Griffon Theaters
1681 3rd Ave W #16, Dickinson, ND 58601, United States

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Clean with great relaxing easy chair atmosphere. The people were helpful and friendly. The movie, 1917, was excellent. We sat in front row and movie was not loud like some theaters. Loved it

Review №2

We got 7 tickets online. We got there at 4 right before the movie started and they lady said she waited as long as she could and sold one of our tickets. They didn’t do anything to accommodate us. They wouldn’t give us a refund so we ended up getting tickets for the next day and we had to pay extra since it’s wasnt on $5 Tuesday. Not only was they rude during the whole process but one of the ladies snatched a cup out of my nephews hand. He had pick up the cups with the pens in it and was looking at it and she rudely snatched it out of his had stated well he was going to draw on it. There was all kind of pens marks from kids marking on it so if he did it’s not a big deal. She never has the right to take anything out of any child’s hand. She could have said something to us nicely and we would have taken care of it. The worst service I have ever had at any business. They should be ashamed of their self and service and I will be calling management! Shame on you!

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Smaller theaters in a mall location. It has great and comfortable seating, the theater isnt so large inside. Loved this! The snack bar had plenty of good treats, popcorn was delicious and you get to fill your own sodas. Nice place!!

Review №4

Such comfy chairs and great viewing!

Review №5

I was unfortunately behind the group of the previous reviewer and the reason I am writing anything is the only item of truth in the review is the cup scene. This group purchased handicap seating tickets and the staff actually walked them into the theater to offer them the only seats available. I was impatiently waiting behind this group and was very surprised to overhear that they even purchased the wheelchair seats. I work with individuals with disabilities and I am very pleased that Griffon Theaters has a good seating section for the ADA population. Shame on you!!

Review №6

Fantastic theater. Food and ticket prices arent outrageous as I have seen in similar style theaters. Biggest selling point is the select your own seating and reclining lounge seats. Ive seen several movies here over the past year these seats make long movies like Avengers doable. Never got uncomfortable.

Review №7

Pros the theatre is amazing. Looks real nice, the seats are plush and recline and more than enough legroomCons Could fall asleep in the chairs real easy !!

Review №8

Boyfriend and I went and absolutely loved the reclining chairs they had! So much we took a nap beautiful theater and yummy popcorn!

Review №9

The renovations to this movie theater are excellent!the chairs are reclining and it is very comfortable! My new favorite place to see a movie!

Review №10

Very beautiful upgrade to the mall theater. Seats are ultra comfortable and it is clean. Wide variety of concessions within their space, with great popcorn.One thing Ive noticed is that you can hear other movies from inside the separate theaters. It can be distracting.Very rarely I have noticed a movie skipping or stuttering, but this can happen anywhere.

Review №11

Live this new place, great seats. Reclining and watching a movie was awesome. I will be going there from now on. Food prices are....well its a movie theater. Bring 20 for tickets and 40 for food.

Review №12

I attended the theater tonight. It is a vast improvement over the previous theater that was there. However, the chairs were very uncomfortable. My head was in a forced forward state no matter how I adjusted the seats. The seat of the chair has had many behinds in them. They are beginning to get warped/worn. I didnt get any snacks. I loved the fact that my feet didnt stick to the floor.

Review №13

Pros: Comfortable seating. Nice screens. Tasty snacks.Cons: Could hear the movie next door better than the movie we were watching at times.

Review №14

Chairs are very comfortable and we almost fell asleep!! It was a busy night to go and the staff were very nice and patient. Ive not gone to the one at the college I have always gone to thos one! The only thing that I didnt like was the positioning of the screen in the theatre and where the seating was at. We had to turn sideways to be able to see the entire screen. Other than that, no complaints!

Review №15

The theater was very clean and the seats were adjustable recliners which were very comfortable as you can stretch your feet after the traffic. The theatre was kind of small and does not fit large crowd but I was told that the other 2 teatres are larger than this one. Its very suitable for the size of town and a get out when needed.

Review №16

Love the leather reclining chairs in the theater, makes it hard not to fall asleep... Way too comfortable in a theater.

Review №17

Never had an issue with any of the staff or the theater itself. The recling seats are awesome. Happy they came in to replace the old theater.

Review №18

Great place good people and also drinks candy nice place all around!!!

Review №19

Movie screens with nice quality and very comfy reclining seats!

Review №20

Amazing!!! $5 Tuesdays are where its at. Reclining seats and free refills on drinks. The bathrooms are clean and the seats arent sticky

Review №21

Pros: Comfortable seating, attentive staff.Cons: Limited movies, outrageous concession prices.

Review №22

It is family and friend family. Really nice workers I will definitely go there again and recommend going there to people. Thanks for the great experience

Review №23

Wonderful new movie theater!! The staff is very helpful and friendly. We love the reclining chairs and online reservation option!

Review №24

ZERO STARS FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE & INTERPERSONAL SKILLS!!! THEE WORST MANGER MEAN AND NASTY AND DISRESPECTFUL ATTITUDE!!!!The manager is the most terrible and rude and impolite person representing this theatre! I purchased two tickets for two different shows at separate times (initially going solo).On the 2nd movie I was able to have a friend join me, but the seat next to me was taken. Very simple and easy fix, or so you would think. I asked for my seat to be moved to a different one and purchase another, so my friend and I could enjoy the movie together, therefore bringing them another customer and more money, more business!She said, “I can’t offer you a refund!” I explained very politely that I did not want a refund, I just wanted to change seats and purchase a second ticket, that’s all! Nothing more nothing less! She said, “I can’t do that!” and became unprofessional and argumentative! I asked why? Disrespectful and rude, She said, “I don’t to have to tell you that!”She said she would have to void the ticket, which would mean it’s a refund. I nicely explained again the same thing. When she became rude, nasty and mean I asked her for the manager’s name and number. She said, “I am the manager there’s no one else!” “I run this!”When I asked for whom she answered to (her boss), she acknowledged that there was someone she answered to, but said they would take her side! Begrudgingly she wrote the number down on my ticket (that she absolutely refused to switch for another seat) and then said, “I don’t have to give you anything!” and quickly scratched the number out making it illegible so I could not complain on her rude behavior! She then told me, “If you don’t like it you can leave and don’t come back!”

Review №25

Great place to watch a movie. Nice seats.

Review №26

Updated theater. Very nicely done. Seats are amazing. Cant find anything to complain about

Review №27

Love this theater! Recliner seats! Its great!⚘⚘

Review №28

Best theater in town. Love the seating.

Review №29

Much better than the old one. But they still skip all the movies people want to see and get the ones no one wants to see. Need to turn up the volume. Songs are louder but can barely here the voices.

Review №30

Just arrived to see the new Avengers movie. I prepaid for my tickets a few days ago. When I came in I was ready to order popcorn and soda. I was waiting at the counter for service. The cashier did see me walk in. She decided to serve the other people that walked in moments behind me. After waiting some time for service I see staff come from the back to give me help. Service sucks.

Review №31

Great place. Reasonable prices, comfy recliner chairs, nice screen, good sound, clean. Has parking

Review №32

Captain marvel was amazing. The theater was perfect. I dont think th newborn baby screaming was appropriate though

Review №33

Love them new seats. Soo comfy. Good renovations

Review №34

The theater is clean, the chairs are comfy, and the popcorn is great.

Review №35

The seats recline but are really loud when you do. The door slams shut every time someone enters or leaves which is often when there are little kids in the theater.

Review №36

Recliner seats are comfy but adjustments to them during the movie are a bit annoying but I will do it again.

Review №37

Love this new theatre, the reclining seats are comfortable, ticket prices are reasonable, concessions are a little spendy tho.

Review №38

Went up on Tuesday... $5 a person night... chairs are great! Reclines... so much room between.clean...

Review №39

Very friendly staff, great prices, comfy seats!

Review №40

Amazing popcorncomfy seatsfriendly staffcool drinksclean theatersabsolutely loved it

Review №41

Went to the pokemon movie. The movie was ok. Kind of slow

Review №42

Popcorn is amazing! Theaters are gorgeous.

Review №43

This was a amazing experience ️ and the seats had FOOT RESTS!!!!!! This was a huge step up from the old theaters.

Review №44

Very friendly and helpful staff, comfortable seats and beautiful bathrooms! Thanks Griffin Theaters!

Review №45

Nice theater, but Manager was beyond rude and nasty. Made a huge deal about switching the time of my tickets, and saying she wouldn’t give me a refund despite me not asking for one.

Review №46

Very nice theater.

Review №47

Why would I pay extra to choose my seat if there is going to be some one else sitting in my chair? If this happens to you, dont even bother to ask any staff for assist you since they wont care.

Review №48

The new theater was awesome but they could have Turned the volume up it was hard to hear the movie over all the noisy people.

Review №49

The upgrade is a big improvement.

Review №50

New facilities are nice

Review №51

Loved the reclining seats

Review №52

Small but comfy

Review №53

Love the new theater

Review №54

Nicely renovated but the food prices are beyond ridiculous.

Review №55

Nice, clean theater

Review №56

Comfortable seats.

Review №57

Good experience.

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Cheap movie selection

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Review №61

Always good

Review №62

Love the seats!!!

Review №63

Loved it!

Review №64

Great environment

Review №65

Loved this place!

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It was alright.

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  • Address:1681 3rd Ave W #16, Dickinson, ND 58601, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 701-483-2688
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Assisted listening devices:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
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