AMC CLASSIC Corvallis 12
750 NE Circle Blvd, Corvallis, OR 97330, United States

Review №1

It was interesting going back to the theaters. In case you forget a mask they had a sign saying they had masks for $1. For concessions they had markers on the floor to ensure social distancing. Currently theyre not doing refills. If you get a soda youll bring a cup to someone on the other side of the room and theyll fill it up with what you want. Also they have a limited menu. Before we could go to the auditorium they had us sign in. Overall it seemed pretty organized and I enjoyed the movie Unhinged.

Review №2

Great theater with nice facilities. Was able to snag tickets and get through concessions relatively quickly. They’re also very anti-spoiler

Review №3

Movie I watched was terrible but the AMC here did an excellent job on their day of reopening from being shut down in the coronavirus season. Price isnt terrible, especially if you buy in person, great place to take kids, friends, or dates. Very well maintained and clean.

Review №4

I have been a proud A-list member of this theater for almost two years now, and have seen hundreds of films in the auditoriums throughout the course of my life. As much as I miss the theater experience, it is unreal that the AMC Corvallis is reopening this soon.To preface, the buck stops at AMC corporate and Disney, and not at the individual workers of this theater (who have always been great at the work they do). 40% auditorium capacity? Unless its the opening of a marvel film, the auditoriums were never that full to begin with. You dont want to be locked in a room with people (who already have issues wearing masks in this area) for up to two hours.The theaters are opening way too early, as perhaps one of the most dangerous spots to be during a global pandemic. Rather than innovate or find new ways of revenue, the corporate entities in charge of this establishment is attempting to reopen without the consideration of the lives of people (including their employees) they might be putting in danger.

Review №5

They get two stars for choices of movies to put out. If not for the furniture, floors, lack of hygiene and employees, they’d have three more!We walked into a predominantly empty lobby and waited to be served by a girl that didn’t seem to know much about what products they had to serve. The other guy that was behind the counter and leaning on some cleaning implement while scratching his backside under his belt, didn’t seem to interested in anything beyond his current level of entertainment from what he found back there. I kid you not, I couldn’t come up with this in my own! We were just glad he had nothing to do with our food. Still, the image is there and frightening enough to allow that to be just one of the many reasons we’ll never go back.Another reason, as mentioned above, is the furniture and floor. The floor was sticky and nearly pulled my slipon right off my foot! And the one piece of evidence I managed to get a picture of was their chairs. Looks like the dust bunnies have made quite a meal out of the majority of the chairs in the surrounding area.This date night was over $50 and wasn’t worth $5. Sadly disappointing how people just don’t care how their businesses are run or how dilapidated they look.

Review №6

Nice and clean. Good to be able to go to the movies again.

Review №7

I love this place! Use their app for great deals! Saw a movie and got a large popcorn for $1 for my birthday.

Review №8

Occasionally they have hired some people that seem pretty unhappy to be working there. But for the most part, staff are helpful and friendly. And sometimes, they even seem excited that youre there, yay! Popcorn is fresh most of the time, seats are comfortable though some are getting worn and should be replaced. Stadium seating is great and bathrooms have always been clean. Love that Tues are $5 for a movie all day!

Review №9

I really enjoy going here with friends and family. I think its a great place and clean as far as movie theaters go. Staff are helpful and friendly and there are lots of different food and beverage option outside of your standard popcorn and soda.

Review №10

Movie quality is excellent. The cleanliness however needs some attention. Seats and starting to show their age from wear and tear. A lot of theaters have invested in new seats and that makes a huge difference to movie goers.

Review №11

The theater is average. The room I was in tonight had a big blotch in the middle of the screen which was hard to ignore throughout parts of the movie. They really should do more maintenance

Review №12

Classic movie theater. Traditional seats, very clear picture and sound quality. Clean, popcorn was delicious, buttery and fresh, icee was smooth, easy flowing and absolutely delicious. I was very pleased with the friendly staff, the easy access to the theater and the bathrooms. Overall a great experience. Im hoping they someday upgrade to the recliner seats!

Review №13

Nice theater. Generally clean. Lots of food options, including beer, wine and mix your own sodas. Seats are getting worn and a bit old, but clean.

Review №14

Its a fine movie theater. My biggest complaint is that in theater five there is a smudge on the screen. I just dont think of you pay money you should have to look at something on the screen for two hours. Also no reserved seats!

Review №15

Saw joker movie, an amazing thrill to watch it. Theatre is clean and the audio effects awesome. Staff if very helpful. Overall amazing experience.

Review №16

I watched Star Wars: The rise of Skywalker here. The seats were a little torn when I got there but the experience overall was good. The theater was easy to find and the staff were friendly.

Review №17

It is a nice clean theater with the best prices in the area. We drive from Albany to this theater, because it is so much cheaper. They have great deals where you can join as a member and get $5 movies on Tuesdays, and you earn points for free popcorn or drinks. My mom and I go almost every Tuesday and for popcorn, a drink to share and tickets we only spend about $25. You also get birthday rewards that you can use at any point in your birth month and get a free drink and popcorn

Review №18

Good movie Call of the Wild theater was mostly clean but seats really need recovered

Review №19

Fair prices. Comfy seats. Friendly staff. Solid sound. Overall almost better that regal cinemas.

Review №20

Love the sitting. Dont like how many commercial and previews one has to endure before the movie starts.

Review №21

Its a solid movie theater. Not too fancy, but still in good shape. Feels like going to the movies in high school again.

Review №22

Unprofessional and disrespectful.This AMC joint intentionally dims the brightness on their screens to save on the expensive projection bulbs. Even different screens in the same cinema have distinctly different brightness.If you love cinema experiences and want to experience movies as they are intended, dont give this cinema any chance to ruin your movies.

Review №23

Seating was good! Concession was same as the rest spendy but we all know how this goes Its all about gettin that popcorn Best part is, It is located close to Applebees so we had a quick bite then went to the show.

Review №24

Best theater in the area. The seats were pretty worn.

Review №25

I can see a lot of good movies with the A Stubs membership. The price is great for 3 movies per week. The theater is pretty nice and its clean. The staff are really kind and friendly. Thanks for that.On the negative side, I would like to not have so many movies with swearing in them. I even saw previews of children swearing - Not Good. Some of the seats are showing wear and a few have rips in them also.

Review №26

The theater was clean and the staff was helpful, but I dont think Ill be going back. The ticket price and the cost of snacks make waiting for the DVD or a streaming service to get it the most economical way to see a movie. No way should it cost $20 for one person to see a movie.

Review №27

Doing good! Clean, toilets work, popcorn is fresh, staff is friendly, movies start on time. Cant ask for much more.

Review №28

I love this theater. The staff are friendly, the seats are comfortable enough, and Im never made to feel like an inconvenience for being there.

Review №29

Went to see Malificant tonight and the theater was nasty. Food and wrappers on the seat. Dirty napkins in the cup holders. Most of the seats ripped. For the cost of seeing a movie at this theater and the cost of the food, I expect at least a little nicer. We will not be back.

Review №30

It would be difficult to find an equal club at this price anywhere. For kids it must be the best

Review №31

The staff is young and not overly friendly - more, I think, due to lack of professional experience than actual disrespect.The individual theaters are in need of some upgrades compared to modern theater amenities - in particular the seating and sound. Public areas are kept reasonably clean.AMC theaters do have some enjoyable special presentations like movie re-releases, but you have to really look for when they are. This theater in particular also runs some great specials during the week. Check Fandango for both. Movies shown in the 4:00pm hour are deeply discounted.

Review №32

Updated June 2019:Its the best movie theater in town. The pictures speak for themselves. Its falling apart. Movies are oftentimes projected improperly. Ive had to speak to an usher on multiple occasions to report problems with the picture. And loudness is used as a substitute for good audio quality (which means that you usually hear the movie next door). AMC has no reason to improve this theater as the only viable alternatives are an hour away, so enjoy what youve got Corvallis.Original Review:Its the best weve got. And thats too bad. Corvallis was suffering badly in terms of movie theaters before Carmike opened their theater here. And this was certainly a marked improvement over the Regal that hadnt been upgraded in decades, the Whiteside, that had been shut down years before, or the Darkside, which isnt really worth mentioning. But as the years went by, the Carmike didnt really see any real improvements. The screens are small and the seating isnt stadium (and cannot be reserved). And when AMC bought Carmike, not much changed at all. We got a few different options at the concession stands, but the theater is basically the same as when it opened. And that means the seats are getting ratty and ripped up, the screens are dirty, and the projectors are dim. Attention to detail is also lacking. Frequently when watching a 3D movie, for instance, you have to step out of the theater to remind the crew that the picture isnt projecting correctly and needs to be switched. Vastly superior theaters with leather, reclining stadium seating and huge wide screens, with glorious sound, are an hour away in Salem and Eugene. Even discount 2nd run theaters like the Northern Lights in Salem put this theater to shame. And thats too bad.

Review №33

Nice small theaters. Expensive popcorn great movie

Review №34

Interestingly enough this is the only AMC Theater in the entire state of Oregon. For those who dont know this is the largest theater chain in the United States. Their presence in Seattle for example is massive. If youre an A-list member this is the only option in Oregon.

Review №35

Seems like champions congregate feels like freedom thnx good fun

Review №36

Great theatre. The food, although delicious is way overpriced.

Review №37

As an amc premiere stubs member my wife and i would love to c this place update a lil. We travel almost miles just to be part of the family. We love AMC but this place needa improvement

Review №38

I love that they have an app that lets you get tickets on your phone instead of printing it out. It makes it so much easier to just go in and have them scan your ticket off your phone.

Review №39

Theater is just ok. There seems to always only be 1 person selling tickets and only 1 consession open.

Review №40

Seen many a good movie there...

Review №41

Plenty of room, clean, friendly & helpful staff & adult beverages!!

Review №42

Cheaper than most theaters for tickets, concessions prices are on par with other theaters but free refills on drinks and popcorn. Drink machines are in the lobby so you fill your own with however much ice you want. Coca-Cola Freestyle machines. Tiered seating.

Review №43

This is our favorite theater because of the stadium seating. You dont have to worry about someones head being in your way especially if you have kids, or are on the shorter side yourself . The staff is always very friendly and helpful. The consessions have more than just popcorn and soda too. They have other actual food if you are hungry. AMC has some great deals online too that you can earn free popcorn and movie tickets that add up fast.

Review №44

Just watched the new ️onic movie it was dank 10/10 facils my dudes

Review №45

The place was very cold. They need to turn up the heat, or bring a blanket.

Review №46

Place was great, staff was amazing, but prices were unfriendly. I guess every theater is like that to some degree. Still a great place to catch a movie and their website is very simple and easy to use.

Review №47

It’s simple. This theater has a good price but terrible seating. Expect to lose feeling in your legs and your back to be sore afterward. But for the price it’s hard to complain too much. It’s cheaper than the other theater in town so it’s a choice between comfortability and price.

Review №48

It was comfortable, clean, but old. Needs updating. Huge crowd at concession stand, but only 1 stand was open when there was another stand on the other side which was closed

Review №49

Co-worker and I pulled a double movie last night. This theater was clean and staff was polite! Will do this again.

Review №50

Very good. It is nice to have a theater that has decent prices

Review №51

Comfortable seating. It wasnt too cold which was awesome. Great sound. Will be returning and would recommend this theater.

Review №52

Clean, with good quality screens. No reserved seating but its not often needed if you go on a weekend.

Review №53

Lits of choices for flicks and food

Review №54

Bumblebee was a good flick for me n my son Kaine it was cute as he says to me if you cry thats how your eyes get all blurry like that... as they were coming up from their dive in the bay, pretty astute for a ten year old .

Review №55

Great seats! Good theater

Review №56

Nice theater, has a great concession. Place is clean and comfortable

Review №57

Having visited family on the east coast and going to the movies with them I had no idea how nice a movie theater could be. This movie theater has not been upgraded since it was built, the seats are uncomfortable and not a lot of choices for overly expensive theater food and drink. I don’t understand if they are part of a chain why don’t they remodel? Reserved comfortable seating, more choices for eating fare, and update the lobby would go a long way in improving the experience.

Review №58

The theater is kept clean, and the seats are comfortable. Both very important qualities for a theater

Review №59

They have a good staff and a coke mechanic

Review №60

Good movie theater. Not to expensive at all thought he concessions are still pricy. Good selection of movies.

Review №61

Nice place. Friendly staff. Bought tickets on line. Skipped the box office, just showed my phone!

Review №62

This theater was really nice. I had a great experience watching the movie. The staff were great and the theater was clean and comfortable.

Review №63

Good sound, good picture, etc. etc. The popcorn is good, too, but Im taking off one star for the fact that for whatever reason I cannot eat AMC popcorn butter. It must be made of some polymer I cant digest or something-- and its consistently AMC theaters, I dont have this problem at other theaters. Anyway, this is a fine theater and is often surprisingly busy on the weekends (which I quite like). They have a student discount, as well.

Review №64

I’ve always had great experiences at this movie theater friendly staff and clean theater

Review №65

I love being able to top my own popcorn and get my own drinks.

Review №66

A bit spendy, but the sound was sound was great for to me being hard of hearing.

Review №67

The best theater in Corvallis but, its still a pretty small cinema. Avoid getting the half-theater on the end thats the size of a living room.

Review №68

Easy prices, clean theater, great staff. LOUD speakers.

Review №69

Aquaman was fantastic, wonderful prices and the best popcorn in the area. Must go and see this clean and friendly establishment for sure, fun times are at the movies for sure at AMC. Go to the movies more ya know

Review №70

Rediculouly LOUD movies and off the charts expensive. When does a bag of popcorn earn a price of $8+? Then there are the fools talking on cellphone s

Review №71

Its o.k.. Pretty old-needs an update in a big way! Prices are too much for sub-par experience. Tues prices are a good deal though. Workers are mostly great-have had a couple that confirm theyre just college students that would rather not be there ;)

Review №72

The seats have decent space, the display is really good. There are some decent snacks and the staff is good. The only thing that I dont like is the front seats are way too close to the screen and its really difficult to watch from there.

Review №73

Seems less formal corporate than bigger thrift stores, more like an ongoing rummage sale. Good prices and one of the best places for hidden treasures

Review №74

Great place. But like most theaters too pricey on conssesions.

Review №75

As far as movie theaters go, its the best youll find in Corvallis for first run Hollywood movies (check out Darkside for indie/foreign films). Stadium seating and all the 3D options. Their free loyalty card gets you half price tickets on Tuesdays.

Review №76

Clean and mostly comfortable. Typical theater. Good staff!

Review №77

Wish the movies started when the time said it was going to, rather than them waiting to show their previews at that time and not having the movie start for another 35 minutes

Review №78

Nice lanes very well maintained and clean. Staff is very nice

Review №79

Lots of movies to chose from. The food is pricey (but what can you expect from a theater) love the popcorn here.

Review №80

Yeah, its clean and its big. Its fine. It has no quirks. Its a big movie complex.

Review №81

They keep the place clean. I really enjoy the stadium seating, so you dont have to worry about someone tall sitting in front of you, and blocking your view.

Review №82

A nice theater offering many theaters for multiple viewing the movie of your choice. It is always clean, staff is friendly. It would be nice to have more healthy choices at the food bar.

Review №83

Quiet place to see movie

Review №84

Love the stadium seating. Nice lobby. Standard overpriced seats.

Review №85

Its a good theater... The one I usually use for movies. Nothing to good or bad to say about it. Overall I enjoyed the experience at the theater. If your trying to snag a seat near the opening night I would suggest going 3d since there will be less people. Also if you go before 5 its only $5 per 2d $8 for 3d

Review №86

Decent no-frills theater. Good picture, clear sound. Slightly above-average concession selection, spacious entryway. Would be nice to see at least one premium screen with larger seats, food, etc. No complaints though.

Review №87

Like the seating a whole lot better than Regal on 9th. You dont have to try n watch your movie through someones head.

Review №88

Good prices and good selection. Much better than albany theater.

Review №89

This theater is one of my favorites. The theater rooms themselves are somewhat old-fashioned and very cute, the service is great, and its never too busy. Very clean, and a great place to go with friends or by yourself.

Review №90

Always clean, quick service and comfortable seating. Reasonable prices too. Love this place!

Review №91

We love this theater. It has stadium seating so I never have to worry about part of the screen being blocked (Im short.) They also offer beer and wine.

Review №92

Decent movie theater, the best in Corvallis.

Review №93

Unfortunately since becoming AMC the quality has suffered. The seats are worn and the theaters arent kept as clean as they use to be. However, its still a great place to watch movies. Their stadium seating is great and the screens are nice.

Review №94

Super friendly and helpful staffHad a great time.

Review №95

Seats ripped up- really ratty theater. $7.50 admission & $8 popcorn!

Review №96

Saw how to train your dragon 3 here. Good movie.

Review №97

You get to add your own butter!

Review №98

This is my favorite theater in Albany or Corvallis. I really enjoy the stadium seating.

Review №99

The customer experience has improved since the facility was purchased by AMC. The expanded food and beverage options, while overpriced, offer preferable alternatives to popcorn and soda. The ticket lines move VERY slowly on busy nights, but you can skip the line and buy your tickets at the concession stand inside, while paying for your snacks at the same time.

Review №100

Theater is fine, but the lobby could really use a remodel.

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  • Address:750 NE Circle Blvd, Corvallis, OR 97330, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 541-753-3810
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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