Studio Eighty
500 Taylor St, Fort Worth, TX 76102, United States

Review №1

Awesome experience thank you Dr Rock and Jeff along with Frank for your hospitality. Awesome customer service very attentive.

Review №2

They are charging EXTRA on each drink and NOT TELLING YOU WHEN YOU ORDER!!!!!! They called it a suveronior fee of $3.00 PER DRINK. We were not told of this fee UNTIL we received a VERY LARGE BILL!!!!! So not only do you have to pay to get in, you are charged an extra fee for each drink!! I will NOT be going back EVER AGAIN!

Review №3

One of the best nightclubs in the town. Saturday nights are so lit here. 80/90s music and a large vibrant dance floor. Experience is amazing. They have a good bar, separate smoking area and VIP lounge. Worth to check it out.

Review №4

Flashback to great music and all night dancing! Place is packed with fun people! Ready to go back!

Review №5

This place is awesome! I have become a regular here there is no other place like this in the area. But, lately, it has become LOUD here! Its a bit too loud! Bring EARPLUGS if you come here! My ears have developed a permanent ring. It sucks because I hear this ring all the time now. Its hard to sleep with this ringing all the time. Bring earplugs and you will be alright.

Review №6

DO NOT COME HERE. If you do DONT give them your card!

Review №7

A friend drug me to this place. It was awesome! Some people were dressed up in their best 80s outfits and every dance floor was full. If you get sick of one disco neon room you can go to the next.

Review №8

They have really cool and vibrant dance floor.

Review №9

Don’t ever use your debit card!!! They double charged me, the exact same amount. I wish I’d read reviews before I went or I’d have used cash. Don’t make my mistake. Great music and atmosphere!!!!

Review №10

I am shocked that a business that blatantly STEALS their customers money is still open!! My friend and I went here and the lowly bartender gave herself an extra $30 when I had already added a generous tip on a $40 bill!Dont go here (unless you want to get into a place without an ID and pay cash).

Review №11

Server price is higher than walk up to bar. Server walked by 4 times in 25 minutes with out checking to see if anything is needed. Asked for check took another 15 minutes. An it was dead slow. So walk up the bar to get drinks!!! Dont leave tips its over priced!!!!

Review №12

Birthday for Kristi !! Great music, atmosphere, entertainment, some dressed in the 80s. Like going back in time. Great DJ. Love the Tunes.

Review №13

Place is great to get your 80s/90sfix of music great atmosphere... please a big suggestion. You guys should really consider adding a glass door or something to separate both rooms to keep them from overlapping each other with music you can hear both songs blasting af the same time from the little lounge the back

Review №14

After several drink orders the bartender commented that apparently I didnt tip him enough and that it would be the last time he took care of me. I didnt know I was being taken care of. You work for the patrons not the other way around. Be grateful your slow service was tolerated. Im sorry the $200 I spent wasnt enough.

Review №15

My one and only tab was for 150.38 which included a generous tip. And I was overcharged an additional $120. Called several times. No answer or call back. Will NEVER go there again. bunch of stealing crooks.

Review №16

I had been looking for a night club like this for years! I live in the Dallas area, and was in Ft Worth for business. I was having dinner across the street and saw the lights. I thought, Im going in there and having a drink! Well I stayed for hours! Here you can totally nerd out and be goofy and just enjoy the 80s. The bouncers were all very nice and communicated with each other that this was my first time as I was taken to my table. Random people would dance with me and then go to their group.The atmosphere was great and restrooms were clean. I did not leave my credit card open. So no issues there.I will definitely be back.

Review №17

Went there last night good music our waitress was good too. I read all the reviews about dont use your debit card so i took cash. The first 3 rounds for beer and a sunburn drink was 14.00 it is expensive but had a blast

Review №18

Definitely need to use cash. Crooks keep charging my card ! Adding tips never going back!!

Review №19

First of all the owner is psycho. This place is not a place for anyone under 40. And they overcharged my card!!! Completely ripped me off. I’ve contacted my bank but I feel like something needs to be done so this doesn’t keep happening to others.

Review №20

Was in town for a TCA conference, so my fellow co workers and I went out to enjoy the 80s/90s atmosphere this past Friday ..11/15. Had fun, but I bought two beers and was over charged by the lady bartender in the 90s room. She was rude to not only me but two other peers of mine. And she had me put my PIN in on my tab before giving me my receipt. I’ve never had to put in my PIN in at a bar before!! DO NOT GIVE THIS PLACE YOUR DEBIT CARD! Good thing my bank is quick and I was able to dispute the charge. Wish I would have read the reviews prior! For a fun time go to Pete’s Piano Bar, that place was a blast and we had better customer service along with no charge issues!!

Review №21


Review №22

Love the fact that when I made my reservation everything that was promised for my wife’s birthday was excellent and the host and waitstaff was very welcoming and the security guy even walked my wife to the restrooms really loved the customer service if you make a reservation make sure you ask for frank to take care of you he will make it worth it!! He told ya he was the head Barback but dam he made my wife’s birthday unforgettable!! Thank you frank and all studio 80 staff we will def be back maybe this weekend lol

Review №23

I was born in the 80s, so I love 80s music!!! The service and atmosphere are GREAT!!!

Review №24

Never danced so much in my life. Great atmosphere. Great service. Fantastic music!!!! Yay. Thank GOD for a decent local place.

Review №25

I read multiple reviews before going tonight for my parents birthday celebration, so i was aware that there could be a chance that our card could be charged more money than what was on the receipt. A $250 ticket, we tipped $100 IN CASH and you still charged the debit card $100 EXTRA?stop stealing money from people, shady shady business. 10/10 would not recommend.

Review №26

Place is unorganized, managment is beyond terrible, accuse their customers of wrong doing for no reason. Very terrible experience and would recomend other clubs to go too.

Review №27

Love this place and always have a great time

Review №28

My husband and I had a blast last night Best experience here.

Review №29

Awesome bar and Latifa the manager was incredible to work with. Went above and beyond to ensure we had a great time. Thanks Latifa!

Review №30

67 years old celebrating my birthday tonight and was asked to leave for doing absolutely nothing wrong. Good luck to you wont be back!!!!!!! Will tell everyone about my wonderful experience with you. Great management LOL

Review №31

Place is ok.If you middle age and single This is your place. Atmosphere is great. Drinks are expensive. I was in the back bar. The music from the maim bar was drowning out the the music from the back bar. Really kinda sucked. If your 60 and single. This is your place. It’s the breading ground for wrinkle rubbing. If your not single and with you significant other. Go to a quiet place with 2.50 beers.

Review №32

Atmosphere is fun and jovial. I always get free drinks. The music is nostalgic it really takes you back. they have one side of the club the main side it plays only 80s music. The other side is more like the Y2K generation.

Review №33

It was fun. Poor old people want to dance but their hips...

Review №34

Had a good vibe and music diversity. But the waitresses and bar tenders are real shady. I brought cash like the other reviewers had said. Good thing I did. But still waited for $8 of change back ($2 tip was givin for 2 shots) and she took a shot herself and said thank you. One 9f the bars charges $20 for 3 drinks. The other bar charged $18 for the exact same drinks. Best advise, go somewhere else to drink and dance. But only go here for the music.

Review №35

Don’t get me wrong I love the atmosphere, the set up, the lights, and the music in both rooms BUT with that said my experience with the service was unacceptable. My three friends and I went up to the bar, two were getting a beer and me and my bf were getting a glass of water cause we’ve been dancing. We stood there ten minutes and my two friends got there beers then they moved from the bar and two taller men took there place. We’re still standing there to get water but none of the bartenders would give us the time of day. Once one freed up she looked at us then began to ask the men that JUST WALKED UP what they wanted to drink and I yelled at her (cause it’s loud I’m not gonna use my inside voice she wouldn’t hear me) to get her attention to inform her that we’ve been standing here 20 minutes now then she instantly flies off the handle and yells at me with major attitude saying that she was going to make all our drinks “at the same time.” No ma’am you wait on us first. And you don’t give a customer attitude. I assume she thought she was going to get more money from those guys vs me and my bf. I stormed away. Went upstairs where a nice bartender finally gave us our drinks in a nice timely manner. BEWARE OF THE WOMAN WITH THE BIG CURLY 80s HAIR. With that said I’ll probably be back because I love to dance there, will I make sure I’m well hydrated and drunk before I get there YES.

Review №36

Do not give these guys your credit card! They will rip u off! They ran my card said it was declined! So i gave them another one! Next morning found out they ran my first card. Twice then they ran second card once! Been trying to get them on the phone no response! DO NOT GIVE THEM UR CARD GUYS! Charge for 2nd card was $250 plus 75 tip = $325 they stil charge $350! And first card they said was declined $350!

Review №37

Service is terrible. Paid over 3x retail price for a bottle of champagne and it took 45 minutes to get, after having to track down a manager. The bartenders who sold it to me was not helpful at all and, actually rude in her explanation for why I couldn’t be served at the point of purchase.Music was great and fun though.

Review №38

Decided to swing by just to check it out. Tab was $20+ dollars woke up to a $50 charge. Any establishment that charges your card extra just because is trash in my book. Never going back to this old people place.

Review №39

Had my after wedding party there. Had a great time. Then a surprise Birthday party for my wife and all her teacher friends. They had a blast. Thanks

Review №40

My man and I come here almost every Saturday. Fun place, and you can be yourself!! Great staff, and music! ONLY bring cash!! Find parking yourself, dont valet.. Arrive about 10-10:30 to get in free... They charge men at 11.. $10 for men and always free for women.. Its a night club, you might get hit on.. Take it as a compliment! Haha!! Plan on spending $40 for beer and $60-80 for mixed drinks. But always depends how much you want a refill.. almost everyone will be tipsy by 12am.. So if it bothers you if someone accidentally bumps into to you or you get a little drink spilled on you, its not your spot.. Or maybe you might ready for another drink to lighten up a little.. Haha I always have a great time, get in my own world, and dance around like its my last night! Love, Peace, and Be Happy!!!

Review №41

Beware they rip you off on your drinks. Overcharge and do not admit the error. Not customer friendly .

Review №42

Over charged me for a 20$ something up to 50$ on my bank statement. Don’t pay anything at the bar with a card. They are some sneaky SOBs.

Review №43

Had a fun night out with friends. Got to blow off some steam and listen to nostalgic music. What was better was the old music videos that went with each song. Made it a fun experience. Staff was great, drinks were fast and servers were eager to please.

Review №44

The dance floor is always filled with fun people. Be ready to dance the night way!

Review №45

Good music and fun but cannot be trusted with your credit or debit card ...I have been there 4 time and all 4 times they over bill me and hit me with a ton of hold charges that far exceed the actual tab ...CASH ONLY ... if you go here .... tried to call management to get answers and got nothing back ... fun place sad its so shady ...

Review №46

A bit of info, when you go use cash only! They ran my debit card twice and said it was declined, so I paid cash. So now they got my cash and it hit my debit card as well. After reading past reviews, this place shows a trend of taking peoples money by charging people more than once. Disappointed to say the least.

Review №47

Loved it! Looking to reserve a table for bday!

Review №48

Studio 80 has always been great... But our first server, Tiffany was subpar. I would highly recommend just going to the bar and avoiding the wait staff.

Review №49

If you do go here, please pay in CASH! We used our card and ran through 2 extra times for 50.00 each, plus our tab! Not cool to steal, what goes around comes!

Review №50

Really fun club with great music I grew up to.

Review №51

What a blast we had!!! Drinks were good and affordable. Our group had a section in the back club. Our waitress was quick and friendly. I love the mixture of music they play.

Review №52

I had a girl pose as a server who was hanging out & talking to all the employees, so I assumed she worked there. I even physically asked her if she did. No employees told me she didnt. She looked at me & said. I like you, but you need to get your hair done. & I know how much black people hate to hear that. It broke my heart. In fear of starting a scene I immediately left & contacted your bar. & was told by a manager that they werent going to do anything or even make her leave Im not giving you my supervisors number nor the owner, Im not giving you anything. You shouldve said something before you left. So if you go here hopefully there isnt anyone posing as an employee who is going to probably drug you.

Review №53

Rude bartenders and security with little man syndrome.The atmosphere was boring and very creepy.

Review №54

Cover Charge was $10 which i paid with my debit card. Looked at my charges 3 days later and I was charged $12. Shady practice, looks like the lady working the register at the front tipped herself $2. Would love to hear from the owner about this.

Review №55

This place is awesome! Everyone is treated with respect, great atmosphere and the music is wonderful. The new location on Taylor has a large lit up dance floor and there are actually 3 different style bars in the same location. The large area plays lots of 80s but mixes it up a bit to keep it fun. The smaller bar area off to the side plays newer music, still plenty of room to move around. Upstairs they have more of a lounge area for conversation. This is my favorite dance bar in Fort Worth!!!

Review №56

Ask for Jeff murtha tell him Stony sent you. Tell doctor Rock whats up

Review №57

HONESTLY read the bad reviews before coming here because they are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!.Your welcome.

Review №58

Sexist!!!! They charge gentlemen $10 cover but ladies are free.

Review №59

The music is 80s where you can’t dance. Sad! Fire tithe manager.

Review №60

A blast! Get your 80s groove on! Friendly staff and crowd. Decent drink specials if youre not picky. Great music (if you love the 80s!). Only drawback is the pricey valet parking; $10, $20 for VIP! VIP area inside, too, with bought service, but thats not me!

Review №61

Music is too loud.I love the place, but for.thr past few months they have cranked up the tunes too loud.There is no need turn it down a bit. Your running some customers off.

Review №62

Super fun dance club in Fort Worth, but $10 cover for men only kinda stinks. The music and lighting make for fun photos and videos. Check out the mug shot wall.

Review №63

Be aware, this place over charges when paying with credit card, realized when we got home. Never again, I learned the lesson tonight at this place, next time I will pay cash BUT Studio 80 YOU WILL NEVER SEE US AGAIN.

Review №64

Awesome music, great staff. Had a wonderful time :)

Review №65

Great place to party

Review №66

Went here spur of the moment for my birthday; they have an upstairs bar as well as downstairs, a photo prop, it seems to be a little bit of a different vibe upstairs; part of it is more like a lounge, but downstairs, WOW - what sights to see! Just beware that a lot of the crowd seemed to be flirting with people other than the people they were with, maybe they’re swingers; one guy slapped me on the butt HARD, when my husband wasn’t looking! My husband has a government job, so I kept quiet. However, overall me, him, and our friends had a blast and will definitely be back! BUT if that slaps my butt again, I’ll punch him in the f’ng throat!

Review №67

If you like to dance and love the 80s music go here

Review №68

Their new location is HUGE. The main dance floor is spacious, they have a light up disco floor in the back room and a piano bar in the upstairs room. Definitely a step up! Love it!

Review №69

A Jumping Juke Joint.....As one would assume,the Booze was typically pricey and it does gets crowded to the point where you thought you needed to reserve (min $30) a table. In fact, almost if not all of the tables around the Two dance floors were reserved the Saturday night we showed up there. There was no smoking in the main dance area, but just adjacent was another area with a outdoor smoking lounge running a huge hurricane fan to clear the smoke away from the guest. One nice feature is that I dont drink booze and they were nice enough to make me a pot of coffee while my friends and wife made up the difference with the booze.

Review №70

Had a really great time with a small group of friends. Dj was excellent and the atmosphere was fun. Great dance floor!!

Review №71

Horrible experience, got charged $350 twice for a VIP table when the price was $250 last Friday. I have called the club and left messages several Times and no one has returned my call.

Review №72

Be sure to pay with cash when you go here. Went out for my moms birthday and had a few mixed drinks. Was not intoxicated enough to forget paying and tipping. Spent a total of around $50 after tip. Checked my account the next day and was charged $75 and an additional $25 for no reason... Was able to get it fixed through my bank but was very disappointed because we had such a nice time besides the overcharging.

Review №73

This bar will overcharge your card. WATCH OUT AND ONLY USE CASH. We took a picture of our check as we heard this was a common illegal issue at this club, our tab was $250 (we tipped in cash) and as soon as we left the bar $350 was charged to our bank account. We have evidence that this bar will steal your money.

Review №74

I came here for a birthday party. I was skeptical and weary from the bad reviews. We received nothing but 5 star customer service from entry,bartender,and waitress. My husband ordered Jack and Coke and me a margarita. Neither was watered down. We started out in the 80s room then went to the 90s room. Music was great! We went on a Friday night. The 90s room wasnt packed but we did arrive early 8pm and left around 10:30pm. My husband and I are not club people but we had a nice time. Those of you who had bad experiences I would try again,maybe they are under new management but we had a great time with great service.

Review №75

This place is a joke (clearly)

Review №76

I went to attend a friends bday party. I was in there for almost an hour until security pulled me to the side to check my hat and make me take it off (I had already went through security when I first got there and paid). I asked why several others didnt have to remove their hats and they couldnt give me a legit reason besides just take it off. I wasnt rude at all but him and a few other security treated me as if I were a threat, the only reason I can imagine is because my natural hair of skin color. I wish that I would have gotten the name of the security guard. A good experience with a friend turned sour by potential discrimination :/

Review №77

Got charged double and the wrong amount on my card for a table. No return calls from owners or staff. Disappointed!!!! Not a pleasant experience!

Review №78

Best place to have a birthday party. Wide range in ages.. And people actually let loose and dance!P.s There is a PRE-Authorization to every CC tab, to ensure cards dont get declined.. Money not used is returned back to account within 24-48hrs. Thought Id mention that after reading some of the previous comments..

Review №79

So, we were having a good time. A bouncer gave a sitting area because no one showed for the Reservation area by 11. It was great... then another bouncer comes and says sorry you have to pay $250 to sit here. After we had been here and hour. What the! Talk about ruining the mood.

Review №80

The venue itself is cool but the dress code is stupid. Dont wear a hat if youre a girl unless you want to be constantly harassed by employees to remove it but if you want to be a creepy dude wearing a Lycra leisure suit then thats fine.

Review №81

The club is fun and its a lot of fun if you are out with a group celebrating something. With that said, the drink prices are insanely high. Paid as much as I would in LA or NY but without the same environment. Pay cash to see just how much you are being charged. 2 shots that cost $14 normally were $24. Still a lot of fun to go to but prob the most expensive place in town.

Review №82

It is one of my favorite places to go. Love the music, energy and atmosphere. It is a bit small, but that gives it its charm.

Review №83

I get that it’s a club and they’re typically loud, but tonight it was extraordinarily loud. So uncomfortable I left within 15 minutes.

Review №84

Thursday night was such a ghost town that it wasn’t even worth walking in :/

Review №85

I loved this bat until a waitress told me being a college student wasnt an excuse to tip 18% I mean really how dare you after I spent all my money come back and ask for a better tip. I get it we all need money but damn I really had only 80 bucks in my account how dare you ask me to only leave 5 bucks in my account...

Review №86

Great place to go to if youre an 80s kid and you want to stay out of the younger bars. It is small, so make sure to get there early and make a reservation if you can. The hookah lounge in the back is very nice, you can still hear the music quite well, but its toned down just enough that you can have a conversation.

Review №87

Absolutely horrible place and very ride people. Would never go there again.

Review №88

Was there last night. Bought a shot and 2 beers. Was 18.50 paid with card and left Tip in cash. I look at my charged and they are charging flat out 20. After leaving tip in cash. WOW!!!... ITS ONLY 1.5. but to do it without my consent!? Just wrong. Yall please watch out for those tips. DEFINITELY OVERPRICED DRINKS. Go to the library first to get your drinks then hop on to Studio 80 once your good. Thanks.

Review №89

Not a huge fan. They take your hat at the door. This is Texas people A lot of us wear baseball caps.

Review №90

Ordered drinks, twice for my lady from two different hostesses. Nether one, returned. We left early and dry. I couldnt get up and leave my lady friend, for fear I might return and she might be on tg6e floor with anouther man. So I never went to the bar. Beside we had 4 drinks coming. That never came!

Review №91

Very fun and classy peps kind of bar much fun

Review №92

Bartenders take advantage of what you tip if you pay with card they add themselves a extra tip no wonder that place was dead on a Thursday.

Review №93

This is a fun spot to go for eighties dance music. Fun downtown club for all ages. Three different bars within the club.

Review №94

Music was good. They try to rip you off on drinks. Several times we went to get a beer at the bar and the bartender acted like they opened it but poured out half so yoI would come back quicker. Brought it to their attention once then spied and caught them doing it again.

Review №95

New location is awesome. Staff is totally awesome. In love with the retro pop, new wave, and synth pop jams they play.

Review №96

Greatest 80s club EVER! From the HUGE dance floor, 90s Lounge, bars everywhere, and big screen showing the 80s videos, absolutely an awesome time, EVERY time!

Review №97

We went on a Saturday night and we had an amazing time! Music was great and we danced like it was 1989! Fun!

Review №98

I bought two drinks and my total was $14.50 but my bank showes $20.50 . Do not use your credit card here Or work with Kelley R. If you do check your receipt throughly . Never going here again for sure!

Review №99

If people saying that they get robbed with the tab charging extra is beacause its TRUE, wont even pass by just by reading all the comments

Review №100

Good place, great music but everybody has drinks in hand on the Dance Floor, spilling it everywhere. Plan to get wet and probably slip on the Dance Floor... very dangerous.

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3.5 Rating
  • Address:500 Taylor St, Fort Worth, TX 76102, United States
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  • Phone:+1 817-332-4833
  • Night club
Working hours
  • Monday:7pm–2am
  • Tuesday:7pm–2am
  • Wednesday:7pm–2am
  • Thursday:7pm–2am
  • Friday:Closed
  • Saturday:Closed
  • Sunday:Closed
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great beer selection:Yes
  • Great cocktails:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Dancing:Yes
  • Spirits:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
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