AMC CLASSIC Oakwood Mall 8
4125 W Owen K Garriott Rd, Enid, OK 73703, United States

Review №1

Posting the The Deck store inside mall great variety of NFL apparel and tons more great store to visit for the holidays. Not too many stores open in the mall but nice and clean would be great if there were more stores

Review №2

A good large enclosed area for a walk. Most department reas have moved. Food court nearly empty. Mens bathroom by the food court is half working, with concerns of the way under the sinks look. One of two stalls has a lock. One of three sinks work.

Review №3

Staff was very friendly,the theaters are nasty!! Also the prices have gone up. I somewhat inderstand do to low capacity, but because of theater quality, I dont think price should go up!!

Review №4

Due to COVID there are only open Friday Saturday and Sunday! They need to update this on the website!

Review №5

Not the best place in north central Oklahoma to watch a movie. The theaters are dirty and tickets are a little pricey.

Review №6

Not sure what people are expecting. Were in Enid. Its a movie theater that shows movies. They have popcorn and as you all call it, pop. They show the latest movies so Im confused on the comments are so negative. Im big on customer service so that is my reason for 5 stars. The customer service was great because everyone spoke. Probably one of the reasons why the mall is still open.

Review №7

It is what it says it is, a classic movie theater I feel like Im back in the 1980s except the snack area is updated & modern.

Review №8

AMC Theaters, I giving you one start because I dont have options. Once you get inside of the movie theater its a whole different place, the seats are dirty and smells very bad, the floor is sticky and nasty and thats is what is creating the bad smell. This happen in the morning what meaning no one clean night before.This is a place where customer bring their kids to have fun no to expose them to viruses and bacterias.

Review №9

I grew up going to this theater. Sadly, the older Ive gotten the worse it has grown. The bathrooms are terribly maintained and the floors are often sticky. The best thing about this theater is the workers that keep this place going.

Review №10

The staff is always nice and pleasant. I enjoy going to the movies here.

Review №11

Its ok. People make fun of this theater a lot but it has good movie screens and its always clean... Seats are decent... The only improvement I can see is in pricing- pricing on tickets isnt great and refreshments are priced like youd see at a theme park or something- just awful.

Review №12

The workers their are phenomenal!! But the place in it self is a dump! I’ve seen those works try their hardest to get it cleaned up and I’ve seen the workers put their whole heart in it.Two times already I’ve gone into that theater and the movie wouldn’t start.I choose to drive to Edmond and go watch a movie at the Showbiz theater then to watch a movie where the seats are uncomfortable, dirty, and have dark spots on them from people. I choose to spend my gas and drive a ways because I think the movie theater AMC is whack here in enid! Your employees are what’s saving this place! Your general manager is someone you don’t want to lose! I hope AMC is working on this and I’m not the only one who feels this way.

Review №13

While I enjoyed IT-Chapter2 very much, this poor excuse for a theater was horrible. Its been very bad for a long time. Dirty lobby, long line for no reason, and even dirtier theater itself. So ready for the new one to be done! When it is, Im afraid the mall days are over.

Review №14

The service staff were excellent!!! The theater was clean and the movie was Great.

Review №15

I will drive to OKC to watch any movie.

Review №16

I enjoy coming here. I like the staff a lot. I dont compare this theatre to others because we dont have others. As far as what we have here I enjoy it a lot. The popcorn and food is always good. They always have the drink machine working. The butter area is always stocked.

Review №17

If you love sitting in filt this is a place for you. Like seeing or feeling bugs crawl around then your in the right place! If your house is bug free all you need is two hours here and your set! 10/10 would recommend!

Review №18

Staff is mostly friendly except for one young lady, the seats need to be updated as most of them are noisy and wobbly, it is over all clean but the bathrooms are horrendous! I wish AMC would lower their concession costs.

Review №19

Prices are good for the movie. We go once a week. Snacks are fine.

Review №20

We enjoyed the movie but would have enjoyed it more if the air conditioning was working. Also theater was dirty & run down. Probably wont be back.

Review №21

Service was great. Staff was friendly. Seats and rows were not kind to the vertically blessed

Review №22

I’m giving the theater three stars...It is the only place within 20 minutes to see a movie in town in Enid. The three stars are mostly because it’s convienient and the tickets prices are cheap. It is kind of run down (seat cushions fraying, seats themselves seem fragile or a little off in orientation when you sit). It can get extremely crowded during a big release and sometimes it’s sold out during opening weekend at different times because it is a smaller theater. My husband and I still go there when we don’t feel like driving to King Fischer to see a movie.

Review №23

The owners of Enid ok. AMC Movies Need to be so ashamed of themselves!The only good thing about this visit was the movie itself. It was bad the last time we were there, and now, its smelled so bad, seats are nasty, broke, gone or missing seats, dirty arms and seats dirty, torn, didnt touch anything. shame on you.

Review №24

Enjoyed the movie but the place seemed a little dirty. It didnt look real dirty but just a feeling that it was not cleaned well

Review №25

Decently priced tickets and con sessions. Sweet and efficient employees clean theatres. They have the soda machines with a thousand choices. Seats are really comfortable. I always have a great experience here. Only down side is sometimes they only do one showing of certain movies. So watch the times carefully

Review №26

It had a good atmosphere, but it needs up kept badly.

Review №27

The movies are great and so is the customer service I rated it a one because the seats are gross and the theatre just needs a overhaul

Review №28

These are the most uncomfortable seats Ive been in at a theater in years. There is absolutely no recline to them which means my neck and back are killing me after the 2 hour movie and 25 minutes of previews. The temperature was comfortable, though. And the $5 matinee was a pleasant surprise.

Review №29

Movies are good.Food prices are high.Theaters need to be cleaned better.New seats are needed as some are ripped

Review №30

The bottom line is, the Enid AMC theater is in rough shape...-Ticket counters closed on a busy Saturday night meant waiting in the long concession line just for tickets.-Bathrooms were not clean and sadly were graffitied.-Theaters themselves (we’ve experienced 3 separate ones so far) weren’t any cleaner than the bathrooms, seats in the smallest theater sit straight up and down and are held together with duct tape.-Emergency exit signs are not clearly visible or properly illuminated. (theater 4).-The new release we saw glitched so often it really hindered the movie experience overall.- Aisle lighting flickered throughout the entire movie.-Lastly, the sound. The volume levels are significantly louder than any theater I’ve ever been to. Overall not an enjoyable experience.

Review №31

I love going to the movies and I go often. It really sucks when I bring a date there and she points out that its really sticky and smells (which it does. Some areas worse than others). If they took better care with their cleaning itd be awesome!!

Review №32

The best place ever.I really like the Oakwood Mall, friendly stores and staff

Review №33

They need alot of work done inside. The chairs are torn up and holes as well. Some updated surround sound for the movie playing would be great it needs better sound.

Review №34

The only thing nice about the place is the Coke machine.

Review №35

It sucks, worst movie theater Ive ever been to. Only choice in Enid though

Review №36

The movie actually played all the way through this time but the entire theater smelled damp and moldy. Its always an experience visiting these theaters to see what fun new way they can disappoint.

Review №37

I love this theater complex. I have seen at least 100 movies here or the years, and have spent a fortune on popcorn and snacks. But it has all been well worth it. My family loves to come here, and we always have a great time here. The place is kept cleaner than most of the theaters Ive been too, and they have a great staff.

Review №38

Loved the environment, and self service station for drinks and toppings for your popcorn. Loved it. And spacious seating in the movie itself

Review №39

Lousy movies

Review №40

I lived in Enid most my life this theater is a pretty good theater considering Enid is a small town the food and drinks are and the people are nice

Review №41

This place is absolute garbage. They were very rude to me and my friends. They would not refund our tickets, whenever we were mistaken and bought the tickets online. They proceeded to kick us out. They were very rude and condescending.

Review №42

Its okay. The staff are awesome but its very old and run down. Feels Dirty

Review №43

Cant wait for the new theater. Movie was great tho.

Review №44

Dirty. Run down. Rude Staff.

Review №45

The seating is old and uncomfortable and the place is in a dire need of a good cleaning. The bathroom is unsanitary and vile. Not worth going just wait until the movie comes out at Redbox and watch in the comfort of your own home.

Review №46

Good. We watched Aquaman. Very good movie. The drinks and popcorn are really expensive though so I dont get any.

Review №47

Seating is terrible and old! The screens got a minor update, however the floor and seat cleanliness make me never want to go here again.

Review №48

They really need updating and need to start taking better care of their bathrooms and theatres really need updating bad,

Review №49

Usually good. As long as they remember to turn off the lights when your movie starts. Expensive food and drink, like every theatre.

Review №50

Watched John Wick 3 love how i can service my own fountain drink with added flavors!

Review №51

A theater greatly in need of a renovation. AMC bought this property and slapped some lipstick on a pig and called it good enough. The lack of competition means AMC will never invest in this community.

Review №52

Always dirty and under staffed for a place so dead.

Review №53

I go to this theater all the time with my friends. The tickets/food are decently priced so all my friends can come and not have to worry about it being too expensive. Ive never had a signal problem with them and everyone working there is really nice. I like the fact its close to my home since my parents would never let me go to OKC just to watch a movie.

Review №54

You can really see how work everything is. The chairs need to be replaced as well as the screens. The bathrooms look terrible as well. I gave 3 stars cause the movie was amazing otherwise I would have given a 2 or a 1. AMC you can do better

Review №55

It was great the room was pretty cold but the movie all in all was great

Review №56

It smelled like mold, is old, the seats were cramed together, and uncomfortable. Every other commercial was aimed at brainwashing kids into wanting candy and soda. I wasnt thrilled and even though it is the only theater in Enid, I will never go back. Id rather pay more to be in a good up scale theater.

Review №57

Hoping for more with a big company like AMC buying the theater. Remodeling and updating is far past over due. Seats are a bit close, I mean I am all for getting the most out of a theatre but give a person some room. The floors are a bit sticky and could be taken care of. But a renovation would be great for our little town. We are way overdue for a decent theatre. We pay enough for a movie may as well have a decent and up to date theatre.

Review №58

Nice people and clean and i went at 3 on a monday and no one was really there

Review №59

The floor I sticky all the time and it wants the best but it wasnt to bad I enjoyed the movie

Review №60

The movie I saw was thrilling and very interesting

Review №61

Plenty of space for kids to play.

Review №62

Love it the food is always good and good staff

Review №63

Hard to get to seats only one aisle up than have to bother everyone to get to blast seats in

Review №64

I dont know what is going on at this theater. I walked in to see a movie on a Saturday and it smelled like the dirty diaper stink of 3000 babies. I was repulsed and nearly puked walking into theater six. AMC classic, get your act together. I would not recommend this place to anyone.

Review №65

Excellent seats and everyone nice and drinks and snacks are to expensive

Review №66

Went to the 415 showing of Ad Astra, they never started the movie. At 440 I went back up to the front desk, their excuse was they forgot to start the movie. Its not like they were busy their was 6 people in the entire building. Its not the greatest of theaters so my expectations are not very high but come on!!!

Review №67

Nice theater a little run-down but nice nonetheless

Review №68

It was horrible!!! The employee that cashed me out was very rude. She sent me to the wrong movie. She didnt want to give me my receipt. They didnt turn on the AC. We all told them to and they never did.

Review №69

Not the best. Movie was super quiet

Review №70

AMC needs to update this theater, the sound in theater 3 was way too low, I could hear people breathing during the movie. The brightest was off, it would keep going dim then brighten then dim again.

Review №71

This is the most disgusting theater I have ever been to. Pop and food everywhere, both girls bathrooms were closed. my husband had to take my kids to the bathroom and hold them over the toilet because it looked like it had not been cleaned in weeks. The previews for the movie started 30min after the start time.

Review №72

Only come here because its the only theater available. The service is terrible and the staff are very unprofessional.

Review №73

AMC is doing a good job of updating the theater. The projection and sound is great. The place is clean, but old. If you are in Enid and want to unplug you can defiantly do it at AMC. I travel on business and work 15 days a month here and watch two to three movies a month.

Review №74

The seats are broke and nasty everything was dirty they need to tear it down and build a new one

Review №75

Great employees but overall the theaters are in a dismal shape.

Review №76

Ive lived in Enid my whole life and AMC just recently bought that theater last year. That theater has been around since my dad was a kid and some of the rooms have never been remodeled. They are slowly upgrading though. This is a small town that doesnt make a lot of money and honestly everything could use an upgrade. I know people that work there and I know that they clean all of the theaters, make popcorn as often as possible, and try to do their best with what little they have. Really it isnt theyre fault, its AMCs fault. This is the only good movie theater within a 100 miles and if you dont like it then good luck finding a different one!

Review №77

It smells here, the seats and theaters are dirty, and the food is over priced. At least the price per movie is pretty cheap.

Review №78

It was good, lots and lots of commercials before movie. Very extremely loud!!

Review №79

Are they just letting the building run down because they want to close or what?

Review №80

Obviously Rene has not been to this theater or she/he is confused. This theater shows more than one movie. The staff is friendly. The rooms are at various sizes. the new movies are shown in the bigger screens, as the movie gets older it will go in the smaller rooms. This theater is a great improvement from the last one.... and NO I dont work for the company or have been paid//sked to post this.

Review №81

Its an older theater but it was clean and the employees were helpful and polite.

Review №82

Theater is old...dirty and broken chairs and there are hardly any employees working... unfortunately our only option in enid

Review №83

Only reason they get 3 stars is cause its the only theatre in town but this place is in very poor condition ! Floors and seats are disgusting .

Review №84

Its great!

Review №85

Theater wasnt bad but had a smell to it. Room was a little warm. Bottom half of screen was out of focus. Sound was good though. Could have a better base. Needs a remodel.

Review №86

Wost theater I have ever been too. Theater was filthy. They were having technical difficulties but did not inform anyone. They finally started the commercials 20 minutes after the movie start time. 20 minutes later the previews still hadnt started and they lost the projector. Will never go to an AMC theater again.

Review №87

Everything was broke down. No popcorn and they only had warm water. This place doesnt even deserve a 1 star.

Review №88

Great movies cconsessions was a bit pricey.

Review №89

A Great Screen For Family Night

Review №90

Very nasty place, seats were disgusting and the place stunk so bad. Over priced on concession too, floors are gross. It’s almost like someone split caramel on the ground cause it’s so sticky. Bathrooms are gross I wouldn’t even take my dog in there! Don’t recommend this place at all! Go to Stillwater or OKC!

Review №91

Didnt go there

Review №92

Good ppl

Review №93

Unfortunately this theater is a prime example of why competition is important in capitalism. This theater has been the only game in a large area for so long that it has gone down the toilet. If any improvements have happened they are so small as to be unnoticeable. It is nearly inconceivable to compare it to any decent movie theater that I have been to.

Review №94

Only theater in town, but great to go to.

Review №95

The seats are disgusting... room 8 is a complete joke... the mall is bad its self for just having it sooo empty... if I were to name the worst mall ever. It would abviosly be this one. Maybe if you had more stuff in there, and better seats and better rooms inside the theatre. Than maybe there would be more people at the mall going to the movies or doing other things. Im not leaving this one star rate until you guys can do something to your mall for once.

Review №96

Good place to see a movie, seems kinda dirty and the seats are worn down some, but its overall good.

Review №97


Review №98

Went to a movie here two days ago. Had not been to this theater in probably 6 or 7 years because it was so nasty & rundown the last time I was there. Had hoped they had fixed it up by now...nope. What a dump! Screen/room 8 is a joke...4 rows of seats. I guess they put the older shows in there, so dont go if the show has been out for quite a while unless you like sitting down front at movies. My family is not the type that enjoys sitting so close to the screen. Also this theater is the type that only has 1 side aisle up & down the steps, so if you go all the way down the row there is no getting in or out without stepping on everyones toes. Ive seen some reviews that indicate they are updating the larger rooms. Not sure if that is true because honestly the last show I saw here was also in tiny room #8. I CAN tell you THAT room is in desperate need of repair. Seats are ripped & have holes. Some have duct tape patch jobs while others just have rips & foam hanging out. Id hate to see how gross it looks with the lights on. Lol. Im 41 yrs old & this theater has been here since I was a young kid. I only remember it ever being upgraded once in my lifetime. It is definitely long overdue for a face lift. The only thing I noticed theyve done lately is added the big monstrosity of a drink machine in the lobby which gives you 1000 drink options/combos & takes forever because people standing in line cant decide what to get. I dont need that many drink options...would rather just have a pleasant theater experience in a clean room. Not going back until I know for a fact that they have had a complete update...IF that ever happens. Costs too much to see a movie these days to feel like you are sitting in filth.

Review №99

The place smells like mold, the popcorn was old, trash everywhere....its just run down

Review №100

Very good change from the old movie theater, I understand they are constantly working on updating their stuff. Its getting better. Love it

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  • Address:4125 W Owen K Garriott Rd, Enid, OK 73703, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 580-233-2140
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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