Sky Zone Cerritos Trampoline Park
10755 South St, Cerritos, CA 90703, United States

Review №1

Sky Zone is a great place to bring your kid(s) for the day. There are multiple areas with different uses and its kept fairly clean. The staff is friendly and helpful. I arranged my 5 year birthday there and she just do not want to leave this place. Every time we go there we had lots of fun. Its a place where you get your work out as well along fun.

Review №2

Im from Louisiana, out here spending the Holidays with my grandkids. Its 6 of them and bringing them to SkyZone was one of the highlights of my trip. They have these employees called team members all over the place, keeping and eye out for safe play. While the kids were jumping to the moon and back, I was relaxing in a really nice massage chair.Be back next year!!

Review №3

So my Babies Love Skyzone. So when we went to Cerritos. We were in Love for sure. They have more to offer such as a zip line, swinging obstacles, and lots more activity than the other Skyzone that We have visited. Dont foget to check out Groupon, Skyzone usually have discounts on the regular

Review №4

Great place. Snack bar is reasonable. As a parent I recommend taking a seat cushion benches are hard. But Kids had a. Blast. Planning a birthday party soon.

Review №5

New and clean. Staff are friendly and helpful.

Review №6

Fun place to take kids any day of the week. Its a bit crowded thats why I didnt give a 5 star review. I used a Groupon and saved about $25.00 so check out Groupon deals before you go and pay full price. Overall, its a great place with plenty of different types of jumping activities throughout the place. I did not eat but the food looked pretty good with fair prices. If you havent gone then go check it out!!

Review №7

Had a blast watching my kids have fun on the various trampoline areas.

Review №8

My daughter loves this place. Since its new everything is still in great condition. Make sure to check out times before heading this way. I came late and paid about $10 for only 30 minutes because my kid wanted to play but the place closed early for the glow night event which was later and cost more.

Review №9

I recently took my coworkers to Sky Zone for a fun group bonding experience. We. Had. Such. A. Blast. Honestly, I havent laughed so hard in a long time! And what a workout!Its a great team bonding activity that is inexpensive and so much fun. Ill be back soon to have fun with my family!

Review №10

So as it turns out there is a little kid that lives inside of all us and she likes to jump! Sky Zone was such a blast the other night and the service and vibe was so cool I just had to share my experience. Myself and a couple of colleagues decided to take an impromptu team building exercise at sky zone in the spirit of purposeful play for the new Hoppy Hour the other afternoon. I haven’t seen such genuine and excited smiles from any of them before and it was quite an inspiring time!The staff in court monitors couldn’t have been nicer to us. It looks like they really have a good time at work while keeping safety in mind. Kudos to the management for running such Great programming. I can’t wait to come back and try glow night!

Review №11

This is a relatively new location. They a great job with the layout, section layout, and choice of obstacles/equipment. Its clean and well staffed (I counted at least 12 employees out on the floor). Its in a fairly quiet shipping center so parking shouldnt be an issue. I didnt use the restroom so I cant speak to that. We plan to have our sons birthday party here next weekend. Highly recommended especially on Sunday mornings.

Review №12

Its fun for the whole family. we had a great time.

Review №13

First sky zone but I’m really impressed. I got the all day pass, I’m a disappointed that they make you get the glow t shirts in order to play at glow night. It was not mentioned on line. I had five guest with me, thank god that I had extra money that day otherwise it would of been a disaster. Since that’s one of the main reasons we went.

Review №14

I just want to give nia a good recommendation she was so awesome with our party last night. Very helpful kept a smile on her face she is really awesome in customer service

Review №15

Kids loved it but it was kinda dirty. Trash n water bottles everywhere

Review №16

My kids love it! We will definitely go back!

Review №17

I took my daughter and her best friend, both 10 yrs old, tonight for the Glow Jump. I had my daughters Bday there lastweek and was still undecided about the facility. Upon check-in Ryan Perez helped us, explained all the perks I received from having her party there lastweek. As we were getting ready to leave, my daughter was on trapeze and hit her chin against her knee. Ryan Hunter ran up to her, asked if she was okay and advised her to go to counter were she was given a bag of ice. She was fine but I was so very impressed with this young man and his concern that we are now big-time fans and will definitely be returning. You did a great job when you hired these young men named Ryan. A+++++

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Review №19

It looks like fun. I have not been there yet.... So will this place except an athletic kid that’s 51 years old ? If yes, I’m there !

Review №20

Very nice place for kids, they have a lot of fun.

Review №21

I turned 10 years old and I went to skyzone with my best friend. We tried almost everything there and we had a blast. I will never forget this place!

Review №22

TWO MONTHS WITH UNRESOLVED BILLING ISSUES. UNACCEPTABLE.// CURRENT AND FUTURE PATRONS, PLEASE READ //Please double check your credit card statements to make sure youre not getting double billed for your monthly subscription. Sounds like theres a systemic issue and many patrons have been double billed. I was double billed for the last two months with no resolution. But they are aware... and will refund... Still waiting.// OWNERS AND MARKETING, PLEASE READ //The impression you are giving to an undetermined amount of patrons who ARE AWARE and experiencing double billing issues is that you either dont care to fix the issue or are intentionally using your employees and local management to hide behind the problem and hope people tolerate the lack of concern and sense of urgency. And you dont care to provide your employees and local managers with tools or processes to handle the problem at their level.I have had a double billing issue for two months. Ive made several calls and was given the same story; they are aware of the problem, I am not the only one, they are working to resolve the problem, they will provide a refund, and it should be resolved in 5-10 business days. Here we are two and a half months later, several phone calls, two manager phone calls, and finally a store visit and discussion with another manager with the same story. And now two months of double billing. Still no resolution.Frankly, this is a poor reflection of the leadership and senior management of the organization. I personally hold the owners accountable for the lack of urgency in resolving what seems to be a systemic issue for a number of patrons. I could hear through the frustration of the employee on the phone I am one of many going through this pain.The local staff is not equipped with tools or processes to resolve the issue at the their level and the employees and local managers become punching bags for those with valid issues. Unsatisfactory.I would like to know what is being done to resolve this double billing issue for me, for others in my situation, and if you have a plan or desire to do whats right and canvas your system for non-reported issues to support the trusting patrons who dont follow up and check their credit card statements monthly.

Review №23

Ive been to sky zone plenty of times and my kids and husband have always had a good time so my sons birthday was coming up and he decided he wanted a birthday party at sky zone so I went on the website looked at prices and 2-3 weeks after I booked the party I added 14 kids and it gave me the option to add the parents for free keep in mind Ive never had a party at sky zone before so I thought that was cool so I went ahead and added the adults of the kids that I was paying for. A day before my sons bday party which was today I get a call from sky zone telling me that the adults couldnt be added for free that they would have to pay the same price that I paid for the kids which was $40 and I explained to them how it gave me that option on the website and she told me it was a bug and what not so we argued for a while on the phone, keep in mind everything I had already paid the parents were a bit upset that they were able to be with their kids while they are jumping just for the fact that they could get hurt but whatever they understood. Arriving at sky zone everything was a disaster the lady ruined my sons cake and claimed it wasnt her once I arrived they all gave me attitude including breana and they gave a lot of adults ( which I didnt pay for ) Jump passes so when the rest of my party the ones I paid for got to sky zone they werent allowing them to jump I had to pay additional passes for the kids that I had already paid for! Which was pretty ridiculous due to the fact I had already paid all those kids and additional $75 to bring outside food and still for additional kids !!!!!My package Included pizza so I just brought food for the adults since the kids would eat pizza so when we got to our party room that same breana girl told me there was no pizza on file for me and I told her how not if my package came with pizza for the jumpers and she just said no and left and came back with the drinks and I asked her once again about the pizza and she just kept saying there was no pizza coming I then went to talk to the manager Ryan ( who is really nice ) and he gave us extra jump time while they made the pizza for us! When they reprinted new stickers for us breana three the stickers to my hand with a lot of attitude! It was just a disaster and I hope whoever books a party has a way different experience but my was horrible. I didnt get what my package came with which was a shift for my son a 30 day pass and party favors for all the jumpers. Until I went to talk to a manager once again because you cant talk to the workers up front they are all rude and think they run the place!

Review №24

If you want your child to end up in the ER, this is a the place to come. Was there for an hour and witnessed at 3 children suffer fractures. Yes. Its a fun place for children and even adults, but theres a reason they have you sign a waiver thats so long it makes your eyes hurt.

Review №25

Great place to take kids, if only they had special promo days.

Review №26

Glow In The Dark Was Litty! 8-10pm On Saturday Was Awesome.

Review №27

My son loves coming here I am so glad that they opened this new location in Cerritos, it makes the commute so much easier

Review №28

Needs better supervision. I literally think that some of the staff is just here. They arent reinforcing any rules at all. Just standing around. Great facility though.

Review №29

It was amazing. My cousin liked it a lot.

Review №30

Kids had a blast. The place is great. Staff very friendly.

Review №31

I recently took my godson there to celebrate his birthday and we had a blast! Place is so much fun, clean, and has great and friendly Staff. Yustin (a SkyZone employee) made sure we were well taken care of and accommodated all of our needs. Definitely looking forward to going back.

Review №32

We had my son’s birthday party there and they did an awesome job! Laila was really sweet and helpful. Best place to take your kids :)

Review №33

Excellent service!!! Clean, staff vigilant, and management staff extremely friendly.

Review №34

Took my daughter n her 3 friends they had a blast

Review №35

Great facility, pleasant staff...dont bother trying to get food or drink, youll be in line for 20-30 min...

Review №36

It was extremely packed, not to mention really hot too. We ended up leaving early. But it wasnt because of this place. We were heading to the LA county fair

Review №37

My name Aakrit and i am doing 4 stars because of of some of the workers also, i am like a pro flipper and the nice workers are jeaden, gabreal, and mahair idk if that how u spell it but they should get raise

Review №38

This location is completely un organized and un professional. I purchased tickets for the sensory program on Sundays online, when I didn’t receive a confirmation email with my ticket information I phoned in. A representative said that they weren’t having the program for a couple of weeks, I asked them for a refund. They wanted me to physically come down to the store, then a manager got on and took my card information and said she would call informing me that I was reimbursed. When she didn’t call back, I called back 30 mins later. They didn’t answer, now they informed me that they had caller Id from our initial conversation. So I called from my sisters phone and they picked up, which tells me they were ignoring my phone calls on purpose. I have yet to receive my refund, nor could I get ahold of corporate. Smh a complete waste of time and money me and my family will never spend money with this establishment again. I’ve never encountered such rude customer service agents in my life.

Review №39

Good job really fun wish i could come every day

Review №40

Terrible cust service !! Ive been trying to cancel auto debit for 2months. I was told it was done, but they have continued to charge me. They never answer their phone and messages Ive left dont get returned. I dont live nearby,I did this for my grandson. Ive seen numerous complaints about the same thing. I guess management doesnt care

Review №41

Went for a day pass. Found out through my bookkeeper they have been charging my credir card monthly despite no enrollment. They refuse to return calls. Visa is handling issue. Exploring my legal options against them for credit card fraud.

Review №42

ALL of the staff though super young (25 and younger) were super professional, helpful, attentive and kind! Special thanks to Diamond, the twins, and Layla!

Review №43

It was a great family had an amazing time...Thank You Sam for being a great host!!!

Review №44

My kids love this place good excise for everyone too..

Review №45

Clean, nice staff, it’s not overcrowded because it is a new location but it is expensive compared to Torrance Skyzone and it’s half the size . Everyone that jumps pays full price which I think it’s overpriced if you have toddlers.they have a zip line, swing, trapeze, obstacle course that Torrance doesn’t have. The only bad thing I will say is they have massage chairs against the walls in the same area where the tables are and it’s hard to find a spot to sit where the massage chairs aren’t beeping nonstop because customers will sit without paying instead on the chairs and there’s plenty of open chairs and staff doesn’t say anything, it was really annoying

Review №46

Love this place, busy but always good customer service, clean at all times, great staff. Will come back for sure.

Review №47

Fun but crowded .so try to go on the week days..

Review №48

Loved how my child had a smile on his face. Best 10th birthday ever.

Review №49

I love sky zone it is my favorite trampoline park

Review №50

Always fun no cap

Review №51

The staff and management were amazing. They made our 1st experience an amazing one. Thank you Paul, Farhad and Irafan. 10

Review №52

Coool the people were nice and employees was coo

Review №53

Our kids enjoyed it very much and so did we. Maybe add more benches for parents to watch their kids. 5 star.

Review №54

Got my adrenaline up sky rocketed you can feel the buzz in the air and got me extremely excited

Review №55

Small buy spacious very nice staff

Review №56

This place super small too understaffed theres not enough order yo keep our kids safe.The Buena park location is more organized and coaches are on top making sure kids follow rules .This staff doesnt have experience to control kids from jumping on top others or just doing what they want I would think teice.

Review №57

Called and spoke with Jayda. She was very nice. Great staff and customer service here!

Review №58

Great place to let the kids tire themselves out from jumping, running, flipping, diving, etc. Gives parents a break for a while, but you have to pay close attention to the kids shenanigans.

Review №59

Brand new everything!!! Clean. Lots of attractions. Cleanliness. Friendliness. Happiness :)

Review №60

Kids have a blast. I have a blast.

Review №61

The kids enjoyed themselves. Even asked to come back everyday (umm NO) but they said they like this location as there favorite now

Review №62

Nice facility, one of the better skyzones. Weekends tend to be super crowded but weekdays are almost emptied.

Review №63

Kids had a blast! I sat behind and read my book! And kids weren’t bored!Get your kids exhausted!

Review №64

It was awesomeAnd my friend liked it to

Review №65

Just went to Skyzone of Cerritos and YOUSTIN gave us the best customer service! Thank you for making this experience easy and quick!

Review №66

Great place to let the kids Go Crazy

Review №67

Amazing placeAwesome time i had with my friends and kids there, great customer service. Loved it !!!

Review №68

I expected more from this location. The food court was a grade B graded by the health department . There was throw up on the stairs and water spilled in two different areas.

Review №69

Its a really good place to go exercise and have fun with the family

Review №70

Fun place for kids and adults.

Review №71

Place is over priced, they have teenage employees too young to understand the safety of the customers

Review №72

Lack of staff, staff not paying attention, not properly controlling activities, they have tiny children in dodgeball with grown adults throwing the ball violently as the staff has a conversation with the staff from the next area while none watch their area. Staff member watching two areas but did not even look at one of the areas for more than 20 minutes as there were multiple kids on the jousting beam while 5 others were playing in the foam pit below. Injuries just waiting to happen. Been to multiple locations and never seen this lack of care for customers safety, I guess that they figure you signed a waiver its not necessary to do there jobs.

Review №73

Great place to wear your little ones at.

Review №74

Nice clean environment, I Know its new but so far it seems to be well run and equiped. Staff was very helpful as well

Review №75

Definitely coming back again, for all the fun you have it is worth the money you paid

Review №76

Smaller than the mall one but still good

Review №77

Kids liked it but it smells like feet and waaay too crowded

Review №78

Postives: clean, friendly staff. Negatives: e expensive ($56 for 2 kids 1.5 hrs) vs Big Air in Buena Park ($35) but a touch smaller. Also, little children (under 4) in the obstacles while other kids/teens are doing the obstacles making it unsafe.

Review №79

It was perfect! I like it. I jump really high.

Review №80

I love sky zone

Review №81

Fun, my kids love it.

Review №82

Its hard to call they dont answer. Even you leave a message. No response at all.

Review №83

New location for me because I would take my kids to the torrance location.The Cerritos location has a section that reminds me of the American Ninja Warriors.

Review №84

Fun, most workers seem bored and give bad vibes

Review №85

Great time for the kids!

Review №86

New place. Very clean and friendly. Very good customer service

Review №87

A bit crowded but fun for the little ones.

Review №88

Kids go with their friends for a while time to time.

Review №89

We are here right now and theres no air conditioning. Unacceptable

Review №90

So good it fun i love my friends love it fun

Review №91

Very good place

Review №92

Lesly is a cool team member

Review №93

Best trampoline park

Review №94

So hot, no a/c! Worst Skyzone Ive ever been!

Review №95

Great place for kids and kids parties

Review №96

It is best place on planet earth

Review №97

What a great place for kids.

Review №98

It was very fun

Review №99

Great place for the kids

Review №100

Friendly staff. Fun. Good Pizza.

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  • Address:10755 South St, Cerritos, CA 90703, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 562-203-1333
  • Amusement center
  • Active military discounts:Yes
  • Play area:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restaurant:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
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