B&B Theatres Amelia Island 7
1132 S 14th St, Fernandina Beach, FL 32034, United States

Review №1

Always a great treat for kids and I to go watch a movie. Service was wonderful and facility was clean.

Review №2

First time visiting. Nice mom and pop theater compared to big chain. Reasonably priced. Comfortable reclining leather chairs.

Review №3

The employee did a great job of cleaning up behind us as we got our popcorn and drinks. Looking forward to going again.

Review №4

Was allot. Of fun

Review №5

Enjoyable theater environment to view new Hollywood released cinema.Please enjoy a pleasant movie experience. Thank you.

Review №6

B&B Theaters is what I think every movie theater should strive to be. It has that personal movie theater vibe that you tend to get from smaller movie theaters (you know the one where everyone is attentive to your needs, is friendly and helpful, and you never feel like youre just another sardine in a can) while offering all the amenities you find at premier theaters.The prices are reasonable for both tickets and snacks. The theaters have amazing seats and are perfect for watching your favorite epic comfortably. The seats are arranged so theres not a bad seat to be had. They have a great selection of current movies and Ive found that their showtimes typically work better with my schedule than other local theaters.All in all, if youre looking for a place to watch your next summer blockbuster, Id highly recommend B&B theaters as the place to go!

Review №7

Great experience! The seating is so comfy. I brought a blanket because its usually chilly for me. Clean and comfortable.

Review №8

I really like this cinema. Its cheap, chairs are so comfortable. You can buy snacks such as popcorn, hot dogs. Also they sell alcohol beverages.

Review №9

Love the reclining chairs, good atmosphere. Awesome staff. But very pricey.

Review №10

Went to watch Downton Abbey, a fabulous movie about the series. Cast was spectacular, hopefully this will reprise the series. This theatre is very nice, excellent AC, the lounge chairs are VERY comfortable, the drinks/popcorn/candy is beyond overpriced so we dont purchase them. Just my opinion. Love the theatre!!

Review №11

Cool neighborhood theater. Very clean and they had good snacks to!

Review №12

Nice theatre. Love the seats. Alittle pricey. Disappointed to find there wasnt matinee prices on a Sunday.

Review №13

Extremely comfortable seats, pleasant staff, popcorn was a little disappointing (not like the larger theaters)

Review №14

First time to visit this theater, we were very impressed and enjoyed our visit.

Review №15

Excellent Theater.Comfy power recliners.Beer, wine, cocktails.

Review №16

Small theaters. Nice lounge seats. Concessions could be better. Pop corn always seems old.

Review №17

The seats were incredibly comfortable. The prices for snacks were rediculous high. I paid $49.00 for myself and my son to go to the movies! Absurdly expensive.

Review №18

Nice and clean enjoyed the movies

Review №19

Love this movie theater. Real comfortable seating and feels like home

Review №20

I love the seats, they are pretty much full recliners and there is lots of leg room

Review №21

Very nice theater. Reclining chairs were comfortable.

Review №22

We love this theater. All the employees were very friendly and helpful. The theater is well taken care of, it smells amazing and the seating was comfortable. We will be returning again.

Review №23

Clean theater, love the recliners where you can relax and dont have a kid kicking the back of your chair

Review №24

Soda machine was leaking water everywhere but other than that, the place is great.

Review №25

Best theater ive ever been too. The seats are so comfy and they recline. Theres space to walk in and out of the isles.

Review №26

Great venue... I would give it 5 stars, but the popcorn is always stale.

Review №27

Love B and B. It’s a small town theater but all the amenities and comfort of a big town theater. Very comfortable seating. Always very clean and friendly.

Review №28

Love the reclining chairs. And you can buy alcoholic drinks there!

Review №29

Love the recliners.... Food could be cheaper

Review №30

Adorable and quaint with more charm and ambiance than other small theatres. Reclining seats were wonderful and the staff was eager to please. Popcorn was even fresh!

Review №31

It a nice and friendly place and besides my son works there jesse gates and i will be going there more now on to watch movies and sending my family and friends there as well .

Review №32

Nice theater, place is new and clean. Owner/Manager was friendly and the service excellent. I like this theater more than the big chain theater in Yulee. I will drive past that one to get here. Retro movie night is on Tuesday, I recommend checking it out.

Review №33

This movie theater has great customer service. Earlier in the week a few friends from out of town reserved/purchased tickets online to watch a movie Saturday night (tonight). When we got there we found out that the tickets purchased were for Friday and not Saturday (our mistake). The young lady who was looking at our tickets accommodated us by switching the day of the ticket to Saturday, and located seats for us in the theater for that movie. She made the process very smooth and we really appreciated her efforts.

Review №34

Love the fact that we can pick our seats! Fully reclining seats are so comfortable, the staff is friendly and helpful and they have a rewards program. Love this big city theatre in a small town!!

Review №35

Awesome recliner theater. Dont come hungry unless you visit the bank first.

Review №36

Worlds most comfy chairs,,, bad popcorn

Review №37

This theater was such a nice treat! The seats are amazing, staff nice and very clean!

Review №38

We have been 2x in 2 days. I had never been before sorry to say. Nice people clean theater I feel like I’m flying first class! Love it! recline eat drink and enjoy the flick! When I told the lady yesterday “I’ll be back (Arnold)” she said today “wow you DID come back”.

Review №39

Lots of selections for the latest movies, and the theater is updated and comfortable. Bathrooms are clean and everything appears well maintained. My only issue is that there were clearly some bad pixels on the screen which somewhat affected our Movie experience. Did not notice any arcade, but there is a full bar. Tickets were reasonably priced and seats are super comfortable.

Review №40

Fabulous! I have no plans to ever see a movie anywhere else. And I definitely plan to see more movies now instead of streaming or renting them. This place is amazing. Friendly staff. Great seating. Spacious and comfortable. The recliners are my favorite aspect of this family owned theater chain. But it is also nice to see that their concession and ticket prices are right in line or even lower than competitors. And the large soda and large popcorn also come with free refills on same day visits. Nice! That is perfect for a large family like ours. I love this place. So happy they have joined our small town. I will definitely share all the wonderful things about it to everyone I know.

Review №41

We absolutely love B&B, and always choose this theater for out family movies!

Review №42

A new and better way to go to the movie! All reclining seats. Pick your seats through reservation or at time of ticket purchase. Extremely comfortable! Dont go sleepy! Most enjoyable experience. New Mission Impossible movie was playing and it is very good!

Review №43

I love that the seats are super comfy and there is plenty of room in between the isles.

Review №44

Great theatre. Clean. No trash in the seating area. Staff very helpful. Seats are very comfortable.

Review №45

Very recently updated. Theater was extremely clean, inviting and relaxing. Comfortable reclining theater seats were a plus.

Review №46

Was a great experience. Low key theater super nice seats very clean and service dog friendly thank you

Review №47

Great movie. Very comfortable seats

Review №48

Sound system is way too loud got a huge headache watching a Star is Born, the seats although designed supposedly for comfort are really hard to get used to. Nice attempt at a new experience but in my eyes it will fail. Will not recommend it to anyone.

Review №49

Update-great time this afternoon- movie theatre was clean and swept. As well as restrooms. Even saw them sweeping again after a few hours-!!Counter people so lovely as always.We had a great time for a long afternoon! Certainly recommend to anyone, a great time in our hometown.(As long as you keep outside of movie clean inside lobby and bathrooms and theatres., and regulate temperature, and wonderful staff -it gets five stars from me every time!

Review №50

Cleanliness was terrific

Review №51

Really nice theater. One of the older theaters in the area.Ive been coming to it for over 15 years now. The insides of the theater were redone to make it much more comfortable. The staff is really friendly. The food and service are great. Lots of locals prefer coming to this theater

Review №52

Very nice theater awesome reclining chairs, definitely be back.

Review №53

Best little movie theater! So fortunate to have this great movie theater on our island. Reclining chairs, very reasonable prices. We love it ️

Review №54

Retro Night is my favorite. We like that you can reserve the seats that you want. The snacks can get pricy though.

Review №55

Amazing seating. Came here to see Spiderverse and wasnt disappointed. Good selection of snacks but could really use some sweet tea!

Review №56

Looks like a small theater from the outside but offers many nicer features like recliner assigned seats, decent bar, and curved screens in some theaters.

Review №57

The employees were very friendly and eager to do everything in their power to make our visit enjoyable. It was our first visit to this theatre, and they made several great suggestions that made our movie and popcorn even better! Thank you for a great experience!

Review №58

Very nice theater. The seats are so comfortable and I love how you can select your seats online. Staff is super nice as well.

Review №59

Was just going to buy advanced tickets for my family for Avengers: Endgame. Realized that in 2019 they still dont have a single theatre with 3D capability. Yulee here I come.

Review №60

Super comfortable, spacious, reclining seats! Not too big of a theater so you dont feel crowded.

Review №61

The employees here work so hard, we came to this theatre twice in the same week while on vacation, the theatre and restrooms are very clean, there is a bar if you like to have drinks before your movie, and the best part was that all the seats in the theatres are comfy leather reclining chairs, this was the best movie experience I have ever had.

Review №62

Very nice theater. Clean and well maintained.

Review №63

Wow, what a little gem, right in my own backyard! Each theater is small and the patrons get to stretch out in full reclining chairs! There is a bar in the lobby and you can purchase drinks for the show....if you want. It was like being in my own living room. So excited to have found this theater!

Review №64

Loved the recliner plush leather chairs! Easy ordering and selecting seats on-line was a breeze! Will definitely be returning.

Review №65

Excellent place to go see a movie

Review №66

So nice! With the reclining chairs and reserved seating.. felt at home

Review №67

I love this place! The reclining seats and the ability to pick your seats b4 you get there is awesome and the prices are reasonable. Concessions are a bit high but thats probably how they keep the ticket prices so low.

Review №68

Comfortable reclining seats, young staff still working out some register kings, good sound

Review №69

E-ticket was painless and let us see a premium movie that was blocked everywhere else with Movie pass. The seats were very comfortable, you pick them with your ticket purchase and they are black recliners. The popcorn was ok, and they serve Pepsi (which should be a sin imo). Free refills with large drink and popcorn purchase. They also have a bar, which was pretty unexpected. I dont drink so cant really say anything but it existed!

Review №70

Great theatre. True diamond in the rough. Large recliners in every seat. Friendly staff and clean theaters. My family always enjoys going here.

Review №71

I was afraid the volume would be deafening. It wasnt. It was at a loud, yet comfortable level. The recliners are comfortable and make sitting in row b quite pleasant. The staff and customers were welcoming.

Review №72

Pricey and pretty small, but comfy recliners and alcohol so woohoo! !

Review №73

Complained several times that the theater was so hot and ac wasn’t on. Each time I was told that the air was going on but instead we remained ridiculously uncomfortable! Will never see a movie here again!!!

Review №74

The most standout thing about this place is the reclining seats. That alone is worth any ticket price to me. That aside, the price, concessions, and whatever else are pretty standard as far as movie theaters go. However, being able to lounge puts this place ahead of many others for me.

Review №75

Kids love this theater more than any other. Reclining chairs are nice. Nice staff good concessions.

Review №76

Great theater, wonderful seating, atmosphere, and staff.

Review №77

Great. Friendly employees, clean theaters, comfortable recliners, and the bathrooms are fine. So nice to have the option of a beer... especially if they dont sell Coke products! :) The island is lucky to have them.

Review №78

Comfy recliner seats and friendly employees

Review №79

1st time here, friendly staff, clean,comfy seats, did not try any concessions this time.

Review №80

Small but very good hospitality. I will be back for another movie .

Review №81

Theater was very clean, comfortable and staff very friendly a d professional

Review №82

This is a very nice local theatre. The employees are friendly and courteous. Prices are about the same. Theres something to said about a smaller local place. where you may meet a friend. Its just more cozy.

Review №83

Great seats, great sound.

Review №84

Best movie experience ever! So happy its in my town! Never want to go anywhere else!! Every employee was so awesome too! Never had a better movie recliner, anywhere! Cant wait to go back! Thank you B&B!!

Review №85

Great movie! Great seats

Review №86

My family and I have seen numerous movies here and have not had an experience like the ones described with negative reviews. I am local to the area and everyone I know has had nothing but great experiences. Super comfortable seats, friendly staff, great prices, and an ability to reserve seats,. We have a movie theater only 2 miles away but we will make the drive 10 miles just for how much enjoy watching movies at B&B.

Review №87

Nice theater. Love the reclining chairs and the theaters are very well kept and clean. Food is of course over priced but everyone here is friendly.

Review №88

Love it, great theater! The reclining seats are awesome.

Review №89

Movie was great and staff was friendly.

Review №90

Very comfortable seating big electric armchairs they serve alcohol makes for a great day of movie watching

Review №91

The seats are amazing and super comfortable. The ticket prices are good. The snack prices are standard with every other movie theater. It was nice and clean inside and the staff was very friendly.

Review №92

What great theater seats

Review №93

Great movie theater!!! So comfortable!

Review №94

Love the seating! Great way to enjoy going to the movies even more. Nice sound and ambiance inside theater. Dont feel so cramped up on other guest.

Review №95

Had a HORRIBLE experience at this theater! We purchased tickets online and chose our seats several hours in advance. The only 4 seats together were on the top row, flanked by handicap seats. The seats were open so we were able to book them. After we arrived at the theater and purchased our concessions, we were informed that our seats had been given away because it was their policy to allow handicapped persons to take those seats regardless of if they had been reserved. On top of that, they didnt reserve us other seats in the same showing. I go to the movies *a lot*, usually at AMC theaters and Ive never had or heard of a problem like this until now. I asked to speak to the manager and was told Shes not here but you can call her if you want. In all fairness the employees booked us for a later showing (3 hours later), a voucher to replace the concessions we purchased, and provided 4 complimentary tickets for future use (which dont do me much good as there are no B&B theaters in my area). This place is incredibly unprofessional and I will never be visiting a B&B theater again.

Review №96

Friendly staff Was created as I entered. Impressed 7 theaters reclining seats. First time to BB Amelia Island and will go back.

Review №97

It’s currently 20 minutes after the start time and we are still looking at a blank screen. We had to go ask what was going on several times but the 2 workers were not giving us any updates. On a positive note the recline seats are comfy. Next time I’ll just make the drive to Yulee.

Review №98

Nice little theater, very comfortable seats. Really like the fact I can reserve specific seats ahead of time.

Review №99

Aquaman and Second Act were great movie the staff was very nice.

Review №100

Love the arm chair seating. Fewer people in theatres makes it more personable. They serve ice tea! Just remember to bring a heavy shirt or blanket. They refuse to say they hang meat in there after hours! ;-)

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  • Address:1132 S 14th St, Fernandina Beach, FL 32034, United States
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  • Phone:+1 904-729-4826
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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