AMC CLASSIC Fort Smith 14
5716 Towson Ave, Fort Smith, AR 72901, United States

Review №1

Good movies nice place and cheap

Review №2

Love the movies. Could use updated seats maybe IMAX as well. But love the movies

Review №3

Just saw Tenet at AMC Fort Smith. I checked their Covid19 policies before I left. No where in their policies is it listed that they leave the lights on full, the entire movie,so they can monitor mask wearing. If I had known I would not have gone. I will not be back until things are back to normal.

Review №4

Well..not sure about now since the virus. But back in my day.. lol. We used to watch movies at these places called theaters!!:):) Where u was close to noisy people and everyone was rude haha. But it was great time. And popcorn. Omg. Loved paying 30$ for popcorn and a drink!!!

Review №5

Very nice. Have very good amenities. Events are held regularly.

Review №6

Went to see Mr. Rogers with my adult sisters; a great thought provoking movie on how we chose to act toward one another, 5 stars for the movie. Wish we could bring a modern day Mr. Rogers back to TV! Tom Hanks was great, he always picks unique characters to portray. As far as the theater, its an older building, parking lot is in bad shape, and I was appalled at the price of popcorn. But you are not committed to buying snacks.

Review №7

This is the best movie theater to go to in Fort Smith. It has been immensely improved ever since it has been converted to an AMC Theater. They always have the most current movies playing, the theaters are relatively nice. They also make the best popcorn in my opinions. But the best part about this place is the price. They are much cheaper than the competing movie theaters in Fort Smith.

Review №8

I give it three stars only because of the lack of cleanliness thats in the viewing room. The steps had little bits of what looked like pop corn strewn throughout. Especially grody was when we saw underneath the folding seats where theres years of fallen candy, popcorn and dirt from viewers shoes picked up from goodness know where. Otherwise, the staff were quick and courteous and the seats themselves were comfortable, but dated. The screen was clean and clear, which made viewing easy and fun. Id still go there if I needed to, but please clean your floors!

Review №9

This visit took AMCs rating to the bottom. Went to see The Hunt. Awesome movie. I missed 2 parts because I had to leave the movie to complain about a group sitting in the back taking pics and being loud. I never saw a manager come into the theater to address the issue. I said something to the group and shortly after they left. When I spoke to me manager Daniel his take was I should be happy they left. He took no responsibility as the manager in acknowledging that he or another manager should have directly handled the issue instead of letting it play out to its conclusion. Very disappointed in the way it was handled. Does not make a person feel completely safe at the theater.

Review №10

My favorite theater in Fort Smith, been going here for years

Review №11

AMC theaters is a decent spot. Movies before 4 are always $4 a ticket. Seating is ok, lots of screens and movie times. I would definitely recommend the refill bucket if you plan on a lot of movie outings in your future, definitely worth the purchase.

Review №12

We went on a Monday to see frozen 2 and it was wonderful. The people that work there are very nice, wonderful customer service. I ask a lot of questions and I am very indecisive so I know it can get annoying but they didnt.

Review №13

Visited on a Sunday... Movie started 15 minutes late. Bathrooms at both ends were closed. Theatre appeared clean. Sound was good. Picture was good. Popcorn was great. Great soda machine for a huge variety of soda combinations. Management needs to step it up a bit.

Review №14

Better prices and smaller crowds--not as lucrative for them, but a better experience for moviegoers! Clean and very comfortable seats. If you see a lot of movies, their premium rewards program is a great value. If you just see a few each year, sign up for their free program and score a free popcorn in your birthday month!

Review №15

I am personally partial to the other (unnamed) big theater in town, but the AMC is an extremely strong contender. Their staff are super friendly, the prices are decent, and the theaters themselves are solid.If you like popcorn, they have a yearlong deal where you get a special bucket and get massive discounts on refills through the year. On top of that, they have $5 ticket Tuesdays which are great.The seating is good, they keep things clean, and, courtesy of the improvements they have consistently made overall since it opened, I really expect this to become my go to theater before long.

Review №16

This theatre was aging but that’s OK. I’ve been taking GF on dates here for 20 years. It’s in a part of town that isn’t really doing so well and it anchors an otherwise unappealing stretch of Fort Smith. But it’s a great place to catch a movie. Also the company lowered prices to get the community back in there. They have really cleaned the place up. Facilities are more modern and it’s safe and comfortable to view a movie here anytime, day or night.

Review №17

Its a nice little cinema. Its an older building, previously a Carmike, now AMC. They didnt change much, but its clean, and shows current movies. Plus AMC has the best matinee prices around.

Review №18

Very clean and fun to go watch movies

Review №19

For everything from customer service to amenities I would give AMC classic theater five stars, but we were in theater to last evening and the audio was so loud that it literally hurt my eardrums. When my nephew and I attended a movie several years ago MA audio was too loud, his eardrums began to bleed. Exposing people to extraordinary decibels of noise causes deafness. You dont have to scream at people to get them to understand and sense what is going on on the screen. I suggest you turn your volume down a notch or two, because someone is maysue you if you dont.

Review №20

Much better since the improvements. The feel phones and taking these days just ruins it for me. And then theres the prices.

Review №21

Been going here for years over the local Malco. Employees seem more engaged and the prices are spot on. Never had an issue or something that couldnt be resolved. Hope they are able to do a renovation in the coming years, but if not, Ill still go.

Review №22

While the movie tickets cost less that the other theatre in town the snack and drink prices are higher. But I do like the get your own drink machines. It is the best theatre in town.

Review №23

It was my first time at this theater. I found that the theater was very clean. The people were nice. Pricing wasnt too bad for a person on a budget. I also enjoyed that fact that I didnt have to wait in the concession stand line to get a refill on my soda. The popcorn plastics buckets are a nice deal if you go to the movies in a regular basis.

Review №24

What a great change for movie consumers in Fort Smith! The changes that have been made with this theater after the buyout, are extremely welcome and hopefully challenging to the other theater in town. The prices are certainly much more reasonable and the theater experience overall much more enjoyable. The staff is friendly and not rude. The rewards program is great for those frequent movie goers who enjoy a little refreshments while watching their movie of choice. I dont usually write reviews but feel a need to this time as I was so pleasantly surprised and once again excited to watch movies on the BIG screen without sticking to the floors or breaking the bank as at other theaters in town. Thanks so much for treating your new patrons fairly. We will be back over and over!!!

Review №25

Good place to catch a show. Good staff. Id give five stars if they would have the carpet steam cleaned to help the smell

Review №26

Awesome crew, service, clean theatre, great sound, great picture. Very lucky to have the theater on this side of town. We try to frequent the establishment to keep it on this side of town. Thanks for all the great times and memories made.

Review №27

Great for matinee! Not very crowded and great for a date day!

Review №28

This is the only movie theater I go to anymore. I used to go to the other movie theater in town, but it got too expensive. So I started going here. The staff is amazing and friendly. A bonus is that unless there is a big movie release (ex: Avengers: Endgame), this movie theater is almost never packed for one movie. The prices are also cheaper here for both tickets and food.

Review №29

Favorite movie theater in ft smith! Never disappointed.

Review №30

Went on Tuesday evening and shared the theatre with only two other couples.Place was clean, cool and comfortable. Popcorn was good. Could not ask for much more.

Review №31

Would have given five stars, staff was friendly snack line moved quickly, but the bathrooms were filthy. Only open for 2 hrs shouldnt have been so bad.

Review №32

It has decent prices and is definitely fun to take the family too .

Review №33

Went and seen gemini man and it was amazing... Good customer service and amazing sound/visuals.

Review №34

I enjoy this theater, but the seats could use a little update and the restrooms need a full gut and makeover. stalls have missing doors and no locks

Review №35

Cheap tickets! Snacks are outrageous, of course, and its a bit run down, but still a decent experience.

Review №36

Great staff! Colton is super helpful!

Review №37

Decent enough theater. They dont play as many movies as the Malco. Pricing is standard but if you get the Stub Premiere membership, it does help cut down on the price on concessions from time to time. The theaters are clean and the chairs are soft and comfortable enough. One of the things I like most is the soda machine. The lobby has two Coca-cola Freestyle machines, an Icee machine, and self serve butter that you can use. It also has a few video games and crane games.

Review №38

Big screen. Nice. Clean. Pizza. Hot dogs. Lots of good stuff. The only problem is Everytime I call even when I press 0 to speak to someone no one answers and there are things that the app and the website cant answer Ive called 3 days in a row with one question and I have no idea who to ask I live to far away to just drive there and ask also posting opening times would be great to

Review №39

My children love it. I think the drinks are priced way too expensive.

Review №40

The staff was friendly and efficient. The theater was clean and not as cold as some that Ive been to.

Review №41

The printer didnt work correctly so we didnt have our tickets to get in and had to get the girl that tried to print them to tell the other person to let us in. Both soda machines were out Coke and one was out of Mr. Pibb. The Icee machine was not working at all. The popcorn was way too salty. Overall, a disappointment.

Review №42

Good theater. Need seating upgrade

Review №43

Don’t order online for any movie this place is never packed and will never run out of seats. They charged me 3.75 for every movie you order online.

Review №44

Great place to take the family and get a great price on tickets.

Review №45

Very friendly and helpful staff. Great theater.

Review №46

Needs an update I think but great movies

Review №47

I took my two toddlers for a 6:40 showing of Ralph Breaks the Internet, and we were blown away with the customer service! The attendants were all young college/high school kids and they were fantastic, super polite and courteous. The theater itself is laid out well, great snack bar, VERY clean (restrooms were spotless!) and ample parking. We’ll definitely be back!! Oh and the kids packs were a stroke of genius, set up almost like a happy meal box, the boxes held their popcorn, candy and drinks and closed at the top. Not like those flimsy flat cardboard contraptions that don’t hold jack!

Review №48

They dont clean things went to 3 movies on 3 different days, and the bathroom have the same dirt. and carpet is filthy and the door are black from people hands I hope they start to clean up before we all stop going to the movies

Review №49

The place is clean and has easy access.the staff are great.

Review №50

The place was clean and well maintained, ticket prices were good too.

Review №51

One word......DISAPOINTING. The reason is its an AMC and was very unkept for whatever reason and I will be also posting on AMCs site.

Review №52

This was my first time visiting this theater. I really enjoyed it. I took my 9 year old daughter to see Captain Marvel. The theater is very clean. The tickets were $3.99 for an adult and $3.99 for a child. This was on a Monday and the movie started at 12:45pm. It cost $22 total for the 2 tickets, a large drink, and a regular popcorn. The drinks and popcorn were expensive here but all movie theaters have overpriced food and drinks. My daughter had fun. This theater is very close to my home. I will go here again.

Review №53

I really liked the way the theater was decorated and designed. Its unique to a theater and is a nice subtlety as you stroll to your theater.

Review №54

Food was high but theaters was nice and cold will be back

Review №55

The employees I dealt with tonight were all friendly and helpful. Seats were good; I liked the armrests that raise up, and the theater wasnt too hot or cold. We ordered Slurpees and popcorn; no complaints on those. Overall, my family and I were entertained without distraction, which is great.

Review №56

Great prices on tickets, but popcorn and drink was high like always; and there was insulation hanging from the ceiling tiles in the theater.

Review №57

Worst theater in town. Poor service and broken down seats. The theater was so hot we are sweating. After 30 minutes of stifling heat, I went up to the front, missing some of the movie and asked those kids to turn down the heat. They said is as cold earlier so they turned up the heat. They said they would turn down the heat, but never did. This ruined our movie experience. There doesnt seem to be any adult supervision there AT ALL. The staff seem to be not very smart. The place is OLD and dirty. I will not be back!

Review №58

I love amc its a good place to watch movies

Review №59

Ticket prices are reasonable and nice facilities. Snacks are a lil pricey but over all very good place.

Review №60

Cheaper option for movies when you don’t want to break the bank just to see a movie

Review №61

Wonderful movie house with self serve butter bar for my popcorn

Review №62

Nice place and cheap. Friendly service

Review №63

The movie was good, but the seats are very uncomfortable. We have been happy with AMC theaters in the past with reclining seats. This one doesnt have them. However, tickets were fairly cheap, so I guess you get what you pay for.

Review №64

Nice stadium seating. Has concession stand available. Handicap parking, and seating available. Restrooms available. Free large paved parking area. Great sound.

Review №65

-1 star but no fault of the local theater. They desperately need to update the look and feel of this theater. Its very-80s decor needs to go and I think that has more to do with AMC. Prices are lower and employees seem friendlier under the new name but its just old looking. I prefer here over the Malco because parking is closer, pricing is better, seats are generally more comfortable (armrests are more out of the way so you can snuggle) although dingy looking and the AMC rewards program.

Review №66

Best price in town! Theater is nice and clean, they also have delicious popcorn.

Review №67

Ordered my tickets online, was fast in line. Workers were goofing off and talking instead of helping me getting ny popcorn refill. They wete teenagers though, kinda expected.

Review №68

The price is right for the afternoon matinee. enjoyed it with all the kids

Review №69

Good ticket discounts at this older theatre makes it a great deal. They have concession deals too. Stadium seating but not fancy recliners. Fine by me, as my family of three just saw a movie with snacks for about $30!

Review №70

Always friendly service great movies at great prices but the treats and food prices leave little to be desired.

Review №71

After watching 90% of all my movies at AMC I was told that children were not allowed into rate R movies. This was the main reason I supported this theater opposed to the competition. Not sure why they made this change and ALSO why isnt it on their website. Ive looked over AMC websites and rules and dont see where children arent allowed into rated R movies. Very disappointed in this changed as I have 3 children

Review №72

The ticket prices are unbeatable and the fact that you can use AMC rewards perks there is awesome! Refreshments are expensive, but no more than at any other theater. Pro-tip: Matinee prices are where its at and they have complimentary water cups for free! Makes the Anual popcorn bucket worth it!

Review №73

K ya Tuesday night is our date night. And Tuesday happens to be their half off tickets.. heck yeah give it a try. With half off tickets then you can afford the awesome endless popcorn n soda.

Review №74

All ways have a good time

Review №75

Great place, good snacks, wide selections of soda, lots of movie choices and multiple show times. Its a nice and convenient place. Me, my friends, and my family use this theater as our go to place.

Review №76

Nice staff but they need alot of upgrades

Review №77

Great shows, good seats, clean environment, friendly & courteous staff. What more could you ask for in a theater? Movie prices are great but if you plan to hit the snack bar you might want to stop by the ATM before you go.

Review №78

I am loving the new ticket prices!! Also, as a mom of two teens, I love the deals you have for students and teens. The theatres could use some updating, but that doesnt keep us from enjoying ourselves. We will be back.

Review №79

Saw Endgame and ended up broken inside haha. My friends and I had a great time, and loved the low prices for it since other places charge $10+ whereas here only charged $4-$7 based on 3D or not!

Review №80

The staff is great but the building needs some updates. Last time they had the heat on while it was 95 degrees.

Review №81

I love this movie theater its priced great so we can take our kids and not go broke doing it

Review №82

This place has great rates but the seating really needs upgraded. The food and drink is extreme!! Obviously they have to make money, I get it. But geez!

Review №83

Cheaper prices than other places

Review №84

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Review №85

Popcorn was stale/old. 1900 show time but theater was cleaner than before

Review №86

Super expensive but if I was rich I would love it

Review №87

Great place to watch movies

Review №88

Very clean. Quite comfortable. The defining feature for me was the ability to raise the arm rest. Hate theatres that dont have these. They seemed to run a very unusually long credit reel. They usually run around 8 minutes. This went well past 15, maybe even 20, but that was fine because we were a few minutes late. Concession was no more outrageous than any other movie theater, but popcorn comes with a bag inside the bucket enabling you to get considerably more popcorn than any theater I have ever been to. I did like that I could fill my own drink, also.

Review №89

I love the improvements and this is our go to location to see a movie. The customer service is great. We get the popcorn bucket every year.

Review №90

Dumbo was great thanks Matt spending the day in Fort Smith was fun. Finally seen the Military Cemetery was amazed at how big it really is

Review №91

They could stand to renovate the interior. But for the price, who cares... Cheaper then Malco.

Review №92

The prices for movies are great. We watched Halloween in Theater 1 and it stunk in there. We watched Venom in theater 2 and it did not smell bad. I think popcorn and drinks are a bit pricey but I guess since the cost of movies are cheaper it evens itself out. Most of the staff were friendly and helpful.

Review №93

During the summer they have $3.00 movies! Love this place! They have a butter your own popcorn station which is a MUST. And they also have a new coke dispenser where they have like 100 options of drinks. Higly recommend going here for any movie goer.

Review №94

Really good with great quality!

Review №95

Great ticket prices and rewards program. Smaller theaters though and no 3D. Concessions are good.

Review №96

Clean and friendly staff, love the self-serve drinks and the variety of flavors and self-serve butter. Great Sound and picture. Some cosmetic could be updated but other than that everythings fine

Review №97

Ticket prices down, concessions up. Comfortable seats.

Review №98

AMC is our choice for movies. They are very affordable compared to Malco and they offer a discount popcorn bucket for those who visit quite a bit which is very nice.

Review №99

Our preferred theater in town. Lower prices than Malco, same movies, more varied showtimes, they have changing tables in their far bathrooms, and free refills on the Freestyle machines so you even have a wider selection of sodas.

Review №100

Staff was friendly, popcorn was hot. We enjoyed the self service drink units. Tickets were reasonably priced. Only problem, they seemed understaffed for a Friday night. Around the drink units and the buttering station were sticky, trash cans were full.

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  • Address:5716 Towson Ave, Fort Smith, AR 72901, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 479-646-5593
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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