Touchstar Cinemas - Sabal Palms
2539 S US Hwy 1, Fort Pierce, FL 34982, United States

Review №1

Seats are so comfortable we have to fight not going to sleep lol

Review №2

Great small place to catch a flick...and a plus is the bar they have.

Review №3

Not a bad place to watch a movie. I just couldn’t get over the super skinny theaters and the upward sloping floor?

Review №4

We love this place!! Super comfy seats, great service, and affordable prices! Also they are the first theater to open back up post covid so kudos to them

Review №5

Newly remodeled large colony seats. Limited seating. Theaters are clean and updated nicely. Prices are fair and include a basic small popcorn. Large soda is over 5 bucks. Premium seats include table service prior to movie starting. Great experience Every time so far

Review №6

I have worked there as well as visited and the staff tries to remain positive and keep the environment light hearted and clean

Review №7

Not too shabby. They have comfortable seating (reserved). Would be good if you didnt have to get popcorn with premium seats though... Theyve drastically improved over time. The only thing I really complain about is how you order drinks/food (still think there is a better way). Other than that; its pretty solid theater.

Review №8

I brag about this hidden gem to anyone who will listen. This theater provides the BEST bang for your buck in the St Lucie area. The staff are amazing, the food is always fresh, it boasts a full bar, its so clean and cozy! Dont take my word for it, check it out for yourself!

Review №9

Excellent experience. Got to pick our own reserved seats, and a server brought us popcorn immediately (included!). He took our order and returned promptly. Picture was super-crisp and the sound was amazing. Comfy recliners and tray tables as well. Full bar!

Review №10

We often go to the movies at Sabal Palm. The facilities are so welcome. The seats are the best! Roomy, lots of space around you, no bumping into the person next to you. The food is good. Staff are excellent. One suggestion, sweep the floors more often. Great to have in our neighborhood. You should try it!

Review №11

Super comfortable and clean theatre. A true gem in Fort Pierce. All seats have great views, however you get to choose your seat online ahead of time. Save time and walk right in. Full bar and food available. Service was great in all aspects of the theatre.

Review №12

Very nice theatre very nice staff butt food and drinks are pricey

Review №13

Very clean. The reclining seats were very comfortable. It was awesome to have our order of drinks and snacks delivered to our seat. Awesome service

Review №14

Great place. Been here plenty of times for any movie I would see! Definitely the best theater to go. Highly recommend this to anyone I know!

Review №15

Comfortable seats that you can lean back. Very efficient staff and courteous too... free popcorn. Really nice experience...

Review №16

I will never go anywhere else to see a movie. Super comfortable seats, reserved seating, full bar, free popcorn and wait service. The BEST!!

Review №17

Great Service Very good Place Very Good Food Very Good People Great Popcorn Good Price Great Movies Good times To Drink Soda And Beer Great Place To Watch Movie With Your friends

Review №18

Clean. Food was acceptable. Tried to charge me $4.99 for a cup of water.

Review №19

Tickets are fairly cheap for what you get, but they make up for the price in food and drinks which is understandable. Employees were super nice and friendly. We will definitely be coming back

Review №20

Very comfortable seats.

Review №21

I went to see sonic and the projector just stopped working and everyone left but an employe gave us a card for a free ticket so its kinda good

Review №22

Full Bar, Good food,, Fun atmosphere.The Best game around.

Review №23

Big reclining seats. $5 tickets on Tuesday night. Refills on all popcorn and soda. My new favorite theater in the area

Review №24

The best theater I know of. Staff is great and they care. Prices are on point and they make you feel at home. Book your seats beforehand so you get the best spot!. They are clean and care for you.

Review №25

Very clean have a feeling of watching movie at home with your own personal servers! Awesome

Review №26

First time at this theater and initially I thought it was amazing! Comfy seats, servers that bring your popcorn to you and take your food and drink order. But when we watched the movie previews for the 3rd time, I began to have my doubts. After being there an hour, we were finally told that there was an issue and we wouldnt be able to see the movie. Full refunds were issued. But did it really take them an hour to figure out there was a problem? They waited until everyone spent all of their money on food and drinks before disclosing that there was a problem. Not sure if Ill ever go back...even with refunded ticket.

Review №27

Very good service. Relaxed atmosphere with smiling faces. You can pick the recliner you want online when you buy the tickets.

Review №28

MIXED REVIEW:Have been on sundays and during the week. Never on a Friday evening.Always had a good experience with service. My husband and I went today, Friday, for an evening showing. Completely different. NO service at all. The lady came by and dropped off the menu to never return. So sad. Go in the morning or early afternoon.On plus: the seats are great.

Review №29

The theater offers a great atmosphere. The seat are soft leather that recline. The popcorn is free with each movie ticket, and the menu offers decent restaurant quality food. I’m truly impressed with this movies theater.

Review №30

At first glance you wouldnt think this place was nice because of the surrounding location, but once inside and seated your opinion quickly changes! The staff are polite and friendly, the food was great, and the theater was clean and comfy! Loved this place! Will def. be returning!

Review №31

I love to go on dates here! They have some elements that no one can compete with! Nice reclining seats. Get there early enough and get served!

Review №32

First timer. We wanted to see Lion King. Came in for the 6:30 show and ended up seeing the 7:30. Nice place gentlemen who I spoke with that I paid for tickets was very nice sorry no name. We sat #2 Hillary greeted us order pretzel knots got to order but then never saw her again. We sat there for an hour before the movie started until I had to get up and tell them we can hear the sound but no picture. Way too many people talkin on their phones, running around sitting in seats that not assigned to them, throwing popcorn, so many people talking so loud and being rude or we could not enjoy watching the movie. Very nice place but unfortunately I rather go to another theater where people are respectful and quiet. Sorry

Review №33

I really enjoyed visiting this theatre. Tuesdays are 5 dollars movies. The staff was sooo kind and personable. Thanks for wonderful and comfortable experience

Review №34

Call of the Wild Movie is an all American Family Adventure. Recliner Chairs very relaxing...Service Awesome...a must see Movie

Review №35

Very surprised how nice this small theater is inside. Loved the friendly staff and customer service. They take your food order at your seat... Speaking of which, the recliners are so comfy! I wish all theaters had them.

Review №36

The service was great and that little pillow along with the reclining chairs was wonderful!

Review №37

This dine in movie theatre is so awesome! Would recommend you book online in advance for new movies because the seats fill up fast! But if its a not so recent movie, no worries just go and enjoy! Great food & service! Had a an excellent time!

Review №38

Our experience here was great. I went to a theater similar to this in Georgia but did not receive the type of service as here. Our server inside Lacey was phenomenal and her suggestions was on point and the food was good. Very good theater with comfortable and the place was very clean

Review №39

Very nice staff. A little bit pricey but it is what they call a luxury theater they have nice reclining seats and give you free popcorn

Review №40

Excellent service all of the time. Just wish they would clean their restrooms more often. Other than that great environment for family & friends.

Review №41

Love, love, love this theater. It is so worth the travel from Okeechobee. The seats and service are amazing!!!

Review №42

Really bad experience tonight. As busy working parents we do not get out much. So for our rare night out (Valentines Day) we chose to go here. Only been there once before but we were very impressed and wanted to return. This time our order was not taken until about 30 minutes into the movie, and by the end of the movie the food had never arrived. Nobody approached us about the situation and we had to seek out management. She quickly handled the situation by refunding our meal ticket and giving us two free passes and asked us to return. We will because it truly is a nice theater. 2 stars.

Review №43

I read a review about this location that stated you really learn a great deal about a business when something goes wrong. Although the theater is nice and welcoming there is one thing that I have a major issue with. Nowhere in the building, on the receipts, or on the ticket does it state that they do not do refunds and that exchanges must be 2 hours before the start of the movie. Dinner ran late and we did not make it to our movie on time. We literally bought the tickets 2 hours before the movie started so we were already, unknowingly, in the no refund, no exchange time frame. After a conversation with the manager they stated it is posted online. Now explain to me how Im supposed to know about a policy that is online if i bought my tickets in person. This is poor business practice and failure to inform the consumer of rights and responsibilities. If there was even one sign i wouldnt question it. This is one of those do whatever it takes and say anything not to give refunds. I have visited many businesses with signs posted right at the entrance so when i make a purchase I am fully aware that there is no turning back. So at the end of the day, no movie, no refund, and absolutely no respect from me.

Review №44

We are so spoiled these days and used to recliner chairs at the movies which were not here. But very clean and good views which in a small town met our expectations and we enjoyed the movie.

Review №45

Get popcorn and a hamburger and refill coke and enjoy great seating

Review №46

Great little theater... Comfortable seats.

Review №47

This is the worst place to see a movie! I paid for one movie, and another started playing for over 15 minutes and then it took another 15 minutes for the correct movie to start. At this point I asked to speak to a manager and was told the manager refused to speak to me! The waitress was the best thing about my experience,as she tried her best to rectify the situation,I believe her name was Nina, but the rest was ridiculous. Ive never had such a horrible experience at a movie theater and such poor customer service!

Review №48

Awsome chairs to sit in, drink a cold one and watch a movie!

Review №49

It wash truly amazing. The staff are wonderful.

Review №50

Go a few minutes early so you can order with the house lights on. Your ticket includes popcorn (our server forgot ours but had no problem giving me one for the ride home) not a drink. Seats recline and are spacious. They have a full bar available also. Seat side service ends when the movie starts.

Review №51

We love this movie theater super comfortable seats, good prices great service

Review №52

This theater is really good I love the chairs and the chicken fingers are bomb with some Hi-C fruit punch

Review №53

Excellent experience. Juan was an excellent server!

Review №54

I was pleasantly surprised at just how nice this small theater was. Very affordable, too!

Review №55

Best movie experience Ive had in years. For the same price as AMC, I got real food, and far more comfortble seats

Review №56

11 bucks for a reclining chair with table and popcorn!!! It was clean ..get there early we showed up a 5 till 7 and there was a line out the door we didnt get in our chairs until the movie started

Review №57

Comfortable seating. Friendly staff

Review №58

Awesome theater... I wish they were all like this one

Review №59

Comfy seats, delicious food and great theater quality. A must for action movies, especially movies like Avengers Endgame....which is a well put together movie I might add

Review №60

Amazing theater. Comfortable, big man friendly seats and the service is awesome!

Review №61

Newer, Nicely appointed small multi-screen, featuring full bar with appetizers, burgers and movie candy/sodas. Premium seats feature recliners and swing away tables, with server/ushers, tipping suggested. Two front rows are non-premiun and quite near the screen. All seating is reserved and one ($6 general) price but the premium seats require purchase of $4 refillable popcorn. Current films but no 3-D. Pricing IS a few bucks lower than the chains in neighboring cities. Saves on gas, too, I guess.

Review №62

I am so impressed with the renovations into a luxury theater. This was maybe a 2 star theater and now, after trial and error they have a smooth running buisness that creates a relaxing and stress free theater experience. Staff is prompt and curteous, and the popcorn is included with a luxury seat! Who could ask for a better experience for this price? These reasons are why I am a regular at touchstar cinemas!

Review №63

What a great experience. Very comfortable recliners. Popcorn delivered right to you. Sound and visuals were awesome. Will try the food next time.

Review №64

Clean and chairs are comfortable

Review №65

Weve have a couple of bad experiences here. Once, someone threw a beer bottle and nearly hit my wife. Later, during Avengers End Game, a guy was talking, taking phone calls and even smoking during the movie. It was a decent place when it first opened but, as with everything in Fort Pierce, it has become a trashy venue.

Review №66

I love this theatre. Its cozy and welcoming, the quality of the food and drinks are amazing and the price cant be beat. Thanks sable Palm 6 for a great experience

Review №67

Dont ever go there on Friday or Saturday night. There are no security officers and its very unsafe. Really dark, lots of people loitering outside, booming their music, partying. Walking to my car after the movie I smelled marijuana. People screaming and yelling outside. They Park their cars outside the theater and play their music so loud the windows Shake! I would not recommend bringing your children here. Drug addicts and homeless people laying on the benches out front. I dont foresee this place staying open very long. And dont even get me started about the bathrooms. My wife came out of the restroom and I dont even want to repeat what she saw.

Review №68

This theater was great as far as picture, sound, cleanliness, and customer service. The only thing I would suggest changing is the mandatory $5 popcorn for every ticket purchased. My husband and I took our 2 young children and had to pay $20 extra in popcorn; 3 of the 4 bags were hardly touched, our 5 year old did not need his own bag of popcorn. We would have been more prone to buy other concession items if we werent forced to buy the popcorn. We also felt $5 for a small soft drink (maybe 20oz) was a little pricey. This was our first time attending the theater and we would like to patron them again, just hoping they reconsider the popcorn situation.

Review №69

Nice theater wit reclining seats and food service. They bring your popcorn and other items you order to your seats

Review №70

Great experience! Very nice. Clean and comfortable. My wife and I favorite theater. The people are fantastic. Highly recommend.

Review №71

My favorite cinema locally.Comfy and staff takes care of you.Would highly recommend

Review №72

It was awesome we had the whole place to our selves

Review №73

First time coming last time probably. Was impressed by the luxury seating full recliner and pillow. I didnt like that the popcorn was mandatory $4 ext. The sound was not what I expected but it was clean and they bring your food and drinks to your seat.

Review №74

Its about time Ft.Pierce stepped up its game.This movie theater is very nice, comfortable and they have chairs that recline. The food and service was excellent. Would highly recommend going there its worth a few extra bucks.

Review №75

I grew up in Fort Pierce, so I am so happy to see the old theater get a fresh new look. It was very nice and comfy; I was impressed. Some feedback I would like to offer.... the schedule to be released the way you are doing it, makes it difficult to make plans ahead of time. I would like to bring a group of girls there this weekend but you arent sure if our movie (Bad Moms) will be playing. Also, spending $10 on an alcoholic beverage is way too much. Especially when there is very little alcohol being poured. Maybe you are justifying the price because you are using a larger cup?However, if the larger cup is being used, then the ratio of alcohol and mixer needs to be equal. When I mentioned the amount to the gentleman behind the counter, he was less than pleasant with his reply. Other than that, great job! I am looking forward to more visits.

Review №76

Finally, a top-notch cinema with excellent service and the added bonus of feeling as comfortable in your own recliner at home with a HUGE SCREEN! Love the food, drinks and appetizers! If you havent been there yet, go with a friend or on a date!

Review №77

Very comfortable seating. I advise you choose row D if you want to sit somewhat close. Rows A-C were at an incline to see the screen better but the seats in front of it were still a bit bothersome. You refill popcorn/butter it yourself and refill your own drinks, but they deliver the first one to you.Overall, very excellent. I planning on going here again.

Review №78

Comfortable and very good. My wife and daughter also love it. The missing star is because of the table side service. The gentleman was unfriendly and bordered on rude. Also the service was very slow, to the point we thought we might not get our goodies by the time the movie started... and the theater was a quarter full at best. The service at the box office was good, friendly and helpful, and the rest of the staff were friendly and respectful.

Review №79

Beyond amazing customer service and movie entertainment experience! Overall above expectations

Review №80

Nice movie theater for relaxing, staff is not that good

Review №81

Love the remodel. You can choose where you want to sit, the food is delicious and the reclining seats will have you dozing off before the movie starts. Lol

Review №82

I really enjoyed the chairs super comfyThe floors in the bathroom was really sticky i almost lost my sandal. I would of given it a 5 star if it wasnt for the floors

Review №83

Cheap prices. Love the reclining seats.

Review №84

Great comfy chairs and they bring the popcorn and drinks to you!!! It was super clean too! Wonderful time.

Review №85


Review №86

This is positively the nicest theater, I have ever had the pleasure of going to. The staff were very pleasant and the service was excellent. Moreover, watching the movie is like being seated in first class for two hours. :) Incredible value and entertainment! TY again!!

Review №87

Wow! Absolutely amazing. I remember what this theater used to be, and I heard this was going to be nice. It went above and beyond my expectations. Beautiful inside, and you can tell the employees take pride in their work and theatre. The sound system has been upgraded, and the picture is nice. The seats are comfortable, clean, and well spaced. It really feels like youre on a date with only your significant other. They spend a lot of time between each showing to make sure everything is just right for the next guests, and it really shows. Price point is right, too.

Review №88

I grew up here and have been to every movie theater in Fort Pierce, including the old drive in on US1.I have to say that this is by far my favorite. We watched Justice League last night and was very impressed with the improvements and renovations of the entire building. I was always scared to use the bathrooms in there.The popcorn being included was great. The wait staff was very friendly and had a smile each and every time she waited on us.The picture and sound quality of the movie was incredible. A much needed improvement from the old theater there. And the seating was above expectation.My husband complains that when he takes me to a movie, I dont enjoy them so he doesnt take me.i enjoyed this theater so much that he will be taking me a lot more often now.Thank you for a great family Thanksgiving night.. it was above expectation.

Review №89

Love this theater. Comfy reclining lounge chairs, popcorn with your ticket purchase. Their not out to clean out your wallet like all the other movie theaters

Review №90

All I can say is WOW! I havent been to this theatre since its been remodeled and they did a fabulous job! Staff is super friendly, prices are great. The seats are super comfy - just like being at home!The brand of wine sucks, but other than that it was great!!!

Review №91

Basically if you sit in the first two rows your experience will not be great . The first two rows don’t receive any of the accommodations. Like they have people who come take your orders and bring food and drinks for you .However if you are in the first two rows your seats don’t recline and you receive no service. So what they don’t tell you is that the seats cost 3 or 4 dollars less but experience will not be as good and you will be practically ignored. However at other theaters no matter wear you sit your experience is the same and you will be treated the same. My family and I will not be returning anytime soon

Review №92

Remember the old school Cobb days? Now imagine decent food and reclining seats. Worth the spend, good crew, and free popcorn with ticket. Works for me. Did I mention, reclining seats?

Review №93

Service great..clean the selection of food beverages love love love it

Review №94

Great pricing and service. Definite visit worthy

Review №95

This theater has very comfy seats and fast service

Review №96

Cant find anything else like it for a date night where you eat while being entertained

Review №97

This is our favorite movie theatre. Staff is great. Theaters are wonderful and very comfortable

Review №98

Really like what theyve done with the place. More than just a movie, its like an experience.

Review №99

It was $5 Tuesday and it was a full theater. buying tickets online was the easiest way. the seats were comfy and the pillow was a great bonus. I loved the fact they did dim the lights cause ive heard bad thing I can say is when the theater is busy it does take 30 minutes to get food but we ordered just popcorn and drinks so I didnt think it be so slow to get em.the waitress was really nice and so was the manager. ticket puller was cool too.

Review №100

A great place to go see a movie

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  • Address:2539 S US Hwy 1, Fort Pierce, FL 34982, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 772-828-3663
  • Movie theater
  • 3D movies:Yes
  • Active military discounts:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Assisted listening devices:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restaurant:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
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