I am not in it for the money or for pity. My friends and I took had a girls day out and I had to bring the baby with me. I was polite by every time she got fussy I took her out. Unlike times in the past when I have go to the movies and someone brought their baby and it would cry and they wouldnt take it out. I think it is ridiculous that I had to pay for her when she slept through the whole movie. I will not be returning to this theater. The one star I gave was generous

Review №48

Theatre was clean, and the popcorn was good.

Review №49

This theatre has consistently gotten better. I used to avoid this theatre like the plague, however, I legitimately enjoy attending here again.

Review №50

Greatly improved when republic theaters purchased this place. So much cleaner, the new seats are more comfortable, the floors arent sticky anymore. The screens are better quality as are the projectors that have made the movies more detailed. Its nice to finally not have to travel out of town to go see a movie.

Review №51

Decent place, cheap on Tuesday, always clean. Good service

Review №52

Small town feel with $5 Tuesday at the local theater.

Review №53

They are just okay their seats are not easy to sit in for two hours.

Review №54

What a great little cinema.

Review №55

Dont take a chance on this place, because they may not actually be playing what you are coming to see. Spend your money at a real theater. Just drove about 20mi one way to see the last showing of The Nun only to be told that they werent having that showing. Website still has it listed, Fandango was selling tickets for it, and I even tried to call the theater to make sure it was playing before making the drive. Their recorded message just plays an outdated showtime listing and wont let you speak to a human being. Judging from previous Facebook reviews, this is not an isolated incident. Never again.

Review №56

Takes me back to my child hood days at the movies. Older theater but clean and nice place to see moive

Review №57

Very friendly and helpful staff. The food is very reasonably priced and so are the movie tickets! Clean and comfy theatres!

Review №58


Review №59

Clean enough for an older establishment. Granddaughter enjoyed the movie.

Review №60

Popcorn made me and my friends sick. I wouldn’t go to this theater.

Review №61

Love this place!Its a good place to go to see the latest movies with your friends!

Review №62

I like how it says good for kids like someone doesnt get decapitated 15 minutes in lmfao

Review №63

PLEASE PLEASE clean the carpet and floors!!! So nasty....I washed the bottom of my shoes off when I got home.

Review №64

The parking here is extremely bad Ive never seen anything like it. The theater is flat floored very cheap looking. the movie I went to see they had trouble getting the sound going.I would not recommend this place. I would however recommend if you got the money to put up another theater because this one needs to be shut down.

Review №65

Nice clean movie theater enjoyed my movie experience little pricing on possessions but overall good for my area good location food to eat nearby ice cream parlor nearby plenty of parking

Review №66

Tried calling 4 times to check on prices because they don’t have a REAL website posting the information and showtimes but no answer. Surprised this place is getting any good reviews or business period.

Review №67

Small theater, nice that its never very crowded, and cheaper than other locations nearby.

Review №68

Amazing cinema with cheap food. Ive never had a bad experience.

Review №69

Glad this theatre was re-modeled. It was in dire need of improvements. Screens and sound are better along with non-broken seats. Maintained much better as well.Sometimes they run short staffed and you have to purchase tickets at the concession stand and that can cause a bit of a delay. Not that big of a deal if you can plan ahead and get to the showing a little early.It doesnt have all the bells and whistles of larger theatres but it is more than adequate for a town this size.Pricing is very reasonable.

Review №70

Best theater in frankfort

Review №71

They’re always fast and friendly and I love the prices on Tuesday!

Review №72

Always great customer service. Seats are not the most comfy, but the price is right so we deal with it :)

Review №73

Since new management took over the place it has been great ! Staff is friendly and the theaters are alot cleaner ! Take my family all the time now!

Review №74

Wonderful theater. Reasonable prices, comfortable seating, great concessions and a great staff that is always courteous, friendly and helpful. Great place to see a movie !!

Review №75

Its a little outdated but the staff are extremely nice. Good place for a family movie night.

Review №76

Cant beat it for local. Good prices, and good sound, good display.

Review №77

My son goes with his Papaw every time a kid movie comes out. Most movies more than once. He loves the new spiderman lol he is watching it now for the 4th time! Glad they deals on popcorn :) .

Review №78

Love the super tuesdays. Great for the family and 6 theatres for various options. Have been three times this summer.

Review №79

Prices not to bad place is allot cleaner than before

Review №80

Friendly, helpful, theater was quiet; all around a pleasant, and good experience.

Review №81

The main viewing room on the left had a terrible smell and it appeared the air was not on. I asked the employee at the ticket window to turn the air on half way through the movie. It was so bad, we were breathing through our shirt to complete the movie. We will not be back. It smelled like raw sewage.

Review №82

Popcorn and drinks were fine,but service slow

Review №83

Bloodshot was really great

Review №84

Great small town theater!!! Management is overly kind, staff is sweet and friendly. Staff working there have to enforce the rules. So if you bring your baby, you must buy a ticket. Its a rule. No oversize bags, dont bring them in, its another rule!! Most of the staff are young and paying their way through college. Be kind to them!!!

Review №85

Love this place, friendly staff and great value.

Review №86

Friendly and improvements are great. The customer service was top notch as well as very clean. Will be going more often now.

Review №87

Best fountain drinks in town. Popcorn was hot and fresh. Bathrooms were clean and employees friendly and helpful.

Review №88

Nice small cinema

Review №89

We love to come here but new seats please!!

Review №90

Prices are great, popcorn is awesome. Free refills on drinks and popcorn!!! Theater is comfortable and clean. Staff is very nice and friendly

Review №91

It was a good movie

Review №92

Lots of fun! I enjoyed the down to earth environment.

Review №93

I will never recommend this theater to no one, after being treated unfairly by the staff before I could even get inside of the building. I was told I couldn’t bring my purse inside the theater, after placing my purse in my car. I proceed to go inside the building and see others carrying a bag similar to mine. When I asked about a refund the only thing that was told to me is that the lady must have slipped by them. Not once was this lady asked to leave the building to take her purse back to her car like I was. I will not give my money to a theater that treats other unfairly due to the color of my skin.

Review №94

Very clean lovv the food

Review №95

Not a bad theatre at all. Albeit the only theater in Frankfort but the upgrades are definitely appreciated. Decent assortment of snacks and drinks.

Review №96

Good prices BUT if you movie is in theatre 6, just skip it. the sound in theatre 6 is awful. ive brought it up multiple times but its never fixed.

Review №97

Went to go see the new avengars movie. The young men behind the counter concession counter, was great .one femail staff member not to pleasant she was the reason I didnt give all five star rating . The nachos was really delightful. The popcorn was really good as well.

Review №98

Love the movies go here

Review №99

Love going with my daughter. Always a good time. I really dont think the prices are bad either

Review №100

Its leaps and bounds better since its under new ownership! It has digital screening, better Dolby surround sound, and much better seating. Just wish they had more 3D showing, starting to go back there more often.

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  • Address:1303 US-127, Frankfort, KY 40601, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 502-223-2400
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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