Century Laguna 16 and XD
9349 Big Horn Blvd, Elk Grove, CA 95758, United States

Review №1

Wexhad a good experience even though we have the restrictions of COVID to deal with. Seats and theaters were clean. They dont have a wide variety of candy but with all the uncertainty of lockdown I dont blame them at all. Thinking they are doing as well as can be expected.

Review №2

Went to see was 3 hours long, but it was the best movie Ive seen in a while.

Review №3

It’s amazing to see they have International movies. They have nice and clean food place

Review №4

Theyre doing really well despite the pandemic. Really clean and very spaced out

Review №5

This theater is the closest to our Home and we are glad they finally upgraded to reclining seats so we no longer have to travel out of Elk Grove for this amenity at a movie theater.The XD theater is awesome. For a little more money you get a more enhance movie experience which is a plus for moviegoers like the Husband and Myself.I suggest one either come early to choose good seats or buy them online ahead of time.Concessions are good and they have posted that they are applying for an alcohol license to serve so for adults enjoying a day off it is a plus.

Review №6

Great experience all things considered with the rona and what not concessions was more reasonable then usual I got a large popcorn Arizona pretzel bites and monster for under 20 bucks

Review №7

Had a good experience. The XD screen and sound is very amazing. You can feel the low frequencies in your seat. The seats were comfortable and have separate recliners for the foot and back area. The only reason for the four star review was that it was very cold in the theatre. I was freezing the entire time.

Review №8

Love the newly remodeled Theater. Reclining seats are very comfortable clean and seats are very comfortable and spacious. Love the snack bar upgrades as well. Lots to choose from and with me being such a coffee junkie, I love how they have Starbucks drinks. Very much recommended.

Review №9

Comfy seats (dont fall asleep!) and huge theatre screen with beer & wine for sales. Just need a blanket and a spot for my dog and would be better than home. In summer though the theater doesnt get as cool as it could.

Review №10

Love this movie theater. Been going to this theater for a very long time since I was a teenager. There has been some major upgrades like the seats are all recliners now, which makes watching movies more relaxing now that I am older I really like it, since I only get to go to the movies once in a blue moon now.

Review №11

Great update to the theatres themselves. The snack bar wad redone as well and looks great! But after every movie I see here, I think always disappointed with the womens restroom. Its filthy, not all the stalls are open and the ones that are are dirty. Never fails after the late night movies.

Review №12

Nice theater but the chairs dont recline enough for my broken back. Foot raised up high though so back was stressed badly.Left early.

Review №13

I LOVE THIS PLACE! The luxury chairs are awesome! The food purchasing set-up is good and intuitive. Free soda and slushy refills. It even has a Starbucks inside. If you are looking for a nice place to go, this is the place.

Review №14

Century Laguna 16 movie theater is a nice theater. They have very comfortable electric reclining chairs and supposedly some have heated seats (I havent confirmed this). The parking lot is spacious and nothing to worry about when arriving mildly late. This movie theater is nicer than Century 13 in Folsom.

Review №15

Century Laguna 16 movie theater is a nice theater. They have very comfortable electric reclining chairs and supposedly some have heated seats (I havent confirmed this). The parking lot is spacious and nothing to worry about when arriving mildly late. This movie theater is nicer than Century 13 in Folsom. Theyve really remodeled this theater since 2017 & I really like it! Very inviting & comfy seats but of course the price of the tickets the seats BETTER BE comfy lol. Except the ticket guy seems like a robot.. He wasnt very friendly either. The overall atmosphere is very Lux.

Review №16

My first time back here after a while and it was great! Employees are nice and very friendly. Will definitely come back.

Review №17

This theater used to be my favorite. Sadly, it has gone downhill quite a bit. Cleanliness standards have slipped quite a bit here to a point where we wont be making this our first choice any longer.The arcades are outdated, the concession stands are chaotic, messy, and have annoying wait times.The theaters have had leftover popcorn from previous showing more regularly now.The bathroom (mens) is a complete disgust. As soon as you open the door you are met with the nose pinching stench of urine. Whats worse is the vast visual signs of extreme neglect.We called to complain about the cleanliness before and the manager followed up and even offered us free tickets to revisit and let her know if there was improvement. This review is entered after revisiting in hopes of improvement. .we were met with no signs of any improvement.Overall, question the cleanliness/sanitary conditions everywhere...makes me scared to wonder if the food there is even safe. A BIG YUCK!!!!!

Review №18

Theyve really remodeled this theater since 2017 & I really like it! Very inviting & comfy seats but of course the price of the tickets the seats BETTER BE comfy lol. Except the ticket guy seems like a robot.. He wasnt very friendly either. The overall atmosphere is very Lux.

Review №19

Not a bad place to catch a movie. Theres an arcade inside so you can pass the time while waiting for your movie or after seeing one. They also have the usual theater food concessions. Not sure how often they clean up the floors and whatnot, but youll usually find popcorn scattered about the place. Its expected since its a movie theater. The seats are usually comfortable for watching lengthy movies.

Review №20

Love picking out the seats in advance and the movie club is totally worth it. Even if you dont go every month, your monthly ticket can roll over so you can use it later.

Review №21

Chairs are comfy. Always nice people. But the bathrooms need the most help.

Review №22

Nice place to go to watch movie, Good security, Patrolling the parking lot I would give the please 6 star,

Review №23

Very large, very clean. Multiple sized theaters. Even in the smaller theaters are nice comfortable recliners. Only reason not 5*, not all theaters are stadium seating. Overall very nice theaters, I will return.

Review №24

Been coming to this theater for years. Cheaper to go on a Tuesday. They have upgraded the seats to the reclining chairs and they have DBox seats (the motion seats). DBox is a nice touch to some movies although pricey if done after matinee hours and the seats dont have trays for your food and drinks. Food menu is a small upgrade from standard theater food, but not gourmet. But hey they have Dryers ice cream and Cinnabon poppers!!

Review №25

Im a movie fanatic so yes I love this place and the comfortable luxury chairs are an added bonus!

Review №26

This place is awesome and it has games and all types of stuff I’ve been going there since I was 3 and now I’m 10 wow amazing place people

Review №27

Seats recline and are reserved, popcorn and drinks are good too. Only problem is that the seats dont recline to the point where youre almost laying down so you might be uncomfortable and shifting seating position a lot.

Review №28

Nicely remodeled theatre and on par some of the newer theatres in the area... Nice food and drink options too!!

Review №29

I always love the selection that they have also the international movies

Review №30

Went to see The Avengers movie. The theater was not very busy. Did not have to wait for all. The staff was friendly and the place was clean. We have been going over there for a very long time and never actually had a bad experience. Had a couple of bad experience with the patrons but really cannot blame the business as people were raised in a barn. It was a good movie lunch too long the end dragged on for a while. The seats were nice and comfortable.

Review №31

I was there with my gorgeous wife on a last minute date idea. The theater isnt all that big and the movie rooms are small as well, at least the one we were in which isnt a bad thing. The concession stand is laid out oddly as you go through picking what you want and pay at the end. I will say that the staff was very nice from the tickets to concession stand. Im pretty sure Ill be back with with my before mentioned gorgeous wife as there are a bunch of restaurants near by so we can make it a dinner and a movie and maybe something more if you know what I mean. You know what I mean.

Review №32

Nice movie theater. We spent good time here and have good parking space.

Review №33

Hardly anyone there. So you have lots of space

Review №34

Great movie house . Seating is comfortable and the areas are clean. After the movie you can relax in a common area to people watch and have ice cream.

Review №35

Great theater, Clean and bathrooms stocked. Only problem is thier concession employees are SOOO slow. Took forever to get through 5 people in front of us and we arrived 20 minutes early and our Movie has started when we entered the theater. This happens every time.

Review №36

Here quite often. Easy to get in and out of pkg lot, easy to get into the theater, snack bar always clean and plenty of people ready to serve, keeps line moving quickly.

Review №37

Great comfortable seats, clean and great sound and screen, we enjoyed the movie and had a good time!

Review №38

Fun for the whole family they have nice comfortable recliners. There is also a little arcade inside the Century! Popcorn is delicious! Icee, candy, hot dogs, nachos, dots etc.

Review №39

My favorite theater, is always clean, their employees are very friendly, you can buy beer, frozen margaritas, also starbucks frappucchinos, delicious icecream, and milk shakes. Also their recliners are so comfortable and you can choose D-Box seats to have a better experience. XD its my favorite.

Review №40

Their seats are very comfortable with recliners. Was fun to watch a movie at this location

Review №41

Just saw the new Spider-Man movie and man was it awesome. This is my favorite theater to go to by far. Relaxing recliners are the best.

Review №42

Clean, friendly, comfortable.

Review №43

Good movie theater but 3 of the mens room urinals were out of order.

Review №44

Great service, Excellent sound and picture performance. So comfortable after a long day of work. So deserving after a long week of work or school. Make a me very proud to live less than 5 minutes away.

Review №45

Nice easy experience with comfortable seating. better to buy tickets day before or early in the day because of reserved seating.

Review №46

The redesign is fantastic and easy to get around. I love it.

Review №47

Tuesdays are brutal, due to the reduced rates. Bathrooms remain tore up because of this. Actual theaters are great! Love the chairs. Easy to purchase a movie thru their app!

Review №48

Stopped in for a screening of Saving Private Ryan. The move was as good as it was 20 years ago. Took my son with some other men and their sons. Great experience passing that movie on. I had to deduct stars because the theater was HOT the whole time, and the lights came up several minutes before the end of the movie. Ruined the last scene.

Review №49

We dont go as often as we would like to go to the movies but weve noticed this theater has made a lot of great changes. Enjoy watching movies in the very comfortable recliners & getting our popcorn etc is set up very conveniently.

Review №50

No one knows exactly how much the combination meals cost (“Umm...wait until you get to the register and THEY’LL tell you..”) says one snack bar employee (are you kidding me!?) and the popcorn tastes like cardboard.

Review №51

I work here I honestly seen the reviews and could say it’s completely understandable but the popcorn gets popped BACK TO BACK ... nothing is a day old. We would never. Also the team i work with is soo perfect and nice. Please don’t let the negative comments stir you away come see for yourself (:

Review №52

Very hard workers Every 1 is friendly Ive been going 4 years the best staff none rude people i never gotten discrimination from any workers any customer,services i give 100Percent clean they work hard keep it up the best movie theater

Review №53

Nice, updated, and clean movie theater with an arcade. Great family environment.

Review №54

I believe it is a good place to watch a movie and it is never full. Good movies

Review №55

The staff were really helpful and patient. I bought a ticket on fandango but didnt see the confirmation email. But they were still willing to check with card and email if I made the purchase. I ended up searching through my mail and finally found it. The reclining chairs was great for a change!

Review №56

Reserved seating. Nice reclining chairs. Generally clean. Prefer is 100% to the other theater in Elk Grove.

Review №57

Ive been going to the movies here for years love it glad to be here.

Review №58

Gone after the days of waiting in line. Reserve your seats and take your time during. Itll be waiting for you.I used to remember the days where we had to camp out for an hour for the big movies. Now its simple.

Review №59

I love the reclining chairs, it made me realize one day I need a recliner! LOL. The theatre was very clean, popcorn ...YUM! and I like the new soda/juice dispensers that the restaurants and now theatres have. The one thing I wasnt ready for was the food prices!!!! So I know to make sure I eat before I go... popcorn ok ....but the snacks they are pricey...but thats the way all movie theaters are so what can I say oh also all the staff that I interacted with were very nice that is a great asset when you are dealing with the public so a big thumbs up!

Review №60

Super clean, no trash anywhere in the theater! Very spacious seating as well...comfy seats :) went on a Tuesday and only paid $19 for myself, my mom and daughter.

Review №61

1st time in 5 years. Recliners were amazing. No crowded isles and sound was good. Cant wait to go back

Review №62

Love the comfortable recliners, popcorn is delicious, and I appreciate discount Tuesdays.

Review №63

Seats are comfortable. Screen is large. First time there. Will go again.

Review №64

I love this newly renovated cinemawith the cafe and bar now

Review №65

Facility is great. Stadium seats, despite best attempt are umcomfortable. Good movie

Review №66

I think the new additions to the movie theater is a great and interesting ad. Tried the moving seat feature and it was definitely something to experience for first timers. Tickets can be pricey for it. Still a great place.

Review №67

The placement of everything feels very neat, yet retains the packed feeling I love so much in a theater. Nothing is spaced out too far and the halls to theaters is fantastic and easy to navigate considering its a rectangle. The concession stand is huge and the prices arent actually that bad for a theater.

Review №68

Was awesome! Got seats on the Dbox, the seats move and rumble with the movie! Felt like I was at Disneyland again. Clean and good service.

Review №69

Only reason Im giving a 4 star is not due to any fault of the employees or even the facilities themselves. Being a former employee (janitorial staff), I can say that they work themselves to the bone in order to provide an amazing moviegoing experience. Blood, sweat, and tears go into making this particular theater a fantastic place to watch films of all kinds. They are dedicated to customer service, but also customer satisfaction. And it isnt due to a job description or because they feel that they HAVE to, but because they take great pride in ensuring that every customer has the best time possible. That said, the reason I give it 4 stars is due to a small (hopefully) percentage of patrons who leave trash, dirty the facilities, and more than anything, very nearly destroy the restrooms. I wish them all the best, the employees, I mean, for all that they are forced to deal with at the hands of uncaring consumers.

Review №70

Great experience. Comfy chairs. The Lion King in 3D was quite entertaining.

Review №71

Nice theater. Comfortable seating. Sign up for their rewards programs and get great deals on food, admission etc...

Review №72

D-Box action seats (reclining) are the most comfort and fun. Popcorn could be better, though.

Review №73

Finally completed the renovation for reclining chairs that are comfy. The issues are only one side of the double sided concession area is used even when there is large crowds and not enough staff to assist. That concession stand in use is not laid out for rapid transactions and we are bottled necked when we arrive at the cash register. Of course, very expensive. The bathrooms are clean as well as the theaters; lots of parking and mobility challenged friendly.

Review №74

Always good, safe environment. Employees helpful and friendly.My favorite place to go to the movies.

Review №75

I just wish that the popcorn can be freshly prepared and hot. . .Nice Fresh Hot Popcorn without the nasty attitude at the popcorn counter. If .Im spending almost $20.00 at the concession. Then the least they could do is earn it.

Review №76

Pricey but good I enjoyed my visit

Review №77

I like this place. I’m not from Elk Grove I’m actually from Dixon. I love watching movies and I love going to the movies. I’m picky about which theater to go to sometimes. I gave this place a try once because they have some movies that play kinda of late at night. Employees there are actually super nice and helpful. Most places you go to you expect the younger to be rude at times but no everyone here was super kind. The theater was clean, bathroom was clean, movie was dope but... the popcorn. I don’t know what it is the popcorn was a little off for me. It wasn’t nasty but the popcorn was missing something. Regardless I like going here.

Review №78

I went on a date and we had a great time with the movie and arcade. I would definitely recommend going here because it gives you something to talk about after the date or just hang out if you come with friends.

Review №79

They offer a variety of food and drinks. Popcorn is fresh and the theater is always clean. Always plenty of parking for everyone.

Review №80

My experience at the movie theater century Laguna 16 was really good i truly enjoyed it. I will definitely go back again.

Review №81

Seats were very comfortable, especially with a bad leg

Review №82

Good experienceNice and cleanLove the seats

Review №83

Had the tickets on my phone. A very nice young man scanned my phone gave me the four tickets for my grandsons and myself.We went right in found are reserved seats. Sat down reclined in our seats and watched a great movie.

Review №84

Great, comfortable seats. Nice sound. Good picture quality. Food is typical. Its no IMAX, but it will do just he job.

Review №85

Last 3 times I have come, the bathrooms are nasty and when I got to my seat there was a box of left over candy and popcorn all over the floor. They clearly dont clean in between the shows.BAD MANAGEMENT!

Review №86

I always find the theatre is a bit cold. I often bring a jacket to drape over my legs and feet. The people are nice and helpful. Seats are comfy.

Review №87

Not too crowded. Very nice and clean!

Review №88

Wow, our first time here and it was huge clean! Everyone one was friendly and concession was clean. Love the comfy recliners!

Review №89

My favorite place for movies! The popcorn is the best. Staff is pleasant. Love the new recliners! Only problem is I get too comfortable and want to take a nap!

Review №90

Nice place to go see a movie

Review №91

It is a very large place and they have improved the seats for all the rooms with plush cigars that will recline with a button. They are very comfortable to sit in. When in the full recline position it is almost flat.The front seats while the recliners helps make them more bearable are still not very good seats. Every movie I have attended since the change was made has reserved seating.The parking lot is large so there is plenty of space but you might have to walk a bit to get to the theater as the parking is off to the side.

Review №92

Great place to watch a movie. Very clean, and the staff is friendly

Review №93

Friendly service. Amazing Bevs. Will return again.

Review №94

Always have a good experience here.

Review №95

Ok so I’m old school. Going to movies is a favorite pastime. I don’t go to many now because I have season tickets to live theater and have a lot of other activities on the agenda. Well.... I recently went to see Lost World ( yes I still love them) and let’s end them with this one, and Alpha. The remodels of the theaters are amazing with the space and the huge comfy reclining chairs. Beats a drive in but behave people can see and hear you! The theater was clean and I hope it stay this way. I will definitely frequent it more for a movie I feel worthy of a large screen for the cinematography and graphics. I think I’m hooked!

Review №96

Decent place! Little dirty around the food area, didnt care for that. But ok

Review №97

Great time! Super food and drink selection. Comfty reclining chairs and handicap accessible.

Review №98

Love the new reclining chairs in the theater & being able to choose our seats prior to getting to the entry door so if we run a little late we know our seats will still be empty waiting for us. This location also recently remodeled their concession stand area to better accommodate the moviegoers their staff is always very friendly and helpful also and the floor is not sticky in the movie theater so its nice and tidy.

Review №99

Best move theater around and great prices

Review №100

Havent been to the theater in a long time, last time I was at this one it was definitely not as well kept and has some recent nice additions. Particularly the reclining leather like chairs, with automatic electric buttons that are Mighty fun to play with the footrest on LOL. Dual cup holders on both arms and lots of space to your sides in front and in back. Also the arcade has some mostly functional games, unlike other places in the area like strikes where at least half the games at any given time are out of commission. As of last night, apparently they serve beer and wine, possibly other liquor too dont know, in the front lobby.

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4.4 Rating
  • Address:9349 Big Horn Blvd, Elk Grove, CA 95758, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 916-683-5282
  • Movie theater
  • Snack bar
  • 3D movies:Yes
  • Active military discounts:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Stadium seating:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
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