Regal Nitro
12 JW Dr, Cross Lanes, WV 25313, United States

Review №1

We went and saw Jaws a few weeks back and it was great! Everything was clean, the staff was friendly. We have seen movies here before and they were also great. We will be back for sure!!

Review №2

Very neat and clean, good customer service, giant screen, watched Zumanji released only Regal Nitro who had Amazon prime, enjoyed sitting there

Review №3

Been there a lot at all times of operation, from as early as opening around noon to as late as 10pm, and I think Ive been there every day of the week. Never had any problems whatsoever. Even when its been busy during new popular movies Ive had good experiences. Cant wait for them to open again and movies to start coming out.

Review №4

We have went here several times, and we are very happy with it. The staff is pretty friendly, and it is always clean. Recently since Covid-19 they opened and started showing a lot of older movies. It was amazing! $5 and you get to see a great movie!I am very very very disappointed theyre closed again, but Regal itself decided to shut all their theaters down not this specific one!Their candy is very very expensive! I would suggest packing some in your purse. I personally dont like their popcorn, its very salty for me. It tastes like something you would get at a sporting event, or target lol. Also their games in there to play are high. But.. That doesnt change thr 5/5 I gave them. We will be back when they reopen!

Review №5

Not very busy, which is something I like.

Review №6

Pretty good popcorn and seating. Nice staff. Big drinks. Lights came on about 3/4 the way through the movie, so that wasnt great. Had to go tell the staff that sound was going but no picture before the movie started.

Review №7

Great place to spend the evening. Be sure to lock your cars. The parking lot can be very full and dark. I know some people have mentioned people roaming the parking lot.. Ive never had a problem but please be alert.

Review №8

This is my favorite theater in the area. They have many shows at one time to choose from. One level for handicap access. A few fun games, claw machines, and racing games, etc. to play in lobby. Very kid friendly. Workers are friendly. Same prices as others.

Review №9

Older seats dont recline, no self serve beverage or popcorn prepare station, small arcade. Service was ok. 3D theater could have been louder.

Review №10

Quaint and cozy neighborhood movie theater. Quite standard for average expectations. Though not at all disappointing. It has ample parking and tentative staff. Movie prices a great compared to many theaters. Ive been to around United States to many theaters, and this is one I really like. All of these attributes add up to a pleasant experience for your pocket, and your senses!

Review №11

I thoroughly loved going to this Cinema because of the fact that its always so immaculately clean they take very good care to keep it clean and tidy and that makes it very comfortable whenever youre trying to sit and watch a movie.

Review №12

Its very nice place to meet a friend to watch a movie with

Review №13

They are always friendly and have all the movies. Pretty clean as well I always wonder about theatres and their cleanliness I think they just sweep and mop dont disinfect the seats or hand rest nor the bathrooms. But I dont think any of them do. I can tell lyou they have one of the HIGHEST snack bars here. And if you have kids there small cups are huge so you could share 1 with your whole family.

Review №14

They were very friendly plenty of room a convenient location excellent parking

Review №15

Tickets are cheap which is pretty nice but everything concession wise costs upwards of six dollars which is a huge pain. They also dont have many movies showing at once but it still makes for a decent theater.

Review №16

The staff is always friendly and helpful. Always clean.

Review №17

Great theater, but like other theaters, the concession prices are high.

Review №18

Movie great. Staff friendly. Popcorn and soda extremely over priced. Way over the top expensive

Review №19

Clean- nice employees- and comfortable seating.. not great,but comfortable......

Review №20

Very nice afternoon at the movie, nice and clean, not crowded and not as expensive as Marqu--just if the concessions werent so expensive--especially the popcorn.

Review №21

I went to a movie and had a terrible experience. I came out to get a refill on my popcorn and my drink they had already emptied and cleaned the machine and the soda machine as well....I paid for large items to be able to get a refill and was denied that....then my wife calls customer service and talked to Julia she was no wife had to ask several times to talk to a supervisor.....finally she was transferred to Lucas who was no help and was rude as well....all we wanted was for them to make it right and they failed miserably.....I only gave 1 star cause I had to to leave a comment.... I will be posting my complaints on other sites and social media so people will know whats going on....

Review №22

I asked twice for a container to put under my popcorn and both employees walked away, then after the butter got all over my Jeans I had to go back and ask again. Normally, Id give a 5 star but the employees that night didnt seem to care.

Review №23

Im not sure if it was the movie itself or the projection. Theater 12 in which my son and I saw the movie Bohemian Rhapsody today. There was a little bit of lag time and skipping in the playback of the movie.Nothing major but it was noticeable. Other than that. The movie was excellent. The staff courteous. Snacks were great.

Review №24

Ok theater but wish they would sell reasonable drinks for reasonable price.

Review №25

First time here. Seemed pretty good, but over 5 dollars for water?? Thats ridiculous

Review №26

Rewards program is awesome, so much free stuff. my favorite movie theatre in this area, its not jam packed with chatty cheese bags like charleston.

Review №27

I like this place when I want to get away and catch a movie. The only downside is the theater itself is dated. No IMAX, no leather reclining seating, just your basic old school theater set up. Of course this is the majority of theaters in WV so I dont expect an different.

Review №28

Prices on everything is crazy high and tickets are the best priced. Food and drink such as popcorn etc; is WAY OVER PRICED, as much as the tickets to be correct

Review №29

Decent prices and older but clean seats.

Review №30

Place was clean. Everything is soooo expensive, but that was expected. We went to a 6:30 or so movie (on a week night) and when we came out the concession stand was closed and not a worker in a sight which I found odd. If there are people still in the theaters, everything should remain OPEN and workers accessible. Other than that and the fact that the concession stand workers werent friendly AT ALL, we had a good time.

Review №31

Its easy to get to. Seats r very comfortable

Review №32

I was very dissatisfied with our experience. The movies are already pretty pricey and the concession so I feel like we should have had excellent service for what we paid. The theater was so hot that it made us very unhappy. So we notified the workers of the situation of course we was ignored. And my boyfriend went to the concession to purchase candy and they said were closed. How are you gonna be closed at 830. Our movie started at 750. Very upset. I would like to have a manager contact me. I feel we should get another movie of our choice. It was so hot we couldnt even enjoy it.

Review №33

The movie was great and would rate higher if they didnt price gouge you for popcorn and a drink for your family $$$Disneyland is cheaper

Review №34

Not as crowded usually as other area theaters.

Review №35

Great set up, convenient location and clean, comfortable theaters.

Review №36

Went to a matinee. The theater is clean and the staff courteous

Review №37

You now have to wait in the concession line to buy tickets. If your in a hurry or late forget it go somewhere else.

Review №38

Love this place! Its my son and myselfs only place to see movies.

Review №39

Love their popcorn! Always clean seats

Review №40

In an age of recliner/dinner/lounge style movie theaters, this is what you think of when you think of movie theater: rows of flip up seats, overpriced concessions, great picture and sound...personally, the way I want my theater. If I wanted to watch a movie in my living room, I would. I go to the theater for a movie theater experience. The theater is clean, well maintained, efficient, and staffed well. I also really, really appreciate that its a Fathom Events theater. Because of that, I get to see a lot of religious themed movies, and one off events that I otherwise wouldnt be able to see (within a reasonable distance). Id definitely recommend this theater!

Review №41

Very clean place. Staff was very helpful in letting you know options to save money. Very clean. Searing was great and comfortable. Definitely recommend this place for those that are looking for a great movie experience.

Review №42

One of my favorite theaters. The staff is generally always nice and courteous, the popcorn is fresh, and I dont think Ive ever walked into a dirty theater there. Ive also never had a bad experience with audio or visual quality there, unlike some others that Ive been to. Im also a big fan of their rewards program, which I know isnt a location specific thing, but I just got 2 free tickets last night so I couldnt help but mention it. I wish they had some later show times, but considering most of their staff is approximately 12, Im not holding my breath. But as far as complaints go, I feel like if thats the worst I can think of, they must be doing pretty well.

Review №43

Surprised at the cleanliness of the facility and the quickness of the snack bar. Definitely will visit again. Much better than the Cinemas in Kanawha county

Review №44

Opening day of A dogs journey only a few people 4-5 myself and my daughter being two of them it was a great movie and evening ill cherish forever.

Review №45

One long, straight hallway of theaters. Do they suffer from lots of hoppers? Anyway, very clean. Comfortable. Quick service. Good quick snacks. Good temperature in the cinema. 5/5 would attend again.

Review №46

Nothing outstanding last I was there (a few days ago), but it was still a good experience!

Review №47

Bathrooms are clean, theater was clean but very hot.... no air flowing. My only quam is they never serve coffee to go with the sweets they serve. Im usually seeing a movie after dinner so I dont want popcorn and sodas. They need to expand options a little more and reduce prices a lot!! John Wick 3rd is excellent.... also ordering tickets through regal app was nice too and th one saving.

Review №48

Comfortable seating, temperature, and great movie production!

Review №49

Just a regular theater with some arcade games. Nothing special. However, they do have a rewards program where you can redeem points for free/discounted items. So, it does have that over other theaters in the area.

Review №50

Had a wonderful time, friendly employees, very clean theater

Review №51

Very clean and comfy theater and good screens and seatings

Review №52

One of the better cinemas in the region.

Review №53

Such friendly cashiers! I felt like a fool when I knocked over my drink on the counter, but the young lady who waited on me continued to tell me, No problem! It was refreshing to see the younger generation being so kind and understanding. She was awesome!

Review №54

We have been here many times. The seats are comfortable and the consessions are good. The only issue have found is that when ticket lines are long, no one from consessions will help even if they are not busy at all.

Review №55

Clean auditoriums. Staff has always been friendly. Unfortunately, the projectors are often dim and the picture is often out-of-focus or misframed on the screen. Sound system is also unbalanced and showing its age. For what it costs to go to the movies, this particular multiplex cant begin to compare with those in larger areas. Also, the bookers rarely bring in smaller films unless theyre the latest Christian films or right-wing propaganda. They do get the Fathom screenings, which is a plus.

Review №56

Too many commercials. When I go to watch a movie, I dont want 30 minutes of advertisements.

Review №57

This place is outstanding.

Review №58

The popcorn is good but the movie started 30 minutes late. A guy in the back had to call the theatre and tell them to start the movie. Once it was going we saw a 30 foot projection of a crashed windows 8.1 computer screen. After about 20 minutes of previews and commercials the movie started half an hour late and was out of focus the whole time. No one ever came into the movie to check on temp or make sure everything was okay. The bad thing is that after the movie Avengers end game there was a preview for the new Spiderman movie and they cut it off half way through because they started the movie late. So I did not even get to see all the preview for Spiderman.

Review №59

Only reason I gave 4 instead of 5 is because of the prices for the tickets and the popcorn and drink....sooo expensive! Other then that I always enjoy the movies and will still go because they are so close to my house.

Review №60

Love, love, love this place. Clean

Review №61

Ive been here several times and always wonderful and no issues with staff

Review №62

Was a decent theater. The credits scene was stopped in mid Nick Fury talking. Entire theater was yelling.

Review №63

Saw last Jedi great cinema lower the damn prices though

Review №64

We saw Venom, it was great! The workers at the counter were friendly also fast. Highly recommend if your in the area!

Review №65

I like this theater. Its clean and people are nice.

Review №66

Ticket prices are reasonable, and the theater was clean, but the popcorn was a little burnt. The girl behind the counter was very nice and helpful. Good customer service goes a long way

Review №67

The seats smelled really bad in the theater I sat in with a friend. Also, it took about 8 calls before they would answer the phone when my friends husband called to complain about 12-14 year old kids talking loudly during the movie and taking selfies with flash. They didnt come in to say anything until the end of the movie but at least they yelled at the kids. The staff had zero personality and acted like they didnt care. The seats were comfy though

Review №68

I remember an older guy talked to my boyfriend and I before seeing Detective Pikachu, he was a really nice gentlemen! Too bad I cant remember his age or birthday though :,)

Review №69

Nice and clean. Great choices and good value!!

Review №70

I enjoy coming here. Its always clean and friendly. The concessions are really pricey but thats normal, the quality of food is really good and they have a lot of options. They usually have all the new releases and its not typically crowded which I enjoy.

Review №71

Good popcorn and pop. Movie was good.

Review №72

Clean lobby cinemas and restrooms. Good movie selection. Friendly staff. No technical issues with movie. A little hard to find of you didnt know where it was at as it sits way in the back of the shopping center and is not well marked and if you werent entering the shopping center from the secondary entrance you wouldnt see it went looking for it. Overall a positive experience. Plenty of parking.

Review №73

Had a great evening out with the wife

Review №74

Best theater ever, quality of sound, prices, service, and EVERYTHING else is perfect there!!!

Review №75

Very pleasant multiplex. Fresh popcorn ... not prepopped from bags. Very clean. Friendly staff.

Review №76

Good show. Clean facilities

Review №77

Inside, the building was nice. Staff was friendly. Outside, the lot was dirty and many of the parking lot lights were out of service leaving the facility looking dark and gloomy. Maybe they are going green.

Review №78

Good theater its smaller than the Marquee in Charleston, but a nicer place. Not a lot of overcrowding or loud jerks

Review №79

Always cleaner than the other Charleston-area theaters and not as crowded. Go before 3pm to miss the kid-crowd. Concessions seem fresh and not made days in advance. Bathroom has plenty of stalls and always very clean. The staff is stellar and the points program is great because you can save up enough points for a free movie date.

Review №80

It was a great movie experience there was very few people in the theater

Review №81

During the movie two incidents of video loss occurred. A patron left the theater to notify the staff. Problem was corrected via “rewind” within a couple of minutes both times. While some possible type of comp (free drink) went through my head I was pleasantly surprised and impressed when met by a staff member just outside of the theater door handing out free passes. I appreciated the willingness to do this without some drawn out process. I look forward to returning.

Review №82

The Regal Cinemas Nitro, is the best. The staff are very helpful and quick.

Review №83

Saw shaft... awesome movie!! The popcorn was great!!

Review №84

This is the best theater in 40 miles. They offer 3D movies for less money than some of the other theaters in the Charleston area and theyre always much cleaner. The snack bar is smaller than some of the Charleston theaters, but this one always seems to be incredibly clean and well stocked.

Review №85

The theater was ok...the overall experience was not. The movie was great....price of admission high but expected. The drinks and popcorn...OUTRAGEOUS. The popcorn was salty and stale and the large drinks are in a plastic cup that feels that it is about collapse in your hand any second. The seating is very...UNCOMFORTABLE. Then you add the WV rednecks that took over...obese, loud, rude, they took over an otherwise quiet theater including armrests, distracting conversations, cell phone lights....sigh. Seeing a movie in WV with so many damn rednecks is becoming increasingly difficult to do.

Review №86

Really like the theater. Seats are comfortable.

Review №87

We love the movies and it is always clean, which says a lot about a business. We will definitely be coming back.

Review №88

They need to clean the movie theatre before the movie starts. Lowering ones prices for drinks and popcorn would be nice. Like to see more interesting movies. Most of theirs is child based movies.

Review №89

It was a nice time the staff was so helpful

Review №90

Nice movie theater.

Review №91

Clean restrooms peaceful environment

Review №92

Hard to expect friendly young people

Review №93

Good fine theater my only complaint is,,, the spiderman far from home movie releases on the second of july so,, early showings should be july 1st,,, why are there only tickets for the 4th and so on... thats kinda lazy you wouldnt keep updated on when to start showings..

Review №94

Nice theater. Seems to be kept pretty clean. Comfortable seats. Courteous staff.

Review №95

The theater was very clean from top to bottom.

Review №96

Date night with my husbandWe watched The Mule. Starring Clint Eastwood and his daughter. Enjoyed it.

Review №97

Very comfortable, excellent staff, movie prices are good and the seats are much more comfortable than any other theater around, the concession was over priced but thats any theater, definitely recommend driving the extra 5 minutes to enjoy this theater

Review №98

Nice theatre. A basic Regal location. Nothing fancy as far as amenities provided. Staff is fairly friendly and the location is always clean.

Review №99

Clean and very nice. Popcorn was amazing and the movie watching experience was good too. Seating was comfortable.

Review №100

I dont like that you pay for your tickets and food all in the same line now lines was extremely long

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  • Address:12 JW Dr, Cross Lanes, WV 25313, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 844-462-7342
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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