Sky Zone Trampoline Park
500 Southridge Blvd, Charleston, WV 25309, United States

Review №1

We decided to come here for my sons 8th birthday. We also have a 4-year-old boy, so finding places that both could enjoy is important. They had a blast!! Honestly, my husband and I did as well. As a bigger woman, I did have a difficult time climbing out of the foam pit! It felt like it took about 5 minutes for me to get out but it was so much fun!! We really enjoyed the laser tag upstairs. It was our first time playing. We will definitely go again but next time well get two missions instead of one. Im pretty sure our youngest wants to celebrate his birthday there next month!!!

Review №2

Awesome.... This is a great place to bring the kids for a great time. It is very clean facility. Theres also a snack place to get your boost when you get tired. They have different areas for the kids to enjoy, regular bouncing and tumbling, basketball dunk area, ball pit area, obstacle course area, dodge ball area. The staff was very helpful and courteous to everyone. Will definitely be going back again and recommending to everyone.

Review №3

Lots of fun for the kids but they need to streamline the check in process. Also organize the front lobby. When you enter, I recommend you go straight to the check in computer to sign a waiver. Dont wait in line for 1/2 an hour for the person behind the desk to tell you do so. Afterward your back at the end of the line again.

Review №4

We went yesterday for my sons birthday had a great time jumping and everything we also pre bought tickets for a round of laser tag but they were like 10 min. Late and when we finally got in there the guy ran through the rules so fast none of us knew what to do or how to play really all we knew how to do was shoot but nothing else. The person telling the rules should really be taught how to slow down and speak up especially for children! I felt like we paid for laser tag and got thrown in there 10 min. Late not knowing what to do. Ill gladly change this to a 5 star once this is corrected.

Review №5

Ive already reviewed this indoor park. A clean, friendly environment for kids to exercise and meet new friends. Whats not to love? The price. $16 an hour. A little more expensive than the movies but the exercising is priceless. Theres space for toddlers too, so children of all ages (and adults too) can enjoy the art of jump. :)

Review №6

Good food, lots of exercise. Staff Is very attentive. I wish they had some security.

Review №7

Took my son and some friends here for the first time and loved it! There were several different areas to explore and was well staffed to accommodate the crowd. The clerk at the front desk was very informative! Fun for all ages!!! Will definitely be making another trip down.

Review №8

Even with all of the virus stuff going on they r open and very clean great place to let the boys unwind

Review №9

Overall great for kids! Saturdays can be jam packed. I recommend purchasing in advance online and make sure the waiver is current. They have a dedicated line just for that and you get through much quicker.

Review №10

We brought a group of 55 middle school students from 1.5 hours away and Sky Zone was really phenomenal to work with! Leading up to the actual trip I gave a best guess on our amount of jumpers so I was trying to update Sky Zone as best I could and they just really rolled with it and helped us so that everyone was able to jump. The check-in process took a minute but only because there were so many of us, they really were patient and helpful with us.Plus the variety of options to jump was really great. They had a rock wall, two obstacle courses, and a toddler area. In addition to various other jumping options. Overall I was really impressed and appreciative of Sky Zone taking time to work with us and get us all ready to go!

Review №11

Wonderful place to let the kids play. A little pricey but almost worth it.

Review №12

Nice staff.. They where cleaning as kids left areas..

Review №13

This was our very first trip here-- on July 28, and it was beyond awesome! You would not believe how every skill and age was having a blast at this family-friendly place! My hubby and I had to join in,naturally, to not let the next generation think of us as old-- not yet!!If you aint nearly had a heart attack, got winded and fell like a toddler, or your kids dont sleep the next two days after-- you aint done a thing right here!! ((serious on the kidI cannot wait to go back and make it a weekly thing for the entire family to unwind and just goof off! An hour is plenty the first time, and I am sure you will find that the prices and time recommendations are spot on here! I recommend to everyone in the family- no shame in getting healthy and connecting with your loved ones, you will be so glad you did, I can promise this with a certainty!

Review №14

I went to the place the cashier dont no what they doing they sand me back and for different cashier . Very poor customer service

Review №15

Its a lot of fun but costs alot of money I think they should give you more time

Review №16

Went attending a birthday party so unsure of what thier prices are like. But still a fun place. I think they should have at least one or two more things for toddlers to do but what they do have my son loved. My older son who is 8 loved everything just about. Place seemed pretty clean and the party room we used was of decent size. My son was asking as we were leaving if he could have his birthday party there lol

Review №17

We were very concerned about the cleanliness and safety of the facility. During our visit we noted a child throwing up the area was not marked off and it was inappropriately cleaned or semi partially cleaned and never march for others to avoid the area. There are some areas where kids could potentially get injured due to exposed steel framing as well as two areas that would have allowed kids to be a drug under the area under the jump area by perpetrators doing wrong. Also passed the wall climbing is a stairwell thats not blocked off or marked and its near an exit where anyone could potentially take a child. Cleanliness is a serious concern as the rock climbing area has cubes of foam that smell of urine. While we were there water was pouring from the lines near the registration desk with water all over the floor and no one attempted to clean it up. People were tracking through the dirty water spreading it all over the floor yet nothing was being done to clean it up. at no point in time did we see an adult working at this facility. all employees appeared to be teenagers high school early college age. Attempted to locate an adult manager in regard to the vomit that was inappropriately cleaned up and was not disinfected. The place is total chaos with parents turning their very small children loose and areas where they should not be. There is a large number of teenagers become to this facility as a group and totally disregard anyone else especially smaller children who are trying to play. The idea for this facility is great however the management and operation leaves a great deal to be desired. Proper maintenance and upkeep of the building is clearly avoided. The health department needs to do an inspection due to the lack of cleanliness. I would highly recommend taking the children home immediately after visiting this facility and showering them very well and making sure that the hands are clean repeatedly please apply sanitizer to your childrens hands during their visit at this facility.

Review №18

10/10 would recommend. Plan it right and to on a Friday at 8pm for their glow party. Its so fun!

Review №19

Tons of fun. Love it every time

Review №20

Great place to gather with family

Review №21

Jumping is always great fun for the kids, but most staff here have zero hustle. No big deal if just monitoring, but frequenty just one staffer at check in, in no rush, with a line to the door. Once ordered a snack, they took money and just stood there blankly, I asked if I should get it, then they woke up and got it. Good birthday parties. Be healthy and careful, have had and seen injuries.

Review №22

Great place for the kids, helps then stay active..

Review №23

Great place for kids of any to have fun

Review №24

Our church youth group went here for an activity to do together. I had some trouble getting in contact with them to set up a group event. Some of the trouble may have been my fault not really sure why they wasn’t getting texts or emails. When we got there they where very helpful and kind. Every employee tried to get things set so our group could enjoy the day. They all had amazing customer service skills. I was upset at first but they quickly got things taken care of! Would highly recommend this location, some communication things could be improved, but I was assured that it would be looked at. They staff deserve more than 5 stars, the front check in person, the team lead and the manager where all very skilled in customer service.

Review №25

First i jumped and it was fun and then i got ripped off on the laser tag. the worker who let us in didnt know how to put on and didn’t tell us how to shoot the laser guns. she didn’t give us our full 20 minutes. don’t get ripped off, save your money.

Review №26

Staff seemed more interested in talking to each other and maybe just slightly intimidated to correct kids close to their own age. Kids still had a blast, but younger ones definitely shoukd have mom or dad attend.

Review №27

It was clean, friendly & knowlegable staff, my 12yr old grand daughter had a blast!

Review №28

First visit there, took my 6 yoa nephew for his buddys Birthday party. He had a blast, will definitely be taking him again.

Review №29

Kids had fun foodIs expensive

Review №30

I love it. All of my kids had a blast & they got a good cardo out of it also and didnt complain about breaking a sweat. They wanted to stay longer but we still had fun

Review №31

Kids had a blast. Nice comfortable place to go.

Review №32

This is a very fun place to go,just wish I had something like this to go to about 20 years ago when I was young and didn’t get out of breath easily lol.

Review №33

Severely over priced compared to similar trampoline parks we have visited.Not clean!!Bathrooms were dirty (always look at the floor under the hand dryer for an easy indicator of cleanliness) and in the trampoline area the mats were dirty and the corners were filled with hair and trash piles.

Review №34

Everyone had a blast. The place is clean and everyone working seems really nice. My complaint is the toddler area is in the very middle of the room. Even though it is roped off, once the lights turned off and they got really busy. The big kids continually ran through as a short cut. Almost running over the babys. Knocking down the rope and on a different occasion the sign saying toddler area that I was sitting in front of. I feel like the price was outrageous and they make you buy socks. That should be included in the original price. If you go for galactic you have to buy one of their shirts at another added price. So be aware if you do go the advertised price has required add ones. Otherwise the place is great.

Review №35

Nobody wearing masks or staying 6ft. apart.

Review №36

This place was great! The staff were helpful and we were able to enjoy using all the trampolines and pits! I did injure myself but staff were quick to help and got me an ice pack and a bottle of water! I will surely be back in a month after this knee heals!!

Review №37

Attended a Birthday party here. Nice place, Friendly Staff.

Review №38

Good place to have fun and jump around plenty to do and various activities

Review №39

Great place for the kids to play. Nice and clean

Review №40

I went here for a birthday party and the jumping was super fun. After though we decided to do the laser tag and it was super overpriced. The lady was clueless and didnt even tell is how to play. she sent us in there and we ran around, not knowing how to get our guns to work. we didnt even get the full 20 minutes. do not reccomend

Review №41

My son loves SkyZone. Only problem I had is that when you get there and there is only one person working the register and you are stuck behind a group of 4-5 people who havent filled out a waiver and all you need to do is pay. It takes forever when you could simply open another register/check-in

Review №42

God blessed cams 7th birthday. Thank God for sky zone

Review №43

The kids have fun from the minute they walk in.

Review №44

Fun, an hour was all you need!

Review №45

The place its self is nice, employees seemed nice and professional minus one, Tiambre I believe was her name. Wasnt nice at all and rude to the other employees. Id give 5 stars if it hadnt been for her.

Review №46

I went during the toddler hour. Its a nice facility, and we had fun. However, I think its overpriced. Theres the general admission for you, and the child. You also have to wear Sky Zone socks, but you can bring them back and reuse the same pair. If an adult wants to bounce and play with their child, you have to purchase a seperate pass for that. And make sure you understand how the lockers work before you put your four quarters in, (I had to pay an extra dollar because I forgot to put something in the locker.) Honestly, Ill probably take my child back at some point, and we did have a fun time. Just wish there was less nickel and diming.

Review №47

Its leaning on the bit expensive side . Be nice if your child wants a little more time they can offer the parents an earn extra jump quick credits.. Overrated. Staff unfriendly,seem almost in a stand-off trance if spoken to. Yet smiles are abound when they get to yell Your time is up to the children .

Review №48

I love coming here for the way they price it, and how much it makes me sweat! Awesome workout and tons of fun for EVERYONE!!!

Review №49

Its great I think the competition trampolines are better like the courses or the dodgeball

Review №50

Had a blast. Great workout and the best place to take your nieces and nephews if youre going for Uncle of the Year Award

Review №51

The bathrooms were not very clean. The payment process needs some work, but nice place to take the kids.

Review №52

The grandkids loved it. Just very crowded.

Review №53

Had a great time. Dodgeball is a blast!

Review №54

It was a good hang out for me and my class mates and I want them to know I loved it!!

Review №55

Not too busy thankfully. Plenty of staff to supervise as needed. The kids had a great time. I would suggest more seating for parents though

Review №56

Some adult need to learn to find kids parents not talk crazy to kids if u talk to my kid any way ima lay u put im from way back ao u better come find me dont talk to my kid

Review №57

Kids had a blast. Rude staff members. I dont think one person spoke. We came from Illinois and its its nice to be greeted and friendly.

Review №58

Great place for all ages. My family and I had a blast. It can be a little busy, but it is so much fun and for is older folks its a good work out!

Review №59

Expensive - but a unique exercise experience. Great for kids.

Review №60

My kids loved it. Asked if they could have there birthday party there!

Review №61

Great place to go have fun with your kids

Review №62

Good everything but price was to much, especially for 6 kids

Review №63

It is really nice facility. The staff was really good. Only one the dodge ball area, participants need to be divided by age group. When our kids first got there, the young man who was working that area made sure the kids were safe. When they switched off, the rest of the staff didnt. There were some really big boys playing with younger kids. The big guys played very rough. They threw the balls extremely hard at the smaller kids, hitting some of them in the face. But, overall, it a good place for kids to have a lot of fun.

Review №64

It is a wonderful place.....parking is an issue

Review №65

Took my nieces and nephews here and we all had a fantastic time! But a warning... From the outside, when you look at the building, it looks huge, in actuality they only use about a third of the building. Much smaller than I anticipated. We still had fun.

Review №66

Very fun time for the kids AND the grown ups that like to jump on trampolines! Maybe a little pricey, but nothing 2 complain about as much as the kids love it.

Review №67

They dont do refunds btw

Review №68

Ive been hearing about this place for a while. My daughter was invited to a birthday party here, so I finally got to go see what this is all about. This place was impressive! Two small courses that test balance and agility (two degrees of difficulty), a basketball hoop, small individual tramps, etc. In addition, they have a snack area with a good variety of food/snack choices, private rooms, and an elevated observation area for those of us that want to watch the kids. My kid came out hot and sweaty, tired and smiling...that tells me this place is well worth going to.

Review №69

We are absolutely in love with this business. They offer so much fun in just jumping, or lock ins, birthday parties, glow nights and more. Staff has always been helpful and friendly. Highly recommend.

Review №70

It was great the enployees did every thing they could to help me. I had 15 kids there to jump for my grandsons birthday and it was buy one get one. They helped get everyone registered and on the floor in time.

Review №71

All night lockin. Fun for kids.

Review №72


Review №73

We had an amazing birthday party for my daughter! We got 1 hour inside of the park itself which included trampolines, climbing walls, challenging Ninja Warrior type climbing, and the best part was that there was a toddler area for her cousins you were too small to do any of those things. When it came time for the actual party we were taken to our own private room where everyone got to eat pizza which is absolutely great and then we got to open presents and enjoy cake. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone who is looking for a fun and interactive birthday party. Our host was awesome as well

Review №74

Love this place. The kids get some exercise while having a blast!

Review №75

Took the kids there and they loved it. It looked like a lot of fun. I.hope to take them again soon.

Review №76

My kids love it but the prices are a bit high in my opinion

Review №77

The kids had a lot of fun. There was stuff for both my 2 year old and 7 year old. Pretty reasonable prices as well.

Review №78

This place is really cool. A little bit of everything for any skill level. You can wear yourself or your kids out in an hour. Party rooms. Special events. A nice snack bar. They watch over each station much better than other businesses. Definitely worth the money. Get your kids away from the electronics and exercise.

Review №79

My husband & I took my mom, brother (21), my 3 kids (ages 1, 3, & 4), 2 of my stepkids (ages 11 & 13), plus my stepdaughters friend to SkyZone to celebrate my sons 3rd birthday & we all had an absolute BLAST ! My mother did not jump with us, however she was able to treat herself to massages & everything while we were jumping ! I feel no shame in admitting I am 23 years old & literally had the time of my life in a trampoline park with a bunch of kids ! Great exercise, too. Although, youre too busy having fun to notice until you wake up the next day !

Review №80

My family love the doge ball.And a good place to go

Review №81

My kids had a blast. Will be back definitely on the weekend.

Review №82

Great healthy fun for the whole family

Review №83

Great for any age

Review №84

LOVED it here!!! My kids love doing this. So glad they have this as an option!

Review №85

This is a lot better than the trampoline park I usually go to. I love this place. Very fun experience!

Review №86

Our granddaughter had a great time

Review №87

Great place. Lots of activities for adults and kids. Staff was friendly and helpful. Pricey.

Review №88

Great for kids. Had some issues when we had our sons bday party there. Didnt have a room set up for us when it was tome to eat. But a lot of fun

Review №89

The customer service is TERRIBLE if you visit the Charleston location (not the nice young kids that check you in or watch as you participate, but the adults you try to deal with should an issue come up). Atrocious! You are ignored! You’re better off not wasting your time trying to address it. Just don’t go back!!!!!!!!

Review №90

As a 13 year old, this is by far the BEST trampoline park that ive been to. My parents drive 2 hours just to come to this location. Very kind workers, too much to do (get 2 hour pass), the rock climbing wall was amazing and the amount of trampolines was so high in quanty that everyone would get about 4. Cant wait to have my next party here. Keep up the good work Sky Zone!!

Review №91

We had fun with the kiddos. My only complaint was with the people working there. They were basicallyKids themselves, one guy was laying listening to music by the rock wall. My son wanted to play basketball and all the balls were taken, two of which by employees working the area who were bouncing the balls. We waited a few minutes and they didn’t offer them up so we went onto the free jump. Other than that, it was fun.

Review №92

My kids and I love to go to skyzone, we love the glow party but we came at the glow part time to hear good rap music, im not talkin abt the rap that has nothing but cuss words but rap that might have a cpl bad words, lately the music hasnt been very motivating or fun to jump to . we still love sky zone

Review №93

Had a good time with some good friends. Emma and Kaleb(two of the employees) did a great job and made the experience a blast.

Review №94

Awesome place everyone will leave wore out lol

Review №95

The mids had a blast.

Review №96

Fun place to visit and the kids love it! Lots of trampolines and a couple of obstacle courses and a climbing wall. They also have a place to get drinks and snacks like pizza. This place will wear you out quick if you choose to play with your kids and if youd rather not, there are plenty of benches to sit where you can easily watch your kids.

Review №97

Love that they do homeschool days during school year.

Review №98

Nice place to burn off some energy with the kids!

Review №99

Awesome place to take kids! I even got in on the fun!

Review №100

Kids loved it, and birthday hosting was great

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  • Address:500 Southridge Blvd, Charleston, WV 25309, United States
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  • Phone:+1 304-833-9663
  • Amusement center
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Working hours
  • Monday:4–8pm
  • Tuesday:2–8pm
  • Wednesday:4–8pm
  • Thursday:4–8pm
  • Friday:4–8pm
  • Saturday:12–8pm
  • Sunday:1–7pm
  • Play area:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restaurant:Yes
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