Crowne Pointe Theatre
2908 Dolphin Dr, Elizabethtown, KY 42701, United States

Review №1

My sister & I went to watch The Joe and Eric Movie I give the show A 5 STAR THANKS guys for the GREAT ENTERTAINMENT! AND, All the Laughs The cast was excellent and the picture was AWESOME Crowne Point Theatres was so magnificent CLEAN and the Staff, they were ALL POLITE & FRIENDLY What a Great way for my sister, Mitzi and I, to start THIS WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS THANKS!!!!! I Wish Joe and Eric =THE BEST!!! *****

Review №2

Everyone was really friendly. Great customer service

Review №3

The staff was rather rude to me when i asked for extra butter they scoffed and said “u don’t look like you need the extra calories big boy” i’d say that is very unprofessional behavior and they were eating on the job while playing on their phones i don’t know what kind of person is in management but they should be fired allowing employees to act like this. even their bathrooms were not well cleaned and my seat was broken and didn’t recline and they wouldn’t let me move which i found rather unnecessary when i asked for a refund they were quiet rude about it and made a big deal i found it rather upsetting because it was my one night off i work 60+ hours a week and i just wanted to relax and enjoy it but the staff and cleanliness made it rather hard. I would say i’m just disappointed with the service and think it could have been better it ruined my night and i never got my refund.

Review №4

So spacious and comfortable. Friendly staff and clean. Love those free popcorn and drink refills! The price is def worth the visit, good local place.

Review №5

Great new facility. Amazing reclining seats. Only downside is pizza is only on the weekends (as of June 2019). Would definitely return if I werent moving out of state!

Review №6

Great place to see a movie. Well worth the hour drive from Glasgow, especially with $4 movies right now. Very friendly and helpful staff. Concession prices seem lower than most theaters which is a big plus. Entire facility very clean. Comfy seats and roomy aisles in auditorium. Clean restroom too with auto water, soap and towel dispensers. Love that they regularly show classic movies too. This is going to be one of my go-to theaters from now on.

Review №7

BEST theater!!! They have the best popcorn and the staff is always so friendly.

Review №8

Love this theater!! It’s so nice and clean. We have a theater closer to home but make the trip just for the seats and cleanliness.

Review №9

I got there about an hour early and went ahead and got my snacks and drinks. The ticket guy said Id have to wait until a bit closer time when the movie starts which is understandable. But nope, all seats in the concession area were gone. So I stood there for a minute contemplating what to do and then another guy told me Im not allowed to stand around too long. I guess I get that with the covid stuff but literally no one else was there. So I went outside for a bit and then eventually waited in my car. That whole experience was a huge inconvenience and kind of tainted the movie experience in general. The seats were comfortable and the movie was great. Its just that situation that happened that made it a not so great experience for me. Sure, I get standards taken for safety but it felt more like an aggressive demand more than a polite request, based on how they decided to voice it. Ill probably go back again and just wait until closer to time but this particular experience was not so pleasant.Edit: 11/25/2020 Im changing to 5 because I went here again for a movie and everything was fine except the fact that I realized I locked my keys in my car. But I waited until my movie was over then I asked one of the staff for a wire hanger to hopefully get my car unlocked. They gave me one and I went outside to work on getting my car unlocked. Soon after I started, one of the staff came out and helped me and actually ended up getting it unlocked himself. I wasnt paying attention to any name tag and I didnt ask for a name but thank you to the staff working between 11:00pm-11:30pm on 11/25/2020 for assisting me. They definitely went above and beyond to help me out and I truly appreciate that. Thank you.

Review №10

Clean theater, great movies, best reclining chairs Ive ever experienced in a theater

Review №11

I have children in your theater that need picked up. However there is no contact # only a computer. Etown police also needs your real contact number. It is very unprofessional for this theater to not publish a contact emergency number. I will petetion Etown city council to request a real contact number for emergencies.

Review №12

I actually work at this joint and i would like to say i hate this job quiet frankly one of the worst jobs i’ve ever had

Review №13

All of the employees were fun, friendly and accommodating (from checking in, the snack bar to the ticket taker) in fact, our theater was set on deep freeze and when I mentioned it to an employee, they immediately turned it up. Could not have asked for a better afternoon outing with my mother and my granddaughter.THANK YOU CROWNE POINTE E-TOWN!!!

Review №14

My wife and I love your theater. We went and saw onward on Saturday afternoon. The movie looked like it was supposed to be on 3d. The outline of the objects on the screen were highlighted in blue and red. Face both of us a migraine so we had to leave a little early. A few other people in the theater said the same thing, but didnt leave. No worries though. Thanks for your response and have a great day. I changed the rating since you took the time to respond to me..

Review №15

Personnel welcoming, helpful, and polite. Theater clean. Movie started on time. I liked the variety of movies offered.

Review №16

Best theatre in 50 mile radius! Great seats, great picture, great sound.

Review №17

Awesome experience. Clean, comfortable, and fun

Review №18

Tickets from dart. Great

Review №19

First time here and it was awesome. Didnt realize it was self checkout ticket purchase with assigned seats. So if you want the best seats better buy them early. Reclining seats were great because even in the front row your not breaking your neck! A little pricey, but all nice things are! Clean bathroom as well.

Review №20

Amazing theater. Very modern style. Great selection of snacks however they are quite pricey on the snacks. But the seats in the theater reclined at the touch of a button. Great display. The staff were all quite friendly and the bathrooms have plenty of space for those after movie rushes. If you asked me I would definitely recommend that you visit this beautiful movie theater.

Review №21

I have watched every movie here since it has opened. I love how the concessions are set up, however my FAVORITE thing is the souvenir cups and popcorn containers. The best were of course Toy story 4 and Star wars. The staff is friendly and very helpful.

Review №22

Easy to use ticket portals. Did not use any of the self serve concessions but they looked good. Reclining chairs were excellent and the layout allowed all rows to have great visibility.

Review №23

As always, great vibe, good movies and a DEAL! $4.00 tickets!!! Heck yes! Watched Max Winslow, it was the only movie that was new, the others were oldies but goodies which I always love a good throw back. But it was nice to watch something newer in this nice place. There are some changes of course due to COVID but I definitely think it is for the better. Not all cramped together. Spread apart for social distancing but the best part was, I GOT TO BRING MY BLANKET! So I was nice and comf! Not to mention, like a good neighbor, stay over there. Haha.

Review №24

Pretty awesome theater. Service for popcorn was quick. Drinks are self serve and seats are assigned, so you know where you will sit. The recliners were comfortable and there is still room to move in the aisle with recliners leaned back

Review №25

I love taking the kids to see the new family movies here. Its very comfortable and great atmosphere, but like every movie theater there food and drinks are way over priced. However, for 4.50$ you can get the kids box. It has pop corn, a drink with free refills, and a snack size candy with it. Its even cheaper than the small popcorn or drink so sneak in a soda and a snack and get the kids the movie box with the animation characters on it and you wont be disappointed by going here.

Review №26

Had a great time.

Review №27

Very wonderful trip to the theater! Great staff and wonderful atmosphere!

Review №28

Best movie theater in the Elizabethtown/Radcliff area!

Review №29

Excellent cinematic experience and plush reclining seats? Can someone say, yes, please?

Review №30

One of the BEST places to see a movie! Purchasing tickets, popcorn and water was quick and easy. The lady checking us out was very helpful. Clean and comfortable seating. Movie started on time and was very enjoyable.

Review №31

Ample parking. Very comfortable, reclining seats. Plenty of leg room. I also want to add that this beautiful theater has an ample and very easy to self serve refreshment bar.

Review №32

Tickets are pricey. Usual overpriced candy and drinks. The theatre has comfortable recliners with plenty of space between rows. You do pick your seat when you order your ticket so make sure if you want a good seat to order ahead.

Review №33

Love this theatre, comfy and safe. Credits to my co-workers who treats me that day. First time is always the best. Plus its new place, clean, beautiful and great service.

Review №34

My favorite theatre. Its brand new with reclining seats you also get to choose where you sit. The snack shop has a great variety. I especially recommend the nachos.

Review №35

Great. My kids love it. So kid friendly. My youngest split his popcorn and they replaced it for free! Props!

Review №36

Comfortable! No stairs, luxurious. Reclining seats and enough leg room that you dont have people tripping over you to get through. You have a specific seat. Enjoyable experience.

Review №37

Nice theatre. Loved the seats. Popcorn was good and they have multiple flavorings to choose from. Not bad on prices either.

Review №38

It was great to get to come back to see a movie in a theater

Review №39

Pretty good. Clean and comfortable. Large combos get free refills but it is pretty wasteful that they switch your first cup and make you get a second cup made of styrofoam instead of just using the same paper cup from before. Just use a sticker or stamp. Save money and trash.

Review №40

Caleb register was so handsome and homely. He even gave me a lil kiss. I watched him pee into my cup and that’s the only reason why I’m giving 4 stars.

Review №41

Nice theater! Comfortable seats plenty of leg room! Staff is friendly and helpful

Review №42

Clarification of previous post: Theater was nice yet didnt like that I had to reserve my seats as I paid for my tickets. Im use to walking in and finding my own seat which I much prefer.

Review №43

This is one of the best movies theaters I have been too. You can order your tickets online and the ticket booths are self service. The theater is very clean and well maintained. In the show rooms, youll find that the seats are numbered and correspond to your ticket. The seats are very comfortable and they recline. There is plenty of room to recline and still allow somebody to walk in front of you. I would definitely recommend this theater!

Review №44

We Love Your Seats Sooo much! We almost fall asleep in every movie we watch! worth every penny!

Review №45

We watched The Great Outdoors!! Such a great classic!!

Review №46

Very nice seats and large screens. No matter where you sit you get a great view of the movie. The tickets are a bit expensive and so are the snacks. There are free refill signs but refills are only if you get a large.

Review №47

Reclining seats that are spacious. Great concessions. Wonderful audio

Review №48

Great place to catch a movie and IMO far better than Movie Palace due to the reserved seating. Just saw Joker last night and it was a great experience overall. Love this place!

Review №49

Checked out the new all self serve movie theater in E-Town. A little weird with the self serve stuff but the seats are great and you pick your seats at a kiosk. There’s no bad seats, even in the front row, because the chairs recline, and the rows are about 5’ apart. It should be the standard for movie theaters across the nation, and I feel strongly enough about it that I’m going to contact the legislators and have it put into a bill.

Review №50

First time at the new theater. It was a little different than what Im use to the last time I went to see a movie in Louisville. The process for tickets and concession seemed to go smooth.

Review №51

Loved it... very clean, nice atmosphere, nice choice of snacks, and great comfortable reclining seats!

Review №52

Ticket purchase was the worst cluster I have ever seen. I never did figure how to buy tickets with cash and finding help was out of the question. The snack guys were great and the theater is amazing and clean. Maybe some of the employees hiding behind the ticket check area should be available where they could help people get tickets.

Review №53

Ive been here several times now, and the feeling I get walking up to the building, through the lobby, and all the way up to the start of the movie gets me excited. Great experience to complement the movie.

Review №54

First time with reclining seats which was really nice, very clean theater definitely will come back

Review №55

Buying our tickets was great! No line! Seats were super comfy!

Review №56

Really nice theater. Prices are reasonable and love that you can reserve your seats when you buy your tickets.

Review №57

Pros:Excellent seating for a movie. Facility being new is clean.Cons:Food is very pricy and NOT at all tasty aside from popcorn, coke and candy. The cheese is super cheap for nachos. It just drives me insane when places try to use the cheese and chili dispensers (like at gas stations). For the price they should have better tasting cheese.Note: purchase your tickets online.Overall Id go back again but only if I have already had dinner.

Review №58

This is absolutely the best theater I have been to in Kentucky plenty of room to get down the isles even with the chairs open the popcorn is really good and it’s just an overall nice theater

Review №59

Discount movie prices on Tuesdays. Nice clean theatre. Friendly staff. Food and drink choices are mostly for younger people. However, they do offer beer and wine choices for adults. Seats fully recline to allow for total comfort during movie.

Review №60

The only good theater for miles and miles. Seats are comfortable, food is affordable!

Review №61

Very nice, clean comfortable theater. Will definitely visit again

Review №62

This was a great movie theater. Extremely clean. They also had a sensory friendly showing of Secret Life Of Pets 2. This was a great option for our kids. The lights stayed on a little, the sound wasnt extremely loud. The most enjoyable movie our family has been to. They have beer for +21 year olds as well as the normal movie theater snacks.

Review №63

Would give 5 stars if it did not cost so much and the popcorn was fresher. Lots of butter made it better.But hey I have been twice and may go again before the spring break is over.Staff is nice. Very helpful my first time there.

Review №64

This is a beautiful, clean and fun theatre. The seats are amazing, the food and the staff as well. Love the once a month classic movies for only $5 and the proceeds go to a fundraising event.

Review №65

Not just a movie. Its an experience. If you like all the bells & whistles as comfortable as being at home tjen this is the place to go.

Review №66

Great location, wonderful seats. Movie picture was very crisp with a nice sound system as well. Concessions reasonably priced compared to other theaters.

Review №67

First time going here. Loved it. From ordering our exact seats we wanted online to the self-serve atmosphere for food and drinks. Nice, thick, comfortable leather reclining seats. To the nice speakers and very large screen and great picture. Price was fair for the Seats. As always the candy is higher. But thats ALL theaters nowadays. So cant knock them for that. Did hear a little noise from the movie next door down just a couple times. But it was not overbearing at all. Just telling the truth and my exact experience. So help that helps sum1. Go there. You will love it.

Review №68

New facility so its still in great shape. Clean seating and excellent service from staff. Reasonably priced tickets and lounging lazy boys for comfortable seating. Its my go to when new movies hit the theatre.

Review №69

We visited late at night and during the virus scare so it wasnt crowded..the service was quick with just one concession lane, there wasnt any organization to the lane and there isnt much space for a large crowd in the area

Review №70

Could be so much better....The seats are very nice, but it can be hard to get seats together for groups of 3 or even 2 if you dont buy 30 min or an hour ahead of time for relatively busy times.The concession stand is not well organized, prices are not clear and they are a bit high even for movie prices.The parking is nice and the movie quality and selection is great.

Review №71

Had an awesome time with my son. Picked our seats on the website, even purchased a gift card and came to the movie the next day. Comfortable seating

Review №72

Great place.

Review №73

Love this theater! It will definitely make you want to keep coming back. The electric reclining seats are roomy. Try to get your tickets early though because you dont want to have to sit on the first row! They will give you small bags to share a large popcorn. They also have free cups for water.

Review №74

I wish they kept the popcorn in the warmer until its ready to be serve who wants stale cold popcorn? But other than that its a pretty good theatre an upgrade for Elizabethtown! The reclining chairs brings us to the present of entertainment in our small little town.

Review №75

This is the best theater Ive been in. Everything is brand new. The seats recline and you choose your seat. Highly recommended.

Review №76

Very comfy theater!! Love every part of this place. The staff is so friendly and helpful. The facilities are always clean. The choices at the concession are great too. All around experience...5 STARS!!!! GREAT JOB CROWNE POINT!!!!!!!!

Review №77

Always a great, clean experience. Plenty of options on food and drinks for everyone. Reasonable prices! The staff are very friendly. Not to mention the reclining seats which are perfect for adults and kids to relax and enjoy the movie.

Review №78

Beautiful theater, comfy seats that recline too. Excellent popcorn and small rooms that prevent excessive noise (more people equals more noise). Great competitor for the the movie palace across town.

Review №79

Amazing facility! Love going here with my family.

Review №80

Awesome everything you could want and more. Can order online and pick your seats. Comfy seats clean screens a variety of food and drink options. Plenty of space. Worth the few extra dollars a ticket.

Review №81

Ive been going for months now to this location and each time its been a great experience.Getting tickets is a breeze, especially online.Just get on and guarentee your sit in a matter of seconds.Military support on prices is a bonus too!HELLO!!! Powered recliners with lots of space around. Even all laid out, people can walk pass and not interrupt your experience.Theater rooms seem thick enough in the walls to not hear other movies around you and its been clean at least for my visits.Food is a scam per usual, over priced drinks, food, etc. You think we would start to see movie theaters adapt to a better concession environment. Especially in 2020!!Make it fair and affordable, popcorn is not an expensive bill.Over all, definitely worth a stop for seeing a movie.Beats driving to loiusville for a good seat and movie experience.

Review №82

Great, clean and excellent service. Love the lounge chairs

Review №83

One of the best. Clean, friendly and adult beverages will enjoying the movie.

Review №84

12-22-19 Went to see the latest Star Wars installment. Reasonable ticket price and excellent reclining leather seats. We will return soon and often.

Review №85

Loved the movie. They always have the latest movies and a great selections and times. Stadium seating not a bad seat in the house. Great sounds.

Review №86

We came here to see the QUEEN Movie! Great movie, reclining seats and comfortable atmosphere with tasty concessions! Reasonably priced and not crowded!We will definitely be back again! Better than your average movie theater!!!

Review №87

Absolutely an amazing theater, so relaxing chairs are so comfy! Every view is great and staff is always so friendly.

Review №88

My niece had her birthday party here and it was just plain magical for her! The staff really went above and beyond and it will be a favorite family memory for all of us.

Review №89

Awesome seats

Review №90

Clean and professional establishment. Ive had 2 experiences when the sound in the theater was too low, but that issue seems to have been resolved. We also had a childs birthday party here. The folks that we dealt with for booking the party and running the party were all very friendly and helpful.

Review №91

Great seats, clean floors and restrooms. Very nice visit want to sleep over sometime

Review №92

Love this family friendly theater. The concessions can get a little hectic on a busy night because of the cafeteria style.

Review №93

It was one of the best movie experiences of my life. I saw the second part of the Stephen King movie It. I have really recommend taking someone with you to see the movie

Review №94

Great movies and seating that reclines over all a nice place to watch a movie though food bar is like any movie theater pricey

Review №95

Today is 24 Nov, just left the theater after seeing the 7:20pm 21 Bridges Movie. The female restroom is out paper towels and the trash can is overflowing, the entire restroom is trashed. The main theater hallway has a pile of empty broken down boxes in the floor, possible fire safety hazard since blocks egress. There is ample staff doing nothing apparently. DISAPPOINTING!!!!!!!Deborah Savage

Review №96

Theater is always clean and comfortable. Staff is nice. Love getting to see classic movies.

Review №97

Definitely a step in the right direction as theaters goes in Elizabethtown, and prime location too.

Review №98

The seats were VERY comfortable. And the prices for tickets arent that expensive. Id advise you to come here ASAP for a movie night with your friends and family.

Review №99

By far the best theater in the area. Reclining seats, plenty of aisle room, and plenty of options for snacks or drinks. There are even collectibles for both your popcorn buckets and drink cups with free refills. They even host events with certain older movies and have party rooms. Overall the best movie theater Ive ever been to.

Review №100

We went on a Sunday morning. Took the kids to see a movie and it was the perfect time wasnt packed. Decent price for snacks. My children love the seats and so did my husband and I. We will be returning had a great experience!

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  • Address:2908 Dolphin Dr, Elizabethtown, KY 42701, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 270-600-0090
  • Movie theater
  • 3D movies:Yes
  • Active military discounts:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Assisted listening devices:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restaurant:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
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