CMX Cinemas Countryside 12 (Formerly Cobb Theatres)
27001 US Hwy 19 N #2100, Clearwater, FL 33761, United States

Review №1

Great theater if you live close by. The picture and sound are on par with other theaters in the area. My only two complaints are the lack of recliners and the prices are a bit higher that other theaters of the same quality. I do like that its in the mall which is convenient for shopping but an external exit would be great for those who are just going to see a movie and wish to avoid the mall traffic.

Review №2

Nice theatre but was disappointed after reading the reviews of the reclining seats because the movie we saw did not have those seats. We had the rocker-type which were ok, but not that comfy. Loved the theatre seating so no heads in the way and it was a large theatre compared to some in the area. Will go again but do more research on which theatres have the reclining seats!

Review №3

It was a great experience. Easy to get there, clean area. The theater was very comfortable and the movie very good. What I liked most of it was that every person I found was smiling and willing to help you

Review №4

Trevor is the man, and took really good care of us. Went over and beyond several times and will be one of the reasons I come back. Give that man a raise! Thanks Trevor for facilitating such a good experience

Review №5

Sound is great! Big screen and the chairs are comfortable. Unfortunately I fell asleep and the manager was nice enough to give me a free ticket to come back. I thought this was a very nice thing!!

Review №6

Clean theater no wait perfect sound not too loud and not too quiet!!

Review №7

Very nice facility for movies. Stadium seating in one of the smaller theatres. Good sound system. Movie started on time. Good popcorn. Sit seating area out front of the theatre.

Review №8

I did not have a good experience there. We paid the extra money for the D Box seats, these are supposed to vibrate and move with the movie. It really wasnt worth it, I paid $41 for 3 3D tickets plus DBOX, when the movie started and the seats werent working, I had to pay another $24 to get the seats turned on! They informed that when I bought my tickets through Fandango it does not include the extra D Box price. Probably should have mentioned that when I arrived!Also, We were applauding at parts during the movie (my 6 year old grandson) when a staff member came over to us and told us to applaud at the end of the movie and not during it. She was rude, acted like she owned the place. She really ruined the experience for us. I will never be going back there.

Review №9

My husband and I truly love this movie theater. When we are vacationing in Florida, we often make it a point to see a movie here. Love the theaters and services.

Review №10

Ive been going to this movie theater for 8 years and I have always had a great time. Its always clean and everyone there is friendly. The popcorn is also yummy, and they hook it up when you ask for them to layer the butter. :)

Review №11

Bought tickets online and wasnt able to scan them at the ticket entrance so I had to go all the way back to the counter for them to print them anyways. Waste of paper. Time to update. Theaters and seats were okay. Not recliners but they were comfyish.

Review №12

They are the best in the area with comfortable seating, good prices, good movies. Rockit!)

Review №13

It is a really good theater. Service was good and the movie theaters are big. The seats are comfortable and the food was great. The only thing is that it is slightly expensive and you have to get there early to eat at the restaurant unless you bring it to the theater.

Review №14

No complaints! Tuesdays offer $5 shows. You cant beat that! Clean and welcoming everytime Ive been there.

Review №15

Went to Its a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood yesterday. It was a wonderful movie but the quality on screen was extremely poor. The film was very dark throughout ( like the bulb in the projector was going bad or not on full power). Also there were many scenes out of focus. It’s a real shame because these distractions made it difficult to really enjoy the film. Probably won’t go back to this theater.

Review №16

Awesome time! My family and I took advantage of the terrific Tuesdays just 5$,what a great deal.

Review №17

Absolutely loved my experience here! Clean, organized and great combos for tickets and treats.

Review №18

No reserved seating, the chairs do not recline, and the chairs are also incredibly uncomfortable, yet the ticket prices are the SAME as the theaters that do have reserved seats that are comfortable and do recline. If you have back problems, expect to get what you pay for, etc., AVOID this place!!!

Review №19

This is one of the best theater yet seem. Only criticism is that the self ticket machines do not always work.

Review №20

Nice, but closed due the pande

Review №21

Went to see sonic the headhog and paid 40 dollars all together with drinks and tickets but the movie was amazing

Review №22

Nice theatre but like the rest, the popcorn was too damn expensive!

Review №23

New clean, comfortable movie theater in Ellijay. Has fast food also.

Review №24

I love this theatre, mainly because its in such a convenient location-- a shopping mall! I love strolling around before and after the films, or if I need to run an errand or buy a gift, its one stop shopping. I must mention that the Concierge service there is impeccable, as well. One time (and Im sorry, if youre reading this), all I had to pay with on a Tuesday were coin rolls that added up to $5 and tax. They were so gracious! Which brings me to my next point: $5 Tuesdays, on CURRENT FILMS, both matinee AND night!!! I mean, who even does that anymore? I simply LOVE LOVE LOVE this cinema. Come check it out.

Review №25

I love this location! They have a great staff and are very efficient. They have the latest releases and its smaller so you can enjoy a movie without having to touch elbows with other people.

Review №26

For a mall theater its ok sometimes its kind of hot in there but whatever, its worth it for 5 dollar Tuesday, yes guys all day Tuesday any movie is 5 dollars, unless you get the motion seats that move around and have speakers an fans in the seats there like 20 for a movie, 5 bucks it what we do, have fun

Review №27

Man I went alone and saw Joker here and it was so annoyed first movie Ive been to in a theater and a thousand years and the seats are lined up perfectly people sitting around me where we real cool and we analyze the Joker and it was just awesome it really it really was very cool you need to sneak your own stuff and to eat cuz hautboy theyre expensive on the food actually sneak your beer into just saying

Review №28

Overcome was a fantastic movie, you could actually hear what the people were saying. If you plan on attending a movie at Cobb it is easier to park on the north side of mall. Very clean and comfortable.

Review №29

Wish prices were better. Overall it was clean, and popcorn was fresh. No other complaints then the price

Review №30

This theater is located inside Countryside Mall. Theater is clean and comfortable. Seats are leather and recline. They also offer 3D and DBOX theaters. The concession is expensive like every other theater but they have a decent selection. We enjoy a movie here every couple of months and usually eat dinner at the mall first.

Review №31

Everything you expect to see at a good establishmentFriendlinessCleanlinessAnd,well run. None of this would be possible if the right people wore not in place.Convenient parking is also available.

Review №32

Fantastic. My absolute favorite theater in the area, excellent seats that are incredibly comfortable and recline and have built in footrests, they also offer select a seat for you to choose your favorite spot. The price is very reasonable for the experience as well. They also have a little arcade area for the kids to play for those that come early. All in all it easily compares to larger theaters on an equal level.

Review №33

Two times we have been here and two times we have had a great night. The only thing I dont like is the reserved seating for the chairs that move. Takes the best 4 rows out if the equation. But aside from that great movie experience.

Review №34

Theater was clean and the workers were friendly. We saw Beauty and the Beast. The speaker system in the theater is amazing. Sodas are pricey but not a shock if you have been to a movie in the last several years. The menu offers more options then just popcorn. We had the nachos, decent amount and plenty of cheese.

Review №35

Staff was pleasant. Clean place. You cant pick your seat.

Review №36

Price. For movie. NICE!!!! Food ...better eat before coming.

Review №37

I love this theatre. Good service and nice atmosphere. I feel like their seats aren’t very comfortable on my neck. But it’s could be just me.

Review №38

Amazing place to hang out.Also I would like to shout out for Manny for his professionalism and high level of hospitality, best customer service.I glad we’ve made it to here

Review №39

I like this theater a lot. Cheerful staff. Good selection of snacks/meals.

Review №40

Its hard to get to the theater but once youre inside its clean and efficient. They havent switched to stadium seating but the seats are still comfortable. No theater will ever get a 5 star rating as long as they charge ridiculous prices at their concession. The large popcorn seemed to be smaller than at other theaters

Review №41

This is a nice, clean modern theater, but the seats COULD be more comfortable. I really like the addition of $5 Tuesdays and hope it lasts! As is typical of all cinemas these days, I would love to see the price of popcorn come down to reality. But overall, Im pleased to have this establishment nearby.

Review №42

I have been to both Regal and AMC theaters and this one is one of my favorites. The staff was very friendly and helpful. The bathrooms were clean and the rest of the theater was spotless !!! I will be coming back again real soon...Great Job !!!

Review №43

Love the seats and popcorn! I love how they have the flavors for the popcorn. Staff is always nice and seats are super comfy.

Review №44

Pretzels that were put out at 12, when its past 3. Hotdogs probably been sitting around the same amount of time. Worst seating known to man. Soda flatter than the walkways out front. How this place is still open I dont even understand.

Review №45

We went and watched Lego Movie 2, during the free summer movies. My son, nephew and niece all loved it. As did many of the adults and other children there.

Review №46

Love the reclining seats. Took my daughter and 2 granddaughters to see the hustle with Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson. We really enjoyed it. By the time we got done paying for the movies and the drinks and snacks for four of us it ended up costing me almost $80. I think thats very expensive.. plus the upstairs entry and exit through Sears is now closed so its a little more walking distance and it used to be. I prefer Woodlands because their seats really recline including your feet up and you can reserve your seats in advance

Review №47

Not too much people. Went to see the lion King at 7:30 and only 2 people where there. Seats are confortable. Popcorn pricey for my taste ($15 for large popcorn and soda and the popcorn wasnt that big).

Review №48

Its nice and convenient because is in the mall, however I find that the quality of the sound is not the best. I recommend it for children and families.

Review №49

Close to home, good selection of the newest movies out. I saw the movie Rocketman. Its basically the life of Elton John and how he got started. Boy, has he come a long way. The theater was comfortable, not freezing like usually theaters are.

Review №50

Non-upgraded theater. Old style seating. Non-assigned seating. Need to walk through mall to access entrance to theater. Parking far from location

Review №51

LOVE this theater! The convenience of being located inside Countryside Mall is awesome. The D-Box option is also super fun. Its like riding a low-key Disney ride for an entire 2 hours.. haha amazing.

Review №52

Great theater love the area. Never crazy packed so you never need to have assigned seating. But it would be nice if the theater added it as a feature. Otherwise no complaints!!!

Review №53

Clean and great staff! Everyones super friendly, seats are comfy and well maintained, restrooms are clean and well stocked.

Review №54

One of the best theatres around! Get there early on day 1 release, gets busy

Review №55

My kids and I come here and to this mall all the time and love to see movies. Its nice that we can walk around the mall, get the kids energy out and watch a fun movie. We recently have seen at this theater The Grinch, The Nutcracker and Wreck it Ralph. Its always clean and everyone is friendly.

Review №56

I left my copy of Driver San Francisco for the PS3 somewhere and now its gone. If someone can find it and return it to me, I might consider changing my rating.

Review №57

The seats arent the comfy recliner style that most theaters have upgraded to. They actually rock slightly but squeak really bad so you annoy everyone around you. Bummer! Theater was clean. Fun location being at a large mall like Countryside, we had plenty to do killing time before our movie since there were limited showtimes. It was ok, not great not bad.. just a down the middle ok movie-going experience.

Review №58

Have the best movie that i have see in my life you should go and watch one movie and see you self.

Review №59

Clean theater, decent seating. Dbox worth the extra cost.

Review №60

Great seats, not crowded. Sound and picture were both perfect.

Review №61

Clean, friendly and good quality over all

Review №62

Always helpful staff, for Seniors Tues is a great value, and some of the restaurants have partnered with special offerings on Tue.

Review №63

Theater has regular seating in most rooms. They offer a seat that vibrates and moves for certain seats. I recommend getting recliner type seats! I may on come back as a last resort. AMC in Oldsmar offers better seating. Sorry. Other than that theater was nice and had plenty of concession stands! Convenient computer system to buy tickets yourself rather than going to box office. There is an area for birthday parties as well. Bathrooms at the time of my visit was clean.

Review №64

Kids love coming to the summer movie. Great customer service and very clean

Review №65

Took my son there for a movie tonight. We hadnt eaten dinner, so w got food there. Hes had a cheese pizza and I had chicken tenders and sweet potato fries. The foods was pretty good. I did really like the SPF though. The theater was clean and the staff was courteous and friendly.

Review №66

Clean, friendly, and comfy seats. Good selection of snacks and foods as well. Only downside is its a bit pricey compared to AMC theaters.

Review №67

The theater is fine but pricey. I dont like that you have to go into the mall and difficult parking. Allow extra time before Showtime.

Review №68

Good theater. Its clean, well kept, and doesnt have a ton of unruly teens trying to ruin the movies. Prices for food and drinks is normal high prices. Decent selection of items.Chairs are not recliners but still comfortable. Staff is friendly and overall a great place.

Review №69

Were asked to move seats when a group came in AFTER the movie started and had reserved the seats we were using. At that point, there were not good seats left. To make matters worse, bugs bit us - today I have still have bite marks on both arms and ankles. Disgusting.

Review №70

Very nice. Clean and comfortable. I like the concession. Good variety. Movie had no issues and sound was just right.

Review №71

This movie theatre is a great one but the seats unless you pay extra dont recline like most newly renovated theatres.

Review №72

Seating needs to be upgraded. Im spoiled by AMC

Review №73

Theaters and clean and ok, the only issue is at the entrance between the food court and bday party areas there is a very bad Urine smell.There is a bathroom next to the bday partys room and stinks. The bathrooms are clean but the smell is outside on the hall.

Review №74

D box seats are an amazing added bonus. Makes going to the theater a bit more worth it. Just be warned every time Ive gone there is always that one random person that never understands and sits in those extra seats without paying and have to be escorted out for the actual buyers who arrive half way through the movie. Really annoying. Not sure why they cant just rope this section off.

Review №75

Cats...cats. Cats the movie the seats in this theater....

Review №76

I loved

Review №77

I love going here to watch movies

Review №78

It was a good place to go for an outing with family.

Review №79

The Patrons were very nice and the theater was clean. Also, the seats were very comfortable.

Review №80

Staff very friendly, Harriett was a wonderful movie, love, love your seats!!!

Review №81

Good place to see a movie. Enjoyed Overcomer about Christs forgiveness and salvation.

Review №82

Seen the lion king for onky 5 bucks. Love cobb theater. They are reasonable.

Review №83

Wow, I took my son here and we really saw a great movie. I fell asleep lol.He loved it. Comfortable chairs.

Review №84

Two great things about this theater. First, there one of the few around that offer late night showings. Second, theyve recently been adding more obscure and special event showings. Particularly, more of the anime releases that have been coming to theaters.

Review №85

It was ok but you have to consider that the theater is at the mall so there are more than likely going to be teenagers there. Unfortunately we had a group of younger teens that kept talking and making jokes, and another group of people yelling shutup. They did kind of calm down as the movie got going.

Review №86

Need to update seats! But overall, movie theater is dying. Saturday night and it was dead. Lets do something to keep it alive!! Lets brainstorm! I feel like theaters are dying like the drive in...come on!

Review №87

Great movie experience! Food and beverage choices to enjoy before, during, or even after the movie.

Review №88

Great experience as usual. I love their D-Box seating. This is my preferred theater in my area.

Review №89

Loved the theater. Seen 2 movies and popcorn hit the spot

Review №90

Just like most movie theaters it cost you an arm and leg to get in and even more to get something to eat and drink but movie theater was clean and the staff was a tentative and courteous

Review №91

Clean well managed theater. Love all the bonus pints we get with our Cobb card

Review №92

A very nice place to watch a movie. This theater needs some updates and upgrades.

Review №93

Im glad this Cobb theater has a no guns allowed in theater policy. Parents bring there kids to go watch a a good movie and have a good time. Keep the guns at home and locked to so your kids cant access them. They just dont belong in public places such as malls. Better seats wood help to. The seats are pretty uncomfortable. Snacks could be more affordable, and healthy for those who are diabetic like me. Theater staff could be a little more friendly to their customers.

Review №94

Comfortable seats and great surround sound for Bohemian Rhapsody movie. Condition of seats could be upgraded, several squeaky seats, when patrons left their seats it was distracting. Bathrooms could use more attention to cleanliness.

Review №95

Really nice theater. My only complaint are the food prices, theyre ridiculously high.

Review №96

Malls open. But movies was not..

Review №97

Looks nice from the outside. Well staffed.But the seats need to be replaced they all creak and squeak so badly that you will hear squeaking throughout the theatre every 30 seconds from people adjusting in their seats.

Review №98

Great movies and a wide variety to select.

Review №99

We love to go to their free morning movies durring the summer fun and you dont have to spend a penny. We like to stop at Dunkin to drink coffee and hot cocoa durring the movie instead of candy because its ten in the morning. Very fun!

Review №100

Very comfy seating. Bit expensive. Nice view walking through the mall!

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  • Address:27001 US Hwy 19 N #2100, Clearwater, FL 33761, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 727-683-0011
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible lift:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Assisted listening devices:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Stadium seating:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
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