Forest Grove City Aquatic Center
2300 Sunset Dr, Forest Grove, OR 97116, United States

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The best place to do all what you ever want. swimming and enjoying the sun on summer.

Review №2

Perfect place for some fitness/laps swim.

Review №3

It was amazing I had a lot of fun. I would also say that it is a SAFE place for your children to have fun.

Review №4

The staff are always friendly. Includes a 25m section of the cold pool, warm pool, hot tub, sauna, and outdoor waterpark for warm weather. The venue is able to be rented for parties. Pacific students can sign in with their student ID number for a free swim. Plenty of classes to join as well!

Review №5

Amazing customer service always had a life guard near by never felt so invigorated after a nice swim. Thank you forest grove aquatics for the lovely swim and sauna/hot tub.

Review №6

Great stuff and welcome service.

Review №7

First off I specifically told my friend not to splash me and he splashed me anyways. Second my goggles filled full of water and burned my eyes. Third I had a moment of relaxation and forgot to suck in my stomach my brother told me that Brooke knows Im fat now and wont talk to me. Overall good pool just bad day.

Review №8

NEVER sign your children up for swim lessons here! WORST experience ever!! We had a different swim instructor every week. my daughter is only 3 years old. She had no clue who the instructor was or their name. They had no idea who my daughter was so how is it possible they could give me an accurate score card of my daughters abilities to swim!?! Today we had yet another swim lesson with a DIFFERENT instructor. He left half of his class in the kids area and took the rest to the deep pool to go down the slide. As my daughter went down the slide he caught her and pushed her back towards the edge. She was sinking to the bottom when I reached in 9 months pregnant to grab her out!!!!!!! This is absolutely unacceptable!!!! I will never be returning to swim lessons here and when I went to speak with the manager about this she could not of cared any less! DONT trust your precious children to these people!

Review №9

Love the free community swim in summer.really helps if ur budget isnt big.has diving board and big slide.also has smaller slide for smaller tub feels good and sauna too.has big pool and smaller/shallow pool.need to bring ur own life jacket,they wont let the public use theirs.

Review №10

Private swim lesson with Daphne, she was awesome and my grandson had a great time

Review №11

Staff is super helpful and friendly. Facility is clean and organized

Review №12

It feels so good i take my kids their.

Review №13

This place is great, but i do wish the free swim was earlier.

Review №14

I love our local pool. Plenty of lanes for the fitness swim plus the staff is really nice. Newly redone sauna too, Im not mad at that.

Review №15

The man who runs this gets paid an enormous amount (it was published in the local paper a few years ago) for a badly managed, filthy bathroom facility where the woman at the front desk is the wife of his friend and shes a nightmare. He is a total jerk, cocky and condescending, one of the old boys in that town who run it with their favoritism and self serving motivations. They just promoted another nightmare of a woman to some form of swim specialist. Most of the reviewers are locals with family or friends who work there. There are some wonderful employees there but look at the bathrooms (especially where the toilet meets the floor), they are filthy and we know several children who have caught plantars warts from that facility. The pool in Hillsboro is bigger, cleaner and has more programs.

Review №16

Wish there were more family free time hours.

Review №17

I just melted away all of my days stress in the hot tub, and got a few laps in, before wrapping it all up with a sauna visit. My body feels amazing right now!

Review №18

Both of my kids have had swimming lessons here. I highly recommend it.

Review №19

Nice pool. Lighting is a little poor.

Review №20

Best Pool in town! But seriously, this place is kept up well, friendliest staff and am happy its the only pool in town.

Review №21

Best place to spend your free time

Review №22

Wonderful center.. I truly enjoy and appreciate the warm water pool.

Review №23

Love the aquatic center. Great staff, great facility!

Review №24

Staff is great and accommodating

Review №25

I love the Forest Grove Aquatic Center. Neat clean tidy and has a wonderful therapy pool. Great summer hours and great winter and vacation hours. Classes for the children and adult exercise time to

Review №26

My kids love it here! Great swim areas, sometimes crowded, but also great prices for swimming classes

Review №27

Everyone is super friendly, the staff is great. There are different days for different swims which i like. Great place to go.

Review №28

Fun place, love the water slide and the outside spray park! *Step on the colored circle buttons on the ground to activate the water fun! The crew there are helpful and friendly.

Review №29

Fine place to swim with your kids. However, I will never take my kids here for lessons again. The instructor we had seemed fine at first, although I noticed right off the bat that she didnt seem to particularly enjoy children. She just seemed indifferent. But we werent here to make friends, we were here to learn to swim! But then in our second season, my 2 year old (who turned 3 mid-season) started getting legit PUNISHED for being too afraid to jump in the water by herself. She was made to sit in time out, sent to sit with her mom (me) and told specifically she cant play with the other kids and pool toys or use the sauna (two activities at the end of her lessons that the kids always looked forward to) because she wouldnt jump in (my daughter would only jump if the instructor held her arms out to catch her). She ended her last few lessons in tears, sobbing, having been belittled, ostracized and punished for being a normal toddler who did nothing wrong. She should have been gently encouraged and made to feel comfortable in the water at her age and level. Other kids in the class who actually were misbehaving (disobeying, getting out of the pool, hitting, splashing other kids) were just told to stop, or were carried on the instructors back as she moved about the pool. It makes no sense. By the time the season was over, my daughter was MORE afraid of swim lessons than when she started (she never was afraid of swim lessons to begin with). 8 months later, when the subject of swimming comes up, she still talks about her experience and asks if [instructors name] is going to be there, and if she will have to jump in. Im really disappointed. Im shocked to see someone who works with children daily, having no clue how to actually work with or teach children. If we return to FGAC for lessons, we will insist on a different instructor and share these concerns. But if my daughter continues to have anxiety toward lessons at this swim center, we may end up driving to Hillsboro instead. Parents, pay attention if you bring your kid here for lessons.

Review №30

Clean swimming pool, hot tub, warm pool, and dry sauna.

Review №31

Family-friendly. Low dive. Slide. Separate, warm wading pool. Professional staff.

Review №32

I dont know. I just drove by it.

Review №33

Showered. Nice dude at front desk.

Review №34

It was really fun and had lots of big pools and a near outside splash zone while having a slide and diving board which was fun but it was also really cold and had no heater but was blowing a cold fan

Review №35

Friendly staff, good place to goto if on street an need quick shower, but it does coast

Review №36

Wonderful staff, private swimming lessons, flexible times. I love it here! My kids do too!!

Review №37

I loved my trip there they have one big pool and have a pool thats heated and a box of toys for the kids. And they have 2 slides!!

Review №38

Always clean and the staff are wonderful. Both my boys are in swimming classes there. The teachers are so patient and kind.

Review №39

Nice facility. Well maintained. Staff is helpful. Lessons are not crowded. Questions via email or phone are answered promptly.

Review №40

Great place for locals. Clean, friendly atmosphere. Its a pool; so for what it is, its excellent.

Review №41

Great pool Helpful staff!

Review №42

Nice clean facility.

Review №43

Extremely clean and great people!!

Review №44

Fun times

Review №45

Great place for swimming lessons

Review №46

Something for every type of swimmer. Large lap area, a couple slides, a shallower warmer pool and in the summer there are outside water play fountains.

Review №47

Always clean and the staff is very friendly. Our kids are in swim lessons and they love their teachers!

Review №48

My daughter is on her 2nd round of swim lessons with Sarah and loves it!

Review №49

Awesome swimming pools lots of lifeguards on duty

Review №50

The kids had a lot of fun

Review №51

Awesome. Staff is so awesome. Clean.

Review №52

Nice pool. Lots of parking close by.

Review №53

Its really fun, and the swimming lessons are great.

Review №54

Real nice people

Review №55

, its a nice family place to go

Review №56

It was a hot day and the ware is perfect!

Review №57

Kids swimming lessons are marked by lack of progress and the occasional middle aged man showering naked with the kids. I think its his grin that bothers me the most.

Review №58

Nice place!

Review №59

Sheri the manager is awesome !!

Review №60

Nice facility

Review №61

Great, caring staff.

Review №62

Great pool

Review №63

25 yard indoor pool with slide and diving board

Review №64

Its not the same as it was in the early 2000s when it had an outdoor pool, but Id still sooner swim here than the McMinnville aquatic center because its super clean here.

Review №65

Very friendly.

Review №66

Good and clean location

Review №67

Great staff (;

Review №68

Great place to swim

Review №69

Nice pool, friendly staff

Review №70

Great pool and perfect staff

Review №71

Kids love the spray park!

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  • Address:2300 Sunset Dr, Forest Grove, OR 97116, United States
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  • Phone:+1 503-992-3238
  • Water park
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Working hours
  • Monday:6am–9:45pm
  • Tuesday:9am–9:45pm
  • Wednesday:6am–8:45pm
  • Thursday:1–4pm
  • Friday:1–4pm
  • Saturday:6am–9:45pm
  • Sunday:9am–8:15pm
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
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