Spectrum Boutique
1365 Jarvis St, Ferndale, MI 48220, United States

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I love this shop! I have never bought something I didn’t absolutely love. All their descriptions are so informative and I never feel in the dark about what I’m buying. The shipping is very fast and discreet. I always feel good about supporting Spectrum Boutique as opposed to any other toy shop. Very inclusive, great literature options. Couldn’t be a bigger fan

Review №2

I love Spectrum Boutique! I love their variety of options and how the descriptions are as inclusive as possible. I am happy to support a company that respects and cares about their customers! They even have Quad pay so you can pay through installments if you cant afford your full order right away. They package your items with care and flair in a nondescript box and it almost always seems to arrive quicker than you expected. I recommend this shop to my friends and whenever it comes up. I am happy to have found this shop and intend to keep supporting them and praising them for the foreseeable future.

Review №3

Spectrum Boutique offers a really healthy gender neutral shopping experience, which I really value as a newly out queer. The products are well vetted. The descriptions are detailed and accurate. There’s clearly a lot of time and effort that goes into the experience of Spectrum Boutique. It’s beyond what is expected of an adult store and set the standard in my eyes. More shops should be this inclusive and intuitive.

Review №4

Spectrum has wonderful products and customer service! I can trust everything they have for sale is made of body safe materials unlike most other adult toy sites. The search tools are also great on the site, you can get VERY specific about what you’re looking for. Once you do decide and order, your items will arrive in the nicest packaging, like you are receiving a gift from a loved one. Because of all of these reasons and more, I don’t shop anywhere else for my adult toys.

Review №5

This boutique is wonderful. Their knowledge, selection of pieces, books, and carefully curated reviews are incredibly helpful. As someone with little experience looking to learn, this is the place to come. Their use of social media by Zoe Ligon and her various pursuits is fun, sassy, and educational. It’s easy to relax and explore with a welcoming environment like this. I always learn something new from Spectrum, and will ALWAYS give them my business.

Review №6

Spectrum is my go-to shop for so many reasons. Amazing customer service, wonderful products, inclusive as heck, and such a great resource for sex-positive info! you could go to five or six stores...or just one

Review №7

Spectrum Boutique is quite literally the only shop I trust 100% when shopping for toys. They have an incredibly well-curated selection of products, and they supply a lot of useful info (sometimes even demos!) about their products through their website and social media.I also really appreciate their sex-positive and pleasure-positive attitude, and their avoidance of needlessly gendered language when discussing the ins-and-outs (pun intended) of their products.I love this store and I will keep buying from them forever and ever!!!

Review №8

Wonderfully thoughtful store with the best selection! This is my go-to shop because I know what Im getting will be great quality and the customer service is always excellent. The site is also super educational, which is great for beginners (and anyone else, for that matter)

Review №9

Honestly some of the easiest shopping for adult toys and it’s not even limited to that! The shop has great informational texts that are easy to understand and make the experience so much less daunting. I’ve shopped elsewhere twice and I did not get the same experience. The site has filters so you can really narrow down what You are looking for or what you would like to try out. Much of their selection is affordable and with every purchase, a cute little postcard with a discount comes in, and a handy little card with tips to keep your toys clean. I recommend this store to anyone who would listen!

Review №10

This is my favorite toy shop I have bought from so far. All the products are amazing quality and everything ships quickly. The owner has amazing content that is hilarious yet educational as well. I have recommended this shop to multiple friends that have all ended up buying from here and love it just as much as me.

Review №11

Spectrum Boutique is AMAZING! I really like that its such an inclusive store and community. All of the products are body safe and have informative–not generic–descriptions. I always feel comfortable making purchases through Spectrum and recommend this store to everyone.

Review №12

Spectrum Boutique is the only store I go to for toys and lube. I love the layout of the website, and more importantly, I love how none of the toys or products are gendered. I’m happy to know that I’m supporting a business that supports and respects my existence as well as the existence of other gender nonconforming people. I also like having the peace of mind that these products are all curated from good companies that use body safe materials. I can trust that what I’m buying will be a high quality product. And the shipping is really fast lol. Spectrum will always be my number one pick for all my sex toy and education needs!!

Review №13

Oh Spectrum Boutique, what is there not to love?! From its vast selection of highest-quality, body safe pleasure tools, to its spectrum journal, where you can find a sea of information on all different topics ranging from sexual health to product reviews and advice by some of the best sex bloggers in the industry, I have always felt supported, informed and enchanted when shopping at Spectrum. Whether I had a question about a specific product or was just trying to find the right product for my needs, they were there to help. I recommend Spectrum to all my friends and always take my pleasure needs there, where I know I am in the best of company.

Review №14

This small business provides an excellent range of products and delivers excellent customer support that include Q&A as well as a subject-related journal. The journal explores the social and sexual issues surrounding its product line and its clientele. If does so in an open, non-judgmental manner.

Review №15

Spectrum Boutique is my go-to for all of my sexual health needs. This is not a typical sex shop — all of the products are thoughtfully curated and made from body safe materials. I’ve never been disappointed with an order from Spectrum Boutique, and I’ve placed a LOT of orders over the last 2 years. The one and only time I had an issue (the charger that shipped with my toy was DOA - not even the shop’s fault, just a warranty issue with the toy’s manufacturer), I contacted support and it was resolved very quickly. It feels great to support a small business that I can *trust*, while avoiding a certain billionaire-owned website conglomerate that sells sex toys of questionable quality. Shop Spectrum! You’ll be very glad you did. :)

Review №16

Ive ordered from Spectrum multiple times and its always an absolute treat! The shops categories are easy to navigate and the selection is amazing. Shipping times are super quick and the packaging is discreet on the outside and just lovely on the inside. I recommend Spectrum Boutique to everyone!

Review №17

Love the selection of products from Spectrum. Delivery has always been on time and the packaging super discreet (I ship to my office). Not product related, but love reading the informational bits of the site too...will definitely order from them again !

Review №18

Every product I have bought from this company has been absolutely amazing! I am always hesitant to buy toys online because it is hard for me to gauge how they truly feel, look, and work, but Spectrum Boutique offers thorough descriptions of each product! I always love the toy reviews left by both the company, and the customers. These reviews are always thorough, thus helpful. This company is sex positive in every way possible, and it shows. I almost exclusively buy toys, sex education material, and other miscellaneous related items from this company due to how sex positive and ethical they are.

Review №19

Countless times have I purchased from Spectrum Boutique because they just have some of the BEST products. They are the most reliable, body-safe, educational, judgement-free, discreet, intimate shops I’ve ever come across. They’re so willing to give recs and answer any questions you may have and are very quick to respond which is admirable. I have so many favorite products and will continue to purchase from their site for the rest of my days! I highly recommend!

Review №20

Spectrum boutique is everything. The shop is obviously fantastic - Ive never ordered anything I havent had fun with. But its so much more important than that - Spectrum is out here teaching us how to have better, more communicative and intimate sex lives.

Review №21

Spectrum is by FAR my favorite adult shop in the country. I love how the business uses its platform ensuring the conversation around their products is inclusive, funny and fun. I trust their expert pick of materials so I know every toy is safe for my body. Plus it’s sexy AF!

Review №22

Great selection and a very user friendly website! All of my deliveries arrived promptly with no issue. Definitely my go-to shop for intimate needs!

Review №23

Every package I receive from Spectrum always comes quickly and beautifully wrapped. The toys and books I have purchased have helped my solo sex life as well as helping open my partner up to new territory. I absolutely love this company and always trust that what I’m receiving is going to be wonderful.

Review №24

I love shopping at Spectrum Boutique! They have a really wide selection and every dollar I’ve spent there has been well worth it as they have such high quality items. I’d recommend shopping there to anyone!

Review №25

Fast delivery, great selection, competitive pricing! love that you can see other customer reviews. they are always very quick to respond and zoe is so knowledgeable and kind! also love the shop spectrum journal too

Review №26

I am a HUGE fan of Spectrum Boutique, and I actually refuse to buy my toys anywhere else. I feel reassured in the fact that I am buying body safe, unique toys from an educated source! Zoe’s Instagram page full of education, new toys, reviews and more is what makes me keep coming back! Shipping is quick and everything always arrives in beautiful condition. Thank you Spectrum!

Review №27

An amazing shop! Has great products and the information and education offered is so valuable! I am a regular customer and Spectrum Boutique is always my first choice when looking for a new toy.

Review №28

Spectrum Boutique is more than an adult toy store. I mean of course they have a wide selection of great toys at awesome prices, but they also have educational books and are all about celebrating the diverse community they serve. I won’t buy my toys or sex education from anywhere else.

Review №29

An amazing boutique in every way. I trust that all the products they curate are body safe. Knowing they make health a number one priority, puts me at extreme ease.

Review №30

Spectrum is my go to for all things pleasure. I love the selection fo books and toys, it all feels so thoughtfully curated. Ive been happy with every purchase Ive made from this store.

Review №31

This is a fantastic online shop! I fully recommend Spectrum Boutique to any body. Packaging is always lovely and thoughtful, prices are good, and information on products is plentiful on their website.

Review №32

This is the only shop I ever use! Shipping times are excellent and so is the selection for a small business. Zoe is constantly adding new products and I know she vets everything she puts into her shop, making me feel confident in the quality of everything I buy from her!

Review №33

Shopspectrum is seriously one of the greatest online stores out there! They have tons of great body safe toys and they have an option where you can make payments on those toys as well. Zoë and the rest of the crew are also only an email away if you have any questions or concerns about anything in the store. They also respond super fast which is super awesome! I could go on and on about all the great things this store has to offer. So happy I found this gem of a store :)

Review №34

Ever since I found out about Spectrum Boutique a few years ago, I have had nothing but support for this business. All the products are body safe and very durable. Also, why no support a small woman-owned business!

Review №35

Ive ordered many things from them and always feel good about it. Their selection is broad, and I am continuously impressed with their inclusionary style. Zoe Ligon is an enjoyable writer & really fun to see in interviews, because they are super smart and sex positive. Plus they operate out of Detroit, a place where having a brick and mortar isnt even possible!

Review №36

Spectrum Boutique is absolutely incredible! I love everything I’ve ever gotten from them and recommend them to absolutely everyone. You can tell that all of the products are chosen with such care and consideration for everyone’s unique bodies and needs. I had an issue with shipping on one of my orders (it was totally on me, I sent a toy to the wrong address) and when I reached out for support I got a personal response from Zoë that was so warm and understanding. Support small businesses and awesome sex educators!!!

Review №37

Customer service is great, and they provide a very inclusive shopping experience. Packaging is discreet and packed very nicely. My favorite toy store for sure.

Review №38

Spectrum seriously has the best customer service ever!! I’ve ordered from this boutique several times and the one time I had an issue (I was sent the wrong item) they did not even hesitate one bit to fix my problem. I don’t buy from any other shops anymore.

Review №39

Spectrum boutique is an amazing store. They are my number one choice, always, for adult toys and advice (check out their blog if you haven’t already). Their website is one of the easiest to navigate and their customer service is out of this world amazing! I know that they care about what products they support because they evaluate and hand pick each new one that’s added to their online store. They are inclusive of all bodies, genders, sexualities, and races. They support and uplift sex workers, BIPOC folks, and folks of all genders and specialities. I trust them without a doubt. I know when I spend my money here I am getting a stellar product and supporting an amazing, inclusive and sustainable business.

Review №40

One of the first things that caught my eye with spectrum was how they didn’t separate the toys by gender, but by use. i really really appreciated that as a queer individual.also, they have fantastic customer service! i had an issue with a vibe not working, and was responded to very quickly and provided a replacement.i’ve had nothing but good experiences. spectrum’s shop, and the entire brand’s existence itself, has been a blessing. i wouldn’t be who i am today without my first strap purchase from them, to say the least haha. much love!!!

Review №41

I really appreciate Spectrum’s fast delivery and huge product selection! Zoë is super knowledgeable and works hard to create an inclusive experience for those who are looking to purchase sex toys and other fun things!

Review №42

I really adore this shop, not only for its unique and high quality toys but for the people who run it. It has my two favorite qualities in a store: Ethical and quirky.

Review №43

I love their wide array of products and their packaging is so cute. Even with delays to shipping because of the pandemic I always received my packages before I expect them to arrive. I’m so so happy I stumbled across their shop.

Review №44

Absolutely love this shop. I’ve purchased all kinds of toys and books, and there is still much on my list! Anytime I convo with friends about the topic, or if anyone asks where I buy my stuff, I always send them to spectrum.

Review №45

I love Zoë! I have spent quite a bit of money on the Spectrum Boutique website over the years and each purchase has been worth it! Great for me AND my partner! :)

Review №46

Really love that spectrum cares about the materials you put into your body, i’ve ordered many times and keep coming back ! it’s my favorite place to buy toys since they use gender inclusive language in descriptions :)

Review №47

Wonderful, intentionally selected products and very helpful, kind service :) it is clear that the company cares about much more than just their sales ! I always refer friends here.

Review №48

I’m a repeat and devoted customer! The selection is amazing with a range of price points for varying budgets without sacrificing quality.

Review №49

Spectrum Boutique is a very inclusive shop that uses gender neutral descriptions for all their products. I always find something I am looking for and more!

Review №50

The most amazing company!! Zoë is an inspiration. She is so funny, honest, and her instagram reviews of their products always have me rushing to buy more. Thank you !!!

Review №51

Beautiful selection of body-safe products, top-notch customer service, and totally inclusive categories on their site. Highly recommend.

Review №52

A very well curated stock of quality toys, I never have to worry about getting some cheap gross product when I order from them.

Review №53

High quality, inclusive, and unique products. This brand is doing it right. Worth every penny.

Review №54

Fun toys and education for every body and interest (i.e. very aware of gender spectrum and all the ways pleasure is experienced.) Very responsive to feedback and questions.

Review №55

Love spectrum! High quality toys, gender-inclusive, always good experience buying from Spectrum!

Review №56

A stylish, up-to-date, and highly informative place for all things falling under adult interest

Review №57

Amazing selection, great online presence, informative, down to earth, education first. Thanks for expanding my horizons!

Review №58

Wonderful products + fast and discreet shipping! Lovely business!

Review №59

I absolutely love this site; they have almost anything youd want and need, and their staff is super friendly when it comes to customer service. I plan to be a long-term customer

Review №60

Spectrum provides excellent customer service and also offers top tier choices with variety to boot. My only go to.

Review №61

I love the education and quality products this company provides!

Review №62

I love the gender inclusive language in descriptions, and the variety!

Review №63

Always quality, fast shipment, excellent customer service!!

Review №64

Great selection and service!

Review №65

My favorite store

Review №66

Spectrum Boutique is the absolute best!

Review №67

The best!

Review №68

Bone appetite

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