Regal New River Valley & RPX
110 New River Rd, Christiansburg, VA 24073, United States

Review №1

Since they renovated the seats are amazing and comfortable. The price is perfect and if you drink they now offer alcohol.

Review №2

This cinema has seen a recent upgrade with fancy reclining seats, no doubt to compete with the theater in Blacksburg.Ticket prices are reasonable and the theater is clean and tidy.

Review №3

Never been to an RPX movie theater before and this was a surprise. Tickets more expensive, but worth the experience. Screen was crisp. Sound was awesome. They had RECLINING SEATS. Made it feel like you were watching a movie in your man cave home theater. Concession prices about what you would expect. Did I mention they had RECLINING SEATS! Regals app made getting tickets and getting into the theater a breeze. Highly recommend and would be back!!

Review №4

Great theater. RPX is great with big, comfy reclining chairs. Expanded menu plus a full bar with beer on draft. The bar service is not perfect because its a newer feature and they are working out the kinks. The staff are friendly and helpful.

Review №5

Had good experiences there so far.

Review №6

What can I say....reclining chair!!! This was the most comfortable movie theater in have been to in a long time. Place was very clean. The food was good. The chairs even had a moving table to put your food on. Even my husband wanted to watch another movie and he hates going to the movie theater. Go now you wont be disappointed!

Review №7

Just came in to get tickets to see the new sonic movie. The concession attendant Matt was very personable, funny and all around a great helper. He deserves a raise for the help he provided for us tonight.

Review №8

Love their reclining seats!Their concession line is long and slow. Their kiosk was broken last time I was there. The manager told me the only 2 seats together were in the front row, I pulled up seating on line and he was wrong so I had to get my seats switched, he should have known.Luckily I love their seats!

Review №9

Very comfy recliner seats but the concessions line was so long and absolutely no staff were at the ticket booth, we had to use a machine. dont know what thats about. overall good experience.

Review №10

Nice theatre to enjoy a movie. Confortable also. We saw 1917. Good movie. Sound volume was excellent. Would go again.

Review №11

Best cinema experience in a two hour radius driving range. Get the PIZZA YOU WONT REGRET IT

Review №12

Lucky to get 1 star....Tickets should be purchased separately from concessions... So inefficient... Took 30 minutes in-line to get tickets...Not everyone wants to get concessions...

Review №13

The best movie experience of my life. I will gladly make the drive from Roanoke for all future movies.

Review №14

The bowling, arcade, and bar area is a lot of fun! And the seats in the movie theater are comfortable and spacious.

Review №15

One of my favorite theatres I have ever been too. If you want a drink it is easy to get. The seats are absolutely amazing and I chose this theatre over any others locally because of the seating. Until they can match this theatres seats, I will only be coming here

Review №16

My one-star review is for the lack of accessibility. Handicap parking is in the back of the parking lot; or on the side of the building which requires a long walk to the ticket counter / concessions. No handicap accessible entrance for those who need hands-free access. The theatre is not inviting to those needing assistance with accessibility. My family and I were very disappointed.

Review №17

Hahaha, this place is gross and will not honor refund requests for its garbage food.

Review №18

Very comfortable seats and friendly staff. Come here almost every week. A wonderful place in the town.

Review №19

Best theater Ive ever sat in

Review №20

Great Movie theater to catch a good movie, popcorn is always fresh soda is always crisp and most importantly Staff is always friendly and helpful

Review №21

Nobody in ticket booth. Had to wait in line 30-40 minutes to buy tickets at concession stand! Then no seats left to watch the movie awful

Review №22

Awesome movie theater! I take the family here as often as I can. It is for the most part always clean and has recliner seating to boot! What more could a person ask for? Well.... Besides.... cheaper prices on the severely overpriced concessions. Anyway.....I boycott the concessions! There a ripoff!

Review №23

I would have gave it 5 stars but $6+ for a drink, really? Otherwise the ticket girl is fantastic, the folks behind the counter giving the food out where great, the movie was great, the entire Cinema was awesome! The prices for the food and drinks are ridiculous though.

Review №24

Saw Star Wars episode 9. I enjoyed it. I liked the recliner chairs

Review №25

This movie theater is awesome! The associates were incredibly friendly and quite helpful. The theater itself was very nice, clean, and quiet throughout our movie. Not to mention, we absolutely loved the incredibly comfortable reclining chairs! We will be back again soon!

Review №26

Great seats that are really comfortable. Reasonable price

Review №27

Super comfortable seat! The seat can be adjusted to what makes you feel comfortable! Highly recommend it!

Review №28

Seats are wide snd comfortable! Great leg room.

Review №29

Its nice, clean, nice staff. A little pricey for some things, but thats how they all are.

Review №30

The theater is always clean. Friendly and helpful staff, but every time I go the popcorn is old and chewy. You pay 8 dollars for popcorn and its almost always hours old unless you go when theyre slammed. :(

Review №31

Love this theatre! The renovation they did made everything much more accommodating. They added a beer and wine bar, and more food choices at concessions. The theatre seats are incredibly comfortable, and they recline! Favorite place to see a new flick.

Review №32

Went to see 1917 here a few days ago, the sound in the theater was so low that it was barely audible for the first section of the film. Not exactly the best experience possible, but the audio did pick back up later.

Review №33

Really nice stadium seating theater! My only complaint is the sub-par popcorn. The cheetos popcorn was good though. Will definitely be back!

Review №34

They have upped their game. Now they good meal options to go along with your movies! The RPX experience is just amazing.

Review №35

Went there and saw Avengers Endgame, theatre was clean, and employees were excellent! We were the only ones in the theatre plus had stadium recliner seating was top notch! I highly recommend you try it!

Review №36

Awesome theater. Loved the reclining chairs. Wish there was a theater this nice back home.

Review №37

I love this movie theater and their reclining seats! I have fallen asleep in two movies at least cause of how comfy the seats are. Plus their is plenty of leg room when reclined. Food is way too expensive but that is every movie theater for ages now.

Review №38

5 stars for the RPX theatre! Reclining leather seats and they rumble and shake. Don’t just watch the movie, feel it. I actually prefer this to the Imax next door.

Review №39

Always a clean theater and we love the roomy stadium seating.

Review №40

Clean and well staffed. Comfortable seating. Good popcorn!!!

Review №41

Dont use or trust the app. We purchased tickets in advance. We received an email confirmation and ticket info. We went to the theater. They thought the best plan for staffing during peek hours (6 pm on a Friday) was one employee in the box office, one employee taking orders in concessions with one visible person cooking the orders (kitchen items), and one person as usual taking tickets. Because there is only one ticket line for both physical and electronic tickets the line backs up. Long story short just dont trust the app and dont expect speedy service. After waiting 20 minutes we were then told that our tickets had been canceled. We received no notice of the transaction cancellation; therefore, wasted fuel, time, and a free popcorn voucher.

Review №42

Great service, but the lines are far too long. Need to get more people on board and reopen the ticket booth.

Review №43

Great reclining seats! RPX nice.

Review №44

Ive not been here since the improvements and yes I am very impressed! As a handicapped and hearing impaired individual, the seating and sound system much improved.

Review №45

The best movie theater in the area. To be honest given that area is not that urban or densely populated (moved here from DC), this surpasses many of the theaters there. And the cherry on top is its cheap!

Review №46

Expect to wait 30-40 minutes just to get popcorn! Even if you wanted to pay the 1.50 dollars per ticket to use the app you still need to show up 1hour before if you want popcorn or anything.

Review №47

Bought tickets online. A week ahead of time for a Birthday Gift. Got to the theatre R.P.X. broken down. No other options but refund. Weak apology!!! 3 teens completely disappointed!!! On any other night this would have just been an inconvenience. But this was a BIRTHDAY GIFT !! KNOWING! that their equipment was down,! you would expected a text or an e-mail of explanation prior to arriving for the show., we received nothing! Poor business practice!

Review №48

Its always great service, food fresh and clean restrooms

Review №49

An amazing movie theater. RPX seats are out of this world!!

Review №50

Having to buy tickets and food in the same line is a horrible idea. Lines moved way too slow. Movie was great

Review №51

This movie theatre is always a top notch place. However tonite theatre room number 8 was way to hot. We asked attendant if they could turn air up. They did for awhile. Halfway through the movie it was so warm I had to sit on edge of sit due to being so uncomfortable.

Review №52

Cant wait to see I Still Believe here.

Review №53

Had heard about the remodel of the Cinema from friends. Went online and ordered reserve seats last night to see Mission Impossible tonight. All seats are reserved, even at the ticket booth. Online tickets can come to your phone by text message or your email to be printed off.No more need to be in a hurry or get there an hour before the movie starts just to get good seats. And these seats RECLINE. Each seat also has a movable food tray and drink holder.Food and drinks, Including beer and wine can be purchased at the concession counter.Staff was very friendly and helpful. Prices are a little high and worth it for these conveniences. Enjoy the movies!GREAT IMPROVEMENTS! We will return.

Review №54

I love how they have advanced ticket buying and you can pick your seating before hand too. They have come a long ways from before when they used to be where the NRCC and food court is now. The reclining chairs were awesome. I still think the prices are ridiculous for the snacks and drinks but thats just me. Its always a treat for me when I get to come here to see a movie

Review №55

This theater has been such a pleasurable place to come. My family loves to come there. As do I. There are a wide variety of movies playing. They always play the newest movies. Its comfortable no matter where you sit, having my favorite reclining seats!! Everything is as clean as can be!Good selection of food and drinks with my only complaint being that they are very over priced..even have a bar.If I rated this theater on a scale of 1 to 10, I would give them a 9. Ticket prices are pretty high also except for Tuesday night $5 deals.Its a very nice place for all movie buffs!!

Review №56

Great theater. Loved the seats, and that you can buy, and reserve seating ahead. Clean!!!

Review №57

I love Regal Cinemas, and I use Regal Rewards. This location has recently renovated, and the new theaters are nice. Unfortunately, all seats for the renovated theaters are reserved. So you have to plan ahead. If you buy online, theres a service fee, even if you buy directly from Regal. If you dont buy online, be prepared to wait in line.

Review №58

Regal is awesome, it not only is very clean and professional, it is very accessible. My son is in a wheelchair and he is very comfortable coming here. Thank you regal for doing it right, you truly have made it a very accessible, enjoyable experience.

Review №59

Leather chairs that recline! They have a bar so you can have a beer or cocktail while watching. Concessions, like in most theaters, are overpriced, but the experience is great. Parking lot is highly lit & there seems to always be a police officer on site, which I like as a parent.

Review №60

Outstanding withe new upgrades and RPX theaters. Its a great place to watch a movie at. You can completely recline in the new motorized seats. Complete with cup holders and a table too! The atmosphere is warm, easy on the eyes and makes you feel very comfortable watching your movie.

Review №61

Most comfortable movie seats we ever experienced. Great sound but prices for snacks are way over priced.

Review №62

I love the reclining seats. The screens are great too. The spaciousness of the reclining seats makes it very relaxing moviegoing experience. The seats have wide armrests, trays for your food and drinks. If only they provided blankets I would have gone to sleep.They also offer $6 tickets on Tuesdays. They also have a good selection of snacks and drinks, so you can venture out of the classic coke-popcorn combo if you like.

Review №63

Love movies . Great people!

Review №64

Great theatre but they will charge you full price of 7.00 something for a water

Review №65

A lot of changes since I visited last! The reclining seats are AWESOME, and takes a movie experience to a new level. Theyre quite comfortable, as well. Theyve also added a bar area, though I did not purchase any drinks from there. Its a small area, but looks nice and clean.Ticket lines and concessions do need more help. It wasnt terribly busy tonight, but there was still a wait at the ticket booth that could have been prevented with an extra person to help. Im not sure if theyre short staffed, but that seems be the case.Otherwise, I think all the changes bring a breath of fresh air, and I look forward to the next film we see there!

Review №66

Enjoy going out to the movies with family and friends

Review №67

Totally reclining leather seats. Very comfortable. Sercurity guard and staff are very courteous. Clean environment

Review №68

Quick service seats are comfortable theatres ckean

Review №69

Pretty impressed with the new seating. Definitely giving Cineabowl a run for the money. Much better popcorn than Cineabowl. Beer and wine WAY TOO EXPENSIVE for quality and quantity. Clean restrooms! Friendly and courteous staff. 4 of us, $40 for tickets and $45 for popcornLove ya Regal but I will do as much Starlight Drive In as I can.

Review №70

Nice theatre, but the theatres are kept pretty hot inside. Weve been three times and each time Ive found myself sweating a lot during the movie, and not because the movie was intense. The last time I was pretty uncomfortable, they should turn the temp down a bit in there.

Review №71

They have remodeled since my last visit quite a while back. More comfortable, spacious seating now. I think competition in the area influenced the decision to remodel. The seats were really nice but you have a button to push in order to recline the seat. I actually sat through an entire movie before realizing that you could recline the seats. Oops. Very nice though and I will be going back.

Review №72

The new seats are awesome, very comfortable.

Review №73

RPX is a cool option. Great customer service and very comfortable seats!

Review №74

Great movie..but very hot in theater ac not.working correctly

Review №75

Great theater with big, comfortable seats and the RPX experience is amazing. I took one start off because the concession lines always move so slow.

Review №76

Great theater. Regal has set the standard and it shows across all their locations. The chairs are super comfortable. The screen is crisp. The sound is immersive no matter where you sit. Regal has single-handedly brought me back to the theaters.

Review №77

Excellent quality move theater. Very comfortable seating and quality movies. Very nice, clean building. My only complaint is the concessions are WAY too expensive. Almost $20 for an adult combo.

Review №78

Excellent upgrades recently but be ready for high prices & long lines during peak hours. Never seems like there is enough staff.

Review №79

Clean, got refreshment and enjoyed the recliner seats.

Review №80

It was very comfortable and nice theatre. Very up to date. I loved it.

Review №81

Great new bar area, downright unbelievably awesome electric reclining seats. But I gave Regal Cinemas 2 stars because on the weekends they very often have 1 person selling tickets with a huge line waiting but it doesnt stop there they also normally have 1 person working the concession stand and again a huge line. But they have 3 to 4 people working the bar that make no attempt to help concession when busy. I would try to be 30 to 40 minutes early to be safe. Take some antibacterial wipes for your reclining seats, they are vinyl and my seat smelt like BO. Two to three more staff members or the bartenders helping out, and a few minutes more wiping down the seats, and their problems are fixed.Update: I went to see Halloween with my family, Great remake by the way, they finally got it right.

Review №82

Am I the only one who hates these re-modeled theaters? I dont need to sit in a recliner to enjoy a 2-hour movie, but to each their own. That being said, since this IS the recliner-style theater, its best to order your tickets ahead of time, to avoid being stuck with having to choose which seat in the front row you want at the ticket window.Another thing, ordering online leaves you with a digital code that is scanned in place of a ticket. This ends up causing lines to get past the ticket checker, as he has to manually type in additional info into his iphone after he scans the code. It seems so unnecessarily difficult to me, that we havent mastered a better method than this.End rant - its a movie theater, and they have a bar inside.

Review №83

I was here, at this theater, in May 2008, for the premiere of the first Sex and the City movie. This is definitely one of the nicest theaters Ive ever been to. Very modern, very comfortable. Lots of choices, lots of showtimes. Loved it!!!

Review №84

It was the FIRST time my husband and I visited this theater and our popcorn was old and stale. I went back to the concession to ask for fresh bucket of popcorn, I received extremely nasty looks and attitude from both employees. Keep in mind, it’s not my fault the popcorn is stale. When asking for fresh popcorn they proceeded to sarcastically pour BOILING HOT popcorn into the bucket (both had a sarcastic face and seemed to think this was a joke). When walking back to my theater, the popcorn was burning my hands through the bucket and was also still popping!!!!!! .... not only was this extremely unsafe but also inappropriate and unprofessional. We drove 45 mins to this theater and more than likely won’t be returning.PS- Our “fresh” popcorn was still stale and was filled with kernels due to the staff pouring our popcorn straight from the pot while it was still popping.

Review №85

Had an amazing experience here! Love the seats

Review №86

Best movie experience ever! Reclining seats are the only way to watch movies.

Review №87

The theater seats in this theater are outstanding they recline and they vibrate with the sounds, wonderful experience...

Review №88

We really like this place. Most comfortable seats. And they serve beer and wine and other drinks.

Review №89

Super comfortable setting and fairly nice theater.

Review №90

Seats are comfortable. Downtown Abby was wonderful.

Review №91

Wow! I havent been here since they have renovated the theaters, and they are definitely giving Franks a run for their money. The seats are super comfy, and there is room for people to walk down the row without having to move. Ill be back!

Review №92

I bought tickets a week ago for Endgame. I show up, the projector is down. I find this out when I show up. Not happy with the experience. I understand the employees in this facility cannot help a projector part broke. This is on the company. I will not be back as a patron. Ever.

Review №93

The signs all still say $6 . stood in line with 6 kids to see the grinch. Total price $64.They dont honor the listed prices that are in bright neon display on Wall behind cashier. When I ask why the price was double she very rudely said its a holiday. We will not be back.

Review №94

The reclining seats were fabulous but the concession stand needed help. It was Friday night and one person was working it. It was extremely upsetting to see four other employees standing at the new bar without a line of people. It would have been five stars if this had not happened.

Review №95

Always clean, fresh food, comfy chairs!

Review №96

The Only complaint is, it was WAY too warm in there. Makes it hard to stay awake sometimes. Other than that beyond super comfy reclining chairs and beautiful picture. Excellent customer service!

Review №97

Got there in time for the movie. But then had to wait for in the consession line to by tickets for 30 mins and missed start of movie. But to by tickets on line you pay a hefty fee. No o e seemed to care.

Review №98

I love this theater. The new seating is more comfortable than my own furniture at home! With my movie pass the value for the money and the cool air conditioning on a hot Summer day, Great way to burn some time and all the employees are super friendly and will often share their review of the movie Im about to see

Review №99

For the price, you really get what you pay for. A great viewing experience, complete with reclining leather chairs! Clean with nice staff, would definitely recommend.

Review №100

Great selection of food, price is a little high thou but most are.

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  • Address:110 New River Rd, Christiansburg, VA 24073, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 844-462-7342
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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