AMC CLASSIC Walnut Square 12
2170 E Walnut Ave, Dalton, GA 30721, United States

Review №1

Wonderful place if you can get the younger generation with no upbringing to understand people dont pay that kind of money to hear you talk and giggle through the movie

Review №2

Always a good experience but would love it if they had more comfy chairs. Love the slushies

Review №3

I really enjoy this place. It is a nice facility with good service. All though a little pricey, a very good experience.

Review №4

Decently average movie theater. They just updated their menu to include meal options....some, like the pretzel, are a bit pricey.There are better options with the dine in theaters out there now but as far as your average movie theater goes, there are no complaints. The theaters and the bathrooms are clean and the service is friendly and helpful.Head and shoulders above the AMC on Battlefield Parkway which is severely lacking in common sense in the employee department (who in their right mind has the same line for ticket purchase, concessions, and online/advance ticket admission).

Review №5

Being from California Im thrilled to be able to watch a movie with less than 10 people in the auditorium LOVE IT!

Review №6

This place is pretty good to go and enjoy movies. Usually the actual theater is pretty neutral in temperature and their concessions are decent.It is a bit on the expensive side, however.

Review №7

Movies are outrageously expensive but we had a great time watching Frozen2 with our Granddaughter. This AMC Theater is always neat and clean. Very nice employees .

Review №8

Went to see a movie with my son and loved it. Havent been in years and see that they have done some updates to make it more comfortable. The prices took me by surprise in the food area though.

Review №9

They need to have a few more clean up workers. The women bathrooms sinks were nasty. There wasnt any soap in the dispenser. The slushy machine were not working (all had red lights on them) The seats we seat in had garbage in the cup holders. But the movie was great!

Review №10

Friendly helpful staff!

Review №11

Comfy seats, clean theater rooms. Well it is what it is. Haha

Review №12

We had a great time watching The Lion King.Our daughter loved the experience, and I love that refills are now free!All in all, terrific! Well return very soon!

Review №13

Plenty of movie options. Theatre and restrooms clean. Some staff are younger with poor attitudes and customer service. Food/drink prices are too expensive. Cheaper at Six Flags!

Review №14

Its a pretty good theater! Not too bad.

Review №15

New Edit (1/7/2020)Both managers responsible for this are no longer working there. Good riddance.Edit (9/29/2019)Ive complained on their website. I tried getting in touch with someone from corporate. I keep getting told I they would be in touch or something. Some have even bluntly said too bad. Now when I go there Ive noticed the vibe of the whole place is just negative, like everyone is jobscared. I talk to several people and they all say the new GM is very mean and very strict. Everyone is just gloomy. AMC is literally killing the movie theater in Dalton GA.Checked online earlier in the day and saw a 10:30pm Lion King. Got there around 10:30 and this manager told us that there originally was a 10:30 showing but they just arent going to show it. Im not able to just come back another time. I work during the day and at night is the ONLY time I can see any movie. It wasnt just me that was angry and wondering why there wasnt a 10:30pm show. There was several others there all confused as to why they werent werent going to show it. I worked for movie theaters before and I KNOW that they could have played it in one of their other auditoriums that had already finished playing the movie and just started it up again. The manager was probably unwilling to walk up the stairs and fix a simple issue. His name was Jonathan from what I heard.

Review №16

Theaters charge a lot - that’s a given. Don’t expect it to be an inexpensive outing and don’t expect the snacks to be cheap (as some of the those who have rated this theater have done.) But you can look forward to friendly people and clean theaters and restrooms. The cost is comparable to other theaters.

Review №17

Great movie theater but as all movie theaters its way to overpriced to see a movie only 6 months before it comes out on DVD

Review №18

A very good theater, but construction in the parking lot makes it hard to get to

Review №19

A little out of the way but a great place to see a movie.

Review №20

Nice place to chill and watch movies with friends and family.

Review №21

Movie was was clean and staff were very friendly.

Review №22

Service is good. Sometimes yall are out of paper towels in the bathroom andnapkins on the counter. Also, sometimes the drink area is messy. However, we enjoy the movies and love the $4 summer movies!!

Review №23

Dont ever WASTE YOUR MONEY AT THE TRASHY STORE GIVE ME FIVE the manager said he knows its alot of trash but will not give me a refund on something I bought missing the part that makes it work and he laughed I was like ok wow

Review №24

Great place to hang out with friends and staff Is friendly.

Review №25

I loved the theater, it was clean, and I was able to be seated to watch Frozen II.

Review №26

Good place. Very clean. Bathrooms are clean. Employees are very good. Only prices are high.

Review №27

Me and my mom went seen the Hobbs and shaw movie, It was amazing. We got the chicken bbq pizza to go along with our popcorn and soda it was really good. Service at this location was great and it was clean

Review №28

It was awesome! I saw Jumanji the next level.

Review №29

Location is a little dated but the staff is friendly, the theaters are clean, and the popcorn is fresh.

Review №30

The pricing on food and drinks is rediculous. Its very hard for a single mother to be able to afford, and its dirty. I leaned back in my seat and got gum all in my hair and none of the staff offered to help.

Review №31

Good popcorn. comfortable seating.

Review №32

Theater was clean. Employees at the ticket seats and concessions were very polite and helpful.

Review №33

Great place to get great movies. Employees are always friendly

Review №34

Me and my wife had a great time here. We didnt realise that we had to pay for tickets at the concession stand, would of be nice to have a sign about the times when that happens. We really didnt have any other problems. The staff was very friendly and helpful. We will be back again.

Review №35

Great place but prices a little high for snacks

Review №36

The theater is always clean and tidy which I appreciate, but they do nothing to keep people from talking during the movies. We have went a few times in the past month and have had a problem every single time where we cannot enjoy the movie because of people constantly talking. And Im not speaking of just occasional conversation pertaining to the movie. I mean large groups of people talking the ENTIRE movie. Its frustrating to say the least. I remember movie theaters use to patrol that type of behavior but not this theater.

Review №37

Empty when we went. Wich wasnt bad. Saw Hustle and was amazing. There was no line and all the staff was friendly and courteous

Review №38

I usually enjoy going to the movies. However I was blinded throughout the one Ive been waiting to see by the woman I front of me being constantly kn her phone. After about half of the movie I discussed it with a manager . He watched for a few seconds and left. Their should be people placed in there to make others turn their phonoff or leave.

Review №39

Its nice and clean. Staff is friendly. Seats are comfortable.

Review №40

This is one of my favorite places on this green earth. Everything is clean and functional the workers were polite and it was an overall good experience.

Review №41

I enjoy AMC in Dalton my hometown. I do however have problems the majority of times I go to see a movie. Management doesnt seem to have a handle on how to accomodate the Premier Members. Suppose to NOT have to stop at box office but they want you to stand in line of 1-20 or more and wait to show your electronic ticket because they dont have a ticket taker person. Still after all this time dont have a handle on their new processes. For this I give them low marks. Shouldnt be so hard. Why pay for a perk if they dont make it easy.

Review №42

Went to see a movie, sound was like watching your home tv with ear muffs on.

Review №43

Nice and clean - but this is an older style AMC. No leaning chairs or recliners. Still, good fun.

Review №44

Only one in town lucky to have a expensive but good one

Review №45

As you may know, this theater is located in a small town. There are not many choices locally for a movie theater experience. I imagine this is one of the main reasons many people visit this location. I myself have patronized this establishment for years, partly due to this reason.But, the primary reason I choose this location is that, over the years, they have had ample opportunity to make a mistake when providing my service, but they never have. I cant remember a single bad experience at this location. I have always been treated courteously and professionally; the facility has always been clean and maintained; and, the refreshments have always been refreshing.You wont find the best seats or the biggest screens at this theater, but you will find a solid and consistent movie going experience by an eager professional staff. If I choose another theater out of town, its because I want a different dinning experience, not because I want a different theater experience.

Review №46

The only good thing was the movie

Review №47

Okay and better if you go to cenima to get half off

Review №48

I have been coming to this movie theater for years and it’s well maintained.

Review №49

Went to go see the turning and was not great. People were talking, making out, and laughing. Not the best experience I had

Review №50

Enjoyed the move, I Still Believe

Review №51

The restrooms are always messy here. The parking is good.

Review №52

This place is in serious need of an update, it might be better to tear it down and rebuild. It always smells in the theater, the seats are grimy, nasty, sticky feeling. Definitely needs new management. Ticket clerks lay all over the counter while assisting you. There needs to be more room at the refreshment station. Cleveland and Chattanooga theaters are much nicer, bigger seats, reclining seats, leather seats, it makes it really hard to turn loose of your money here. I guess its to be expected, Dalton has become such a run down town, Cleveland is just right up the road and a much nicer city.

Review №53

Service at my last visit was horrible, tried to see a rated R movie with some friends, one of them weren’t old enough so we decided not see the movie and we were all refused a refund. Lost 60 dollars.

Review №54

Whats not to love about this theater? The design makes it easy to move around in. The staff clean up quite nicely. There are arcade machines that you can play on if you came to watch a movie before the movie starts. There really isnt anything to hate about it.

Review №55

Ford vs Ferrari. Very Good

Review №56

Saw Spider-man. Movie was good. Place was fine. No issues here.

Review №57

Decent movie theater. They have all the popular first run movies. If its new, they have it for sure. Things are average overall. The food is decent for movie food.The theater is hard to find if you are not familiar with the area. It is behind the mall, so you will never see it when driving by the mall. So turn into the mall and drive around back. Its on the side of the back, so if you dont see it on one side, keep going around and you will see it.

Review №58

AMC Theater in Dalton, Ga is a great place to see movies, and Ive been going here when it was Carmike. AMC has way surpassed them. Its a professional movie experience in my humble opinion.

Review №59

Plenty of parking. Easy getting tickets.

Review №60

Service is quick and friendly! Theater very clean, comfortable seating, photo posters available in lobby for upcoming movies.

Review №61

No heat the baby was not centered on the screen you could see a foot of white at the bottom and the people that was acting in the movies heads running off the top and the sides of the screen and the guys come in and turn the cleanup lights on just when the credits started to roll and I was trying to read the credits with a big white bright white and another guy come in with a blower

Review №62

Nice theater, but oh my goodness the price for concessions! Thats the only reason I didnt give 5 stars. $6 for a coke!... free refills, but still. Soda and popcorn will run you more than the price of your ticket. Very clean theater with helpful, friendly staff. My son threw up after the crazy lights of incredibles 2 (made it to the trash can thank goodness. ) and the staff were very sweet to him. All in all I will go back, but will be prepared for the concession prices.

Review №63

Everyone was really nice and the movie was great

Review №64

Always an awesome visit when I go there. They are always friendly and intelligent to any question that I have. They have some really good deals and always willing to help some one out and treat pep like they are an Rock Star even if they are an beginner at what they are trying to do..

Review №65

Always a good time at the movies!

Review №66

The AMC theatre was nice. The staff was friendly and the area was clean. My only complaint was that while trying to call before arrival, no one was available to answer my several calls. There is a need for signage to direct normal flow of traffic. The line was out the door and no one seemed to know where or which line to get in.

Review №67

Its a great movie theater

Review №68

Comfy and good popcorn. Little expensive

Review №69

Movie was great Call of the Wild but every thing very costly

Review №70

There tickets are to high.At UEC in Cleveland Tn.they are 4 bucks cheaper and they have recliners .Guess get me once but not twice will be going back to Cleveland from now own.And refreshments in Dalton is way to expensive to enjoy.

Review №71

I wish there was a 3.5 ever since AMC bought out Carmike prices have risen but quality and service hasnt. It seems like they never show more than 7 or 8 movies at a time anymore. Never 12. Carmike almost always had a different movie on every screen with some new movies alternating in and out almost every week. The seats have needed another update for awhile.

Review №72

Best place ever love watching movies here

Review №73

Good movie theaters. Concessions are good but like all theaters they are pricey. Lines are not too long and seating is adequate. Staff is polite and helpful. Gets most new movie releases the day of the release. Has 12 theaters inside.

Review №74

A great place to watch movies. The seats are very comfortable. You can save money by joining AMCs Stubbs Club. You can join for free and there are paid levels.

Review №75

Love going to the movies here.

Review №76

Its a nice theater. Its a typical AMC theater so price is similar as all others. The employees are nice. The food is incredibly overpriced but the theater is located near a mall and several surrounding restaurants. I recommend eating elsewhere before or after the movie.

Review №77

We picked a great day to come

Review №78

They don’t open the time they are supposed to but everything else is pretty good

Review №79

They gouge you on the refreshment prices.

Review №80

About the same as one in cartersville.but have much steeper stairs.

Review №81

Ticket prices are getting to be ridiculous. Its cheaper to stay home and watch Netflix with a bowl of popcorn.

Review №82

Enjoyed this theater tremendously. Very clean . Wish chairs were recliners and screen was wider. Some of the picture was on the curtains.

Review №83

Its a great place but when you want to see the newest movie get ready to be disappointed waiting. They should put more than one showtime for the newest movies.

Review №84

Wonderfill theater rooms clean as well. Terrific staff

Review №85

There is no HEAT!! Watching a movie and literally freezing like we are outside and management cares ZERO!!

Review №86

Ive been going to this AMC theater for the past few years because I havent found any that rival. The staff are extremely kind and the auditoriums are very often spotless.

Review №87

Good cinema and clean place, they have changed completely and they have always showed the new ones and cheap tickets on Tuesday. It’s best to be a AMC member and get good benefits weekly.

Review №88

My only complain is the coke machine but other than that the seats are great and the theater room is damn good

Review №89

Havent been in many years took the grands concession service was awful still believe I was over charged completely NO knowledgable staff at concessions Wont be going back if I can help it

Review №90

Very clean. A great place to see movies

Review №91

The only issue I have is the concessions are more expensive than the movie. I like the theaters ambiance. It has clean restrooms (ladies) and is generally well maintained facilities. However when you bring kids they want the concessions especially since the advertising using smell and sound encourages. Cant go often due to the expense.

Review №92

We love going to the movies. Just wish yall offered more deals other days beside Tuesday. Cant always make Tuesday.

Review №93

AMC needs to close down for a good minute and clean inside the theaters were you seat. IT STINKS SOOOOO BAD!!

Review №94

Movie was good but prices on food and drinks are to high

Review №95

Has a lost and found ! My sister found five dollars on the floor once.

Review №96

Great movie.Sound was incredible.loved it.

Review №97

The theater is nice & well maintained, however, I think the rule that children under 6 cant see an R-rated movie after 6 PM is unnecessary.... If their parents deem it okay for them to see it, then why shouldnt they be able to?! I am highly disappointed as far as this goes.

Review №98

We really enjoyed early Sunday movie very much

Review №99

Great staff and with AMC stars I can see 3 movies a week with no hassles or concerns.

Review №100

I really like this theater because it is pretty close to home. Im only taking off a star because the person that was serving as popcorn was having a really rough day and it showed.

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  • Address:2170 E Walnut Ave, Dalton, GA 30721, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 706-226-0630
  • Movie theater
  • 3D movies:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible lift:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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