Sky Zone Trampoline Park
7325 Smith Corners Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28269, United States

Review №1

Wow!!!! Just wow!!!! By far the best trampoline park around.... So much to least get 90 minutes, one hour was not enough. They have a free jump court, 2 dodge ball courts that dont have pads to trip over. Its this flat coil spring system they said. So much easier and more fun to play here!!! They have 2 warped walls, a climbing wall, a swing (which was this 40 year old moms favorite thing), trapeze, crash bag area to flip into (so much better and cleaner than foam) battle beam, tug of war, spinning ladder, 3 lanes of obstacle course, 3 lanes of basketball and the best part....parent sitting area upstairs with couches, tvs and tons of plugs for your cell phone!!!! Great park!!!!

Review №2

We just went for the first time and well definitely be back. The staff were each so friendly and helpful. You can tell they love their jobs and it made us excited to be there and come back.

Review №3

Visiting from ny and we have been to plenty sky zones but the staff at this location is the best! We are grateful for the hospitality! Cant wait to come back.

Review №4

I had the besth experience in sky zone

Review №5

Visiting from NY. The facility was very clean. Staff was sanitizing n following Covid 19 protocol. The staff gets 10 stars. They interacted with the kids and were very polite young men. I highly recommend visiting this Skyzone with kids n family.

Review №6

Had a lot of fun at this place along with my friends..did get hurt though hence the 4 stars..Otherwise nice place for kids too..

Review №7

Grandkids had a great time.

Review №8

This is my second time coming here. Staff has been very courteous on both occasions. The atmosphere is always exciting. The music selection is awesome. The facilities are always clean. My kids love that this location has more activities than some of the competitor trampoline parks. The prices are very reasonable... A+ in my book!

Review №9

The kids had fun. The staff was awesome, especially Melanie. Cant wait to return next week for my daughters birthday party.

Review №10

The kids had a lot of fun definitely well be back again.

Review №11

My 3 years old enjoyed a lot here

Review №12

Front desk staff seemed upset when we arrived. The remaining staff was very nice

Review №13

The staff in this place were the friendliest people we encountered on our vacation. The kids had a great time. The place definitely lifts the mood. Thank you!!

Review №14

Went with my boyfriend for my birthday. Wish there were more things to do, but it was fun for a while. I recommend you take your children. Lots of ways for them to get out that energy.

Review №15

Had a blast with my kids

Review №16

The kids had a great time. We were given a discount without even knowing they have a promotion for Thursday. Buy 60 minutes get 60 minutes free.

Review №17

Had an Amazing time at this Location ! Bring your Wife n Kids or make it a date night but do come and join the fun

Review №18

You can walk around to the different stations with your kids. Also, theres a lounge area with TVs, couches, chairs and WiFi.Beware, you do have to pay $3 for socks to jump. And its fairly cold.

Review №19

It was fun and had so much to do. The workers are nice and friendly

Review №20

Great place, clean, staff is great. please be aware it’s NC and hot outside and I was just told the owners don’t put the AC on. I can’t imagine what the kids are feeling as they are jumping and no relief after. Lots of money to pay. I care my child has fun but will look for another location until I know they keep the AC on and it’s less than 80 inside.

Review №21

This place is a lot of fun for the kids and adults alike. They have a rock wall, air mattress, swings, obstacles, and trampolines of course. They have lockers that cost $1 for your stuff, a snack bar, a sitting area too. It was a safe fun time that my kids cant wait to do again. I wouldnt recommend under 5

Review №22

Clean, well run and very fun for my kids. All the staff was engaging and helpful. Rob answered all our questions.

Review №23

My family and I had a great time here.. This location is small in comparison to other locations but that didnt stop the fun. They have plenty of activities for toddlers to teens and even adults. It wasnt crowded when we visited but if it us on our next visit wed just leave because there isnt enough space for large crowds... And definitely wouldnt be safe for the younger children.. This was our first visit but well definitely be returning. BTW the Hurricane Simulator is a great way to cool off after an hour of jumping.

Review №24

Super fun place!!

Review №25

Had my son’s birthday party here. The staff is fantastic and the facility is the cleanest trampoline park we’ve been to. The only downside is they did not have the AC on (we’re in Charlotte and it’s May). Great party, great staff, great facility, but if they aren’t going to turn on the AC we will not be back.

Review №26

My son loves to go there! Its good exercise for him.

Review №27

Great fun for families! Staff was wonderful!

Review №28

Had a birthday party for a 10 year old and Sky Zone handled it like a champ for 8 kids and several more adults. Their pizza is actually pretty good (garlic crust!) and the birthday attendant (Im sorry I cant remember her name) kept everyone engaged and having fun.

Review №29

Sky Zone Northlake was a great experience today. The staff & management was friendly and courteous. I like how the younger children were separated from the older children. However it was extremely hot inside wish it was cooler. The free climb was excellent and dodgeball for adults and children. If you have risk taking children I encourage you to take them. They will definitely be tired upon leaving. Overall we had a wonderful time.

Review №30

Kids loved it. Played for 1.5 hours and still wanted more.

Review №31

We went and it was fun with family and friends and having a good time for 60

Review №32

Definitely brought out my inner child . Very fun.

Review №33

Cool place. Was here in kind of a slow day as not many kids here but the jump and obstacle courses are very good and my boys had fun. Very good deal on Groupon for this location. Definetly worth a visit for a couple hours of fun.

Review №34

Took my niece and nephew here and they had a blast.

Review №35

First time at a trampoline spot. It was clean an bright however the staff was rude. They had many rules. Employee had something to say to my kids every 10mins from laying on trampoline for a quick break from jumping to telling they couldnt sit on square blocks for jumping. My kids were ready to go after 30 minutes. It wasnt many kids probably due to labor day holiday and i didnt feel as tho they were busy enough to be so rude. This will be my first and last time visiting this location.

Review №36

This was a great experience. The staff was friendly and had a blast with my son. The facility was clean and had a ton of things to do. Will be visiting again.

Review №37

One of the best weve been to! Took my family of 9 and we had a blast! Friendly staff, easy processing (can be done online for convenience), and the amenities were awesome! We used to travel to Pineville which is another great location but this one is only a few minutes from my house. Highly recommend!!!

Review №38

This place is fabulous! From the staff making sure everyone is safe and having fun to all the options to do. We will definitely be back soon!!

Review №39

A fun place to go and very friendly staff. I wish the location was in a more visible area.

Review №40

This location was awesome! Very clean and put together. I was with a group of friends and we all had time to experience every part of the place. We went on a Wednesday night so we didn’t have to deal with anybody there. It was just the four of us there. The staff was incredibly nice and let us try things that they had closed already. Same with Tewana, there was a guy named KD (I think), and we was awesome. He gave us tips on how to do things and he made the experience more positive all around

Review №41

Rob was the best! From booking the party to the party day he and the staff made sure we had everything we needed! Definitely recommend this place for parties! Thanks Sky Zone!

Review №42

I went June 8th at 10pm with a few friends to jump. We waited at the place to pay for almost 30 minutes had to go get a worker to come help us. He then says “You won’t want to jump for 30 minutes you should go” and yes we were set on jumping. But he insisted we don’t jump. We finally talked him into letting us jump and then it was a glow night, we all had white shirts and he insisted that we buy one from them when our shirts already glow. He was very rude. I was displeased with the service.

Review №43

I had a great experience watching my kids run around and play my son participated in the fortnite tournament last night you guys hosted and he had a great time although he did not win he said that he had a blast and that you should continue to do it and other events. He met a gentleman who was watching them play I believe his name was Kd and he was so nice to him he cheered him on as he was playing and made him feel so good we will definitely be returning to sky zone for another wonderful time.

Review №44

Good time with Youth Group. Friendly and helpful staff.

Review №45

I was not pleased at all. I took my daughters and one of their friends today. They all had waivers completed from previous visits however they could not find the parental consent form on my daughters friend. So I said I could complete the form for her since she was in my care. They informed me it had to be done by her parent? Well her parent was not here! They said I could call her or text her, first of all who are you to tell me how to get in contact with someones parent? She was in my care, I am a parent to the other two kids who were with me so what was the big deal. Long story short her mothers information was indeed in the system but the absent minded person putting in her name typed it wrong. They wasted my time with this foolishness and really need to do better. I understand they just opened and are trying to do things the right way however I have never been told at any other trampoline park that they waiver had to be signed by the parent. What if her mom was out of the country, then what? What if she lived with an elderly grandparent, then what? She had a consenting adult with her who was responsible for two other kids in her care and apparently had the permission of the parent for her daughter to even be with us. It was really frustrating to have to go through this.

Review №46

ITS NOT WORTH COMING HERE AT ALLLLLL !!! The people that worked here were so rude, && made a big deal about little things, my toddler went into the dodge ball area when NO ONE was in there && told us to get out Bc it’s for older kids, like why ? If no one is in there, I understand if they start coming in, I would gladly leave, it’s not worth wasting your money at this terrible place if I could put 0 stars I would !!!!!! I didn’t even stay for 90 minutes that I paid Bc they were so rude

Review №47

We were there to celebrate a birthday. The staff was amazing to work with & very accommodating. Were already planning our next trip back.

Review №48

Attended a birthday party yesterday and this place has some of the greatest staff I’ve ever seen . Shawn our host treated all the kids like they were his own and was so sweet . The tall guy with the locs ( never got his name ) was sweet as well . LOVED this place it was very clean and put together in comparison to other trampoline parks. Will be back again.

Review №49

I went there and this boy named Shawn was like so nice and he was playing with me and my brother and essence is really sweet and I made whole new friends in an hour.

Review №50

Charge to much an want let little kids jump This place is Not for Middle Class America

Review №51

Fun place, great for kids. Safe and friendly environment.

Review №52

Having visited lots of trampoline parks...I can attest that this one has a lot of variety. Our kids loved it. The staff were friendly and it was clean.

Review №53

We had a great time and the kids loved the way this place is different with a lot to do. We will be back

Review №54

Great place for kids to get rid of their energy. Staff is very courteous too! Nice, new place.

Review №55

The kids has so much fun and we definitely will be back.Was visiting from out of time and they help me change my jump times as we got caught in some traffic.Thank you so much!!

Review №56

The children love it. Had a birthday party. Lots of space.

Review №57

My two girls love the new play area. Will go back soon

Review №58

Pretty good place to go with your kids. Snack bar was not open which was very disappointing.

Review №59

The staff at this location was very friendly and helpful

Review №60

We had soooooo much fun. Clean, friendly encouraging staff, and so much FUN.

Review №61

Its close to home instead of Pineville and the tall guy with the locks was exceptional nice and they had some new attractions definitely our new hangout spot.

Review №62

Got there a bit late one night with a friend just wanted a quick 30 min fun workout.Paid 11$ for a 30min session, since they closed soon.A full hour session is 13$So I saved a whole buck buy getting only half the time.I was asked if I had socks and I replied yes I have the trampoline socks that all these places sell.I went and jumped for about 1min and noticed there was a dude kinda following me around I was one of the only customers there it was late. Every section I went to he followed since I’m an adult in my 30”s I felt the babysitter was unesscary.After about 3’min of being watched the guy approaches me and says hey you have the socks?And I go yes I’m wearing them.He said no it has to be our logo on them I can’t use other socks that all these places sell. “Which I’ve used these at all the other places and never once had an issue”Airbound, and ATP etc... I enjoy these parks and like trying new places I go often.So I told the guy dude I’m only here for 30min you guys are closing soon just leave me alone please I’m not paying money for new socks just cause mine don’t have your logo on them.He keeps making a deal of it so I say let me see your mananger I explained my situation and how silly it was, and he proceeded to tell me it’s for insurance purposes.Insurance ?? I’m pretty sure I spent a good ten min at screen signing all kinda waivers saying if injured its all at my own risk.... so insurance for whomI’ll take my money back then, he then says we can’t refund your money but we can give you a free 30min pass for another dayI politely said sir I don’t want your socks and I don’t want your 30min pass give me my money or we are gonna have a scene here and I’ll call cooperate.He did refund my money then only after I had to get rude.But what a scam they wanted me to pay11$ plus like 3 more bucks for socks I don’t needAll for 30min of jumping.Awful,! And was quite embarrassed in front of my friend who I had bragged how fun these kinds places are. I won’t be returning or recommending this one to anyone.

Review №63

If parents have to attend with children, they should not be charged a fee, the children already gonna want everything in sight. Sheesh!!

Review №64

I highly reccomend that you choose this place if your looking for an activity for the kids as well as yourself moms. from the desk to the bouncy area it is SOO much cleaner and the workers are so nice and they actually play with the kids. I called in and one of the cashiers named essence answered and she was so sweet and let me know about the deals and stuff. then i came in the next day and the workers on the bouncy part were so helpful and one young man named sean was great with the kids and explained to me the process and gave me and the kids a tour. Even the manager (i didnt get his name) came up and took the time to talk to the kids and make them feel special. THIS PLACE IS A SANITY SAVER.

Review №65

Not enough staff to open the areas waste of money and rude employees. Was refused to have the time or money refunded because of not being able to use the facility areas. Terrible manager, mouthy staff.

Review №66

Great place to entertain the kids on a rainy day!

Review №67

Great customer service and an overall great experience!

Review №68

Clean and fun !!! Great customer service

Review №69

Smaller than the other one that’s in Charlotte. It has more and the staff is nicer.

Review №70

Employees are very rude they rush you come at you with attitude and if you’re a teen don’t come here it’s very little and little kids everywhere and if your doing something by mistake they look at you with like attitude and it’s just a mess

Review №71

My child love this place.

Review №72

The employees here are awesome!

Review №73

Close to home and lots of fun for the kiddos.

Review №74

So fun and a great work out!

Review №75

Nice is new place

Review №76

The staff is very rude and you can’t really do anything fun

Review №77

Fun and clean

Review №78

Nice but expensive

Review №79

Lots of fun!

Review №80

So fun

Review №81

I thought this place was just for kids and was going to be boring, man I was wrong, not only was it fun but it was a heck of a work out!!!

Review №82

So much fun!

Review №83

Pretty boring

Review №84

It was nice

Review №85

Very clean

Review №86

Lots of fun

Review №87

The kids loved it

Review №88

Staff was great

Review №89


Review №90

Lots of activities

Review №91

Had a blast! Staff was super friendly.

Review №92

Super divertido, puedes llevar a los niños y pasar un buen tiempo, si puedes comprar la membresía y se pagó en tres visitas

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  • Address:7325 Smith Corners Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28269, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 704-709-9050
  • Amusement center
Working hours
  • Monday:12–8pm
  • Tuesday:12–8pm
  • Wednesday:12–8pm
  • Thursday:12–8pm
  • Friday:12–8:45pm
  • Saturday:10am–8:45pm
  • Sunday:12–9pm
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restaurant:Yes
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