Cinemark Mall de Las Aguilas
455 South Bibb Street #2005, Eagle Pass, TX 78852, United States

Review №1

Me and my family enjoy watching a good movie with awesome surround sound, buttery popcorn, and ice cold drinks every now and then. If only they offered better deals on their combos, they would sell a lot more stuff. Saving 50 cents is not a bargain at all people.

Review №2

Downloaded the app. On the rare occasion we are able to go to the movies it would be nice to buy our tickets beforehand on the app. Turns out the tickets on the app are more expensive than at the window. And now discount Tuesdays are only 4 exclusive members.

Review №3

Always good Movies and good service and popcorn is always good. Great customer service

Review №4

Awesome place they replaced the seats with better ones and always good service, they always are so respectful and kind and helpful

Review №5

I love going to the movies!!

Review №6

Nice place to take your partner out on date night, away from everything else, get away to relax

Review №7

They should update their seats, they should add a reserve option if I purchase online then I would like to reserve my seats so it doesnt become a first come first serve. I love it here all the same! Just eish they did some changes maybe add a few simple things but overall still a nice place to go and relax.

Review №8

I had a very poor experience on Christmas Day, I wanted to watch a movie with the family, but unfortunately I was not able to. I went at 4PM to buy tickets for The Mule showing, however, it was sold out. I bought tickets for the 730 showing then, 5 adult and two children tickets, where my children were present (4 and 3 year old). I made time and came back at 630 to get in line and waited in line to be seated. To my surprise the security guard asks how old are my children, I responded and he told me that they couldn’t come in. Naturally, I asked why and he told me about their policy of no children under 6 could enter after 6PM to Rated R movies. A manager was called (Sanchez) and told me that it was their policy, however, why wouldn’t the ladies up in front who sold me children tickets would inform me about it. My dad asked what was the issue, the manager who was speaking at first Spanish, starts speaking to my dad in English when clearly my dad told him I don’t understand you, but he continued anyway. To me that is so disrespectful, from a “professional”. This individual (Sanchez) told me he could switch my tickets, which I declined for I had wasted time waiting on it already. He also told me he could refund my money, which I accepted, however being on Christmas Day I wanted to spend time with the family, which I felt robbed from due to this. When I told him that I wasn’t 100 satisfied and how he could reconcile this situation, he told me that he could provide some passes, however with my money I had already spent. How is that fair? When I asked why, he told me the cinema would lose money if they were to give me those passes, well what about my time and more of the poorly trained people at the box selling me tickets to a movie I cannot see due to my children being “too young” for the movie. In the end, Sanchez did not demonstrated to have management skills and assess the situation in a correct manner. I left angry, for I wasted my time waiting on a movie, waiting in line, being embarrassed of being pulled to the side with many people listening to our situation, and the manager did not offer a good way to remedy our situation. I paid with my card and I’m still waiting for the money to go back into my card 3-5 business days, for a show I was deprived from viewing. One thing I understood from this situation is that customer service is not a priority at this place.

Review №9

Place is clean and organize. Only issue was that they had 35 minutes of previews after the movie was suppose to start.

Review №10

What can I say? This mail is bigger than Del Rios own but smaller than a traditional shopping area. Stores are leaving in droves. The ones that remain are big name stores that pretty much pushed the other shops out to begin with.There are some good spots inside that hold true to the mall experience but it is short-lived. Most people just go to Wal-Mart or go to a real mall in a bigger city.

Review №11

This mall is a fun way to spend an afternoon. Its still in great shape. I loved looking at the old pictures of the mall.

Review №12

The fact that you need LITERALLY your PARENT just to watch a scary movie. What does that got to do with anything? It should be adult supervision, not parent supervision. The only difference the parents produced you, it has nothing to do with watching a scary movie. No need for that. Honestly WACK!!!

Review №13

For not having animation movies like My Hero Academia: Hero’s Rising which is smashing box office right now.

Review №14

Horrible service...weve been waiting outside since 1:45, for showtime at 2:10, its 2:20 and they have yet to open the door or answer our knocks. 3 employees have passed by and yet to open the door or explain if there is an actual reason as to why they are running late. Manager showing up at 2:03 is not our fault shes late

Review №15

Movie shut down because the mall was experiencing electrical problem. Other than that good theater

Review №16

The young staff are exceptionally well equipped with helpful information, hospitality, customer service. Thank you for an outstanding job well done!

Review №17

Wish all registers were open. Long lines to get food. Movie was great.

Review №18

The seats were uncomfortable, popcorn was stale, and sound was much less than Ive experienced at other theaters. Still, the only theater in town.

Review №19

I love going them very friendly and very clean !

Review №20

Great movie theater! We saw the movie we wanted to see!

Review №21

Comfortable seats, good customer service, but 4 stars because they charge $5 for a 12oz bottle of water!

Review №22

The staff is always slow and say we dont have any. The manger/supervisor just keeps walking and not help her/him on taking orders

Review №23

Needs lots of upgrades. Very rude staff and no one there to quiet people down when trying to watch a good movie. Will NOT return.

Review №24

I love it its amazin

Review №25

The best ep got to offer

Review №26

Ridiculously horrible service. They dont try because they know we have no where else to go. And all the managers there have no answers only shrug and say sorry.

Review №27

A very good and nice place to watch any movies with your family and friends.

Review №28

Beautiful clean stores with plenty of selection and movie theatre.

Review №29

Its all we have in town. They dont answer the phone either.

Review №30

Watched the it movies and had a blast :)))

Review №31

Love that we have a good cinema here after we lost cinema 3, years ago. N over time the seats started to wear out, they added some new ones n they feel great. Love how they have promotions of cups n popcorn buckets for the movie that is coming out. Sometimes it sucks that they ran out, but when they dont it is awesome. The only bad thing n its not the cinema fault. But the mall itself when the generator goes out. We dont get to enjoy the movie, we were watching Jurassic park latest movie n it just went out the sound first n the movie second. Sometimes the cinema does have faults for not checking the movies n we dont get to see it but its very rare when it does happen. But overall its a good place to go the coupons do help n u get great deals. Never used cinema app but I hear its good maybe Ill get it.

Review №32

Very clean atmosphere, and comfortable new seats.

Review №33

I hate it, the people were so rude. I got embarrassed in front of everyone because he was yelling at me. Horriblr weekend.

Review №34

Great place for movies and popcorn. They just put in awesome seats!

Review №35

First run movies.... NEAT & Clean. Very efficient crews. Still good proceso for matinee...

Review №36

To expensive, way to loud, and some kids crying.

Review №37

The Manager Mr Flores needs more manners and A Better Attitude!!!!

Review №38

Gosh! I love to come to the movies, but my God, the concessions service is awful. They take forever to help you even when there are only few people ahead of you. It irritates me so much.

Review №39

The seats here are so comfortable and the theater is always so clean! Staff is very friendly, as well.

Review №40

It was great I liked the movie

Review №41

The cinema is great for dates and outings with friends and family. The only problem is, nearly everything they sell is quite pricey. I recommend eating before going to this cinema.

Review №42

What can you say... lol it’s a movie theater lol

Review №43

Love this place, but man the snacks are freaking pricey.

Review №44

Ten minutes into the movie, problems with light. Going to take three hours to fix.

Review №45

Decent place to enjoy movies with our family

Review №46

I always go here its super nice

Review №47

Comfortable place to watch a movie but they skipped lots good ones at the same time

Review №48

Saw the Venom movie here! Great service when it came to snacks and tickets, theatre was very clean and proper, and the movie itself didnt run with any errors.

Review №49

Cosey theater, great for family, popcorn, sodas, pickles, hot dogs, candies,icees, oh and they have put in new chairs in some of the spots, I believe they get all, nice seats.

Review №50

Comfortable enough. Fair prices. Good popcorn.

Review №51

Very strict about outside beverages or snacks yet fountain soda machine didnt work after being 30min in line, 50% of time hotdogs are sold out. snack store very unpleasant experience ALWAYS !!!!

Review №52

Money hunger charge extra for topping

Review №53

Small in mall movie theater with limited amount of newest releases.

Review №54

This theater is okay. I guess it could be better. But, for the price. Its great. No open carry. In the theater or the mall.

Review №55

Great place to enjoy with family.

Review №56

I recently caught a showing of the Dark Tower. This place is Okay, I wont say anything bad about it. BUt you have to understand I am from San Antonio and the theaters here in SA are very fancy and updated, such as stadium seat rising, bars and waiters attending to your seats, quality food like chicken wings and pizza, and burgers. NOt to mention Plenty of seating and parking. Unfortunately you wont find these qualities here. BUt if you like good popcorn and newly released movies this is the place to go.

Review №57

Great place to be and enjoy it with your family and friends.

Review №58

They should make another cinema here in eagle pass

Review №59

Most of the time happy. Not tonight, when I wasted 30 minutes of my movie on a popcorn refill. You need a refill line!

Review №60

Great movie theater

Review №61

They need to tighten on security to many teenagers laughing kicking seats and cursing, they were being so rude and disruptive.

Review №62

Pretty clean theater good experience

Review №63

Service is horrible, smelly restrooms and really uncomfortable seats, theyre not taken care of well. Eagle Pass needs a new theater.

Review №64

Its OK. Snacks are kind of expensive. Wish it was bigger, spacious. Maybe less kids noise to concentrate better on the movie. And grown ups need to put away the cell phones!

Review №65

I love that it is always a nice place to go to have some down time and watch a movie on the biggest screen ever!

Review №66

Very nice place

Review №67

Movies are great to watch, but at this theatre makes it challenging. Broken seats and the odor of stinch. Not to mention the disgusting restrooms. Absolutely filthy. And yet the theatre management is OK with this. Its a shame another theatre is not closer or I would gladly go there instead.

Review №68

Very dissapointed with this theatre which Not All The Time Shows Movie Releases. This is the second time a movie that we wanted to see is not showing AT THE EAGLE PASS CINEMARK !!!! Del rio does have it which I dont understand ...on what basis does the manager of Cinemark decide to show or not show a new release ?!? Instead bring My Little Pony cmon !!!

Review №69

Pretty cool place, shows current movies

Review №70

We need another theater period

Review №71

Service isnt the best, theaters are dirty. Sound and picture are average

Review №72

Its people are nice but the theater itself is crappy. From small seats to little legroom for customers. The projector and its screen are or appear ancient, it only holds six movies. Yeah crap

Review №73

Went there the other day to watch expendables two, I really enjoyed the movie but it could of have been excellent except the babies crying. Why bring babies to an action movie with extreme gun noise, you go figure.

Review №74

Only downside is the restrooms, they need upgrade

Review №75

I notice people complaining about babies crying, children gigglng, people talking. You need to attend the late shows after 6 pm the early shows or matinee thats what you should expect. Ive always enjoyed the movies.

Review №76

Great seats! New leather reclining seats!

Review №77

Employees steal items left behind.

Review №78

I need a manager

Review №79

This theaters showings are never updated online so you can never make plans to watch something on the weekend. no easy accomodations for teachers to bring their classrooms.

Review №80

There rud spiton u food

Review №81

A little expensive, the annoying people of ep make this suck like the gigeling little girls and the babies alot of people talk especialy the piedras residence

Review №82

Movies are great. Need to clean the restrooms

Review №83

The only Movie Theater here in Eagle Pass. Im disappointed in the Staff allowing kids to see R rated movies . For example The Purge. With or without parents its not Ok !! lets stick to the rules.

Review №84

Its a really good place to go see movies and the deals are awesome

Review №85

Just a typical basic movie theater!

Review №86

Very good just supper experience

Review №87

Very comfortable seats

Review №88

Luv going to the movies

Review №89

The employees they treat with courtesyThe theaters are all clean

Review №90

Loved this place clean clean clean

Review №91

Great place to shop

Review №92

Clean theatre. Nice employees

Review №93

It be nice if they cleaned the restrooms more often and learned how to answer the phone once in a while.

Review №94

Nice movie theater!

Review №95

Good service

Review №96

It is to expansive

Review №97


Review №98

Love it

Review №99

Great Place, small but nice, 3D is a little expensive, but some movies are worth it! :P

Review №100

Good facility

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  • Address:455 South Bibb Street #2005, Eagle Pass, TX 78852, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 830-758-0643
  • Movie theater
  • Snack bar
  • 3D movies:Yes
  • Active military discounts:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Stadium seating:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
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