Bear Paddle Swim School - Oakley Station
3099 Disney St, Cincinnati, OH 45209, United States

Review №1

Overpriced and super disorganized! When we tried to cancel, they have a 4 week hold on you. We also are trying to make up classes, but you have to have them done prior to membership expiring.. Most of the staff are nice but some of the people definitely do not like their job!

Review №2

Great place for the kids to start getting used to the water (as early as several months old) and growing to being prepared to join a swim team by the time they reach level 7. The place is very convenient, right next to Oakley Plaza Kroger, it is always clean and well maintained. The staff is friendly and helpful. The coaches are hit or miss though. Some of them know and have more experience than others. I was happy with most of the coaches we had, but there were several that just wasted our time (we are currently in level 7 - the highest level they offer). That being said, if you feel you are not getting what you need from the coach, just mention it at the front desk and they will move you to a different class. One other thought, sometimes the class has 4 kids, and the coaches have a hard time keeping up. Overall we are happy with Bear Paddle School.

Review №3

I was nervous to start swim lessons with my 17 month old, because I had read mixed reviews about Bear Paddle. However, I found immediate comfort in the fact that I would be in the pool with my babe the whole time. My child has been in swimming pools, the ocean, baths, etc. so I never once considered the fact that he might not like swim lessons. Well, our first class he was very timid, nervous and there were tears. Coach Emelia is as great, though. She encouraged him without pushing him. She also encouraged me and acknowledged that each exercise was for a greater purpose. She gave me a lot of peace of mind. Class 2, same thing... he was nervous but brave. But class 3 is where the tables turned. He did it! There were smiles and splashes. Ever since, each class has brought accomplishments and peace. Coach Emelia rocks and I’m so proud of our babe. I’m glad we started classes, and would highly recommend starting even earlier!

Review №4

Bear Paddle has been wonderful for my two children. Not only to make them safer in the water, but also confident swimmers. The coaches were very patient with my apprehensive 2 year old and adapted their teaching to his personality and learning style. Now he cant wait for lessons and has become a little fish. My 4 yo is now a strong swimmer with aspirations for swim team this summer or next. We could not recommend them more. Coaches Lauren, Duncan, Kylie, Makaria, Carly, Danny and Emelia have been wonderful.

Review №5

We have been blown away by the staff at Bear Paddle Oakley Station! They have been incredibly patient with my two boys, and were so willing to find the bet fit for my oldest. They facility is clean and well maintained, and plenty of food options around make it nice for grabbing lunch or dinner after class! Highly recommend!

Review №6

My son loves it hear...the coaches all encourage him which makes him try harder each level.**update 2/1/20***Were still here and he still loves it. As it gets harder the staff continues to push him on the skills he needs to be a confident and competitive swimmer. The communication is excellent. We have our favorites among the staff and they do a great job with my son

Review №7

Cant express what a great place this is. When my son first started he was afraid to put his face in the water now within just a few months hes touching the bottom of the pool and full blown swimming. He absolutely LOVES going to swim class every week.

Review №8

We went to two other swim schools prior to Bear Paddle, but the kids were not learning to swim. Bear Paddle is premium priced, and the its worth it because the kids learn and look forward to swimming.Also, Bear Paddle has tried some different schedules and swim plans. While some were good, others were frankly terrible. To their credit, when they tried something terrible they were quick to resolve the issue.We have been with Bear Paddle for 3 years, and plan to continue. They care about the swimmers and the parents, which is critically important.

Review №9

Great place for my kids, they learn swimming while playing.Great place for parents, your requests are always respected and satisfied.

Review №10

Overpriced and disorganized. Coach Amelia was really good with my daughter for a long time but then they moved her to a different class and it was a revolving door of people who all did things differently every time. Most (not all) of the teens giving the lessons just goof around with the kids. They also cram too many kids into the small lane to tech effectively. It would be fine to have that many kids if there was more space but the lanes are tiny and the kids sit on the step waiting for their turn for a good chunk of the lesson. The style of teaching also has the kids learning bad habits in the beginning that they then try and make the kids break later on. It is clearly designed to keep your kid in the program for as long as possible so they keep collecting your dollars. There is no reason to teach them to flip on their backs every couple strokes. My daughter still relies on this crutch. We did these lessons for almost three years so we gave it more than a fair shot. I cant recommend this place.

Review №11

We’ve been coming to Bear Paddle for over a month now and we cannot be more happy. At first it can be overwhelming for your child because it’s something new, my son was wailing around in my arms for the first two lessons but we got into a weekly routine and now he absolutely LOVES it and enjoys working hard to prove he is ready for his patches . The staff is always friendly and will take time out of their already busy day to answer questions or show you around. I’ve referred many friends because Bear Paddle knows how important proper swimming techniques are always as their swim safety techniques. I used to be a lifeguard for many years and you wouldn’t believe the amount of babies and toddlers I would have to save due to parents over socializing and not paying 100% attention on their kids so swim safety is a major concern when it comes to my child, Bear Paddle makes it fun and common so they understand how to save themselves if no one else can. Thank you again Bear Paddle for turning my little fish into a shark!

Review №12

I take my grandchildren to Oakley Bear Paddle, I feel the coach I have is just okay. A couple of the other coaches that we occasionally have are really good. Also, they seen to never answer the phone and if you leave a message they call back.

Review №13

I love Oakely Bear Paddle Swim School and most importantly my daughter does! At 2 years old she asks me and her dad on a daily basis can she go swim! Her coaches have done an amazing job with her and she has transition 3 times already! They have made learning how to swim so comfortable for her she practically thinks she can swim 100% on her own! (She’s definitely really close) Thanks to a great team

Review №14

Our daughter has swam at Bear Paddle for over a year and a half, and we still love it and enjoy going! Great staff and teachers.

Review №15

Very fun for the kids. My daughter had vast improvement in just 2 weeks. (A little practice at home doesnt hurt). Extremely clean. Friendly staff. My daughter loves her coach. Great looking/watching room for when I have to bring my younger one also.

Review №16

Exceptionally well run operation.

Review №17

We started with a 4 and a 5 year old non swimmer. The teachers are great. Im very impressed with the sequence in which they teach skills. Some things dont even seem like skills until you see the progression of the skill into a stroke. I recommend them time and time again! My son is swimming independatly and loves the water.

Review №18

We recently started my daughter in swim lessons here and we couldnt be happier with our experience thus far! She has gained so much confidence and is learning more each week. I definitely recommend checking out Bear Paddle for your little one!

Review №19

Location - Oakley; Very friendly environment. Love the feedback and directions we receive during and after my daughters swim lesson. My daughter is 8 months and over the past two months she has progress from chewing her hands to closing her eyes underwater, kicking her feet and moving her arms. Would recommend this swim facility.

Review №20

Bait and switch.Changed the times on us in the middle of the month, after the cut off to cancel so we are charged for the following month. The alternatives do not fit our needs and they will not issue refunds, including for the 2 times the classes were cancelled for inclement weather. This is not just unsatisfactory, it is bad business.

Review №21

Great place! The staff is very friendly and the facility is super clean. I would highly recommend it to my friends.

Review №22

Weve been swimming at Oakley since the week they opened and my son loves it. He really has learned so much and Ms. Lorelle is such a great swim teacher. I highly recommend Bear Paddle Swim School!

Review №23

Great school place for kids to learn all swimming techniques. My daughter loves swimming here and the instructors are just wonderful- keep up excellent work!

Review №24

My daughter loves Bear Paddle! She looks forward to her lesson every week. The instructors are all very nice and fun and the facility is clean and inviting.

Review №25

My daughter loves her swim lessons. She loves going every Saturday, she doesnt like to do much so when she wants to go every Saturday it makes me happy, and the instructors are very good,nice and caring. Thanks Bear Paddle Swim School!

Review №26

Beautiful and clean space, welcoming staff, and caring and attentive instructors. My daughter learns so much here with their small class sizes and her confidence in the water has soared.

Review №27

I simply lovved this great swimming school. My son who was afraid of water so much, now can do backstrokes comfortably just in a span of 10 classes!! Just amazingggggggggg. The tips they provide to the kids, the way the individual attention they give, the way they assess each kid and encourage them with the Achievement Badges is just superb! I have seen few other swimming coaching centers but trust me, nothing can even dream of matching to Bear Paddle! Its worth the fee that we pay!If you ever want your kid to learn Swimming and if Bear Paddle is in your city, BINGO... Dont think of any other swim school!!I wish they create swimming schools for Adult Pandas too !! Lol

Review №28

Very clean and safe place for my kids to learn to swim.

Review №29

Love taking my daughter her for swim classes. The instructors are amazing and the facility is always very clean!

Review №30

For people who get the lessons through Groupon be very careful! They charge extras without telling you. I heard bear paddle from a friend and saw Groupon so got my son registered and thought to give it a try. But my son never really liked the environment and refused to get into the water. He gets in water in other places. At beginning the staff tried but then they stopped trying. We stopped going after 6 classes even though I have paid for 8 weeks classes. Even worse they charged me extra!!! They said there will be an extra class in the month. Seriously?! We have stopped going!

Review №31

My son has been swimming there and he loves it it has only taken him a month and he almost knows how to swim.

Review №32

My grandson loves it, and hes doing very well

Review №33

My son cried through most of his lessons and little was done to make him feel more comfortable in the water. If you have a beginner swimmer, this may not be the best place to start.

Review №34

I love it

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