AMC CLASSIC Jefferson Point 18
4250 W Jefferson Blvd, Fort Wayne, IN 46804, United States

Review №1

Coming here was thrilling. The place was clean and there staff friendly. Its amazing to me how huge it felt to be sitting in a theater again. My heart was skipping to be here again. Thank you for trying to keep this ray of light shining! I hope to visit again soon.

Review №2

Disappointed in our recent experience. Screen was only 75% with black bars the entire time (see photo). Napkins were literally Kleenex. Staff was friendly and theater was very clean. But with better options in the area offering reserved seating, well probably pay more and go elsewhere next time.

Review №3

This is by far our fave movie theatre to go to when we watch movies! We recently watched the movie ‘New Mutants’ & it was awesome! We are big time movie fans, but this place just looks after us & ensures we are happy! They also have lots of bathroom stalls & a very clean restroom too which is a big deal! They also offer what’s called AMC Premier whereas you only pay $15 a year to get in the front of any line & your tickets & all your food purchases all count as points which earn you money to use towards future purchases, plus they give you nice birthday deals & automatically upsize your drink! So it’s so worth it!

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Review №5

I like the price of tickets, nice place.

Review №6

For the love of God upgrade those seats. I felt like I was at the dollar theater. Covid was great time to do a renovation. Regal it is.. 10x more comfortable.

Review №7

Good food, drinks, and movies, but bad service and rude employees. Always dirty. Tickets cost almost a FORTUNE!

Review №8

Sound way to loud. Its WAY LOUDER then it needs to be. I had a head ache after every movie I have seen at Jefferson AMC. Been to other theaters in Fort Wayne and didnt get a head ache. If you go take ear plugs.

Review №9

Felt completely safe. Very clean and great customer service.

Review №10

I always have a good time here, even with Covid19 rules. I was very happy with the cost of 2 large drinks and a large popcorn (I usually dont even eat popcorn). The restroom was clean, everybody is so nice. So spacious wirh seating (even more with Covid19). Cant wait for my next visit.

Review №11

Polite employees, clean bathroom, relatively comfy seating (not the new-age recliner seats, but the old school fold seats), and good movie times.

Review №12

Doing well since re opening because of Covid . Wasnt happy that I couldnt get refills, but managed. Movie was good

Review №13

It is a awesome place to work for and to go to so thank you...

Review №14

Staff very friendly and helpful! Popcorn salt is readily available in small containers love that lol! The theater itself is always clean restrooms and all!!!!

Review №15

Clean. IMAX had tons of seats between us and others. Excellent audio

Review №16

We went to see Midway. (Really good movie by the way.) Our experience at AMC was good. They had two or three ticket counters open and short lines at the concession. The theater was just the right temperature and not too crowded. The sound was great and we had a really good experience.

Review №17

The AMC theater is always a fun place to go whenever what youre up with your friends family and just people that you want to be around good place to watch movies. the only major complaint if any would be the maintenance keeping clean and making sure the customers happy and if theyre having a good time.

Review №18

We love this place. Tuesdays are family outing nights and we come here to enjoy a new movie. The place is always clean and the staff friendly.

Review №19

Went to see Emma with my daughter. Early shows are nice because they are not crowded. The movie was just marvelous. They do have a senior discount on tickets, but no military/veteran discount.

Review №20

Went to Little Women with friends. Very good movie, but because of miscommunication with these friends I ended up with 2 extra tickets we didnt use. Management was very gracious in refunding my money. Very kind of them!

Review №21

Always a goodtime when there are decent movies to watch.Would like to see them mix it up with some hard to find classics more often.Wheres the bar?

Review №22

Love going here to watch the movie such a clean and friendly place to have family time or just fun hanging out with your friends. So nice go somewhere and catch a matinee for a reasonable price.

Review №23

Really nice theater, watched a movie in IMAX, GREAT seating for that theater. Great food and drink options and I love that AMC theaters let you put your own butter on your popcorn!

Review №24

If you go to see Star Wars in IMAX 3D better ask the person passing out the 3D glasses to make sure they give you the correct ones. I kept wondering why the 3D effect wasnt very good and actually blurry at times. When I finally spoke to the manager he indicated they had given me the wrong type of 3D glasses. He did give me 2 passes for another movie which helps make up for the error!

Review №25

I visited this theater for the first time in probably a half year and it was a much worse experience. They had two kiosks open to buy tickets or the concession line. Both lines were long and I choose to wait for the kiosk. The manager came out to see why the lone was so long and replaced the paper in one of the kiosks and then left. He didnt check to make sure ot was working, which it wasnt and the other kiosk froze so everyone had to use the concession line. Total wait time to buy a ticket was over a half hour and we missed the first few minutes of the movie. The bathrooms were pretty dirty - from several days of not thoroughly cleaning not just one busy day and there was popcorn all over the floor all down the hall. I wont be returning for a while.

Review №26

The place is always clean and the service is consistent. The prices are too dang high for food. Maybe lower them and more people might come. I always ask for water and they give me a tiny cup. Whatever. The quality of the movies shown is always consistent, so i keep going for that.

Review №27

The theater seating is fine, but they over charge for other things. An example, bottle water was $4.95. Popcorn was over priced also. The mens room floor was wet. It looked like a urinal overfilled onto the floor. The floor was wet in front of all of them.

Review №28

Great people and prices. They even have a bar.

Review №29

Management and workers give A+ service!

Review №30

Ive gone twice during the middle of the week and have been disappointed both times. Both times, Ive had to leave the movie to ask the staff to dim the lights. Both times Ive gone to the concession to be barely greeted by teenagers who seem uninterested in being there at all, and who arent aware of their inventory, and who do not empty trashcans and wipe down counters in their spare time, but instead stand around talking and goofing off.I also think that the signage is not conducive to people who remember theaters that had actual ticket locations, and signs above the bathroom doors. An elderly woman was very bewildered about where she should buy her tickets (there was no sign telling her to proceed to the concession stand), and a mother walked aimlessly around looking for bathrooms, because there arent any signs sticking out to let people know where they are. I also feel that the theater isnt very clean. It could do with a good remodel, good supervision, and better training of the staff.

Review №31

Saw Malificient 2. The seats in this theatre are tilted forward and very hard. I have had much more comfortable seats in old theatres. Clean, safe. Popcorn was outrageously expensive. Fail

Review №32

The site sd they had a movie showing at a certain time. Get there and stand for over 10 mins while teens goof off and play around (they were workers). Then get told no. They arent showing that movie. Yet again its on the site that they are. So we went to Regal. They have reclining seating anyway. Id rather pay the higher prices for better accommodations and actual employees that work.

Review №33

Theater is generally good but man it needs some TLC, finishes in here are the same as they were when it was still Rave many years ago.

Review №34

Excellent. Great food choices & you can walk around the mall while you wait for movies to start.

Review №35

Best theater experience in Fort Wayne. True stadium seating and impressive projectors and sound.

Review №36

Old, old seats. Totally had to move twice before I found one that was comfortable enough to sit in for awhile. ‘Ran out’ of regular popcorn buckets, right.

Review №37

Its okay. Just...okay. It feels like the movie threatres I used to go to in high school. And for a matinee, that suits me just fine. But if I was paying big money? Id go to the type of theatre with recliners and a bar.EDIT: Knocked a star off thanks to my most recent experience there. They didnt turn the lights down for the first 30+ minutes of the movie. Thats worse than just okay. We wont be back.

Review №38

Good. Dont stand outside when its cold. They have a machine that you can purchase tickets inside.

Review №39

Bird like fude. Tasye good. Myaaaaa

Review №40

Great experience! Paid for the tickets and reserved my seats online. So easy! IMAX was a great experience!

Review №41

The prices for food is high as you would expect from a movie theater, but everything else is excellent. I like that they added the security officers since they put the bar in.

Review №42

Love this theater! Multiple screens, roomy seating with arms that fold up on the chairs, my grandaughter could lean on me while she watched the movie . Inside bar, modern interior. Tickets werent bad snacks are expensive (typical)

Review №43

Ive never had a bad experience at this theater; staff are fast & accurate with food orders and always friendly.

Review №44

Good theater! Lots of screens and they have full meals u can buy. Just make sure u come early its busy busy.

Review №45

I had a lot of fun. They do have some pretty late showings if youre interested in Friday or Saturday nights. The theater want crowded I was there, so over all a great time

Review №46

So glad to be back at the movies!

Review №47

Adequate seats, great soda machines, lots of movies. Be sure to rummage an old cup out of the rash, wash it off in the bathroom, grab a new straw and Presto Free Drink!

Review №48

The worst theater Ive been too. The employees were nice but the movie goers were loud and rude. Cops had to have a talk with a few of them.

Review №49

I always love coming to this theater. I used to go all the time when it used to be Carmike, I was part of the 501st and did all the events they had there, even went as Deadpool to the premiere. Love the parties they have when premiering big movies, they always had a DJ and lots of fun. Haven’t been in a while because life, but I loved it when I went, never had any issues, no technical problems or anything in the theaters! And staff was always awesome and had tons of fun.

Review №50

Great... Went there with a date... Good food.. Good service ... But I wouldve choose Chinese lol

Review №51

Nice and clean and cheap prices on the weekends I wish they would upgrade the chairs like at Coldwater Crossing but still a great place to catch a film.

Review №52

Always loved their popcorn!!Well, we watched Terminator and few people were there on a Sunday. Liked the movie.

Review №53

We saw Frozen 2 on New Years Day and it was PACKEd. Line to concessions was SOOOOO long, but employees did a fabulous job of getting us on our way quickly!

Review №54

Horrible, horrible, horrible! The IMAX is whack! Omg so disappointed

Review №55

Over priced. Not worth the price if you go after 6pm. The matinees are only 5.99.Concessions are ridiculous. We buy the annual bucket of popcorn and pay 4.99 for the refill.The theatres are always kinds dirty with popcorn all over the floor and the seats look stained.

Review №56

I live about 5 minutes from my towns local theater but I always make sure to drive 45 minutes to Fort Wayne Jefferson Point AMC. Not only because Im and AMC Stubs A-List member but because this theater just rocks ! So clean, awesome popcorn, good drink selection. IMAX showings, and flexible show times whether you want a late or early screening. I really wish this theater was in my town. Id probably live there !

Review №57

This place is always clean. There are never lines to the bathroom before or after a movies either

Review №58

Pretty good for a movie place. Kinda get that old school theatre vibe being inside Jefferson Point.

Review №59

Date night fun! A good place to be@

Review №60

Place was nearly empty on a nice early Saturday evening...should tell you something. Paid $15 for a large drink and a medium size stale popcorn.

Review №61

I didnt watch a movie there because they have not received there update either to the recline seats. Which is awesome.

Review №62

Comfortable seating. Clean theater and restroom. It was a bit chilly for me. IMAX was not worth the extra cost in my opinion. Not much different than digital. The theater was quiet while the movie was running. It was a pleasant outing.

Review №63

Theater is at a great location but needs a little updating and bathrooms need more attention.

Review №64

IMAX theater was great. The floor could be a little cleaner though.

Review №65

Management doesnt seem to prioritize keeping it nice. Ticket line was almost to the door (which you also had to stand in to buy popcorn). Luckily my seat wasnt broken this time though. It should probably just give up and be a discount theatre, since its partly there already.

Review №66

Small seats, dirty. Decent screens but blown out sound. Needs updates like self selected seats, recliners, better sound.

Review №67

Great experience, on complaint is the seats could have been abit more cushioned

Review №68

Nice place! Good staff.

Review №69

Fire alarm went off during my movie and we had to leave the theater. An employee never came out and explained what happened and we were never offered replacement tickets.

Review №70

Clean bathrooms. Good matinee prices. Comfy chairs. Nice staff.

Review №71

By far our best theatre in Ft. Wayne. They reclining seats make for the best experience around. Selection of shows rotates frequently for movie buffs, plenty of variety at concessions to make kids and grown ups happy - my favorite is the vanilla crown royal slushie.

Review №72

They are always nice and friendly whenever I come here to watch movies with my family.

Review №73

This place is terrible. Falling apart. Bathrooms are disgusting. No paper towels. Movies always start late. Just saw Rise of Skywalker. 3:45 movie. Started late. 25 mins of previews. The movie really didnt start until 4:15. This is unacceptable. No wonder I hate going to the movies these days. If you really need to see a movie do yourself a favor and go to Regal.

Review №74

Friendly, family atmosphere that serves over priced alcoholic beverages. Win / sorta win situation

Review №75

Theater and bathroom is dirty and outdated. Regal on Coldwater is much nicer and has reclining seats

Review №76

Lots of seats + good people = return visits

Review №77

Just moved here and extremely disappointed. All the other AMC Ive been to have leather reclining seats. I was surprised they dont have them at least here in IMAX theater. Im afraid to touch anything in restroom. Old falling apart! I asked if they will ever update. Was told not for another 3 years. Very disappointing!

Review №78

Fantastically quick concessions stand employees and so kind!

Review №79

One of the nastiest theaters I have ever been to. Use to be nice but now it has a strange odor, saw a staff walk past trash just laying on the floor, bathroom was horrendous, stuff all over the floors, and just down right nasty. Take care of your building better!!! Never again will we go there.

Review №80

Fun, fun, fun!! I love that the seats rocks!! Or that you can lean back! And its a major plus that that have a little bar inside!!

Review №81

Guy wasnt there to rip our tickets and the movie itself was blasting. Literally shaking the room.

Review №82

I would like to see better seats, the sound was great.

Review №83

Will always love coming here to watch new movies. Drink machines were down here and there but other then that still the best theater on the southwest side of Fort Wayne.

Review №84

A great theater. Assigned seating. Huge bathrooms so rarely a line. There are drinking fountains by the bathrooms too. We typically come here for the imax. Last time we sat near the front. Imax does Not have reclining seats so front rows sucked. We were the first row from behind the walking isle. I recommend staying near the back for a good view.

Review №85

Friendly staff ready to serve. Clean facility and fairly comfortable seating. My sons live going to the movies and typically this is our go to.

Review №86

You have to wait outside to purchase your ticket so its not a good one to go too when its cold out

Review №87

Employees are congenial and seats comfortable, but need to wear heavy socks in this weather as tempiture in theater rather chilly. Needed to go down and tell them to turn onthe sound.

Review №88

This theater is becoming very dirty and staff doesnt seem to care to clean it up. I didnt appreciate the young girl at the concession stand rudely asking me for my ID as if Im not old enough to watch a R rated movie... I easily have 10+ years on the girl.. Ive never been IDd for a movie before.. The seats are disgusting and stained brown.. Had to turn on my flashlight before sitting and then noticed the dirty seats and floors.. Clean it up please

Review №89

Good popcorn ànd nice venue.

Review №90

The theater seats are wonderful the movie was great and I always enjoy being there

Review №91

ITS TIME FOR NEW SEATS. I actually really like this theater. It is the only IMAX screen in Fort Wayne. I have only had 1 bad experience in almost 20 years. The seats are my only complaint. Its not just cosmetic. It seems that nearly half of my visits recently I have gotten a seat thats broken, as if Im sitting on the side of a hill and Im constantly sliding forward.

Review №92

AMC is really changing. The prices are outrageous and the seating is dirty. Some of the staff is rude and dont know the right from the left. I came here and buy popcorn to take home as I do almost every week. And the girl taking tickets was rude to me. Finally I asked to speak with a manager and no one was available.

Review №93

We love going there! Very clean!

Review №94

I just watched Avengers: Endgame in 3D here. It was good. My only complaint is the person taking the tickets didnt hand out 3D glasses to me when she took my ticket.

Review №95

Clean, but dated. Decent and affordable.

Review №96

If this theater wants to stay in business, itll need to get a serious face lift. The seats are still the same from when it was The Rave and are degrading. Even the lights in the theater still say Rave. Better seats and better cleaning is required to bring AMC back to its competitors in Fort Wayne, such as Regal. At this point, just go drive to other side of town and get literally better seats that recline and are cleaned regularly.

Review №97

Go here to watch movies a lot, great place.

Review №98

Comfortable seating. Was not crowded when we went.

Review №99

Yeah who doesn’t like going to the movies between 12 and 4 with no one there for less then $7 ...that’s nice.

Review №100

Place was great and has a nice bar in the entrance. You can sit there and have a drink before the movie and then take your drink with you. The bartender was very friendly!

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  • Address:4250 W Jefferson Blvd, Fort Wayne, IN 46804, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 260-432-2647
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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