ShowBiz Cinemas Edmond
3001 Market Street NW Corner of I-35 &, E Covell Rd, Edmond, OK 73034, United States

Review №1

Excellent social distancing and precautions happening currently. We had the whole theater to the two of us (sadly, I realize what is good for me is not good for the theaters survival). Bring your own blanket, I think the budget may be down to keeping employees or turning on the heat. It was warm enough for a lightning big and a couple moths (maybe a door read open), but quite chilly. Good cuddling temps, but the seats dont allow sharing body heat. With a blanket (or some heat) the enjoyable experience would have stayed 5 star.

Review №2

Highly recommend Showbiz. Arcade games are rather expensive so I wouldnt do that aspect unless you are willing to pay for the experience. Movies and bowling are adequately priced and they offer discount days for both the movies and bowling. The food selection is pretty broad and you can order from the lanes and I believe the seats in the theatre as well.

Review №3

Really cool place to have some good time. The seats are reclinable and comfy plus all the arcade and bowling

Review №4

Popcorn tastes tough and old. 2 weeks ago they would refill your bag or give you a new one. Tonight told we dont do refills. They still charged full price for the popcorn. Thats lousy customer service, especially when you would think theyre trying to get people back in the door

Review №5

Great time, wonderful safety measures in place, and all kinds of fun to be had!

Review №6

We love this place great to spend a fun filled day. And quite affordable.

Review №7

A full service and entertainment establishment. Movies, bowling, games, food and a bar..why go anywhere have to ask yourself that. Its a little bit in-your-face with all the TV,s but sometimes that is ok. Theater has comfortable reclining seats.. a big plus.

Review №8

Very Covid aware, very nice employees and very clean. Get out an go!!

Review №9

We love this theater! Its spacious, clean, fun, and has discount days. Plus the best theater snacks. The arcade is also awesome if a bit overpriced. I havent gone bowling here yet but look forward to trying it.

Review №10

We absolutely love this place! On Christmas Eve this year (2019), my husband and I went to see a movie. We were early and decided to eat some hot dogs and play video games. The place was busy, but what I noticed is the managers were on top of things. Dealing with clean ups to keep people safe and providing customer service with a good attitude. I could tell they may have been a little under staffed due to Christmas Eve night. Regardless, all went well. I wish I knew the managers name that evening. He was so gracious and calm. The cashier made a mistake on my order by overcharging me. I wasnt upset and could see how easily it could happen. The manager quickly handled the matter without hesitation. We will never go to another cinema. ShowBiz is the best place to go! Plus the seats are comfy.

Review №11

Great place... Food was the same price as most places.. The seating in the theater was amazing... I thought the games were a little pricey but not off the wall... very clean..we will definitely be back..

Review №12

I go here almost biweekly and my experience is always supreme. Great service, good snacks, amazing seats! The food is pricy but they make up for it in there service.

Review №13

Nice, still fresh movie theatre. Many good viewing options. Nice array of video games, too. Sound in the theater was very good and well controlled. Not overdriven like some Ive been to recently. Quite happy with their flashback series. Just saw Blade Runner, The Final Cut version. Pretty good seats, too; the headrest seems a bit much until you recline it a little. Need to keep an eye out for other events there.

Review №14

Neat place. The bar is slammed on busy nights. Veronica is amazing but she needs help. Comfy seats, almost a private viewing experience. Way cool.

Review №15

New place. Very kid friendly and clean. Theaters are good and a full bar as well. Worth the stop.

Review №16

It was soooo great to go see a movie again !! Only negative was the popcorn wasnt very fresh

Review №17

Fantastic place to celebrate anything! Just go have fun!!

Review №18

My boys had fun in the arcade and the movie theater was great. However, as a first time visitor I was a little confused how the whole thing was supposed to work with food, drinks, getting into the movie, and finding the restrooms.

Review №19

Really enjoyed myself, the movie, and the very well kept facilities. There is something here for everyone for sure. Of course, the concession stand is pricey, but actually very good. All sorts of games/movies are sure to entertain.

Review №20

Me and my family come here all the time I love this place, and the staff are always nice, And everything is clean no complaints.

Review №21

Veronica is the best bartender!!! She needs a raise today!! Management pay attention. Today, not next pay period, now!! She is fire and is deserving. Great Moscow mule

Review №22

Didn’t go to the bar, the video games or the bowling alley so can’t accurately review that part. The movie theaters are nice. Comfortable seats. You cannot lift the armrests and cuddle your date, although they do recline. You can reserve your seats online although there is a service fee. Expensive concessions, but that seems to be the norm for movie theaters. We will go again.

Review №23

It is by far my best experience at a Movie theatre. The service is great And my very first experience with this theater Was in the SDX. That was my favorite time going. Plus their seats are the great that was my cherry on top. Overall this is my favorite theater!!!

Review №24

My grandson played games before the movie. It was wonderful fun & Sonic is a great movie. The staff are amazing! Especially nice to have an enjoyable time during stressful times.

Review №25

Living in OKC, the only downside to this theater is the drive for me. That being said, this theater has value for days! They have $1 hot dogs and other inexpensive food as well as a very modern arcade and a huge bowling alley. Tickets are really inexpensive given the leather reclining seats and little tables you get at each chair. I think tickets are $3-5 cheaper than AMC with more perks... so if you want to have a reclining leather seat while you watch your movie this is the best option in the greater metro area.

Review №26

We went for a bowling party. It was a reasonably priced place, the girls had fun. Lots of choices for foods, and clean..the music was kinda loud for me. Maybe not for the other people. Lots of things to do, games, foods, bowl, movies. Id go back for sure

Review №27

Smaller venues with reclining seats was nice. Only thing is that you need to reserve seats online, which delayed us watching an excellent movie, Richard Jewell. Best movie of the year. Sad to see impact the negative media who do not verify their resources does to innocent people who are trying to do the right thing.

Review №28

I love this theater. I will not go anywhere else. The seats are awesome. They lean back and are automated. The sound is amazing. Shakes in you in seat.

Review №29

We usually just pop in to catch a movie (best seats and best popcorn around). Today, I took a huge group of kids and tried the bowling and arcade for the first time. Everyone had such a fun time and the staff was SO helpful, professional, and friendly. The pizza was delicious too. This is now one of our family fun night favorites on top of the movies. Thank you, ShowBiz, for making a big outing with lots of kids be a total blast for everyone.

Review №30

Nice reclining chairs. Many options on food at the concession. It is much better then Quail springs mall theatre. Bravo

Review №31

Great for a date night! Comfortable seats!

Review №32

ShowBiz is always fun to visit. I always like to spend some time in their gaming center. They have bowling, gaming machines and a little bar. The reclining seats in the theater makes the movie time more cozier.I recommend going to SDX. The wider screen will give you a great experience.The only thing that I didn’t like about this place is the coffee place. The staff are really not experienced. They made me wait more than 10 minutes just for a coffee because the staff did not have any idea how to make one. The show was about to start so I had to leave and No refund was given.

Review №33

We invited some family and friends for a bowling party for my son’s birthday. Courtney and Kiara went above and beyond to make everything run smoothly. They took exceptional care of us and were incredibly friendly and professional. Definitely recommend them both for any of your party planning needs!

Review №34

Clean theater. Great seating. Unparalleled video and audio quality.Staff is welcoming and seem to like working there and it definitely translates into good service

Review №35

Saw the Invisible Man it was incredible most suspenseful movie Ive seen in years the seats were fabulous.

Review №36

Nice amenities. Comfy seats. Prices reasonable. Friendly staff. Would recommend.

Review №37

My family can see movies at different times because there is so much to do. If you want to do things together or separate in a clean safe environment this is the place to go. I love the reclining seats with the surround sound

Review №38

I love the location for Showbiz. The gaming area is great. I have found the food a bit lacking.

Review №39

The theater was nice and clean. Comfy seats, helpful staff and the kids had a blast. And reasonably priced.

Review №40

Its very good! Very surprised, 5 dlls everythrusday for the movie theather leather seats and same movies is at the other theathers...Also games, food, bar and modern bowling, but for families they out of Edmond or Okc is really faraway, we really enjoy it

Review №41

Great movie theater! Clean and friendly service. Reclining seats with privacy walls between each row. Great place for family or date nights. Will definitely be come back.

Review №42

Good movie rooms, not the cleanest but its okay.overpriced food and drinks (to be expected) good game room with decent prizes.

Review №43

I love Showbiz movie theater..the seats are like easy you and lay back with your feet up..very comfortable..nice pleasant atmosphere..relaxing..I enjoy it a lot. When I go. Im a movie I go to the movies often.

Review №44

The theatre was pretty nice. The seats were power recliners with trays. I really enjoyed my viewing experience.

Review №45

Clean place. clear picture. Nice staff. Reasonable pricing

Review №46

Very, very nice place! This is a Movie Theater, along with a Bowling alley and game facility in one! Awesome experience!

Review №47

Come here anytime i want to see a movie. Clean bathrooms. Theatres. Everything

Review №48

We tried to watch a movie here and it was sold out four hours before the movie started! The parking lot wasnt big enough to handle the crowds that were there. We were from out of town and were disappointed with our reception and how nothing was available until 10:00 pm. We went to Kickingbird theater instead and loved it!

Review №49

Great cinema. Large reclining chairs and good popcorn

Review №50

They went above and beyond to accommodate us and keep us happy customers. The website said that a movie was sold out my daughter really wanted to see so I called to see if there were any tickets available. There was actually 15% of the tickets available, the website was just messed up for some reason. I asked if there was anyway to purchase over the phone or for them to hold the tickets. We live an hour away, and I didnt want to make the drive if we werent able to get in. I was told it was not their policy, the only way to reserve is online but they would get a manager. The manager got on the phone (I think it was Brennen (?), And I explained the situation. He said they normally dont hold tickets but he understand the site wasnt working so he would make the exception this time. When I got to the theatre my tickets were at the box office waiting for me. I am so impressed with how understanding and helpful the staff was. I love the theatre there for all the amenities, and I can now add the staff to the list of reasons we make the drive to watch movies there!

Review №51

First movie in about 3 years. We were in the standard theater. All the chairs power recline and theres a tray for your drinks and snacks. Sound and screen were clear. The seats vibrated but I dont know if thats part of the seat or just the bass from the movie. They had plenty of employees ready to clean up. We didnt try any of the food or the bar but they had plenty of options. Will be back.

Review №52

We love it. Tues is usually $5. Faux leather reclining seats, so much room. Great staff all over. Large coke a popcorn, $13.50.Thats $23.50 for lover and me on Tuesdays.Favorite place to go. Tinsel Town is next but seating there is regular.

Review №53

Friendly box office attendant. Clean. Well organized. Movie sound and picture were great. Fairly priced.I’m not used to self serve concessions, but on a slow night, I thought it worked okay. I could see things being a bit chaotic if you are trying to sort drinks for a family or group on a Friday night. Wish there was another fountain, but that’s a nitpick.Had a great time! Keep up the good work!

Review №54

Need to modify the age requirements on the website. I’m 16 years old and purchased a rated R movie ticket but couldn’t go see it, EVEN THOUGH the website says I can . Not only that, they gave me a piece of paper as a “movie pass” that’s completely worthless . Revise your conditions and people might actually want to enjoy a movie at this establishment.

Review №55

Were 3 rows from the front. Superb Dolby atmos sound, giant clear screen and full size recliner made this a great place to watch Ford vs Ferrari. The crystal clear sound was something to experience.

Review №56

Great place. Chairs were comfy, food was good, and very clean. Only wish they had more arcade games, and more of a resturant area.

Review №57

If you havent been to see I still believe, you are seriously missing a great movie.

Review №58

The theatre is good. It’s new and seats recline. Concessions are self serve though so the dollar you might save on drinks and popcorn is made up there. And you don’t get refills on your drinks unless you pay.Bowling is good. Come during the week to save money.Don’t waste your money at the arcade. We literally just spent $60 at the arcade and it was less than 5 minutes. I’m not exaggerating. My kid is in tears. This place is a rip off!!!!

Review №59

Amazing place and very fun arcade! Love going here and look forward to coming back soon!

Review №60

The box office attendant was nice. Line wasnt long but my advice buy ur tickets and reserve your seats online. U risk seating in the front rows. The self service makes the lobby area seem a little chaotic if you dont know whats going on. Clean, comfortable reclining seats, and carpeted floors theaters. Bathroom was clean too. Recommend the place!

Review №61

Showbiz ... simply the best. My family and I live in Stillwater but our theater is worthless ... so we make the drive to Showbiz to see movies. Ticket prices are reasonable, and the place is CLEAN. Every city should have a Showbiz.

Review №62

Wonderful theater with comfortable seating. Clean, good food and drink selections, bowling and gaming.

Review №63

Amazing. Good for vegans. Although the restaurant part needs a vegan meal!!! A vegan burger and vegan fries please

Review №64

I went last weekend to showbiz with my two children and I remember meeting the general manager and he was honestly quite rude and had a negative attitude towards me and my family. I would NOT recommend spending a Friday evening here unless you feel like getting degraded by this man. The name was David btw

Review №65

Love this theater. Great seats, very clean. Only negative is the concession stand is ridiculously priced.

Review №66

The faculty overall we would give a 3 but it could easily be given a 5 star if it weren’t for the high prices of the food/games along with the adult-rated music videos shown at the bowling section where our children were having to look away from sexual content. But otherwise they have FABULOUS movie seating with comfortable, reclining seats and clear viewing from each row. Showbiz is exceptionally clean and the new location is convenient for many Edmond residents.

Review №67

Great place if you want to grab a drink and see a movie. Theater chairs are comfortable.

Review №68

First visit to this location and it was a great experience. Very clean and comfortable.

Review №69

First preview was a political ad. Wont be returning.

Review №70

Showbiz is a mixed bag, so I’m here to clear some things up. You HAVE to buy tickets in advanced, the theater is way to small just to show up the day of a screening, especially the really anticipated movies. Also the staff is terrible at remembering what is playing in 3D. Sometimes you have to remind them for the 3D glasses and sometimes they don’t even have the movie play in 3D. The seats are comfy and the self-concession makes it easier and faster to get to your movie. Showbiz could be a really great theater if they advertised that there is limited seating, and if they fully trained their staff.

Review №71

This theatre is awesome. Concessions are self serve so no long lines. There seats have wide arm rests with a swivel tray, enough room you dont feel like youre sitting on your neighbors lap, AND the seats recline still leaving plenty of room to walk to and from your seat. These little details make this a comfortable and unique experience. I dont think Ill ever go back to a regular theatre.

Review №72

All seats are reclining. $5 Tuesday($7 for 3d). It is always clean.

Review №73

It’s a no for me! horrible..way over priced. Food is terrible. Eat before you come! Awkward set up the only nice thing are the seats but u can sit better in Dolby cinema at quail my opinion.

Review №74

Some things might be a little spendy. But the convince of blowing alley, bar, and arcades as so worth it.

Review №75

First date night since Covid shutdown

Review №76

Roomy seating. Adjustable seating. Snack tray and drink holder. Perfect sound. Clean.

Review №77

Great theaters and seats, very clean and the staff is always friendly!

Review №78

Service on the food took awhile, but everything else was really nice! This was our first time going there, I would highly recomend!

Review №79

I was surprised at how nice the theater was. Pricing is fair, and I liked how much room there was in between seats. I also really liked how the self serve snack area was set up. I used to drive out to the warren/regal for movies, but honestly this place seems like an upgrade.

Review №80

My boyfriend and I, my friend and her husband went to Showbiz for the first time yesterday. As soon as we walked in it seemed like total chaos in there. There were people running about concessions area and we didnt even know where a line began or ended or where to even check out. The staff was friendly but also seemed clueless and slow. We waited in a long line just to be told when we finally reached the front of the line that my boyfriend is able to reach in the machine and grab a hotdog, that he did not have to wait in line.... wouldve been nice to know before waiting in line for 10 minutes.Once our movie had started (scary movie) they did not dim the lights until about 15 minutes into the movie and then when the movie ended they didnt turn the lights on, made it difficult to see the stairs to exit the theater. Im willing to give this place another try because it was a nice, clean, facility.Im hoping it was just because they were extra busy. It was a new movie and a Friday night, so I will give them that. I will try it on a less busier night! :)

Review №81

Really nice place, friendly staff. Comfy, reclining seats in a clean theater.

Review №82

Great family place for lots of fun. Super expensive though. For a family of 6 we spent $62 on 2 hours of bowling and 2 drinks on their cheapest night- Wednesdays. They charge twice as much all other nights. Wouldve given 5 stars if the bumpers would have worked and if the ball return wasnt so slow. The balls seem to get stuck a lot which eats up your time bowling when paying by the hour.

Review №83

People were friendly and its really clean not too crowded

Review №84

Super fun time with the family!

Review №85

Super comfortable seats with huge screens and great audio, $5 tickets on Tuesdays (non-Holiday season), fun arcade, nice bar with decent tap selection. Overpriced bowling, but very large TV screens. Good variety at the concession but not cheap. Go early in the year and get the refill cup and popcorn tub.

Review №86

Great place for bowling. Had lots of fun.

Review №87

Amazing theatre Im definitely changing this to my main theatre. Super comfy seats too

Review №88

This cinema only has assigned seating which is a thumbs down for me. I did enjoy the concession food offered. My family did enjoying playing at the arcade and bowling. It’s a bit over priced to spend time here but will probably return due to over all nice and clean facility.

Review №89

We enjoy attending movies at ShowBiz with one exception. The only concessions are in the center of the facility, so if you are seeing a movie in one of the theaters furthest from the entrance then it’s hardly worth the long trek to and from the concessions for additional snacks or drinks. You better take what you want on the initial trip down to the movie.

Review №90

Love this place!! Fun for the kiddos and my wife and I. Always very clean, and the best games and movie theatres. Would highly recommend! Also very safe area of okc metro/edmond compared to Tinsletown where we used to go.

Review №91

Reserved seating! Reclining chairs... comfortable and cozy!

Review №92

This message is about a month past due... I want to give a big shout out and THANK YOU to one of the assistant managers at the Edmond location. (I believe his name is William but Im not 100% sure.) I accidentally bought Friday show tickets for Frozen 2 when I meant to buy tickets for Saturday. William saved the day by updating our seats to Saturday. He did it with a smile and did not make me feel bad for my mistake. Thank you, William!! We appreciate you saving the day for us and our two kiddos!

Review №93

Pros:Good foodGreat bar (Iva is the best bartender!)Arcade games a plentyGreat seating for the priceGreat ticket pricesBowlingFamily bathroomsCons:Concession prices (no refills on drinks unless you buy a souvenir cup which runs $4)Staff seems preoccupied with conversations rather than paying attention to customers.

Review №94

New, clean. Didnt play any games or bowl. Has a bar but drinks are 7-12$. Reclining seats you have to reserve. Dont show up early or you get harassed with terrible adds for the theaters app.

Review №95

Love the concept & everything else except the recline chairs was not clean (greasy and oily) due to food & drink spilled. Needed more sanitary around the place.

Review №96

Super comfortable, clean and friendly staff. Our second time here and a great experience both times!

Review №97

Super nice and up beat place to lay low and enjoy a night with your gal. Full service bar (expensive) but its the access that makes it worth your trouble. Super nice and modern.

Review №98

Fast & Friendly! Very clean. Upbeat, fun. Attentive. Pricing is great. Every Tuesday ALL movies are only $5 bucks each! All day & night!ALL of them! What a deal! Dont miss out. Full working bar and bowling. Adult and kids fun! This is great for Edmond. Great location.

Review №99

I will suggest you one thingYou guys have to play indian and pakistani moviesThat way you can bring dasi community tooTinseltown playing Indian moviesBut we want to see those movies in showbiz cinema tooThanks

Review №100

Great experience. Enjoyed the comfortable seating and atmosphere

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  • Address:3001 Market Street NW Corner of I-35 &, E Covell Rd, Edmond, OK 73034, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 405-562-6516
  • Movie theater
  • Bar
  • Bowling alley
  • Cafe
  • Video arcade
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
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