B&B Theatres Claremore Cinema 8
1407 W Country Club Rd, Claremore, OK 74017, United States

Review №1

Fantastic place to watch a movie still, and with great social distancing options! Keep up the good work!

Review №2

Outstanding Theater. Never been disappointed the many times we went. Always clean, staff is nice, and enjoy the the recliner seating.

Review №3

Love it the tickets are a little pricey but we get the online but reclining seats are comfortable there like 1st class seats on a flight

Review №4

Great place. treated us very well. has gone above and beyond with assuring our safety. great job all

Review №5

Always clean and staff are friendly! We drive from Owasso for this theater bc its so much nicer than Owasso!

Review №6

Nice place, comfortable seats, and great staff! Sometimes it can be a bit messy (popcorn and stuff on the floor) but most the time it is great.

Review №7

It is nice to have the theatre back even with limited seating.

Review №8

Love the reclining seats very nice and clean theater I will be back!

Review №9

Great movie theatre!Always clean and kept up. The staff is excited to see you upon entrance and helpful to recommend things. The theatre its self is very well cleaned and smells good.Food is delicious, games are fun, and the bathroom are very clean.Large parking space, handicap accessible throughout the building.

Review №10

Love this Theater! Clean, comfortable, no long lines! It’s a gem for Claremore.

Review №11

I always enjoy my movies here. The staff is very accomadating. If there is a problem at all they go out of their way to make it better thsn right.

Review №12

Had a wonderful time w my kids. Prices average. Seating great. Over all great place for a small town theater. Also has a bar area which was surprised to see and didnt know. So perfect little date spot.

Review №13

Select seating with small auditoriums reclining cushioned leather seats. good prices. just small selection of movies d/t smaller size of theater

Review №14

I go to the movies here at least once a month. This is a good theater, I dont have any real complaints. I dont feel I can give it a 5 star rating because even though I dont have any complaints, it doesnt blow me away either. It is a typical theater experience.

Review №15

Clean place, never been crowded when I go. Pricing is good. One of my favs

Review №16

Great place i love coming here!

Review №17

Always clean. Friendly staff. Seats are comfortable recline always a plus. Sound is fantastic. No lines in any of the screens. And adult beverages

Review №18

Theater was very clean and staff was very polite an overall good experience.

Review №19

If was okay. The sound quality sounded a little airy to me. Almost all the seats are great

Review №20

I have been to the most popular theaters around and had to do a job out of town in Oklahoma and wanted to watch a movie with a friend,came across B&B Theater and was blown away... they had awsome staff not to mention electric reclining chairs which was oh so comfortable and if your of age they have a bar which you can order drinks of your choice and enjoy it all while watching your movie....5 stars isnt enough I wish I could give them a 10!

Review №21

Superb seats! Comfortable & roomy. I was told the remodel was due to bed bugs.I don’t like the fact they stopped showing Dinesh D’Souza movies. I emailed the manager about not carrying the last one when it was released. He was not friendly. I haven’t been back since. Owasso carried it. I go there now

Review №22

Nice movie theater. They have a bar and the seats recline. Not a bad seat in the house

Review №23

Its awesome, got recliners to watch the movie, really its very nice. I probably wont go anywhere else. Ive been going to Vinita, but no more.

Review №24

Loved it as always. Great service, great seats (though a tad squeaky while moving them but fine once theyre set), and clean.

Review №25

The staff was friendly. The theater was clean. This was the first time my husband and I had been since the remodel. The recliners were very comfortable.

Review №26

Watched a matinee on Thanksgiving. Clean theatre, comfortable seats. Used app to buy my ticket and select my seat so I had no interaction with any staff.

Review №27

I went a few years ago and saw Beauty and the Beast with my grandma the seats were very comfortable and we got to relaxed and relief stress. The bathrooms were very clean and smelt good. I would definitely recommend going here.

Review №28

Its been remodeled with very nice leather recliners, I watch movies here very often. I love going to watch movies and this is the place to go, cheap but a great experience. Highly recommended if you dont wanna pay a fortune to watch a movie. Oh and now they have a BAR !

Review №29

Great service comfortable theatres and decent pricing. Definitely going back

Review №30

Its a nice place. I just dont like the way nobody can buy a ticket by its self. We have to wait for drinks and food is sold to the ones in front.

Review №31

Popcorn is terrible just like the prices of all food and candy. Theater is very clean.

Review №32

Very nice theater! Clean & gives you a big theater feel with a more intimate environment. Only 2 cons is the ticket counter and concessions area share the same space and the recliners have a squeak during movement, but that’s easily fixed with WD-40.

Review №33

Good place.Great tuesday $5 deal. Free refills on pop&popcorn but still exorbitant to me. But thats same everywhere. But you can still get discounts on the snacks on web o tdd email site

Review №34

Im happy that Claremore has a movie theater instead of having to drive a long ways to see a movie. Good popcorn too.

Review №35

I really liked this movie theater. Its not a huge theater but the reclining seats were very nice!

Review №36

Went to see Avengers End Game. The seats were amazing and comfortable. The theater was clean when I was there. Got service with a smile. Made me want to come back again.

Review №37

Always nice employees and clean theaters except for behind the seats.

Review №38

Totally enjoyed the home/theatre vibe. Nothing better than going to see a movie and get the theatre sounds and views . But when you throw in nice comfy recliners to relax and watch that movie ... Well lets just say lets do this again!!! Facilities were clean and neat, snack bar was clean with friendly staff.

Review №39

Comfy recliners, and draft beer or mixed drinks to go with the popcorn! Friendly staff, clean restrooms. What more could you expect from a movie theater?

Review №40

Matinees are great for retirees before the kids get out of school

Review №41

I found it to be really nice there. The people were great and when I started to panic because of the huge crowd one of the workers came and helped me calm down. They really are a great place to taie the family out and do care for you m

Review №42

I love this theater. Fast and easy to buy tickets and snacks

Review №43

Small and out of the way. Theater reserved seating and usually not near full. A little cheaper but not a lot less. Projector and sound just right. Not a ginormous screen but I like the smaller one better. I drive 20 mins just to go here.

Review №44

Very comfortable seats.. great movie

Review №45

Incredibly disappointed that people buying seats in the handicapped section arent asked if theyre bringing people who are actually in wheelchairs.I work with an individual who IS in a wheelchair and I was unable to sit next to her. This is highly unsatisfactory.The cashier was adequately pleasant, but this isnt my best experience at this theatre. If Id been given a choice for theatres in Claremore, I probably wouldve chosen elsewhere.The manager at this location has been very helpful in the past. I just wish consideration for people with disabilities was paid.

Review №46

Excellent! Beautiful screens! Very clean! Great reclining seating!

Review №47

This has always been a good place to go catch a show. They also recently started serving mixed drinks and you can take them to your seat. I cant drink alcohol, but my wife enjoyed her Hulk Smash though!

Review №48

So clean, the reclining seats are amazing and everyone is so friendly!

Review №49

The womans bathroom needed new paper towel dispensers because they DONT DISPENSE paper towels. Also, soap 3 dispensers and NO SOAP. On the good side the seats were very comfortable and the popcorn machine was VERY clean. The workers were. Very nice.

Review №50

Clean, convenient, love the bar. Sound and screens were great. Only complaint is the temperature is freezing cold.

Review №51

Nice new seating. Very comfortable.

Review №52

Always clean and I like to go during the week and it is never crowded.

Review №53

Workers were very friendly and the place is very well kept.

Review №54

Good seats, very clean, nice staff.

Review №55

We love the new theatre but they have mostly kids movies. guess maybe that is what is best in claremore. would rather go to b and b claremorebut usually have to go to tulsa...

Review №56

Awesome way to watch a movie and good price.

Review №57

Comfy seats..I dont want yo go anywhere else. After a long day st work and you still want to sprnd time with family..the chairs make it like your kicked back in your living room.

Review №58

I went to this this theater last Friday ( the 9th) and when I went to order a drink at the bar there were children climbing on the chairs on either side of me IN THE ROPED OFF BAR AREA!! The bartender ignored the kids and continued making my drink, at one point one of the kids ran behind the concession and into the bar where she was making my drink. I got my drink and went back to my movie. Super unprofessional. I DEFINITELY will not be returning!!

Review №59

Very nice movie theater, get there a little early you can play board games with your kiddos!!

Review №60

Very clean, comfy seats, friendly staff! Nice little theater.

Review №61

This is a great theater. like most theaters, the staff are young folks (high school and college kids), but they try hard. I like being able to pick out seats & buy tickets online! seats are comfortable and recline all the way back.

Review №62

I liked the fact the seats reclined and was comfortable. Then to see that that movie theater supports special needs made it my to go place for movies much respect!

Review №63

Good, comfortable theater friendly people and all around a good experience

Review №64

Loved it..Have not been here in awhile but I will definitely be back soon!! Great place to get your Wick on!!

Review №65

Very nice place to spend a couple hours with a soda and bag of popcorn. There is always too many movies to choose from.

Review №66

Very clean nice family place the workers were very nice

Review №67

We like this theater especially the seats.

Review №68

Love the new seats needed a blanket to watch the movie super air conditioning!!! Will be there again very soon! Love it!!

Review №69

Too much emphasis on buying your tickets online.. Too often I have shown up with my kids .. they show a screen of available seats which are normally limited.. And by the time the movie actually starts, all the better seats that werent available on the screen are empty.. The last time we showed up just on the spur of the moment they tell me only 3 seats are available (there are 3 of us) but none together.. thus time they lost my business but am pretty sure there are multiple empty seats...

Review №70

Absolutely love this theater. Small theater vibe with reclining seats and bar in lobby. I will happily go to B&B over the larger theaters in surrounding areas.

Review №71

Comfy chairs, the best popcorn. Staff works fast at check out, so you can get to your theater room. Every kind of candy possible, available. Very clean restrooms.Staff members are always busy cleaning.Always smells really clean upon entering.I love this place. Better than any Tulsa theaters Ive been in.

Review №72

This place was nice! Reclining seats and a clean theater. The price of snacks is unreasonable though $4.70 for Reese Pieces and $5.10 for Sour Skittles.

Review №73

I love it here. Very kind staff and clean place. Would highly recommend to anyone! ️

Review №74

Clean restrooms, friendly crew, I think the employees should be explaining the back stage pass to customers its saves you money, they would ask if I was a member, I was under the impression you had to pay for it, turns out its free.

Review №75

Very nice upgrade to theater, recliners, and bar! Popcorn tasted old when we went but other than that very nice staff and all.

Review №76

The chairs are amazing - Comfy, slick leather style that lounge. We drove out of our way to go to this theatre for the awesome seats today.

Review №77

Better then expected will definitely return

Review №78

They now have the leather recliners that are really nice. Still definitely not the nicest theater Ive ever been to

Review №79

A very enjoyable experience. The reclining chairs are very comfortable.

Review №80

Ive not been to the movies in a very long time. So many previews that my grandson got impatient. Seats were very nice and comfortable tho

Review №81

I cant get ahold of you through the phone. I have been trying to retrieve something that i could of lost and I cant call to ask.

Review №82

Love b&b theaters in Claremore especially with the new seating I know they got rid of a lot more seating for the theater but the reclining seats is it very nice feature.

Review №83

The theater is WAY nicer than the size of the town would lead you to believe. It rivals the nicest seats in nearby Tulsa and includes leather electric recliners and assigned seating. If you purchase tickets online theres no rush to get a good seat. They also have a good rewards program that you dont have to wait forever to redeem. All around great theater

Review №84

Movie was good but it looks like the number five combo large drink and large nachos comes with single bag and single cheese cup now. Asked about the change and was told that was the new serving box for them now

Review №85

Great staff! It was clean, seating was great, 5 stars for sure.

Review №86

Facilities are nice. Paid $15 for adult and kid for 1040 showing. Small popcorn and small box candy $12. Somethings wrong with this picture. I can see why they dont post prices next to the snacks, no one in their right mind would buy.

Review №87

Very comfortable seats, not crowded or noisy, like in Dallas..

Review №88

My overall experience was great but the cost was outrageous. Though the seating was comfortable and made our movie experience pleasant.

Review №89

Absolutely LOVE this place!! The one place that I can bring the whole family to and nobody complains!!

Review №90

Theater screens with stained spots and very horrible speakers and/or people who dont know how to adjust volume properly. Perfect example of why streaming will eventually kill this pointless, overpriced waste of time.

Review №91

All six (2 adults, 4 kids) of us have really enjoyed B&B Theater in Claremore. Weve recently discovered that it has been renovated with reclining seats and absolutely love the small feel of the theater. It feels like we are in our own private theater room with friends. This is now our go-to movie place. Friendly staff and reasonable concessions.

Review №92

Lots of variety its pepsi instead of coke like the arcade its a bit pricey paid 17 for a senior and adult at 12pm on friday but liked the chairs :)

Review №93

Awesome theater with great customer service and pricing! Keep up the good work!

Review №94

The best small town movie theater ever. Reclining seats. Amazing snack bar. And a really cool waiting area. The price is here are also very reasonable matinees $30 you and another person that includes drinks and popcorn

Review №95

Twice in a row, the screen and audio has cut out in the middle of the movie. The audio was restored, and we had to listen to the movie without the screen for a few minutes. Then when the movie was back up and running, it was not taken back to where we left off, effectively making the audience miss 20 minutes of the movie. This happened several weeks ago at a showing of Incredibles 2, and happened again tonight at The Equalizer 2. I am completely unsatisfied and DO NOT recommend this theater to anyone who wants to actually watch the movie.

Review №96

Fantastic experience, little pricey, adult beverages were decent

Review №97

Seats are comfortable. Concessions are over priced, but what isnt these days

Review №98

Comfortable leather recliners and a good movie to go with it! Once in a while, a cashier can be kind of rude but for the most part, they are usually very pleasant.

Review №99

My friends and a I always have a great experience when we come here.

Review №100

Great sound and the recliners are awesome!

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  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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