AMC Chula Vista 10
555 Broadway #2050, Chula Vista, CA 91910, United States

Review №1

Great staff, very good movies. The AMC club is also a great deal.

Review №2

Nice service and oh I love the reclining leather seats. You feel like you have your own special space . But reserve quickly cause they sell out fast. In my picture I can lay down after a long hard day, stretch my legs and enjoy my popcorn and movie

Review №3

We always have a good time here. I love being able to reserve my seat and order our food ahead of time. Staff is great

Review №4

Hands down best movie theater south of the 8.

Review №5

Always great! Couches are a wonderful experience.

Review №6

Reviewing theater and food here.Was hungry and didnt have time to grab something before the movie, so decided to eat at the theater. Lets say movie food has gotten a lot better than it used to be. I ordered the chicken tenders and mozzarella sticks. The chicken tenders were lightly breaded and seasoned well great flavor and very juicy. The mozzarella sticks were great too. Not too breaded and the marinara sauce was tasty too.The theater was good. Liked the recliner seats, although they are more narrow than the recliners at AMC La Jolla 12.As for the clientele (local movie goers), have to say they sucked. On my right, the people were talking all through the trailers and some of the movie and on my left, the people were eating smelly foods. Cant help who shows up to these things, but I can say the people in La Jolla are better behaved (not raised by wolves).Overall, a nice theater.

Review №7

So great go there all the time

Review №8

First time Ive been to an AMC theater. Are they all this awesome? Reclining comfortable seats, coke freestyle soda machines, a bar which Ill be getting a drink from next time instead of a soda, and a clean and quiet atmosphere. Only gripe was they didnt have salt packets, only salt shakers. So I had to put some salt into a napkin so I could put more on my popcorn halfway through the bucket.

Review №9

Love this theater. We went to see an early show and they didnt have the food we wanted white ready, so they delivered it to our seats! Perfect so we could watch previews and have food right before the movie started. Thank you!

Review №10

I reserve my tickets on fandango so I can go in sit in a recliner have a cocktail and see my movie the day after it comes out LOL. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. It’s new it’s clean it’s a nice crowd it’s huge there’s a great assortment of movies all the time. I went to Plaza Bonita and it was sticky drab not even any good commercials old seating and no cocktails oh no. Not to mention the fact I didn’t want anybody sitting behind me not in that crowd Chula Vista AMC 10 is a perfect family movie theater.

Review №11

It is clean and is a great movie experience.

Review №12

Very nice theater. Watched bad boys for life Mike Lowrey house comfortable reclining chairs.

Review №13

I love this location. The staff is always friendly, and the reclining seats are awesome. I always go during matinee and havent had any issues.

Review №14

This was a great experience. I really enjoyed the size of the theatre, it was about 50 seats in the theatre. The seats made the whole experience. They leaned back and there is a center armrest that can go up and down. The popcorn and soda were on par.Cons: the seat was not super clean looking. I am 64 so I was a little tall for the seat back to be totally comfortable but I already recognize it can not fit all sizes of people.I now feel that this setup of seating is the only way to see a movie. The cost was only slightly more than other theaters. Well worth it.

Review №15

Never had a problem with staff or the food quality here. In fact, the staff is very nice. I remember someone in our seats, we grabbed a staff member and they helped the people scurry out of our seat. I love the recliner chairs! Nothing beats soft chairs reclined back enjoying a good movie and some good popcorn after a weeks of work. My go to spot on the routine.

Review №16

Love senior help and respectful personal and very helpful.

Review №17

A really nice theater featuring recliner seats and a bar. Bring a blanket to stay cozy.

Review №18

Always a very good place, clean and friendly. Good prices too. LOVE the reclining seats.

Review №19

Reclining seats.......service

Review №20

Good movie, good popcorn

Review №21

The theater itself was nice and the food was a totally good. I bought two beers for $20 it was the Lagunitas IPA, not bad. But..... They never answer their phone and I lost my debit card there. They told me to call back at 8pm so they could check the theatre I was in and when I called, nobody answered. Thanks guys

Review №22

I really enjoy this theater. The mall is prehistoric and underwhelming but the theater is super chill. The employees are always nice and I love that you can reserve your seating now. Definitely worth the ticket price.

Review №23

I love using my AMC a list pass along with the AMC app to reserve my seats in advance at no charge. Not to mention The comfy reclining chairs at most of the AMC movie theaters. Havent been using my A-list pass as much lately but still get my moneys worth from the pass.

Review №24

This place was nice. First time going to San Diego and the theater was nice. It was on the top floor and the escalator as a fun way to get there. Went to go see Den of Thieves and it was a fantastic movie. The seats recline. Ita comfortable and it even has a bar. They have a nice selection of snacks and theyre not half bad.

Review №25

Not bad! Its clean, has a nice drink fountain and concession area, and comfortable reclining seats. Although I was reclined in the very last row, nobodys head was obstructing my view. My only complaint was that it was unusually cold. Need a blanket or something to keep warm in there.

Review №26

The recliner seats were super comfy! Worth the extra few bucks compared to Ultrastar hazard center. I will definitely be back with pillows and a blanket.

Review №27

Be sure to purchase tickets online as good seating tend to sell out fast, the seats are great and make the movies really enjoyable.

Review №28

Very nice staff and everyone was very helpful. Great seats and extremely relaxing with the wife.

Review №29

Amazing theater with a bar. The seating is all reclined and it is comfortable!

Review №30

I recommend this theater now more with the added luxury food and alcohol they serve

Review №31

This is my favorite movie theater in Chula Vista simply because you can reserve your seat ahead of time and they have reclining seats. Their snack selection is good.

Review №32

A lot of show times, a decent, expensive drink availabke at the bar. Love that you can order concessions ahead on app and they are delivered to your seat. Small concession stand but seems to move quickly. Could be a little cleaner and a few seats need some repair

Review №33

Clean seats and bathrooms. They have a pretty decent bar with liquor and beer on tap.

Review №34

My go to theater, the bar itself makes the higher price worth while.

Review №35

They are always so welcoming of me and my service dog. Love the recliners as well

Review №36

Great Movie Theatre. I like $5 Tuesday Movie nights! I recommend signing up for their rewards program. It comes in handy for discounts.

Review №37

My daughter and I go to the movies here almost every weekend. I like the fact that it is a smallish theater with assigned seating. They have bar if you so fancy a drink.. I really would go as far and say as I really like this place.. Now for the bad.. just recently they dramatically expanded their menu to real food and the ability to order your food ahead of time online.. Sounds good in Theory.. But now if you want to order food, popcorn, hot dog or anything the lines are ridiculously long and it takes forever to get anything because everybodys working on that online orders and the complicated food menu.. Last two weekends have missed the start of the movie waiting for a hot dog.

Review №38

Decent theater. I always come in the afternoons when its not crowded with noisy people. Recliners are nice. Dont come when you are tired, you are guaranteed to fall asleep.

Review №39

Excellent movie loungers here is what keeps us coming back to this AMC as opposed to other AMC theaters in the SD area. Great customer service at the front desk and concession.

Review №40

I love goin here.. its not too packed, you get all the space you want. Leg space is perfect. Those reclining chairs makes you feel like you are home.

Review №41

Visiting family and decided to go to the movie. The staff was friendly and helpful.I liked the soda machines because I decide how much ice to put and which of the dozens of combinations to choose from, but I was disappointed they didnt put butter on the popcorn for you. Having the ability to add your own butter after they do it initially would be better. When they put butter for you they can add butter mid-bucket to get the lower half, fill the bucket, then add more on the top for a more consistent buttery popcorn. If I get a large bucket and have to butter it myself the top tends to have too much butter and the bottom hardly any at all.The chairs are nice and comfortable, possibly leather, very soft and they recline very far back, however my favorite theater at home has similar chairs that also has a heater for your lower back. The heat helps relieve lower back pain and is very relaxing which allows you to enjoy the movie more. I was disappointed this theater does not have that capability.Overall 4 out of 5 stars

Review №42

I havent been to this theater since the Power Puff movie came out when my Daughter was just 2 years old in 2002. The movie theater was some other theater at the time and it was dirty then, but maybe even more this time. In fact it was the same theater number 2. How fitting.The staff did come clean it up after someone else complained.After all that and missing the start of the movie because our entire row was filthy. We could now enjoy those nice chairs and the great leg room and Aqua-Man was fantastic from start.Bottom line. If you want to enjoy the nice Pick your seat limousine movie lounge chairs, dont go to the Chula Vista mall AMC 10.For the price, its worth making the trip to the Plaza Bonita AMC.

Review №43

My first time. I love the reclining seats and the gourmet popcorn!

Review №44

One of the nicest theater Ive been to in a while, and the fact that they can make you a drink before you sit to watch the movie is the icing on the cake. The only down side is the high prices for both tickets and drinks.

Review №45

This theater has come a long way from what it was when i was a kid. They have very comfortable recliner seats and they serve both domestic and craft beer.

Review №46

Love the seats, unfortunatly needs they need to keep up with the after each movie and the entrance carpet needs a good cleaning.

Review №47

I love it is my favorite place to go watch movies

Review №48

Favorite movie theater in the San Diego area with recline back seating. Almost as good as watching from your cozy living room. We bring a blanket too.

Review №49

Love the theater, the food, the chairs, etc Just dont like the price. But in order to get the nice aspects of above, you gotta pay for it.

Review №50

Paid too much to wait in line 30 minutes,for tickets and food. The three soda machines served warm soda and didnt have ice.Warning: this place is understaffed.Rrcommended: just go to CINÉPOLIS VIP (tj) instead.

Review №51

I love my gold membership

Review №52

Really great movie theater. Not to crowded. Definitely recommend it.

Review №53

Comfy atmosphere nice recliner chairs, they will serve your food and alcohol at your seats!!!

Review №54

We always feel like home when we come here, and the Manager is the most amazing person!

Review №55

Super comfortable seats. Clean theater with good refreshment choices.

Review №56

Friendly staff. Food was good. Seats are comfortable recliners. Will go there again.

Review №57

Nice theater with great snacks and nice reclining seats

Review №58

Reclining seats. Assigned seats too. Need better signage for bathrooms.

Review №59

Great Place, Im always late but they still open those gates to let me in.

Review №60

Gotta love the movies, specially if they have a bar.

Review №61

Reclining seats, A/C, and bar are all great! Concession stand can sometimes take a while and the popcorn not so fresh, but the reclining seats make it all better

Review №62

Im loving the recliner chairs. So spacious and comfortable

Review №63

Everything you need including comfort at the movies

Review №64

Love the lounge chairs, great atmosphere.

Review №65

Overall the theatre is nice and clean. My issue is with the policy that doesnt allow an exchange of atom dealsbfrom mobile. I wanted to upgrade my ticket (pay more) and they denied me because the ticket was purchased through a 3rd party

Review №66

I like that the seats are leather recliners, the only reason why I go to this one. Theyre cleaner than most theaters.

Review №67

It was very nice, like going there to see my movies.

Review №68

A staff super courteous and the theater was always clean

Review №69

The best theater seats in all of the southbay!

Review №70

My daughter and I went early and the people working there were very polite and very attentive I have to say I really enjoyed it.

Review №71

I love this place! My favorite movie theatre to go to.

Review №72

An entirely different way to watch a movie! The seats are AMAZING! I cant believe I am saying that about a movie theater.

Review №73

Very nice service, good staff at the food counter

Review №74

I would give it 5 star but the soda machine sucks coke taste like water they should fix this I sneak in my own soda just cuz there soda is so bad lol

Review №75

Good place

Review №76

Nice and clean

Review №77

Good movie theater but the rules for getting two or more drinks at a time do not make sense.

Review №78

Love the recliners and the bartenders. This place is always really nice and being in a mall theres plenty of parking. Concession lines are never long either so thats always a plus

Review №79

I always enjoy this AMC location. It may not be the cheapest location but atleast it is overall clean compared to other locations. Also, the chairs are relaxing and so far I havent found a filthy seat; since this is assigned seating.

Review №80

Love it super nice and love Tuesday specials

Review №81

The seats are wonderful and they have later showtimes than some of the other theaters nearby.

Review №82

I love this theater, the seats are great, but every time someone talks all the way through the movies. Thinking about changing to another theater.

Review №83

The staff is very friendly and helpful they explained me about the AMC stubs rewards I am going to get it

Review №84

Theater is always clean and the staff is always friendly.

Review №85

My favorite AMC. Friendly and helpful staff, well stocked bar, and clean bathrooms. All of the seats are powered recliners and there are plenty of handicap spots.

Review №86

If you want to have a nice time with someone significant reclining seats for two

Review №87

This theater went through a remodel Maybe a year or two ago, it looks amazing inside now! They have couple recliners that lean all the way back And are super comfortable. You can reserve your seats online so you don’t have to worry if you’re a little bit late, and you can see what seats are available before you get there. They have a bar in the corner that serves a few drinks and a standard snack bar. Fun place and it’s never overcrowded.

Review №88

Cant say enough great things about the theater & the staff! Comfy, reclining seats & a friendly staff that keep the theater in top shape every day! The AMC A-List really makes the Chula Vista 10 a must-see movie experience every week! :)

Review №89

I Love AMC Chula Vista 10! Im comfortable and always enjoy watching on this Cinema! I feel like Im home

Review №90

The theater seats are comfortable. I have been to this theater several times. The only thing I dont like about this theater is that its always very cold. Its a bit hard to enjoy the movie unless you have a blanket with you. I guess it will be a while before I visit again.

Review №91

They have reserved seating with powered recliner style seats. You can purchase tickets at the theater but I recommend buying through AMC or Fandango app for ease of access and convenience. Concessions are a bit over priced but this location does offer beer and cocktail selections which is nice. 2D and 3D films played here.

Review №92

Best place for date taco Tuesday and a movie

Review №93

This movie theater is really nice it looks small when you come in but they have recliners very comfortable

Review №94

This is been the movie theater that I tend to go to when visiting theaters here in San Diego. The seats are comfortable and recline. Plus the weight for popcorn usually isnt that long. I try to buy the tickets beforehand on Fandango so that way I dont have to wait in line to buy them when I get there. I really do enjoy this movie theater however. The drinks are good and the popcorn is good. Also the theater is well kept

Review №95

Love the updated theater!!! Used to come here back in the day when they would show older movies for a cheaper price. The theater used to be running down/awful looking. Theyve upgraded to one of the most upscale theatres in the area. They serve great food along with their concessions and have a bar as well. Some theatres also have the recliner seats. I highly recommend seeing a movie here.

Review №96

We had a great experience there. Watched the movie in comfort sitting on recliners.

Review №97

Awesome and comfortable leather reclining seats

Review №98

Comfortable seating. They are nicely cushioned and they recline.

Review №99

My favorite movie theater here!!! The chairs recline back and the seats are mad comfortable. They even have a little bar section in the entrance. The food is okay tasting. Ticket pricing is standard.

Review №100

I love the reclining seats.

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4.6 Rating
  • Address:555 Broadway #2050, Chula Vista, CA 91910, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 619-371-9105
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible lift:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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